What does ksml stand for

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How we really Act

29 803 views | 2 Oct. 2018

Melvina Wesley

Miss y'all terry and Melissa

Honesty Always


Sori Yazz

I'm laughing anyways but what did she say.

Diane Gaddis


Monique Little

Terry high af?????

Indigenous WOG

LOL ?Queen?... say still went him ??????????

Stan Mack

Bet she wouldn’t be laughing if she knew that you got the pastor beat down in jail!

Moca Couture


Beatrice Corley

??? "still wit him"



tamyra zachery

I love that damn Melissa!!! Lmao!

Catina Whitehead

You and your wife are top notch funny to meeeee..

Ashanti Monet

?????I'm watching Family Feud too just not this episode, y'all are a whole mess???



Sherita Funchess

Yall, funny

Doretta L Lee

Lol.. I agree Melissa..socks are a turn off in the bed



Sharon Denise

Terry be looking high as hell

Sheila Mccullough

Terry high as hell

Psycho Sullivan

Don't feel bad, I'm in that club too!! Lol.

Peggy Sue Silvers

It us so refreshing to hear you & Melissa laughing with one another. ?

Queen Tama

I needed that laugh ?

Nika Jackson

Crazy as hell you is.


I knew she was gonna say that at the end! They stay having fun with one another!

Paulette Scott

[email protected]'m still with him lolol

Mck Dee

Y'all crazy as hell ?????

Connie Tai

Y'all guys are real an cool I love. Y'all my favorite comedians yes.You guys make my day.God bless you both.????????

Leon J


Eddie Kane 88

thats a real relationship and marriage....laughing and talkin shit...always...only we can go in on each other as a couple...but let somebody step sideways...baby you gone get em first or me...go...ollleeeee got damn semi truck grill with a broke radiator lookin ass....olleeeee got damn possum in the night grinning lookin ass ...olee got damn duece and qtr with no shocks built lookin ass...ole i just bought this box chevy but the inside roof tacked up and seatbelt slacked the f××k out lookin ass....love...and im still with him..melissa hell...lmao

Viewer Lady

Y'all funny!

Ted Longoria

I gots lots of love 4 u n ur girl yall funny as hell,

Tempestt Burnam

Bad foot.. bad breath lmaooooooooo!

Kenny Martin


Jesus McCollum

He’s faded

Eric Anderson

lol dad azz High Lol

Al Fance

That was a good one. Y'all are hilarious!

dora johnson

Y'all crazy as hell ain't it!!

Britt Pot

LOL, .... high?!

VA from Va

Yall keep on carrying like yall is here got my belly hurting

Sunus Holloway


What does ksml stand for

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When Melissa got approved for disability

297 306 views | 27 Jun. 2017

#Daddazz #Melissa

#Daddazz #Melissa #comedian #comedy #funny #lol #kmsl #rotflmao #standup #comic #memes #Diabetes #youcrazyashellaintit #boybye #actors #realblackhouseholeproblems Albany, Georgia we coming July 8th State theatre

Janet Russ

Where are you guys? Miss your funny videos ?

Christina Cobb


Will Harper

Better hold on to that "walking" cane for a bit...might be some CAMERAS following you...hmmm..??


Lol ? ? lol lol lol ? ? ? lol lol ? ? ? ? ?

vickie butler

????that's damn sholl how it be. Your man/woman be happy about yo money lmao.

Leti Bugg

Get it Melissa and Terry!! Lol! I'm having a hard day but you two gave me laughter!

Foxy Lady

I swear
.....I love y'all

Mrs La Harris

Dam ..the dance

Quinten and JoAnn Klonowski

lolol dancin xoxo happy days

Joanne Franklin Jennings

Melissa girl you better stop dancing before Social Security see this video ?????

Debra Johnson

I love her shes a mess

Sandra Robinson

Melissa get approved for disability

Ms Owens

Trifling...lmao! But thats how some Black folks be. Celebrating a disability check.

viper viper

Terry gets disability to. All in the family I guess



Lakathia Wilson

The Williams brother

Vernon Powell

Now Melissa don't want to share but she spends his money and give it to her pastor lmao

Ruth Cook


Mrs La Harris

Well gone n check then lol



Kimberly Walker

This is Golden yall !!!!

Ollie Kennedy


Tabetha Frazier



How much do you usually get and how often do they send you disability checks,I'm really considering applying

Colorful Me

He got on the good foot

Larry Antoine

They bout crazy as hell

Bre - Ron's wife - 413 N8tve

[email protected] "Dancing of MY damn money" ???

Darryl Perry

Watch it Melissa the SS people might be hid across the street lmao

Taurus Goddess



Lol ahahaha aayyyeeeeeee cut up

Diamond in the rough/ I am the Law

Church going, cussing, and

Doris Foote

ya,'ll go..

Brian Rivera


Moneikue Simmons

Lmao Terry

Vivan Hinton

turn up melissa and terry
go melissa and terry
i love you melissa and terry
you guys are funny

zoe lifecoach

I stumbled upon youall . .and i have not stopped laughing since?

Charles Gossett


Twanna Winn

Can't stop laughing ?????

Alley Oop

Damn, Melissa looks healthy and able. While we are fighting ss for an amputee?

Lisa Farris


Michael Harris

When black people get money ???LOL

Veta Lair

They are hilarious!!!

Lotus Flower

LMAO ??????????????????????

Jayykeith Johnson

You gotta love these two


Terry was getting it, huh?? ?? Fuck you TRUMP----Pay me!?????????????

Patrick Boyd

A black Holliday is income tax or a disability approval letter.

Selena Robinson

Use that money wisely. Money like that is hard to come by.

Beatrice Mcmullen

yall is so funny. shit. Melissa got aproved Terry danceing

Mrs La Harris

Go girl..do that dance

Gussie Williams

They are something else....

Selena Robinson

Well as long as you are in your 50's and done worked all your life, anybody at age 50 and up should get SSI And Disability. Im about to turn 50 l worked myself half to death my whole life. I m hoping to retire in atleast 10 more years

Ida Blessed

Go on Gal !!!!

money power respect

Go Melissa looking good. Keep it up☺

Charles Gossett

Melissuh a good Woman She gon share with Her Husband

Ajani White

GUTTA is the name of the song by SAVAGE MAFIA

Miss Jacquelyn Wynette Chatman,Nickname Jackie


Kimme Love

This is what my husband will do

Shannon Armstrong

Melissa forgot that quick she's disabled LMWAO

Davis Campos

We on ...we,me.....lol

tuesday range

They gigging!!

money mike


Aundra Thomas

???they getting it

Twanna Winn


Allan Turner

How good of a dancer do I have to be to get one of those checks, I’ve been working for 30 plus years and can barely walk lol.

Blood Money

I got it now heyyy ???

dj easy

They a fool lol

Ruth Cook


Jennifer Barnwell

I start ? like them

Kamari And Evelynn

Get it terry.

Patrick Boyd

She got her reparations letter in the mail now it's time to head to the liquor store and ? the local weed man.

Kela Pittman

They gonna see you dancing Melissa.. Lol why Terry fighting with the sun just move BOL

Smoody Lady

i love you guys

Nasaree Cox

too funny ?


Boy if you wife ain't crazy I'll Sue Donald Trump ass

David Lenore

Who sing that song

Tovarus Perkins

It's fence to go on now! Lol

Jb !!!

You guys are amazing!!! I love y'all country azzes, God bless your hearts.

Nacole Brown

Get it Terry and Melissa ???

Vernon Powell

Somebody lying they supposed to be comdians but they both get disability and food stamps I see cause they are not funny comdians anyway

Ruth Cook

I'M WEAK ????

Ruth Cook


Amanda Webber

we are going party .?????


We!!!!!! Ahhhhhhaaaa...

charmed well


David Hardy

She better stop all that dance before they cut that s*** off


Your uncle and auntie at the cookout???

Chenika Ramsey

Y'all so funny. ?

JocelynHk Carter

JocelynhkCarter: That's right Terry dance! Your money is my money,baby!

Taneka Bellamy

Lmao no he didn't start dancing!!!!

Sholanda Raymond

Who sings that song

Valerie Petty

Does anybody know the name of that song you had a nice beat I liked it


Terry so damn stupid...rotfl

Phyllis Glenn


Joey Jackson

Melissa don't give all of your money to the pastor

Lynwood Hawkins

Terry said thats his money too!?

Twanna Winn


Jennifer Barnwell

Terry you need the victim C or D

Quita Que Baby

They tickle me ? i want some of that disability to

Shawn Rice

What that song call

Andrae Smith

They Bout Crazy as Hell ain’t it ?????

What does ksml stand for

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When you dodging someone you owe

139 818 views | 17 May. 2017

#Daddazz #Melissa

#Daddazz #Melissa #comedian #comedy #funny #lol #kmsl #rotflmao #standup #comic #memes #Diabetes #youcrazyashellaintit #boybye #actors

Mark Lyles

M'lissa, you wrong this time!

Vickie Warren

He done got on the floor and can't get up. ?

gwendolyn wilson

Funny as hell???? Melissa you busted him????????

April Marizette

Why is that one picture above Melissa's head!? ?




lmaoffff ???????????

Chan Bonn

Terry all layed up against the couch like that??

Syreeta Gamble


Akivias Robinson

When she went to the door she said Terry anit here and soon as he said Terry owe him money for betting on the game Melissa Reddit Terry out

Gregory Flewellen


money power respect

???oh my goodness I love yall!!,,this is so true shit

Vivan Hinton


Priscilla strong

Terry can't do shit with Melissa

Miss Jacquelyn Wynette Chatman,Nickname Jackie


Angela Murry

Terry you got busted big time. Lol

Valetry Kimble

Is that Country Cain


Lol ? ? ? ? GOOD ? MORNING!

tyrecka richardson


Kenosha Haynes

Dang she busted her Husband out

Yvette Decarlo

Lol!! Melissa too funny

chell thomas

Melissa made me choke on this water????

It's Mecah

She straight busted you out ? Melissa IS NOT your ride or die. ?. Sorry bruh smh

Crystal Hampton

Terry pay him his money

carolin adams

Learn to not bet when you ain't got it, and got to pay bills.



Yvette Moatebbvvbbjhbbnb?mn. n?bn

Terry is hide from the man that he owe like the man is the police7 months ago

Christina Cobb


Marva Newborn

"MY MF-N GIRL"!!!?

Violet Sofris

Omg Lolololol this is one of my favorite videos. Terry so funny and cute. The faces he makes he so cute Lololol i love this man. He makes me laugh every day ❤

Larry Antoine




Lene Warren

???Melissa gave him up soon as she heard how much money he owed lol

Toa Mataafa

????damn boi you owe that nigga some money???

Christle Green

"...to honor love and protect". NOPE! Not in that house! ???

Blackbutterfly Breezy

Stop betten den!?!

Sportangel V


Eddie Vasquez


Verbal Lewis



ROFL Melissa dun bust Terry out

Vernon Powell

Melissa ain't the to hang out with lol she will snitch like when they got pulled over with the weed she told the police on her own husband crazy as hell she is LMAO

Sheaneen Holimon


Marcella Martij

Hello dadazz you and Melissa have me laughing my assignment off how are the both of you doing from Marcella from Nassau county new York.


Shut the front do! Girl, No you didn't let that man in on him! i'm cracking up! ? Terry, you know you can't do no dirt around Melissa, ? She gone SANG like a Humming ? Jesus take the wheel! ?

Barbara Jackson

Thats how a lot of people do

Kurtiz Mency

boy you off the chain??????????? i did that same shit today

Shirley Butler

You hiding from like am the IRS but you can paid me next Friday HILARIOUS

Shawnese Williams

????I can't! I just can't!

Earnest Kyles

Melissa say you the one crazy as hell???

tamyra zachery

Terry should have played that off like he was on the floor doing sit ups!!!?

thompson J

That shit funny

Q Poetik


Van Albright

Melissa you wrong for that... LOL ?

Lamar Brown

Man, that's messed up your wife just ?????rated u out Lol

Lolita Purter

lol ??????? I'm weak?????

thompson J

Did she just fly the door open dropping dime on him...funny as hell????you go Melissa

Phyllis Glenn



Lmaoooo caught sliding around on the ground

Marvin Reid


Mr. Florida/Arkansas/Texas Williams, Sr.

Bitch the Police snitching azz bitch he needs to do her azz like that


that living room look like Christmas

Christina Richardson


Ceasar Castro

Hellyea getttem ahahahahahaha, man he couldn't get up either

Della Robinson

Omg love y'all show Terry funny as hell omg .

Lisa tr3


Aquiania Delapierre

She busted Terry

Kelvin H

pay the man is money $$$$



Mzz. Sharon Does It

yall are craaazzzyyyyy...keep the laughter ALIVE...