State farm vs usaa

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5 Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

5 007 views | 11 Apr. 2019

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance can be an amazing tool to use to create a family banking system, retirement plan, cash flow, passive income, real estate investing or buy bitcoin, for example. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Entrepreneurs and investors find whole life insurance to be a great tool to finance their small business and/or investments using the infinite banking concept/becoming your own banker/bank on yourself method. Through the use of whole life insurance, with high cash value, we can create a private banking system that will allow us to keep our money within our family and reuse it over and over again.

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Hardy Green

Do you have a list of the best whole life insurance companies that covers all the benefits you mentioned in this video?



Hardy Green

More than helpful, I've read The Banker's Code so I was wanting to start this process but I'm very pleased to learn from a beautiful young couple that looks like me.

SV Amandolin

The Tax benefit becoming stronger case in my opinion. If country steers more socialist, there will certainly be an asset and income grab.. Wonder if Life Insurance will remain sacred from additional tax revenue plans from Feds.

lamont lankford

but in the case of death you only get one or the other, Losing your savings is possible to get the benefit, getting the savings you lose the benefit. what about that?


Thanks for the digital mentorship guys.



Inglewood Mack

Thank you great info king and queen

Elaine Vanpoole

Never explained to me like that; amazing how you buy financial products but have no idea of the value they hold for you until it's too late..like you sell it back to the company or someone else who knows the value of it.

Juan Manuel Rodriguez Madge

Really helpful, thank you!


Any advice on shopping for whole life insurance? What are estimated monthly costs etc?


What whole insurance company do you all use to conduct this infinite banking process

John Christopher

This is the best explanation of whole life insurance that I have seen on Youtube. Great job!

Felix Salgado

Very helpful! Thank you!!


I have 20,000 whole life policy that I got for my nephew 12 years ago with Globe. It also has a 5,000 rider. Is it possible to use it with infinite banking?

Clarc King

What insurance company offers the most options to the client in their policy offerings?

Gecolby Wright

What about the Cash Surrender?

Hardy Green

How much cash value can you have on these policies and how much does it cost to buy them?

The One & Only JAY

What's the best insurance to get whole life insurance?

Darrius Harris

I will use this concept for me but can I send people y’all way I’m licensed insurance agent can I partner with y’all just in my area so I can learn his to do this

Cardi Kleeber


Keisha Spencer

I love it !! So helpful


when you talk about interest/dividend, are they both the same or different? 4% interest earn from the money is the same as dividend getting from the insurance company?

Boss Francois


State farm vs usaa

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Usaa and state farm

94 views | 25 Aug. 2016

Me explaining what

Me explaining what happened

State farm vs usaa

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Diminished Value Claim - How I got StateFarm to Pay the Full Amount! (2019 - True Story)

11 202 views | 18 Mar. 2019

Here’s my true story of

Here’s my true story of how I got State Farm to pay my full ask for a diminished value claim in 2019. Diminished value is money that an insurance company owes you that they don't tell you about..

If you’ve ever been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, this video should prove informative to you as many people don’t realize what it may take to get an insurance company, like State Farm, to recognize your diminished value claim.

// Chapters

00:23 Diminished Value

00:53 The Accident

01:42 Collision Claim

03:07 Filing a Diminished Value Claim

06:22 Negotiations

07:31 Key Question

08:59 Small Claims Court

11:39 Pre-trial Conference

14:37 Joint Stipulation

16:08 Settlement

Hanania Collision Center


Diminished Value of Tampa Bay


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Why did it take all of this to get my full ask for diminished value? What made the difference?

Thank you for watching!

~Kayak Fishing Addict


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#diminishedvalue #carinsurance #statefarm


Hello! Great job on the video! Very helpful. I am in the middle of a very similar situation with Geico. The adjuster is currently in the process of reviewing the documents and I am just sick wondering if (and how much) they are going to lowball me. If I have to continue this fight, as you did, do you still recommend suing the insured, or the company? Also, if I do have to take the next step, would you notify the insured that you are going to sue so that they can fight their own insurance company on your behalf? Basically making them do the legwork? I am a little hesitant to make this person mad at me since I have a nice car, that I have to park outside and they are my neighbor. If you catch my drift. Also, do you do FB so we might be able to chat on there? Thanks again. And again, great video!

Mohammed Aldrees

You could not be more helpful !! I’m exactly in the same situation . My car is being fixed as I’m typing and woman that hit my car while its park is insured by state farm. I’m about to call them and claim the DV . Wish me luck. . I just don’t know if i will take things to court


#1 What car value guide do insurance use to determine value (NADA or Kelly's Blue Book, ect.?

#2. How would I figure out value if the accident happened 11/11/16?

Mama Mlimaji

Very useful video. I am thinking about filing a diminished value claim with Allstate, but I don’t know where to start. I live in Maryland and can’t find an expert. The repair damages is costing about $7.000. How much did yours, cost? Thank you again for these informative video

Darth Bane

Congratulations , how you would proceed if they were not insured and you would have to file directly with your insurance?

Love star Man

Well I took all that effort because they don’t want to pay anything. I am going through the same thing actually long story short, lady pulled out in front of me and I T-bones her she admitted fault they are fixing my car even though the airbags deployed and the frame was damaged. I certainly intend to file diminished value and it should be quite a bit. They offered me $1000 for my injuries as an inconvenience ha ha I told him no and my shoulder is in a lot of pain I need to go back To the doctor but they have an approved anything and my attorney I was using did not want to take my case for whatever reason. I used him before & We got maximum on both insurance companies then $130,000 so I don’t know why he’s not taking this case.


I am glad I found this video. Very informative. I am going through this with Auto-Owners. When a guy back into my Porsche at the golf course. They told me they can only give me 10% of the amount of the repair amount, not even the diminished value amount. Looks like I am going to be going down this rabbit hole.


You're my hero.


Great video fellow Angler, just curious if that extra 700 in expenses that you filed included any fees for appraising your vehicles diminished value or were they solely for court costs/filing? Thanks in advance.

Kayak Fishing Addict

Thanks for watching! Why did it take all of this to get my full ask for diminished value? What made the difference?


My wife hit a deer in her 2020 4Runner with 4K miles, in addition to all the front end damage it blew all her airbags. In my case it will be a comp claim and just dealing with SF as they're my insurance company. I REALLY want them to total it, I have no desire to put my wife into a vehicle that has had all the airbags replaced but I have a feeling they'll never go for this. I fear I'll get told to pound sand on a diminished value claim since I have no real plaintiff in my situation to go after which is horrible because it goes beyond being a simple accident history but one that had air bag deployment.....


Always get an attorney and police report.

Jason Gulick

Going through this right now over months of calls and emails they use stall tactics . Their appraisal said my dv was 3000$ , my appraiser stated it was 9000$. Now I have to hire an umpire and pay half of it . There umpires decision is not legally binding though . It’s almost like they are pushing me to take them to small claims court . I can’t really afford to keep this going . Filed several complaints with the insurance commissioner also. State Farm is still not wanting to negotiate.

Deaon D

That was very helpful.. thanks

dan smith

Very informative, thank you for posting! I am dealing with this right now. I think your tenacity made the difference here. I think the insurance company counts on people not being fully aware of what their rights are. It's a shame they put people and particularly their insured through this process.


You had to go through all of that to get the full amount because they've got Rodgers and Mahommes commercials to air every Sunday. Insurance is such a scam, glad you got back on them for the full value. Should have factored in your time spent doing all of the work as well. After all, it's the one thing we're all using and can't buy more of.


This guy is good !


Lol I thought this was a how to video lol

Rick Peterson

Going through something very similar. We were rear-ended on the interstate. stopped at a backed up off-ramp. It totaled The drivers Nissan Rouge. Doing $15,000.00 worth of damage to our 2017 Tahoe Premier. Our diminished value report(also 8 pages), Gave a diminished value of $6200.00 State Farm never denied that diminished value exists. They offered us $2000.00. I rejected the offer today. As you did. I asked "what documentation do you have to support your offer of $2000.00?" Unfortunately we were on vacation 650 miles from home. If we have to return to that state for court. I will be keeping explicit records of expenses.

Karen Born

State Farm Is the Worst Ins Co Ever, they Scam People All The Time. Never Buy State Farm In’s EVER

keli Surfs

do you know if there is a time limit on the claim you can make?

Mike Orton

All insurers will push you to limit to pay your dv claim. They know that most damaged parties do not know the procedure to collect all of your loss without an attorney's assistance. You are smarter than most and perseverance is your nature. Others believe it may be owed but lack your tenacity to see it through. As a collision business owner and dv consultant, I have come to realize you can't produce a back bone in a damaged party that has no spine. You are an exception, I salute you.

Franco Margarijo

About how long did the whole process take till you finally have received the full amount?

Joseph Jones

This video was very informative, I am currently going through the same thing with State Farm. I will let you know how it goes

Sayed Youssef

Don't let the insurance company try to fool you into thinking theyre nice enough to let you pick what shop you want to bring it to. LEGALLY it's your right to have it repaired to the shop you choose! There's no way that the appraiser you hired went to court with you for free. You probably had to pay a lot! It took all of that work because they wanted to see if they could call your bluff. Perhaps they didn't think you'd want to go through all of the trouble for it. The average person probably just takes their offer, and a lot of people dont even know about DV

Abbaa Gadaa

Good information thanks for that. I will ask them the same questions.


Why did State Farm settle at your amount? Because you persisted. Probably 70% DON'T. And suppose you had demanded a jury trial. (We can have a jury in Texas justice of the peace courts). You think a jury would side with an insurance company, with an absent insured, and you having documented your loss? And "proving" the other driver's fault may be as little as your sworn testimony that your car was parked and the other driver hit it. "Proof" of fault does not necessarily require expert witnesses or reports. (However, if you did not SEE the accident, you cannot say that you SAW her hit your car, so it may require more to establish that).


Today we went to the small court, but I feel the court is not on our side. The judge said the damage is minor...., I really do not know what does that mean as we have the appraisal evaluated it. The damage makes a big loss on our car value.


Thank you for this story!!! I am in the beginning stages of claiming diminished value with Esurance. This is the "at fault's" insurance company and there was a police report stating their liability. I am going to send a link to your video to the claims representative at Esurance, so they will know that I know.....thanks to you.

Magnum Johnson

Thanks for the video. Its really helpful

Freedom Forever

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Very much appreciated.


Thank you for your video, I found it very informative, I’ve had my issues with State Farm, and they are notorious for not wanting to pay or under pay, they play dirty.

Geo Uy

Thank you for this very informative content. This is all well and nice if the at-fault party has insurance. Can DV also be claimed for uninsured party who damaged your car?


I'm going through the same thing right now.... Funny enough days before this accident I got a value for my car from Carfax because I was going to trade it in that weekend. Immediately after I got the car fixed I took it in and the value diminished by close to $3,500. I just got back a diminished value offer from the insurance company for $495 after my car had close to $5,000 in damages. I find it hard to believe that my diminished value would only be under 500 so I am definitely ready to fight this. I would imagine that a lot of people don't have the opportunity to obtain their value prior to an incident like this but it might be my saving grace .

Humble Under God

U got it cause they knew how much it would cost them from the traveling cost imposed do to the summons

La Toya Hill

Thank you for your video! I’m going through this right now with Allstate. My 4-year old Lexus was rear ended on the highway. The girl admitted to me and the police officer that she “fell asleep” (it’s in the police report). My car sustained $14,600 in damages. My diminished value appraisal came back as $4,488, but the adjuster is only willing to settle for $2,900 (final offer). I will file a claim with the court after Christmas. If you don’t mind me asking, how much were your repairs?

jose samayoa

State Farm policy seems to be deny all claims and only settle if pushed, an attorney gets involved or one files a complaint with the Insurance Commission.

J Lo_Too

Great job! Your obviously very smart. It's a shame what State Farm is doing. I'm just finding out that they are notorious for denying and low balling claims. I'm involved right now in a claim with them right now. I appreciate this video. Their client totaled my car in 2018 plus I suffered injuries. Even though they paid for the car damages, I was forced to go out and finance another one for 72 months. The car they totaled was paid of. Now I'm stuck with these payments and injury from the accident. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qz9jhu2kodM

Blood Covenant

Can I get diminished value for a total loss?


Thanks for the video. Ive done a DV claim on my previous vehicle that was hit by a lady a couple years ago...used DV of Georgia, her insurance company paid the DV claim. My question now is...Will your own insurance pay DV for a hit and run claim while vehicle was parked? Thanks for your help.

Débora Pizolio

Love your video! StateFarm wants to give me $3 as a diminished value of my car! I am going to fight them. Thanks for the video and I love how calm you talk.

Manny Rodriguez

Thank you for the video. This helps me alot with what I'm going through right now :)

todd smith

I find this story to be very difficult to be true. Insurance companies always use after market or used parts to repair vehicles, they are not required to use OEM parts. I don't know if I missed it but I didn't hear how much the cost of the actual damage even was. Also there's nothing special about a two year old audi q5.

Plant Strong Bro ???

This is probably the most thorough video I’ve watched on diminished value ever, including all the lawyers videos out there. This is an actual account of what the process was like from someone who suffered the loss. I have one question though...why did you have to have the “expert” come testify in person?? Wouldn’t their official appraisal report you paid for be sufficient to prove the damages?

Jonny Walker 447

I just filed a claim with state farm. The lady that hit me has progressive. I have a 2018 ram 2500 and there was 7k in damage, so I’ll see what happens


By paying for the repairs, aren't they claiming liability??? I just confused about why you had to go to the extent to establish liability. I am about to go through this right now and was wondering if I should go it alone or hire a lawyer. I bought a brand new car Dec 24, got rear ended Dec 26.


State Farm is the Devil's Child.

Brandon Parrish

Informative video! I think State Farm has learned that they save a lot of money by making the process this difficult. They know they would have to pay you in the end if you go through with everything in court. But the majority of people will give up before they get that far. I'll be going through the same thing with State Farm on my Tesla Model 3. I'm very ashamed to say that the wreck was my fault but in Georgia that doesn't matter for DV claims.


I learned not to have State Farm as a car insurance. Thank you

Tank's Closet 23

I'm going through the same th iij mg with them now. This video is really helpful. big thumbs up to you bro.

edward suzak

I am going thru the same thing. I was thinking I was going to have to file a small claims court case also! I'll let you know how it goes. Smart guy!

Steve Dunham

Great video and very informative for the public finding themselves going against State Farm on a DV claim. I have a couple questions and here is why, I write DV reports myself. I'm thinking the original "ask" may have been a bit low as you thought. What was the year, make, trim level and miles of your car at the time of the accident? And my second question is, did State Farm's depose Mr Hackett prior to all these court hearings? I am thinking they did not because they know they are going to have to pay someone such as yourself in the end and want to avoid the expense of whatever he would have charged you (thusly going back on them? I have several articles on diminished value (as well as total loss claims) on my website sunautoappraisers.com.
Again, excellent, informative, highly accurate video, Thank you.

Doug Force

Very useful video. I’m going through the exact same thing except State Farm has rejected everything including a professional appraiser report. I’m heading to the state insurance commissioner and then small claims court if necessary. I’ll also be looking for a new insurance company as not only was State Farm the company for the woman who hit me, but my insurer as well - for over 40 years. They still treated me like trash so they are losing all my families business.

big c

you can also.make them send there engineer to check your to make sure it was put back together right thing is they only have one or 2 engineers by time they send them to you there over budget bam you get paid

Vatsal Patel

Thanks for the video. Do you think you can also ask for lawyer’s fees as part of settlement? Similar to expert’s fees in your case?

Sheriff Jack Carter

State Farm was gambling that you wouldn't take it as far as you did. Most people would just take the $1,500 and call it a day thinking they didn't have a choice. It's that or nothing. They tried to low-ball you several times to make you think that's all you would be able to get. In reality, they knew you were correct in not accepting the low settlement and that you weren't going to back down. As the price tag kept going up because of your expenses being added to the settlement costs, they finally realized it would be cheaper to cut their losses and give you what you want instead of dragging out the proceedings any longer and forcing you to drag their client through the mud. They knew you were right and they were wrong and even tho it's a big corporation vs. an individual, they knew they were going to lose and the longer they drag it out, the bigger their losses will be.

John Estrada

State Farm's claim office in Arizona denied my DV claim despite my expert's appraisal report as well as additional documentation from two local dealers who offered me far less than than what my car was worth on the premise that a 2016 Kia Soul with $6,000 worth of collision damage repairs is not worth the same as the same car without the collision damage repairs. I'm certain this is State Farm's standard MO to deny all DV claims hoping that most claimants will just go away and not pursue the matter. My problem on damages is that I was not able to get either of the two dealers to give me something in writing stating what the value of my car was worth just before the accident and the car's value immediately afterwards. They did provide me an appraisal value of what they would buy my car for which happened to be far less than the NADA wholesale trade in value. Ultimately, the difference between the dealer buy out appraisal value and the NADA dealer wholesale trade in value is what I argued as my diminish value claim. I believe the before and after appraisal values is what State Farm wanted me to provide. I also believe this is what State Farm is banking on knowing that most dealers will not provide you the before and after appraisal values for fear of being dragged into a dispute with an insurance company or worst yet being dragged into a lawsuit as an expert witness. Short of going to small claims court, any other suggestions would be welcomed.

Sunny Fan

i hane a question .Do you sue the woman that hit you or state farm?or maybe both?How do you get the address?


Awesome n well put...
What happened to ALL your time n Leg work.... You should have received much more bc of all your Time...

Tom Hegland

Good Video - Helpful and you didn't take an hour to explain! I would say they decided to settle because they just didn't want to spend more time on it. They knew their insured was going to put up a real stink when they were summand to court in Florida. I think they realized you were doting your i's and crossing your t's. The odds were in your favor that they would loose. I think that your appraiser was willing to show up in court was a BIG plus too. So a combination most likely and not just one single thing. But excellent work on your part. It is a shame that this is was is required to prove Diminished Value. It should be a required pay out in all 50 states by now.

Da He

Can you tell me what was the total amount of the repair?

James Justice

I had a rear ender where there was no doubt about liability with Esurance. All carriers do this until they realize you are willing to drag their rear end into court. They offered 2000 and wound up paying $5500 and the supervisor told me he had no idea there was such a difference in value? If you believe him I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would love to sell you.


Thank you for info !!!!!


I think they are willing to take that chance because a lot of the time people just get frustrated with how much it takes and that's what the insurance company Bank on

Bo Harris

Ronald, great exposing video. I am going through same thing against State Farm- I am about to file in small claims court also for $6000. Do I need to contact the defendant {the person who rear ended me} before I serve them as a courtesy because State Farm is ignoring my claim for diminished value which I also had an auto loss firm appraised.

Sweet Peas

how did you first hear about diminished value?

Chris White

I am fighting a case with State Farm now I need to know where I need to file.. Car was damaged in Tallahassee but I live in Tampa.. Which city? I do know a claim can be file for up yo 4 years weather you still own the car or not

Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones

Insurance companies are hoping people are busy with their three jobs, kids and lack of money to be able to do anything. Great video and way to stick up for yourself.

Daniel Black

My thought is that the cost of travel, lodging, and per diem for the legal team exceeded the cost difference between the offered amount and the requested amount. It sounds like they knew their insured was guilty and saw the writing on the wall.

Dennis Long

Me too

Colby Crocker

What the heck, what a pain in the butt.

Brett Cox

I am currently in a court case with statefarm as well. I am going to assume that Statefarm is trying to bank on the fact that the requester will not flow through with the small claims case. In my case, due to cost and DV expert opinion, I am not in a small claims case. What could have been settled for around 1/4 of the lawsuit, has cost statefarm alot. 1. My policy was canceled be me and moved to new company. 2. The at fault party has left state farm as well. 3. Probably $2k to $3k in lawer cost. 4. Cost to interview the DV expert (who has now helped their own attorney with a similar case) ... so I think they are banking on most people saying "ok" I will just not trade the car in... and drive it until the wheels fall off. Side note... when I was talking to statefarm about my claim earlier on... I was told 2 things... 1. I dont care if your right... I am not going to approve this claim. 2. After I asked him do you buy cars that are in accidents or ones that are not the customer service person says I always buy one set of been in an accident because I can buy them for less.


Great video thanks for posting. I am currently in a dv settlement claim on my r8, should be interesting.

The Citiots

To answer your question it was persistence.

Hassan Jenkins

Thanks for your video, I’m going through this as we speak and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!