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Wonderful Packing Job By Newegg

190 views | 31 Dec. 2016

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I co-own a racing league on Forza Motorsport 6 that races NASCAR cars! Come check us out!




Capture card: Elgato GameCapture HD60

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Newegg jobs

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A+ Tools

27 583 views | 17 Jan. 2018

Follow the Insanity at:

Follow the Insanity at: https://www.FailedNormal.com

Class Notes:

The Bag

-Something big enough to carry everything you need

-ALWAYS have it with you

Screw Drivers

-I prefer a set of screw drivers vs. a single driver with swappable heads

-Quality matters

USB Optical Drive

-USB DVD/CD drive to reinstall operating systems and install old software

Canned Air

-Good for cleaning out heatsinks and fans

Hard Drive Dock

-Used to pull data off of hard drives


Flash Drive

-Used for Utilities and Updates

Portable Hard Drive

-Used to migrate data

Label Maker

-No one can read your handwriting!


-Should have Wired NIC and Wireless for network testing

-Buy something cheap and near disposable

-For security DO NOT use your personal laptop for work


-SmartPhone tethering is good incase internet does not work.

-Unlimited Data

-USB Wireless NIC for tethering for security

Known Good Parts

-Power Supply

-Video Card


-Wireless NIC

Other Stuff

-Wire Toner

-Wire Tester

-Punch Down Tool

-Cable Crimper

-Telephone Butt Set

The Milanovic

I know someone will make a joke about USB DVD Drive since you can create bootable USB drives, but the things is... gremlins. They happen every freaking time! Your USB Windows installation refuses to boot, or your WinPE is causing some error, or some other loader (Isolinux, WinPE, GRUB...) is not booting on this particular BIOS... Same these issues can happen with USB DVD, but its very good to have both of them present since when one thing fail other might work! I am still carrying USB DVD and a small case of CDs/DVDs just for this.

shweta swaraj

Hi Eli
Can you please post an video for Exchange 2007/2010/2013: Roles – function of each role, Mail flow – outbound – architecture , Exchange 2016

Morten Wammen

Funny, I have all these things except the nice fixed head screwdrivers, and I have been foaming at the mouth to get some :-)


What and amazing channel, love your vids

Christian Falconi

been a subscriber for a long time. I run a small tech solutions company and till this day all i carry with me is my laptop, hand tools( a set of screw drivers= small set of precision tools) a toner, all in 1 cable crimping tool , punch down tool, a console cable and adapter,1 ssd(250gb with all my os and troubleshooting tools), 2 USB, a micro USB keyboard. most of witch i bought 5 years ago that came in a networking toolkit for 50 bucks. the most expensive tool I carry with me is my fluke network toner......funny story most of the time i go on site I end up using only a screw driver... and i feel bad because i feel like i give young tech's the evil laugh when they haven't even gone through their CCENT and they buy 500$ or more in tools...well good luck using your shinny tools when you dont know jack..hahaha

Color MehJewish

Even when people buy the book and try to learn.. they dont realize its only half the battle. I found out the hard way, that you still need the experience to be desirable to the market. Practical exp. So I began trying to learn little bits at a time (on the side) and take what Id learn in school or through studying... and then try to pickup the items or put myself in scenarios in which I could gain that exp and help develop my knowledge base. But I realized a lot of that from years of dumping time and effort into just studying. Then I met the real world the hard way. I wish I had your video advice back then.. I think I wouldve come to that conclusion a lot sooner. You made me start realizing there are important nuances that are not taught in school.

Great advice/video too (sorry for rambling) :D -- thank you

U Know

Awesome tutorial! Thanks!

Jay Wizziel

Thanks for the info!

scott hochhauser

Where can i find a screwdrivers #1,#2 overall length 6 inchs ( thin shaft) with a magnetic tip with a good warranty

مضر عدنان كريم

Thank you.

mike b

I was grandfathered in 2010 for the A+ cert that didn't have a renewal date lol


I carry a backpack that has some iFixIt tool sets, electricians scissors, a few bits (like security torx bits, Allen wrenches, etc), some cutters, crimpers, punch tool, RJ-45 ends, tone/tester, a small DVD case and USB drive with software, nice knife, and a few other odds and ends.

Enrico Esplana

my math teacher kick me out because he thought i write hieroglyphic thou my answer is correct

Nick's Hardware

I like you Eli! So many things I can agree with you and some stuff i have to shake my head. Some of us that are still crawling under desks I can tell you that my phone is always with me and acts as flash light - one less tool to carry. And also can be used to take snap shots of network port behind desks that are hard to see. Phones can be used to take pictures of your completed work (wiring / hardware setups).No more writing down serial/part numbers - snap snap with phone.

scott hochhauser

Where can i find long tools i.e. screwdrivers. And which magnifer headset with a light is the best?

hassan midas

nice tools, nicer pro, respect you bro

Chris Lackey

Used toughbooks are great laptops for service work; they also tend to have a lot of ports.

FreeER atubeacct

I've seen several computers with SD card slots now days and used one recently to install Windows 10 to a laptop when I didn't have a large enough USB drive on hand (or a usb optical drive). The main benefit of an SD card over a typical flash drive is that there is a physical switch on it that will change it from read-write to read-only. Make sure that's set and you don't have to worry about any malware trying to write to it. Of course, older devices may not have it so you wouldn't want it to be your only option (or at least carry a usb card reader). Though I imagine you can buy flash drives with those as well and that not all SD cards do (though all the ones I have laying around seem to.

Not sure if you've any opinions on this yourself Eli :) Certainly if you have any arguments against it then they'd likely be appreciated, well maybe not by youtube commentors (commentator? seems wrong... too professional)

Oh and thanks for the info, particularly about the wireless tethering, hadn't thought about that (not that I'm a technician but I like being computer/digital literate)


I never thought about a label! Moving on, this video is outdated. I am not a technician, but I want to recommend some upgrades to your bag that is needed. Yep! 2020 needs you to upgrade ya'lls tools. You should have couple of masks, rubber gloves, some hand sanitizer, it would probably be a good idea to have your own keyboard & mouse so you wouldn't have touch theirs, perhaps some disinfectant wipes to disinfect areas you might have been working in for your customers. I ran into an electrician that didn't have masks or gloves which I had to provide a mask so he wouldn't infect the house if he had it.

23 minutes in: You should have couple of different sizes of pc fans like 100/120mm, and of course thermal paste! You would probably need some stress test tools to heat up the cpu so you could help heat up the thermal paste that's like glue and push down / twist it a little so you wouldn't pull out the cpu.. I've had this happen.

For laptops: I would recommend one of the thinkpads with a docker. This would be great, it would support vga/dvi/have disc drive, and even a ps/2 connector! They're cheap less than $200 for a decent one that could run windows 10


My personal recommendations to add to this list are: thermal paste, isopropyl alcohol, microfiber rags, zip ties/velcro cable ties, a utility knife for opening boxes, nylon pry tools/spudger (favorite brand is Menda), a paint brush for cleaning dust (sometimes canned air just doesn't do it), an inexpensive auto ranging multimeter, a magnetic screw holder of some type, a driverless USB wifi adapter, and male USB type C to female type A adapter for working on newer laptops. I carry much more than that because I've branched out into many different areas in the tech field, but I definitely recommend carrying these items in addition to what you mentioned for A+ level tasks

Charile Brown

I am learning from you so much, Thanks a lot!

Aaron Parnell

You could just install a VM on your laptop... virus problem solved!

Che Garcia

They don’t have that cool pouch anymore :/ it’s just a plastic case

Charile Brown

A+ tools


Universal laptop power brick? Zip ties? Come on eli!

Otsego Pride Alliance Mirror

I personally find having an SSD in even a piece of crap laptop makes a pretty big difference on site. If I have to crack open the laptop I can't be waiting for it to boot


May I also suggest a box of dunken donuts....Remember it's not what you know but rather who likes you in that office. Kids, you gotta learn that troubleshooting people will be 98% of all your job stress.

Che Garcia

For the laptop .. pelican case lol they are pricey but for I mean .. cost of use is worth it

Damion Dick

for the fluke butt set it's REALLY helpful to have the banjo adapter

S Mc

I'd also add a Hirens boot usb(great for resetting local passwords on win XP/7/8/8.1/10) and a small paintbrush to assist in brushing out dust bunnies from fans/heatsinks(especiall handy in you run out of canned air(not a fan of it anyway)).

A power flex(uk flex's have built in fuse so handy to test if it's just a blown fuse/dodgy cable) and vga/dvi/dp cable is also a good shout incase it's a simple monitor cable issue.


I've found out that the adapter for a Seagate GoFlex drive works wonders for connecting 2.5" drives to recover/move data to a new system.

Nave Keinan

I Cant tell how many time I got a call from the end user that the computer is not turning on , and what do you know , turns out that the computer works just fine , but the monitor is dead.

Osheen C

Are you able to give links to all your items? specially the screw driver set

Abu Ali s

Your way of teaching & explaining is enjoyable & clear ..thank you

Sal lam

yeah and u need POST card & PSU tester :)

Raul Gomez

Pacific Bell

Charile Brown

What is the name of this video?


You're one of the very few people to recommend a label maker. I salute you. I can't count how times my Dymo saved my butt in the long run.

Douglas Walker

I had that same tool bag when I was in the Navy! Wow, memories.


Hi Eli, great video as usual. There are a few other simple things I'd add to your A+ kit: spare RAM, spare CR2032 batteries, small brush (clean toothbrush okay) for cleaning clogged fans, and an inexpensive multimeter (or battery tester). The multimeter is particularly useful because you can measure voltage coming out of laptop chargers, power supplies, and batteries. Enjoyed the video, pretty much spot on.

William Sevier

I can tell you right now, those certificates don't mean shit in the real world. Anyone can read a book and take a test and get a piece of paper. Real world experience and common sense is the real answer. The computer shop in town where I live don't have any A+ certified techs, and they don't need to be contrary to popular belief of many, having an A+ certification doesn't get you a job, having real world experience and actually being able to troubleshoot and repair stuff is the proper answer.

Tools, pick them up as you find what you need, not everyone needs the same tools, or not the same tools work for everyone or fit everyone. I found that buying a bunch of tools at the beginning is just overkill. PC repair can be done with regular tools off the shelf, especially if you get the screwdriver set that has all sorts of different bits with it, screwdrivers are the big thing, can't do much to change anything out on many computers unless you have a screwdriver and a few different bits LOL. Magnetic drivers are an absolute must LOL, so many places where unless you have the hands of like a 2 year old you can't even get in there to hold the screw to put it in LOL.


Thank you for very interesting video. Label maker is awesome! Instead of flash drives I recommend to look at such device like zalman zm-ve350. I use it several years and it is very handy.

Che Garcia

I like stream light for flash lights


Thanks for all the info man I really appreciate it!

Pieter De Klerk

Like the vid thanks man but does anyone know what version of kobalt screwdriver those are.

Wiebo Westerhof

USB3 on that laptop is very handy, plus as mentioned by Eli too, ensure you have a clean image. I also typically chuck in a SSD as those things are dirt-cheap, make most laptops of 2010+ year fast enough to start/use, plus it tends to reduce the number of moving parts. HDDs of that age tend to break, old laptops don't always take a 'larger' drive.

Nabi Hossin

This is very good video It is very important for people. Thank you for posting the video

please Click now : https://debthelptools.com/the-budget-planner/

Radu Cismaru

For the laptop part, i reccomend a thinkpad, since they are very reliable and durable, and the used ones are very cheap

Olivia Reed

This might sound crazy, but I suggest bringing a flash drive with taskkill on it. I don't know how many times I have worked on a computer that someone uses and they never close anything and I am digging through apps and tabs to find the virus. Also, a Bible helps, since God help me, some people I would like to slam their computer on their head. Another thing to bring along is electrical tape, it has saved me so much trouble. And if you are like me and have a side business fixing gaming consoles, invest a little bit of money into security screwdrivers. Sometimes it helps just having different types of screwdrivers and extras on hand because if you have a hard to reach screw but your screwdriver is stripped, you can kiss that job completed goodbye.


Priceless advice!!
Cheers ?

Suraj Grewal

People say, you don't need optical drives in 2020. I say, it's the only 100% guarantied way to get read only storage

Jibin Jojo

Is there any way to test the NIC other than using known good parts, like loopback Ip Thank you so much for your well explained tutorials.

Crazy 8s Drums

Thank you for this video, Eli. I am starting a new job doing hands-on computer tech stuff again...after having not done it professionally for nearly 20 years. This video was very helpful as a reminder of old stuff and an education on newer things. Cheers and thanks!

jaime munoz

i dont need a labeler because my English teacher said my handwriting is so good that it could be mistaken for Chinese.

Gaurav Sharma

Please make Cloud video for training ☺

Amani Alfred

Plz, can I get the list of those tools

Newegg jobs

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Why I Don't Have Store Credit Cards

95 034 views | 3 May. 2017

[ Blog Post ]

[ Blog Post ] http://bit.ly/2kKP8GX

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Store cards can provide outstanding value, but only at specific stores. Most savvy shoppers are better off buying gift cards with the Chase Freedom and Discover It during the right categories.

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Relevant Videos:

How to maximize the Chase Freedom 5x bonus for Q2 2017: https://youtu.be/5JNZz_Jn66w

Is Discover It the best cashback credit card of 2017?: https://youtu.be/ktOC22eYD98


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AskSebby/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/asksebby

karina bustamante

Will closing a store credit card negatively affect your credit score long term?

Kevin Davis

Cashier person.... got your kohl’s card
(Loud music playing over speakers)

Me.. what... cashier person. You will save money..

Me... huh... I don’t shop here that often ..

Cashier person... dead silence...

It’s time to end the store credit cards .. what are we saving on ... nothing...

Christian Valdez

Costco is giving away a cooler now!! lol I want a Costco CC just so I don't have to carry the membership card with me and it does give me cash back on my already Executive Member cash back


The chicken ?????

Fast Repair

Normally store credit cards get cancelled if the business closes. Great examples are sharper image and sears. i know 1st hand about those ones. i haven't heard of another company buying them out


Something I needed to see today ? thank you

Eduardo Paz

I get store credit cards because i do appreciate deals at places. I am also smart with them and i never exceed 30 percent of my credit limits. I always ask if i can pay the card off after a transaction as well


The Triangle Rewards MCs are pretty good here in Canada. It's a store specific card and the return is only doled out in Canadian Tire money, but it still gives back a decent 4% back at CT, Mark's, a SportChek, Atmosphere ect. plus a per litre return on gas at GAS+.

There's much more once you upgrade but the standard alone is worth for rounding out your wallet.

gerson lantigua

In banana republic they cards if u don’t use them in 5 to 6 months period they close them automatically does that affect ur credit what so ever?

CC Chumash


Buff Tammy

Why I Don't Have Store Credit Cards:
>Because the amex blue cash preferred exists.

Billy in 4C

? whoah Sebby.. that was a good cup of coffee on this video lolll


Amazon / homedepot store card (to name a few) - 6 to12 months no interest on purchases 100$ + Works very well for me.


I think the Capital One Walmart card is a great investment. Walmart is not going anywhere. I feel the same way about the Marriott or Hilton hotels. I think a Hilton Aspire or Bonvoy Brilliant from Amex is well worth the annual fee.

bacon ninjette

I’m surprised the Starbucks card gives a free drink with approval. It’s one of the worst entry Chase cards.

But the debit card is pretty good.

Ed209 V

What if you really want the chicken?

Remy Hors d'âge

Better take back half a chicken than get sued for salmonella.

Expressive Pets

What about the Amazon Prime card?

Sebastian, I have a ton of store cards to boutiques. I get access to early sales, cash bonuses, free shipping to my home and early access to look-books. (Important to me)

You are making me reevaluate these cards, and their actual value. I never thought to buy gift cards... I have the Discover IT... And I'm not maximizing my first year...until now... Glad that I found your channel.

Jewel Thompson

The Amazon Store Card just might be worth it.

Richard Z

You know the shade is real 00:46 when banana republic is going out of business ?????

Bledar P

Macy’s card is also good you get up to 45% off in products


Everybody shops at Amazon now


HAHAHAHHAAH "so you get a $5 chicken for getting the card"

Mark S

Excellent points! I think some people just like the convenience of not having to spend time managing the quarterly bonus with gift cards for future spending. It's effortless to get 5% at Amazon with their card. For groceries, or gas, the convenience of having a card that works year round has a lot value - no future planning necessary. ?

Matthew Sutherland

I have the Costco card. I spend about 200.$ inside the store a month 2% back. And about 300.$ at the gas pumps a month 4% back.


Several years ago, I was approved the Walmart Discover Card, a few months later it was branded a MasterCard. I found that there was little benefit rewards and high interest. For getting approved they gave a one time $25 off coupon/credit. The only other “perk” is that it came with optional insurance, up to 10K, to pay off the card in the event of layoff or disability. I’ll never apply for a store card again.

Kevin Sisavang

I accidentally applied for a Old Navy store credit card because of the employee vague description 20% promotion I would receive and my lack of knowledge. I will never shop at this ever again place and I was wondering what options do I have to cancel it or not use it to not hurt my credit score?

M. Davis

I will not waste another inquiry on a store credit card. Two of them closed my account, due to inactivity. Next card I apply for, will be a The Amex blue everyday card.

Sam Z.

I really like the banana Republic Card !!! i did not know about the free alteration benifit !!! who else has the card can share with me their experience . how about you Sebby !!!!


You scoff at the chicken reward. Well, let me tell you that I got a approved for the Costco card the other day and they had no bonus offer. I had to buy the chicken for five dollars. Lol

Andy L

I still have Costco Visa because it was converted from Amex Costco. Keeping the credit history.

Rob Heathers

Also, I appreciate your effort, but this video really needs clarification between private-label store cards (which can only be used in-house at those stores) and cards branded for a store but functioning outside the store as a Visa/MasterCard. Citi bank issues/backs a credit card for Best Buy (and Kmart/Sears, among others) with & without an external relay. You can get an in-house private-label Best Buy card (issued by Citi) to only use in-store (or online) at a Best Buy, or you can get a Best Buy Visa/MasterCard (also issued by Citi) that can be used like any other merchant accepting Visa/MasterCard.

Luis Ramirez

So I got a credit card for furniture by accident. Lol I have my old capital one card and a freedom chase card. Taking off the other car that I paying off after I pay it off, is that a good idea cuz that’s what I’m going to do.

Auggi Rangel

I have the Target card. 5% purchases and Best Buy Visa just cause they gave me a large credit line

Carol Jenny

Dude, what do you do for a living. The fact that you think like this amazes me.

Rotten Soul

I'm thinking about getting the Costco card to see if I still get that ?

Alonso Martii

I hope they give turkey as reward this year


Home Depot and Lows are my only store cards , Owning two homes I’m always find myself shopping there

Kenzie Alejos

Should you close them ? I have an old navy card and I usually shop there because I have the card I want to reduce credit card dept and the temptation ?

Marjorie D.

I have had a target card for a few years but really want to close it. I don’t typically like the idea of closing cards but really regret getting this one. I have two other well established cards with higher credit limits anyway. I know I can always avoid using it, but is it really doing much for me? does anyone recommend closing it, and if so, what’s the best way to do this? if not, why should I keep it?

SpideySense FTA

Crap. I already have a Best Buy and Costco Card. lol.

Carlos Roman

ooohh a Chicken


Amazing detailed useful information!

Steven S

If you have the Best Buy credit card is it reported to the credit bureaus?

Julius Jones

Store card built my credit score to 838

Adrian Zambrano

I work at Costco in refunds and the amount of stuff I see get returned is crazy!! On the side note I had the option to book a $3k vacation on my csp or my Costco Visa card and I ended up going with the citi card since I would get 5% back essentially. If you have any questions on returns let me know


The half of chicken is hilarious ??

xSteel FeveRx

Did I make the right choice by acquiring a Newegg store credit card to buy parts for a $2,300 PC build? I paid it off within a year so I paid zero interest.


I made so many mistakes. Wish I would have known this a year ago. Hit Chase 5/24 rule >_<. Well, have to learn the hard way I guess. I have 2 store cards....Do you think it would be correct to keep them open anyway to protect my credit age? Playing the waiting game on finding another credit card for department store purchases.

Daniel Crotty

The Target store card is probably the best one out there, especially since they are friendly to people with new credit and rebuilding. If you PIF, you can get 5% off all the time, which isn’t bad at all. This year, they actually let you buy all the Black Friday sales early if you had a Target card too, so that was a nice benefit. I believe the Amazon Prine store card offers a similar 5% benefit, but those are really the only ones that are totally worthwhile IMO.

apiece ofdirt

COUNT ME IN!! I love chicken!!


I have a Forever 21 credit card, and I don't really shop there anymore. My balance is $0. But my credit line is $2000. If I cancel it, my available credit will dramatically decrease. What should i do?


I have a jewelry card apr is absurd but i buy new jewellery often enough that it stays active and i always pay it off

Andrew C

Costco card is probably a great investment if you’re someone who is a die hard Costco member (or at least someone who is planning to shop at Costco for 5-10 years). It’s actually one of the best Citi cards you can get. However, I find it a turn off that you must maintain a Costco membership pretty much forever unless you’re willing to get your card and credit history cancelled. Also cash bank redemption is too inconvenient.


Can store credit card companies take you to court if you can no longer pay? Like Kohl's, Sam's Club etc?


Fun fact: Best Buy will price match with Amazon

MsCervantes R

I have store cards that give me 5% cash back. I chose the cards because I shop at those stores weekly and can't foresee a time when I won't be shopping there.


it sucks, my very first credit card was with Best Buy, so I am kind of forced to keep it. The only reason I got it is because when I was 17 or 18 I wanted to buy a computer and I wanted to build my credit as well. On top of that Best Buy had it to where if you paid using a Best Buy credit card I was able to pay it off in 12 months with no interest.


Dunkin Donuts gives you a Free Donut when you sign up for their card.


I work at bestbuy...

Joe NoName

I know this video is three years old but the whole point behind companies giving out store credit cards for cash back is because by doing so they are making customers mentally committed to shopping at their store.

If someone has a store card lets say one at walmart 5% cash back they are more likely to do most of their shopping at walmart including groceries and by getting you in the store youre more likely to see other things you like and spend more money. Its all about getting you in the store and getting you going there consistently.

Rob Heathers

I get store credit cards simply to have the additional unused credit and to show aged accounts. I've had Kmart/Sears & Gordmans credit cards since my early twenties. I am addicted to Kmart, so that card has more than paid for itself (essentially like having the Discover-It 5% with all purchases). Unfortunately the last Kmart has closed in my city, so going forward the card will be reserved for emergency auto-repair for my boyfriend's car (which is a rusty-but-trusty Dodge minivan, as there's still a Sears Auto-Center in town). If/When Kmart/Sears officially kick the bucket, I'm looking forward to see what happens to the card. A year ago Citi tried to push everyone to the Kmart/Sears/Citi MasterCard, but I opted-out to stick with the plain-jane store-locked in-house card. My Gordmans card was issued by Comenity (the largest of private-label store cards); Gordmans went bankrupt, but we're bought-out by Stage...the credit card continued as is. I figure I make a purchase 2-3 times a year, and Gordmans continues as-is as an aging account in good standing. I'm also a bit of a gambler, so I don't need to use my real credit cards with random BS I don't really need to be buying.

karina rodriguez

I thought Costco didn’t accept credit cards ?

James Son of Mary

Stores like Walmart and Target are probably worth it. And Costco’s not a bad card to start building your profile with; especially if you do a lot of shopping there. 4x on gas, 2x in store and if I’m not mistaken restaurants and 1x everywhere else. Not bad at all, especially with no annual fee; You never have to close it.

Mel A

I know someone who has certain store cars (Sears, JC Penny (don't remember if they're both the same), and Home Depot) because of the financing options (and I assume extended warranties) for purchases such as washer/dryer machines. Something about no APR for a certain period of time. She got the HOme Depot one to help a friend with bad credit to buy some things for her house rennovations (of course this is a trusted friend with a stable job and income to pay her back that has not gotten her score back up yet after a mistake when she was young).


If there is no point then whats the point. Well said


It wasn't a credit card, but my favorite bad offer was San diego county credit union (sdccu) giving a free fish taco from rubios as a checking account bonus.

Joseph Ramos

My mother has the citi Costco card, since she shops there almost every other day, she benefits the most off of gas, and grocery spending


I literally face palmed at the free chicken bonus


I have a Bestbuy card because I purchase nearly all my gadgets and electronics from the local store. Bestbuy has an excellent price match program, and I like that I easily return items if need be. The only downside is that the card doesn't provide warranty coverage. The points also come in handy. They typically cover taxes.

Della Green

Makes a lot of sense

Ruel Northover

I got the nordstrom card, I like to do my shopping one place.

Jared Highlands

A chicken hahahahaha

The Sounds of the Suburbs

I think store cards can be good for discounts on clothing.


What about store debit cards? ex Target and Kroger are the same benefits as the credit versions but debit

Raver Magik

Store cards to build the base.... then as you transition to better cards you end those relationships.


a few months ago i got a best buy credit card but am now regretting it... ive got a 2k limit on it and its the card that can only be used at their store, i have never made a purchase with it. what should i do? should i cancel it or just not use it? i feel like it would be better to use another credit card that earns cash back..

Harry Tee

I started with a store card but I totally get it .


I have a gas card (BP) and its been open for a very long time. One day all the stations were gone rendering it worthless. I moved to another area and am able to use the card. This makes my monthly gas easy to track my spending and a little reserve if I'm ever short. The downside is the interest is high, but it does have some rewards which gives me a free tank of gas about once a year. No annual fee


I only have two and its the two stores that I shop at the most...I don't plan on getting any more...however Barnes and noble has a card now and I might get that because I shop there a lot as well...

Afghandy Dynamite

Biggest mistake ever was signing up for the uber STORE card and not the CREDIT card


The reason I have a Best Buy card is for their promotional 0% financing deals. That’s when I tend to buy bigger items like TVs and computers

Guilermo Vazquez

speak slower


Amazon Prime credit card was my first one and I'm glad!!


Hey do you if you don't use a store card for like 3+ months, will they close the account???

Carbon Feetprint

Kinda misleading info here. As a cardholder with a store card, you tend to get better offers and sales too. So, sign up bonus and percentage back aren’t the only things to consider.

Carol Jenny

I once let Target and some other cheap chain store talk me into their credit card and when I went in to buy a car, my interest rate went up by about 50% so those stupid cards were EXPENSIVE. Luckily, I was able to pay off my car within 6 months due to a gift from my mom. When you open stupid card accounts and two in the same time period, note that your credit score will CRASH drastically!

Abhirup Hazra

2:05 LMAO :D


Thanks Sebby, I was thinking of getting a couple of store cards, but wanted to come here first...with the Chase Unlimited you can get discounts from stores regardless...

René S. Shabastari

What do you use for your gas card? Costco Visa is my gas card @4%. I also use it for restaurants for now but am debating the Uber card for 4% and streaming credits.

Mike Jones

This guy is too funny

oscar F

I literally laugh out loud when he said you get a chicken ?

Brian Chang

I got a $60 cash card from Costco by signing up for a new membership, upgrading to executive, and getting approved for the Costco card. Wasn't much, but better than nothing.


The walgreens gift card blew my mind...


Sign up bonus is basically a chicken...hahahaha....true!!

Jordan Montoya

but i love chicken

Andres Trejo

Fun fact: if you put “fun fact” in front of anything people will read it.

Roger Arteaga

Know this is kind of an old video but you're practically right. In the sense of store credit cards. I'd only get them if it has a great bonus specifically to the store and being able to use it elsewhere.

For example, I have the Amazon Prime signature rewards card and I tend to make most of my purchases there with the exception of other groceries monthly but they do offer bonuses with whole foods and that pretty much now makes me consider whole foods not only because of the points but they have had a lot of recognition with their quality of groceries.

Now on to others I have a Newegg store credit card. Only reason I have it is because I frequently shop between Newegg and Amazon for tech. I just find Best Buy to be a rip off and their services to be downright trash. Newegg has their premier service which can go great with their Store credit card but I wish they'd also consider having a similar approach to Amazon.

Store credit cards just depend on what you shop in most often but if you are wanting to get a store credit card please consider the options and benefits and if it's a rewards points based store card then go for it.

I have a PayPal credit line and a Samsung one due to me getting Samsung tech etc and they tend to give nice points with shop Samsung but at the core of it. It's still a generic store card if it didn't have the perks with the Samsung store I would of just let it collect dust till I upgrade a phone or monitor lol.

Bandhu ji

i got the home depot card because i can get 6 months or more zero interest depending on how much i spend. great for larger projects cause i can start now and budget instead of not doing a home improvement while i wait and save up. also we have an apple card thru barclays because it let us buy a new mac with 2 years 0% interest.

Bradley Rich

Amazon has now begun to offer their own card through Syncbank. They offer 5% rebate which is automatically applied to your bill. I have given up using my Chase Amazon Business Rewards cards which gives only 3 % Amazon rebate.