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The minimum wage: does it hurt workers? | The Economist

276 224 views | 5 Feb. 2021

Joe Biden has pledged to

Joe Biden has pledged to raise America's national minimum wage to $15 an hour. Economists traditionally believed that minimum wages actually hurt workers, but recent research has led to a rethink.

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The Crypto Bastiat

The real minimum wage is zero. If a raise in minimum wage has no affect on employment, then explain the high unemployment in Black communities & amount low skilled workers.

Jack Lodge

Biden: Let's make you get that second job.
Citizens: ... wait what?


NJ’s cost of living is way higher than PA. Had the increase happened in PA, job loss would have occurred.

Liberal Elitist

Just compromise make it 8.5 or 9 an hour

Kevin Mu

Why can be a limit on hwo high house can increase? That why people can afford to rent with out getting rip off

Andre Perez

Wasn't as informative as I hope it'd be.

Mila Pandus

What about the impact on inflation?


My company will hire less workers and increase our prices. How bout you?

Tim M

Solid fence sit there


President Biden's push for minimum wage
Not one mention of Bernie's fight for this for decades
The bias extends across the ocean


If you look at inflation vs minimum wage its a tragedy. If minimum wage would have grown with productivity since 1950 it should be at least 19$ a little more. I do think the $15 minimum wage should be on a different bill since it doesn't really work in budget reconciliation.

Yusuf Ahmed

I love minimum wage

Jack Sparrow

No. Its doesn't. Also SHUT UP!

Dawood Sulaiman

This video is scare mongering about raising wages. Raising wages above $15 is going to reduce wealth gap, improve economy, increase inflation & interest rate, promotes saving and above all improves quality of life. Suppressed interest rate is not going to favour the poor but the rich to access the cheap capital that widens the wealth gap.


The minium wages (and salaries) need to be adjusted every year to trace the increases or decreases in annual inflation.


Hey CEO, share the wealth.


Another reason why minimum wage rises can actually increase employment or at least not reduce it... theory of the velocity of money, the minimum wage earners usually spend most or all of their low wages, this goes back into circular flow.... basically helps demand side...

Yamato Wolfgang

Why The Economist should never be treated more seriously than a magazine is because how they allow their opinion on the topic seeping out of their titles

Torey Williams

how about getting a better job. so simple. you don't have to work at these low paying jobs if you believe your worth more


Automation is the next in line to replace minimum wage jobs. I just feel like government should've been enacting in urban-planning, lower education fees, what community colleges can do for minimum wage workers getting into the next level, transportation infrastructure before promising "matching minimum wage to inflation."

Robert Tausig

It's not rocket science: A minimum wage helps the economy.
But - and this is never discussed - an additional maximum wage linked to the minimum wage also helps the economy, as it reduces inequality in income, and therefore doesn't skew the market progressively.

Mary Hedengren

British journalist at 2:41: There’s almost like a patchwork of different minimum wage laws in different states and counties.

American people: Yes...that’s... that’s literally how the United States’ laws work.

(fun fact: the three largest us states have a bigger population than the entire UK. The economy of California is actually bigger than the UK’s and India’s for example. Texas’ economy is bigger than, say, Canada’s. It’s a very big jurisdiction if, say, California has a state minimum wage)


A higher minimum wage doesn't hurt workers and capitalists are spending billions to try and make you believe the opposite is true. If workers have more money, they will be able to buy more things, and the increase in spending more than makes up for the increased labour costs (something that economists somehow often fail to consider, almost as if they're very bad at what they do).

suspended Hatch

Wages have fallen since 1968, and you're afraid to try something different and fail??
We've been failing since 1968!!

Pahat pahat

What is the difference between minimum wage and the Iron bowl?

Weeping Angel

The Economist is doing its' viewers a disservice. Raising the minimum wage top $15 an hour will just mean that people that were once unable to afford certain things can now afford them. But so then can everyone else. And due to the basic laws of supply and demand the price of such things will go up. Which means in real terms they're going to be earning exactly the same as their purchasing power won't change.

Jack Preacher

Question: In America; with a $15/hr. minimum wage, who is a small business owner more likely to hire - Junebug and Wookie or Chris and Cody?

Nobody Important

Urghhhh, capitalists discuss whether poor people deserve a life worth living after being forced into low paying work....


What's the purpose of raising the minimum wage when it will be tax? So that means more money for the government; in the end, the government wins.???

S. Starkel

WAGE is the problem, not the solution! They just talk endlessly about the wage but they can’t see how the WAGE is the cause of all problems worldwide! USA violently forced all attempts at an alternative system to capitalism to fail! (“Rogue State” by Wm Blum, and WCRTW) ALL PEOPLE SHOULD OWN ALL THINGS! Then we won’t need the WAGE!

Dan Bauer

When the private sector fails to provide enough work for the demand of workers then it is up to the public sector to fill the void.
- Paraphrased from FDR

If you decoupled employment and Healthcare then businesses in America could easily afford a raise in minimum wage. But seriously, why all this talk about minimum wage? We should be talking about maximum wage! No individual should hold the power of nations, no individual needs a billion dollars!

No one should work 40 hours a week and starve. That is unacceptable.
You want to call fast food Jobs "stepping- stone" jobs for students, yeah? Unfortunately, the fast food place is open during the same hours that the school is, so somebody needs to work full- time there.
Also, 70% or more of people's earnings pay for just their living expenses. Also unacceptable.
And after the government decided that they can afford to give the banks a TRILLION dollars a day during covid, and give billions to dictators and war mongers around the world in a flash then it is completely unacceptable for the American government to continue to do nothing for their own people.
Killing poor people half way around the world somehow protects my freedom?
Wake up, people. Your government has abandoned you when you need them most. Capitalism is an abysmal failure.

Barry Smith

Do you think the people who are now making a livable wage at $15 an hour is going to mine if they got to pay a extra one to $3 for the hamburger now or their meals come on


...My real question about the Monopsony examples was why didn't some other business come around and take advantage of the lower wages by offering slightly higher wages to attract better low wage talent? Meanwhile with the job marketplace starting to expand to online environments the ability for a single business to get Monopsony status seems incredibly low unless the government gets involved.

Jordan LaQuey

would bringing minimum wage back down to 25 cents an hour decrease inflation?

Mz K

It will hurt some. At 15 an hour companies will have a larger talent pool to hire from pushing out minimum wage workers that would normally be hired for those jobs. Competition for 15 an hour jobs will steal jobs from minimum wage talent pool.

Evan Barson

Awesome video as always. I appreciate the work your team puts in to make these

Jordan LaQuey

i didn't know that unemployment was a problem. my concern is that the cost of living will be inflated. california and new york are the perfect example: both have higher minimum wage but it doesn't matter because of in state inflation

Moy O

every single time we increased the minimum wage in the past, it increased(not decreased) hiring overall, but what ever.


I don't trust economics. I trust every science. Climate change is real, vaccines work, the Earth is round, the moon landing was real. But I don't trust economics. Economics just feels like someone lying to me.

Benjamin Psarris

How to destroy small businesses 101

Jose Mendoza I

Does it increase aggregate demand?

Derrick Cox

To gradually enact global socialism, destroy private sector jobs to force people into government jobs or onto government welfare. Control their lives by withholding or distributing goods and services. Destroy the republic and then the democracy. Institute the UN's totalitarian agenda over the world. External peace through oppression and suppression. Enslavement of inner peace through loss of freedoms and ambition. Starvation and execution for those who resist. Satan's plan all along.

Joseph Ramirez

Hey, this is a step in the right direction. 10 years ago this video would have been titled "This is how minimum wage harms the economy".

Ibrahim Raysid R R

in my country getting a minimum wage is a blesing , near half of my friend only get half of minimum wage (around 4$/day) yeah it's indonesia

Y Qisq

The wage in China has been increasing steadily as a strategic choice by the government. Wanna know why? It's a secret ;)

John Doe

One thing that the video failed to account for. New businesses, with minimum wage being raised it forces them to reconstruct their budget, and with most business is the first year being in the red, it makes more difficult to pay there workers that much more. And most small business collapse because they cannot sustain the level of money or workers necessary to operate the business. For example simplicity if minimum wage was $5, and the owner of a small business, we'll call him Bob, and his business makes 25 bucks an hour. So he gets $5 dollars, pays $5 for his business's expenses (every hour) and pays his 3 employees 5 per hour dollars each. But minimum wage is raised to $10 dollars so Bob can no longer pay for all the employees. So he lay offs two of them so he can pay himself and one other employee but he cannot maintain is business with the number of employees so it ultimately collapses. understand this is only a simplified version of this concept but the same Theory applies.


So... I'm trying to eat without a 4th job . Get stuffed.

Maximiliano Martinez

If it doesn't hurt the economy, than I would propose a 1 million dollar per hour minimum wage. We will all be millionaire like this.

E Brown

I've got three issues with minimum wage debates. 1) Yes, everyone predicts doom and gloom, but it's happened before and the results were positive for the economy. 2) The supply and demand argument's flaw is that it seemed predicated on employers having surplus supply. If you need 10 people to staff your restaurant and wages increase, you can't suddenly get by with 6 - you have to work out how to pay for 10. 3) The policies must include COL/inflation increases as part of the plan - it's irrational to think $15 now will have the same spending power in 10-15 years, and yet legislators refuse to acknowledge that.

waterwheel waterwheel

does it hurt workers?

yes by giving them a decent livable life

TL DidNRead

I usually agree with raising the unlivable wage.

But now in the modern day on the cusp on automation. We are going to lose jobs, on the other hand. Won't we just lose them anyway. So who really knows I shrug, I just want it tied to congress so they can't keep raising their own wages. Can't keep getting raises for nothing done

usb usb


Neville Evergreens

Minimum wage should be raised considerably especially for those companies who refuse to give their worker's 40 hours a week just so they don't have to pay for health insurance.
I mean honestly how do you expect people to live on 7.25$ an hour. I'm tired of paying higher taxes because so many people are on government aid.

abdulrahman chalya

An argument nor discussed in this video is that low skill workers are pushed out of the market becauae employers sonr want to take the risk of hiring them historically youth employment went down after minimum wage increases especially black youth and i cant see many wmployers hiring kids when they have to double their wages. 80 percent of minimum wage earners are kids.

Hamza ForChrist

Lets see. Experience is the best teacher


What I'm about to say isn't anyhow relating to the issue but I can't help but notice the female voice over sounded so familliar to me. It sounds like the same voice from a game I played about 10 years back, NFS Hot Persuit 2010. Just saying, I just felt it was crazy that I even recognised something like this.

Joseph Postma

So your saying the us dollar lost half its purchasing power from 1991-now? Yikes!

chris shaw

I lost my job due to covid and a friend of mine recommended sir CHRIS D. RUSS and ever since trading with his platform I have been benefiting a lot..Thanks Chris +19197093004


We need to implement a Maximum wage.


Employers just don't want to pay wages. Forcing a high minimum wage would just make it so that eventually protectected low wage jobs becomes gig based in some weird new market. It's literally what has happened with Uber drivers being classified as "independent contractors". The same thing happened in japan, with the rise of the freeters and the decline of salarymen.

It doesn't protect the workers at all. If there is no other way to ensure social safety nets to all types of workers.

It's like if an employer finds it too expensive to employ an in house graphic designer with all the benefits. They will just hire freelancers off the internet and pay them peanuts.

You can't just regulate that away with minimum wages.


If they raised minimum wage they will raise rent and living expenses so doesn't really matter what they do

brian onyango

????????? to be honest is biden propargabda impractical things being explained

Cole Kendall

How about we make the cost of living go down? Maybe pressure cities to add better public transportation so that cheaper living outside the city can be more viable? Why don't they do this? Oh yeah taxes cant be collected if citizens don't live in their zone.

Luis Esparza

Make America the world´s economic lab again.

ron ross

Probably the most trivial analysis of the topic I've heard.


It makes me very uncomfortable how she doesn't say cents after the dollar amount

Raja Orr

“The most exploitable are the most employable.”

Jaynor Diaz

gotta love rich economist arguing that giving people 15 bucks an hour will be too much for multibillion dollar corporations....

wang leowood

In China, minimum wage less than 3 $

Flora Sulit

I'm for 2 tier wages. Someone under 18 can receive other benefits for minors, they don't have much experiences and are more like interns. So pay them less, like $7, for them to just get some pocket money and get trained. The over 18 employees, on the other hand, get paid like $20. That way employers can hire teens to do simple tasks while pay a livable wage for the adults to manage the young workers. Just a thought.

Archibald Noah

The minimum wage should be such that people working a 40 to 50 hour week are be able to make a reasonable living on it in the area where they work and live. In NYC that's maybe $50 and somewhere else $15 or even less.

George A

This is not debatable. Abolishing minimum wage is a war against humanity and there should be a reply.

Rob S

Yes - it does - next question?


Any modern society is going to use a variety of government and private tools in its Economic Arsenal. As a student of the Economy and Economics I would have to say that many of these men are genuine Heroes as they attempt to navigate the Labors that go with learning the discipline. But for the most part a student of Economics will learn that rational workers and citizens will want to MAXimize their income and profits as businessmen or entrepreneurs or whatever their status may be and not accept the minimum. The stories you hear about minimum wages are that you increase the wage and many people are lifted slightly above poverty but often many more lose their jobs altogether and so it is all confusing and a lot of politics goes into some of this. I doubt our current President has ever worked for minimum wage but people vote and there are many who would vote based on the hope of a minimum wage even if it meant the risk of having nothing. Still, to be truly free and have real access to government I think both political parties look for the same qualities in Candidates and in those people to whom they allow real government access and input.


so.....humans are getting more expensive?

David Ovens

Given the notable differences in the cost of living from one place to another the minimum wage of 15 dollars seems quite abstract

Being_ Restored

Talking about the minimum wage I did that with rocketzan, then around the same time the discussion of the needles and immunisation I spoke about and that caused issues and he became defensive about Obamacare which doesn't phase me I'm not a fan of Obama but rocket had originally said he was a supporter of Bernie Sanders .. Im not that into politics so didn't talk about politics that much outside of the fact I personally liked Trump.

Cosmo Sim

No need to waste 9 mins. The answer is Yes, of course, dah. Basic economics says so.

I. S

There is a minimum wage in Norway and Switzerland and to my understanding people who make minimum are far from rich but they can make a living, albeit basic. If the Federal minimum wage has kept up with inflation, we would not have had this conversation, but the minimum wage lost big time against inflation, hence the issues. And then there is such thing as buying power. $10 in Alabama gets you a lot more than $10 in San Francisco.



Yes it does

understandable have a nice day

Simon Eminger

A thing that's missing here: When low-paid workers get a higher wage, they have more money to spend at reastaurants, shops etc., which actually helps the economy. If the money is only paid to investors or owners who don't use the money directly, there is less money circulating

joe dohn

Fact is 12.78 (or 60 sum) is what I NEEDS to be... it was raised to $1.60 (12.78 today) in 1966 or so, so 8$/he is low... dont believe the people who make money paying u less... I DO BELIEVE min wage should be state n locally controlled- 10$hr is less in fruitland Park FL vs 10$hr in cCrested Butte CO...

Other thing is walmart (any morally corrupt CORP) shouldn't cut employees cause they miss 10 million out of 500+million in profits... THATS WRONG

Chris Jamel

We don't want to incentivise people to work in industries we don't value. People don't aim to work at a McDonald's and consumers don't want to eat McDonald's. Its cheap and convenient. Its situational consumption rather than aspirational. I think service industry jobs are beautiful and can be aspirational but it mostly has not become a skill set. These jobs need to earn 15 not be given.

TheEnchilada Kid

Only if it doesn't cover basic costs of living, people have soo much of what they don't need

Alfred George

I took the risk dealing with Chris d.RUSS on telegram and finally end up with perfect testimony ???... Thanks Chris +19197093004


If we rank the states with the highest minimum wages those are the same states with the most homeless people. Why do democrats act like they don't see this correlation? Higher minimum wages just mean a higher cost of living and makes it harder to get a job.

bevan smith

Of cause it causes unemployment - at certain levels. Or else why wouldn't you have a $1m per hour min wage?


This is video is bullshitting with ease. Gotta love that false equivalency , 50/50 "THERE IS EXACTLY TWO SIDES TO THIS QUESTION AND BOTH ARE EQUALLY CORECT & INCORRECT." If minimum wage has not even got close to being close to keeping up with inflation & cost of living, and raising it to 15 doesn't even get all the way to the $23 per hour you would have if cost of living/wage match policies existed, then your YouTube accomplishments as a channel amount to subtle status quo endorsement. The clear frame job of the question multiple times throughout the video is easy propaganda for those ignorant of the worldhappiness data which details how much better so many lives could be with higher wages at all low paying jobs.

Kyn Chan

It does not reflect the real market where wages actually move up and down, self employed people tend to know this very well. Business owners also know that turnover and profits are rarely static.

Rather than increase the minimum wage efforts should be taken to lower the cost of living, then wages don't actually have to climb.

Sergi Medina

It's definitely bad if it's too high. Businesses hire less people, so less work and more unemployment. Less money, less consumption, then less profit and less work. Which is a vicious cycle.

debra athanas

Biden does not care if we make a decent wage but pushing younger working age Americans in a higher tax bracket to pay for their projects, heavy spending and planned parenthood. The end result is higher taxes, cost of living and loss of freedoms we have enjoyed in the past.


I'll be worried the day politicians try to set a maximum wage

Iwan Agung

2:29 Jeremy Clarkson


Underemployment is a serious problem that isn't looked at hard enough, nor is it brought to people's attention enough by the media


Low minimum wage subsidizes poor business practices, these businesses would not be able to operate with a higher minimum wage. These businesses should close down because of these market forces.

Han Umaña

Adam Smith died again watching this video


5:10 It's so funny how you American seem to think you invented the minimum wage or something. Come on, show a little intellectual honesty !

Chris Jamel

Plus that increases the desire to automate or outsource jobs

Mike Johnson

A lot of small businesses can NOT afford to pay $15 an hour. You can’t pay every employee $30,000 a year. I see this as hurting the workforce. Employers would just let people go and run lean. I worked for a small business owner. I knew the money coming in. He simply wouldn’t have been able to pay $15 an hour

Frederick Burkert

Trickle up, it is why austerity is not the anwer

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buna inanan gerizekalı

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:0 F is Atlanta in Georgia? IM AT GEORGIA RN!


That eye is gods eye it means that it's the eye of the hacking that eye is George Washington's eye but it's also related to god

Stanley Law

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A Team

The owl is Moloch the god of sacrifice.

Lando Lastname:

13 colonies

Triple step back


Huu Nguyen

The SECRET Is in the Word Want #1.. Want Tobe No 1 ??
In this World ?? Who is #1 ??
Want Want Tobe #1
You Shall Do it.. Do like HE Want You Tobe Like HIM. .??
WHO'S is HIM ??
In God We TRUST. ❤?❤
Who LOVE All KINDS On This EARTH. . That's the LORD
GO ... D .. Go Do It ., Đó Like GOD .. Like His Father Do
At the year of 2020 .. Links with 20/20 Vision ??
They LIVE Their LIFE Here. . B4 .. Humans ..
They are CHILDREN of GOD ..


that's a spider not an owl

Maniac Gaming

Emienm left the chat

suck my ass

There's a spider near the one on a dollar bill

john roberts

failed wont ridicule or mock the truth to deter thinkers sorry ...

Rodney Gordon


Jeff J

13 is so unlucky, yet it is all over the currency as if they want to devalue it to enslave us.

Swarnava Chattopadhyay

You are too funny

Arjun Sinha

Violets are red
Roses are blue
I got click-bated
You did too

Desmond Ntui Arrey

The ultimate power of the dollar.

Cubical Tom



What about that jewish star made of stars that is over that eagle?

Ana Mikic



Abolish the federal reserve and down with the freemasonry!

Nestor Roman

There are no pyramids in America

sunshine villegas



There's a guys face in the trees

Desmond Ntui Arrey

The dollar is just so much to be appreciated in our world of today.

Heavenly Dawn

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non americans watching this: ?️??️

Spec wars

The owl is supposed to be a spid Dr I dont know where you heard owl from but it dosent look anything like an owl and the sides have webs


My question is who would wanna worship the devil anyway like i need a good reason why u would even want to ??‍♂️? weird ass people .

Clark Kent

The United States of America has already reached its full bloom and Highest Potential and Peaked.... Now since they're kicking God out of the courtroom and kicking God out of the schools and removing the word of God and the Ten Commandments from our society,
the blessings of God are leaving as well... The holy scriptures declare in the Book of Proverbs that "blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord"... So now it is just a matter of disintegration and the race to zero

Top 10

“In his clear view of the world, free from illusion--suddenly saw that the day of men like the Colonel was over. The Great War had created a new world in which the values of the Colonel and his kind had become outdated, even dangerous, for they assumed that men still adhered to a code of honour simply because they belonged to a particular class. And this was no longer true.”

Ben Lin

That guys the creator of The X Files...

david0207_YT roblox

I live in Croatia, but today (Christmas 2020) i finally got a 1US$ bill that has a letter B which means it's from New York!

Mark Andrey

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Yo Opp

Waste of time

RedFox Yt


Desmond Ntui Arrey

The dollar is just so much to be appreciated in our world of today.


If you look closely on a dollar bill on the pyramid you see the forever alone face i think it isn’t SUPPOSED to be that but just an engraving

Tye Pulford


Steff Ferra

SF Treasury L =20 in Gematria "Caged" is also 20 in Gematria

Victoria Fernandez


Tye Pulford

yo im cool

adhi shakthi

Those thirteens represent the thirteen Illuminati bloodlines controlling the world from the shadowy government............

Destiny Puzzanghera

What’s the deal with the bad guy caring the candle that looks like some sort of cult thing what the hell are you trying to brainwash us

Fritz Fritz

Not a spider not an owl and not the only figure that appears on the dollar bill that looks like that there are four of them

Michael Refe

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Infinity Entertainment

38 incredible facts on usa


that’s a spider not an owl


Damm bro..

ujianbi Rita

HELLO viewer am here to share my testimony on how I finally join the Illuminati hood and became RICH,FAMOUS AND POWERFUL, I tried all my possible best to become a member of the hood but I was scam several times, before I finally come across a testimony on net so I contacted the agent, I was so afraid that he will ask me for lot of money before I can join the hood but to my greatest surprise he only ask me to obtain the membership form which I did and today am so happy to say to the world that am one of the richest by having the sum of $360 millions dollars in my personal account as a new member and am also known all over the world with the business given to me by the Illuminati and also have power to do that which I want...... I know so many people may be on my lane also looking for help here is their official email ([email protected])____Official Whats-app +2348137089925

David Hartin

I made it to 2:23 before I wanted to choke the narrator with his own tongue.

Cheryl Umali-De Torres

We need bill cipher to guess what that simbol really means


If everytime you see that triangle you think it is "illuminati" their brainwash is working


Lucky George Washington he looks like an owl in the light light


Thew fact that this has so many views it cannot be any good and valuable information


( ͡ °͜ʖ ͡ °)


Finally, a video on the dollar bill that does not contain crack conspiracy theorist grasping at straws...

Radu :D

"In god we trust" but right next to it it's the iluminati symbol


Idk how some people counterfeit this

Xiao Hai

Another troll
Zechariah 11:17
“Woe to the worthless shepherd, who deserts the flock! May the sword strike his arm and his right eye! May his arm be completely withered, his right eye totally blinded!”


I’m not American but I was just interested in the Illuminati