Sun lp

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A-ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV (LP vinyl)

58 509 views | 27 Jan. 2011

Dual 521 Turntable,

Dual 521 Turntable, Actidamp Mk.IV Phono preamp., Audiotechnica AT-95E cartridge. but integrated sound card only....

Darlan Lima

Que maravilha, ouvir essa banda no vinil não tem preço!!!

donn delfin

how can anyone put a thumbs down on this video..anyway thank you for sharing brings back alot of memories..


I want to thank you for uploading this video and for recording the song from the vinyl album. IT SOUNDS AMAZING!!! nothing beats vinyl that's for sure.

Ricardo Álvarez Fonseca





How good of players are the Pioneer PL-A45D and the Pioneer PL-55X?

David Patheyjohns

Keep um coming Napster050. I like coming to your channel.


sounds like your vinyl needs a good cleaning

Chong-Woo Chiang



Nice Tomas. Can you explain how you record the audio please....thank you ;-)

Mary Guzman

Una joya

Luciano Ozorio

Close your eyes and Back to The teen age...

papo reto

que qualidade esse picap.

Mario Wolf



And it never rains in Southern California!


Best music from the 80´s and a "Dual" player. Tell me - is this heaven ????

Marcos Soltero

Esto es música que adoro

Chong-Woo Chiang


Jojo Jojiik

nice audio...


I think this song is superior to Take On Me


id appretiate some feedback on mine if u can m8 keep up the great work XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6thDDk_tmkw

Christopher Lizon

Yup. NoThing touches vinyl.

gustavo algusto do nascimento

Excelentes grupo ótimo disco perfeito saudades dessa época que não volta mais saudades


Wow! Sonic heaven.Can't get that from an Mp3. :)

Flammen Official

great song.

Troy Hutauruk

Best sound..... Vinyl rulezzz

raimundo teixeira

Muito bom

Sun lp

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LP - One Night In The Sun (La Cigale, Paris 02/05/2019)

8 355 views | 31 May. 2019

Si vous souhaitez

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Laurence Bellest

Que de beaux souvenirs à la Cigale............nous c'était le 5 mai , les amies ? Love LP forever ??❤️

chavantre marie-antoinette

Oh, j adore ???????

Joan L

I just love this song, it's beautifully crafted and LP's voice is amazing. I like the studio recordings but LP live is 1000% better. Thanks for uploading.

Nilay Aydın

Efsane bir aşkoluşurtanışmadanLP nilayşakar evlilik yapar mutlu aile tablosu ortaya çıkar

Mitzi Merek

This one pulls at my soul


Полный пипец!!!?Послушав её этот голос так жить хочется! Рвет все! Что за чудо!!???????????

Belinda Birkenes

She’s one of a kind,just one word: SUPERB❤️❤️???????everything she sings an write is just breathtaking. I love her always and always, I think she’s the best singer for decades ,love u LP??????

Faith Marie

Can't get enough !! ??⭐️????⭐️

Belen Nucamendi

Beautiful and much more .. I love Laura Pergolizzi ♥ ?

Барыня Таня

Lp самая лучшая. ?????❤❤❤????


Can't wait to hear this live again in Barcelona!

Lisa Alisa

Лаура, как же ты прекрасна ...

Destercq Sylvia

Lp j'adorrrrrr love?love?love???????

Ilka Gössling

?? Soo Great ???♥️??????‍♀️

Danny J.

???? úžasná LP?❤️??

Caroline Achin

Merci Anne Laure, voix exceptionnelle de LP et ma chanson préférée du moment

Caroline Achin

Que de beaux souvenirs, moi c'était le 5 mai mais j'ai adoré revoir @iamlp sur scène, une merveille , merci Anne Laure, pour cette merveilleuse vidéo, et cette chanson est une pure merveille....


quand je ne vais pas bien jme connecte LP France et ma journée est égayée merci a vous Anne-Laure pour tous ces partages LP chante tellement bien avec une voix a vous faire vibrer elle réveille en nous de tels sensations !!!?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?

Male Monge

Love you l.p love you l.p

Pacheco González Valeria Itzel

Es tan vibrante escucharla y verla cantar. Es el amor de mi vida. Y se que realmente lo es, es un ángel. Realmente deseo con todo mi ser conocerla

Lentilka Modra

Úžasná LP ?❤❤❤?????

melina barbour

Can’t wait to see you at Bumbershoot!!!!!! Fell in love with you 3 months ago and wish I’d found you sooner!!! I listen on repeat and hear something new to love each time. I love you like a psycho fan!!!

summerlamkin truthseeker

Lp ???✨??✨?

Sun lp

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Joe Sinistr - Under The Sun (LP Version)

12 578 views | 3 May. 2011

Under The Sun / Krunchtime

Under The Sun / Krunchtime (1994)

Surge Álvarez

The video used to be on Youtube years ago, I would love to see that shit again.

heaven d a

sick track!!!!


Yo Joe! I heard they did you super dirty at def jam. You the one cat I always wanted to hear that full length album from. If you ever see this, hit me up OG.

Night Hawk

Dopest shit ever! they always played half of the song on the rap blast !!!


I use to hang with this dude he was real cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! his can spit .. I think he would have gave redman a hard time lol


God!!...I've been looking for this joints ever since it came in the box music television you control...'93...94

Ted X 4 Trill


Jay Cruz

Erick Sermon should've kept him over Keith Murray. Kinda reminds me of Craig Mack

Thomas Craighead

The video is on Google... Google Joe sinistr video under the Sun

Lewis Rothschild

Wonder if Redman wrote this for him. Who did the beat?

Surge Álvarez

I love this joint! I read some blogger that said this guy bit his whole style from Redman, but that's bullshit. Joe had his own steelo.


this video was scary...still cant find it no where..i was cleaning my house and fou8nd this video ..hopefully one day i can uploads it...this dude was a wild dude

Martin harris Glen

What happened to him? He did not drop anything concrete after this.

Andrew Ingram

I used to love this video

Jimmy Bejamin

Still banging 2018

Donald Johnson

Redman is my favorite MC ... I hear a bit of similarity of Redman by Joe on his track " Under The Sun " ... But Joe sounded unique on Erick Sermon's " Payback II "


This was my shit back in the day.

James j.


Thomas Craighead

Str8 up underground.... I'm talkin inside the earths belly....


??????? Still!!!! West coast Flava too!! We used to love this


people looking for video can find it here: https://vimeo.com/104146120


So this was produced by JMJ.

Samerial Armstrong

I been lookin for this funkiness for a long time now. Im so goddamn pumped it aint even funny. this baseline has got to be the funkiest man.

christophr king



Straight jacked Reggie's whole style


Joe had a mixture of red and fredro from onyx.......he was dope to me

Cam Life

Yesss sr!!!!


Dick Hangs Like Ku Klux

Shawn Pound

I wanted him and Redman to do a joint so bad. I always wonder why life steers up and coming rappers away from seeing their full potential. Anyways this was one of my favorites.