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Life Advice From Twitter

169 910 views | 8 May. 2012

download the pdf at

download the pdf at http://ashow.zefrank.com/episodes/13

stefan's website : http://www.344design.com

i asked my followers on twitter to give me one piece of advice they wish they had received 10 years ago.


I would probably just slap my younger self and then leave it at that xS but 15 years ago, I would give myself a hug and say: It's about the get rough, but life goes on and what seems important today will be meaning less in the years to come.


why does he not blink?

Ethan Kohrt

I would have told myself to watch "The Show". 10 years ago.


Don't worry so much. It does nothing to fix your problems, it only makes you miserable

Andy Lin

I've been binging true facts and my recommended page is now filled with zefrank..

I aint complaining tho


advice from 10 years ago: be with that girl or you will regret it


You picked the wrong one!  It's not too late to fix it.

Jenovéfa Fædlmind


PS: it might seem like a joke, but it is't.

Sunny Dai

did anyone notice that dude is writing upside down?


Procreation is child abuse.
That's not advice, just an observation based this video makes obvious.

Marshall Kell

I just lost the game.


It was not supposed to reply to you...

Bob Johnson

You just lost the game.


I like your comment, but what if there isn't a single thing that makes you happy? ...don't get me wrong, I'm a happy person for most of the time...I guess, fake happy.... Does a person a really know themselves....? can a person NOT know who they are?

Michael Macabobby

Why do his eyes look like that?

River Sarandal

Trickery! There was no bye bye song

Sand Summerstorm

Advice that I would have given myself 10 years ago is to never sacrifice health for any kind of success.


Just because everyone's doing it doesn't mean it's for everyone. "Go to college" they said. "It'll be fine" they said...


Dear Me of Ten Years in the Past, At some point ten years in your future, you'll be asked to write a piece of advice for yourself ten years in the past, and you're going to feel very useless and kind of odd because you'll find you have nothing to say. You'll feel like you've learned absolutely nothing useful that you didn't already know back then. So, I guess my advice is to learn how to deal with the fact that you have no advice to give. You have ten years. Get on it.


I was 4 ten years ago, so........ ICECREAM!

Tessa Bain

That's why I prefer living as I do now. Alone (humanwise), save for the times I have to go outside to buy things. The only thing expected of me otherwise is a job with no set hours (beyond relatively active) online and a cat who only expects to be loved and have his meals provided him, meaning I can do pretty much what I want, when I want, and for whatever reason I want to do it. That reason usually being fun. Nothing is fun if it's expected of you, but in particular what I like to do is...




I just realized the guy was writing upside down, and it looks better than my most careful handwriting

Meg simp02

Man...ten years ago I was one years old. So I guess I would say that putting hair gel in your cheerios doesn't actually make them sweeter.

Vince Dibona

Me now to me 10 years ago: "You should have been buying gold since 2000."

Bri K

Ten years ago, I hated everything and didn't know why... I would have told myself FILDI, and get happy.

Roger Sterling

Stop caring about life and everyone in it... It is what it is and will never really change.


I'm just going to answer like these are new: You for got that we "Stand on the shoulders of giants". We don't have to start each generation from the very beginning, what we do can have a very real, and positive, impact on the future. I hope this helps.


never act, feel, react to, endure, participate in, agree with, or be anything unless you have given it as much logical, blunt thought as you are capable of, and then tested it against general trends, your sense of ethics subjective to others, patterns throughput history, and other counter balances the world has to offer. if you dont feel, if you dont just do, if you dont conform, and you logically apply yourself, your going to go vastly farther then the idiots who are sprinting from the start.


To not take everything so seriosely. And to learn to spell better.

Reginald Sin

"pressing that button is a bad idea"

Jacob Golden

Advice to my 9 year old self: FILDI.

Mad Monty MN

"Monty, the world in the next ten years is going to be rife with pain. You will hate others, as you hate yourself. You will get through it. Don't wish that you won't go through it. Instead, know that you will rise above the twisting quagmire, and that you will become a better person because of it. You won't have it figured out in ten years. You won't feel much better in ten years. You will, however, be in a better place, whether you choose to believe it or not. You are stronger than you know, and you've got this."

Thomas Irvine

I miss these old videos. I wonder how old your are now.


Please blink... I feel like you are borrowing into my soul and laying eyeball eggs.

Tessa Bain

But seriously, there really isn't any advice I could give myself that would change how I am today. I've been the me I am today since I was 2, I just know a lot more, and I'm far more controlled in my actions than I once was (usually). Besides that it wouldn't matter anyway. When someone expects something of me, even if I already want to do it, I don't feel like doing it anymore. So, just like anyone else, I can crush my ability to do things by expecting myself to do it.

C. Bone

10 years ago i was jaust starting high school, i decided it was boring and useless. i was largely right. I never did any work and dropped out at 17, then got my GED. I got a job and went to college. The thing is i developed a habit of not doing anything i didn't want to. It has slowed me down more and more and more through out life, im 24 and can't even drive because i put it off so long i became terrified. I would tell myself that doing shit you don't want to is good for you.


The journey of finding out who you are is as much a part of you as the end result. There is always something that can affect your life positively. That said, some people have a harder time finding happiness, especially those affected by mental disorders. Known as anhedonia, that area of psychology is not well studied.

Tao O Blacksun

That we dyslexia. We are smart and we can get help. Read the Dune series and Ender's games. They rock!

Kamikaze Starship

hello,I dont really expect this comment to be seen or read,or even cared about,but this like others,I'm compelled to say it,over the past 2 weeks watching and listening to Ze,I feel like he's my best friend stragely,he's made me laugh,he's opened my eyes to several things we overlook in our daily lives,he's made me laugh,he's made me smile and cry


Advice that hit me really hard, and no I'm not old yet: Find a mentor. (Or more general, DO associate yourself with people you can admire, even if they are triple your age.)


"You can't please all of the people all of the time, and that's okay. What isn't okay is becoming frantic over things out of your control. So when you're having your daily panic attacks and thinking 'nothing could get worse,' take a moment to realize that everything will be fine, especially you."

David Ross

that is what you would tell yourself 10 years ago? or did you just want to troll everyone here?

Dalton Patrick

My advice would be "don't touch that", anyone else feel weird quoting themselves haha


If I could go back in time and warn myself to avoid the bad things I got myself into, I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't have the family I have, the experiences I've been through, the one I love and live me back.

Charles Carter

stay delusionally positive

Erwin Dedić

This video made me laugh so much. XDDDD My response to everything is 'Screw it, just go with the flow, if it happens it happens, if not then who gives a shit, do whatever the fuck you want, ignore society and its rules, they have no right to tell you what to do, no one has, not even you yourself, so just have fun and die happy'. That's my motto. :)

Trumble Research

Shoulda bought bitcoin when it was fractions of a penny

Kamikaze Starship

he's made me feel human again,as if I was lost for a long time,and for that I thank you Ze,you've made me laugh,you've made me cry,you've made me feel like myself again,and for that I dont know how to re-pay you,but somehow I will...thank you


woah, the dude at the end of the video draws and writtes prettier upside down than me :'/

Richard Hill

Advice to my 20 year old self: Whiskey and women will be your downfall. Exercise great moderation when partaking in either.

alberto gutierrez

Read as many books as you can

Wael WM



I would have advise myself to jump in front of a truck ,,,


Grown up when you're 8: your parents, your teachers, the lunch lady, but not siblings
Grown up when you're 30: anyone who's got their shit together, NOT THOSE WHO PRETEND!!

Christopher Vera

I've seen that movie!


I needed to be told: Don't take the psych drugs... (they change you permanently, making depression chronic!) Don't take the psych diag-nonsense either. I am not "bipolar", I had distress and suffering.


I wouldn't tell myself anything. Everything that happened needed to happen. And I'm glad I'm at the point I am now. (I would give this advice to someone else: Learn what makes you happy. Not fake happy, not drug induced happy, not vicarious happy. Learn what you love most in life. Then finds ways to get it. And when you're feeling like it'll never be there again, search for it. You can always find something that makes you happy. - IncandescentFlame)

Irish for Jane

I would tell my 10 years younger self that things will get hard, scary, and you will get lost, but do your best to be not afraid because things will always work themselves out. Remember, too, that you're not alone- even when you're convinced you are.


"It's about playing The Game" GODDAMIT I LOST IT


You are a jerk.

Caroline Leopold

Dear Me: You will choose to flee a destructive relationship hauling very few belongings with you.

You will then face struggle and hardships you never thought possible. You will lie on the carpet many nights listening to a song over and over (Audioslave--I am the Highway). You will want to die, yet you refuse to give up.

You will seek help from many sources. You will access a spiritual wellspring,  sob in rainstorms, and find laughter. You will begin to dance and then rejoin the world.

I promise you that your effort was very well worth the pain. You will learn to love yourself. And let good people love you. Continue on.


Michelle L

Advice I would give to past me: don't put yourself down,other people and life will do that for you.


"1. Years of real world experiences that consistently teach you one thing trump any number of people telling you the opposite thing. End of fucking discussion.

2. Those people telling you the opposite of the truth may have what they believe to be your best interests at heart, but that doesn't make them any less full of shit, or any less willing to lie to you. Lying with best intentions is still lying, and that's not in anyone's best interest.

3. You are already well acquainted with #1 and #2. I list them merely as confirmations. Here's what you don't know. The hard part isn't figuring out that they're lying, or that you shouldn't listen to feel-good blandishments. The hard part is understanding that lying in this manner doesn't necessarily make them stupid, or evil, or part of the problem. No matter how misguided their methods, they really do want to help.

4. Your problem is insoluble. Thing is, that doesn't have to ruin your life. You simply have to manage expectations. It's like being born with a thalidomide arm. You can still climb mountains, watch sunsets, fall in love, and generally have a rich, fulfilling life. But you aren't going to play piano, or type 120wpm, and there will never come a day, not ever, when you don't wish you had two good arms. Understand that the great pain of your life will be with you until you die. Get used to the want, the void, the great yawning emptiness, because it's never going away. It feels like poison, but it's stronger than steel. It's the only thing in your life that will never, ever change. So hammer it into your spine. Build your entire psyche around it. Every moment of happiness will become greater because you will have stolen it from a demon's jaws. There are worse foundations than that."

Lillith Bloodmoon

screw their advice, if i were talking to me 10 years ago i would say "Screw fitting in, concentrate on your grades, work hard, and remember kindness is the root of happiness." If i had known that i would have my dream job by now and tons of friends. Instead, I just have a lot of friends right now who are tired of me being a hobo.('cause..you know...i've always been friendly...)

Chloe Read

lesbians are Lebanese

Caroline Eng

"that sounds both hard and scary" almost did a spittake


that stare in the eye <3

Victoria McCauley

I would tell my ten year old self that I never needed to live my life believing in, and longing for, a someday when I would be "bullet proof and perfect". Instead, happiness and success comes from understanding how to interact with people as who they are- not who you imagine them or want them to be. Learn how to meet people as they are and you will be happier for it. Also, no one's opinion of you matters more than your own. Also, moderate moderation is a beautiful and empowering thing. Finally- don't worry: you're capable of always find a way.

Taja Brielle

The only thing I would tell my thirteen year old self is to don't let other people's insults destroy who you are. Ten years from now, neither they nor their hurtful words will matter.

Tom exe

2:37 OH MY GOD HE BLINKED!!!!!!!

Rick Bailey

You just asked the lowest note on the guitar what song you should play... of course it's going to say a song with only its note, because that's the only one it knows. But when you examine the other strings and their notes, experience the different vibrations and harmonic/unharmonic variables, you quickly realize that just because an answer is popular, does not mean it's right. If you're sinking in quicksand, you don't ask the quicksand what you should do!
"What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right."
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
Both quotes by Albert Einstein


You always have options. No one is making you do anything. And asking for help is okay.


9 out of 10 of men you have ever met in your life will rape you, molest you, assault you, or verbally assault you. Including family. Run far far away.

Daniel Horsman

I would tell myself never to time travel and wait for shit to go down.

David Chavez

I saw this in high school and now I’m in law school. And it’s still a cool video.

Lean Doughnut

"Wake up early and take a cold shower every day." They're both willpower exercises that would help anyone out.

William Bowles

"Don't do what you know you'll regret." I would send that to me 10 years ago. But the question is, would I listen?

darkstar mike

you're not truly living in tell your dead.

bennett ortega

The advice I would've given would be " kid rocks aren't good for ya!"


The most succinct thing i can probably advise my 14 year old self: put yourself out there, just go for it! It's not so serious, and most of it mattets less than you think.


I would have said in a world of being told that I'm wrong and I need to put more effort into life and people wanting me to live there life "Your doing fine!! If you enjoy it and if you put energy into it you will progress in it.. and if not its fine, just stop fucking worrying about the teachers and everything and keep waging!! Its what made you a fucking genius at guitar and gave you the time to learn many other things you wouldn't have know otherwise ;'D}-<" 

Oh and Yes, Pot is good for you, just stop wasting your time with those work-mongerers, smoking it in there garage and wasting time talking about how to not give a fuck... Call the energy you want and let all the everything that sucks to not matter as in, ditch those peeps that have the energy of giving up on life and the end of growing up and join the circus or whatever ... ;P

Oh and continue not listening to those fools that said my anxiety is a sickness, no your not an anxious wreck, you just don't want to, and that's Fine! Fuck those things you don't want to do, just don't do them, Just Don't! 

Unless you see a valuable reason as to why you need to :p

And being anxious is totally fine, IT'S FINE!! 

Yeah i was anxious A Lot as a kid, and still am, but i now don't give a fuck in the most beautiful of ways as in i now understand that being anxious is totally ok :-) 

Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

i love the way that you freak out


it's okay to be hurt, it's okay to cry and be weak. you don't always have to be the strong one, forgive yourself.


You're doing fine.


Ze, I'm not sure if you will see this. If you do, I just want to say thank you. Your videos... all of them, from the funny to the inspirational, have seen me through a very rough time in my life. I love you man.

Tiffany Rose

The link to the PDF wasn't working when I came across this video in 2020, so I decided to sit down and create a PDF for myself. --If there is one thing I've learned from Ze, it has been the desire to share things with the world.
Is there somewhere I could upload the PDF I made so that others could use it?

Mt Vagon

NO! the download link doesnt work anymore...

Captain Cobop

10 years ago Tell myself "Don't trust kinggalactic."


Procreation is child abuse.
That's not advice, just an observation this video makes obvious.

Chris Ray Gun

This video is eye opening.


Learn to see the good side of people


When it is funny you can laugh until your stomach hurts unkess it is at the expense of others... then chuckle inwardly and continue with your day.


were a species with amnesia


Lesbians are from Lesbos.


I'd tell myself that the most important thing to do is figure out who I want to be. When you know who you want to be, things seem easier to deal with. 'Cause then I wouldn't get so lost and confused about how to act and how to feel.

Lazy Turtle

People are capable of liking and loving you, don't worry.
This goes for everybody.

James Rey

Your eyes so surreal wow I like your commentas resarch

Tessa Bain

really fun when not expected. Oddly enough, what I like to do is help people (and in "people" I include all animals). Give them things they need, answer their questions, whatever they need. I don't do it for acknowledgement of any kind, a thanks is nice but not necessary. I know it's the right thing to do, and it's fun. What could be better? Nothing methinks.

Catherine L.

Always keep the shower curtain on the inside of the bathtub. 

Stefan twitter

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What Happened to the Verge PC Guy? (Stefan Etienne)

870 376 views | 17 Aug. 2020

A while back, the Verge's

A while back, the Verge's PC build was one of the most popular bandwagons to make a video on. It was a terrible PC build. But whatever happened to the builder himself after the videos stopped?

The Story Of Verge PC Guy (by Ponji Ninja)



twitter: https://twitter.com/CynoIsAway

twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/cynoisaway

intro music: fairy lights - mangoes (https://soundcloud.com/bymangoes/fairy-lights)

outro music: partly (supermega edit) - dan mason - (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwzttUhXc0s)

0:00 - Disclaimer

0:08 - Introduction

1:22 - Stefan's Tweets

2:06 - First Twitch Highlight

3:59 - Second Twitch Highlight

5:51 - Pinning the Blame

6:37 - The Verge's Response

7:50 - Recent Tweets (& Conclusion)

Jonathan Vasquez

Look I give that guy some credit I do think I was the verges fault to and extent but literally every thing was pretty bad like even if you fixed the ram and psu what about that cable management


that was a really efficient intro damn


Bro. I know that your video is about being informative but please stay away from this gaming video when idle it's way too distracting. I prefer seeing your face and listen.

Dapper Relic4

yeah but.... His just dumb af and can't build a pc so he pretends how to do it

besorgter Burger

With his mixture of ignorance and arrogance, he should better buy an Apple computer with the 2000$ and keep his hands off PCs. - Now I understand why Apple makes everything in their hardware non-interchangeable so that people like him can't do any damage.

Peepee Poopoo

Thermal paste is non conductive. You cant use too much thermal paste. You can literally coat the socket pins and the entire motherboard with thermal paste.

Drowned Fish

Poor verge,hiring a a stupid ass nerd and ruin theyre reputation ?


What is the game playing in this video?


The guy knew he screwed up the build? And called people who critized him and The Verge "Angry Nerds" and racists? Wow o.o


PC building isn’t even that difficult (especially for someone with experience). I don’t see how that guy didn’t realize what he did was wrong, seeing every other tutorial online

The Jimbobway

He only built the case correctly


Great video! I always felt kind of sorry for the guy and felt bad for laughing at him. I figured he was probably unexperienced and rushed into making that video. Now that I know he's a complete douchebag, I can really enjoy rewatching the reaction videos every once in a while.


even exess thermal paste wont short anything, only liquid metal.

life larseny

I like to think they had him assassinated.


Honestly if he just accepted his mistakes I'd understand, but it's just the fact that he's so arrogant and just so confident that he didn't do anything wrong/wasn't his fault. Like bro just accept you fucked up and move on lmao


Etienne actually is French for Stefan. Is his name Stefan Stefan?

Adam Yasin

The defeated random seemingly present because ship reassuringly moor absent a slim card. endurable, parched tablecloth

zykeveyin malone

He will forever been know as the “Verge PC Guy” and his arrogance and lack of admitting he doesn’t know what he’s doing has just made it worst.

Tom H.

What happened to him? Uhh.. he died.
He fucking died.

Joshua Wright

Most ram is 2666 so don’t get how it’s slow ram and even if you buy ram at 3.2 and higher you got to enable xmp that may screw up later because the cpu don’t even handle that speed


I did nothing wrong.
It was all cleaned up later.


My fucking gaming laptop has more functionality than that fuckers brain cells.

Pizza Rolls

Balls to call enthusiast words with that lisp from his retainer, and spending 2k to run league at 90fps


Well Kyle's reaction video was indeed pretty racist towards Asians. I mean what's with that fake Asian accent, is it supposed to be funny or edgy or something?


I still want to know what the allen key was for!


And he still has the urge to say "my pc is probably better than them"


Very unlikeable aswell as dumb i guess


I would have come out with a new video calling myself out on the mistakes I made and show it right again. Instead he came off super arrogant blaming it on other things than himself. I feel that made it blow up more.

Dylan Maclean

"but like the pc still works" bitwit did a video on this showing that even if it works mistakes like that can cost a lot of fps

Kameron With a K

What's the intro song

Mike Andrews

How is comparing him to someone racist in any way?

I was told I look like that survival dude Bear Grylls... HOW RACIST!

Louis rodriguez

I don’t blame him

Reza Nanda Iswara Ida Bagus

I wonder how he getting new job after the verge video

Professor D'aggZ

I payed that much for 32gb of 3666mhz ram??? team ftw


Today's thermal pastes out there are nonconductive. They cannot short out anything. Using too much paste is just ugly and lowers resell value.




We all Make Mistakes in life...
But this man who built the PC
holy fak no excuses can be made their

Imam Nur

Let me summed it up:
A man over proud of his mistakes

Yourubecan Blowme

The verge is a fucking joke lmao just a bunch of morons that cant do anything right and they cant even understand what they did wrong. Thats some true stupid right there...


Don't worry guys, he said he fixed it after the video, it doesn't matter that the video still could've cost people thousands in components for their PC because they were misinformed, because he said he fixed the computer after the video.


I have yet to complete a build without screwing with confidence and applying liberal amounts of thermal paste to every component. Thanks Stefan!

Bobin Bespo

What game is he playin??

Constantine Fetter

i am thoughfull why everybody jumped on him? u didnot see worst? or why give a F***? its like he made enemies between youtubeers and they flooded him.
and guys these youtubers in videos know not much more that this boy about hardware, you are noobs too. Linus is avarage gik and you all are so dumb :D (sry eng is not my 1st language.)

Ima Make It

I know what happened to him he got hired on by CD project Red to make Cyberpunk 2077.


"It was corrected afterward" ... but it was a build tutorial, do it right the first time or just make your video a 10 minute wall of links to other Youtuber's correct builds.

Yourubecan Blowme

Wrong ram slots is a result of the man holding him down lmao what a moron.

kornilios js

The man put thermal paste like icing, put the psu the wrong way, did not install case fans and installed the ram the wrong way. And wtf even is the argument that it was corrected after the fact? You're making a tutorial, I don't want to see you doing it the wrong way and then leaving it to someone to clean your mess up and not film it

BMC Tough

yo, help a guy out, what game are you playing in the beginning


Who cares about harassing...He just made me laugh nd m ok with it ??


i bet even i can build a better PC with no building experience
just do a bit research that dont disable comments and like ratio like verge xD

123 321

That nvme really fucking blew my mind, i understand a clue less person (even though he said he had done it before) building a pc wouldnt know where fans should go, how to put the ram, how much thermal paste to use or how to cable manage it but come on i bet my fucking life that the ssd struggled, SCREAMED YOU ARE GONNA BREAK ME and its screw, it most definitely didnt go the right way and struggled in order to tighten.


Who spends 2k on a pc. I have $600 one from cyberpower ( prebuilt, i cant trust myself to build one ). Its an a ryzen 3 310p, amd radeon rx 570, 8gb ram, 240 gb ssd, 1TB hdd ddr4. It runs games at 60 fps and i genuinely think its a beast.


Why is all the information told to me with video gameplay? He was building a gaming computer, true - but still. There was a lot of other stuff you could have shown.


The dude instead of apollogizing about the glaring mistakes and posting a new video that shows how to do it properly, couldnt amount any maturity and lashed out.

It's a me Mario

If he was not black, he would still be an idiot

Levi Ulysses

Verge guy was sponsored by Capital One. What’s in your wallet?

Alhaji Daniel

Um, would you please share the name of the game you are playing in this video? thanks :D

Colin Heard

the fact that he said its better than most peoples is so annoying and yes it was his first PC build because it was terrible and also a little bit extra thermal paste does not mean make the CPU coated in thermal paste and the fact that you noticed your cable mess and all your mistakes when you play and your pc cant run 60 fps on League of legends is just terrible

Fakhri Maulana

Imagine like this, you build a bike it can move but its always broken

N why?

Lol this is popping up again


Lol bruh he said it was corrected later. So why make the video? Obviously you read the comments and corrected the issues via comments.


I hear that supermega music in the outro

Kyle Wheeler-Adams

Is anyone going to mention anything about the “anti static band or tweezers - which was cable ties” the guy is a moron but the funniest thing to watch and clearly has no PC IQ

Reverie Dawn

4:05 ayeee at least he was playing forsaken lol

Duncan Donuts

if he said he fucked up i'd be like, ight. but he keeps defending himself, so. bruhh

krazybonnie 55

the great wall power supply is actually a pretty bad example, that one is a low end unit, but they oem for corsair, so they are pretty solid

Jerwel Gorgonio

He's just making excuses. He deserves the hate if he can't understand anything "Toxic" that critics made and continues the "He's rushed" excuse. Continues denying it and fails to search YouTube for research. There's no way a 2k budget is rushed to be put up in 1 hour like youre on halft time of the biggest footballs or basketball games.

the Ubermensch

my issue is not whether it was corrected after or not , its the fact that it wasn't mentioned in the video and lots of people who followed his messed up instructions probably got screwed .

Custom Coin Rings USA

Stefan is literally the Charlie Zelenoff of computer building lol!!!! You have to search "Charlie Zelenoff" and you'll be entertained for hours!!

bob bob

Neat video but lame subject; all that happened is:
-he's unemployed
-got aggressive
-still recieves hate
-attempts to apologise now
-still bad at building pcs

Yrj art

Everyone makes mistakes but the problem was his reaction to people who pointed out his mistake

Yuri 05

What game is in the background?

Gogeta Blue

He's a failure and a loser. Damn what a sad combination

Sergio Emilio

I still dont know why the Hell we need a Swiss Army Knife for building PC ??‍♂️?‍♂️?

tree 3.3

As a man without a pc build and asian this pain to see

j Steez

Imagine if all he said damn I was stupid haha. Majority of the people would of been like no worries dude that was funny.

Casey Mizokami

What a waste of time


4:30 last build i did was an ITX. I did one for my wife about 5 years ago with zero problem. This time was for my brother and it went south. I probably spent 30 mins scratching my head until I realized his case only accepted a SFX form factor PSU....his PSU is now sitting on top of his case like a hood scoop while he waits for the PSU he wants to come off back order. At this rate he'll probably just use it the way it is for a year...

Joey Bernardo

It’s funny how in the recording of the guy who built it said ‘this isn’t my first pc build’. I died of laughter when I heard that.


Wait wait wait he says that things were corrected after the fact, which I guess makes sense. Except for the fact that it’s supposed to be a guide, and this guy has no brain.

Drawerick 92

"The computer works" Yeah, works like shit, dude. It should have worked better, way better. Take some responsibility and grow up.


He may get some sympathy but if majority of people are telling you the same thing, maybe you’re doing something wrong.


yeah, I feel like this guy didn't know what he was doing; but only THOUGHT he knew.
He got mad when people criticized him; and he tried to justified what he put together by saying that it was better than what they could do.

So many people came together to say that his configuration was wrong, that I think everyone knows by now (and thank goodness).
He said he's done this in the past, but I doubt it.

2000$ dollars is such a high price for a PC (of any kind) that it doesn't REALLY matter what was said by him, because who the heck can afford something like that anyway?

But, on the other hand. . . what if someone with absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE follow his advice; not caring what the cost to build the PC in the original video (or even follow only SOME of the information to help building a PC)?

We need people to speak up.
Not attack or bully though; we just need people to say that what was done in the video was wrong, so that no one will hurt themselves.

Also, did anyone notice how when the dude was done building the PC (with 2000$ part mind you), that he only showed it being able to play low end graphic games? lol!
League of Legends? Really? and what was that other game? I have no idea what the second one is!

I also feel like to some degree that he DID know that the PC he built was terrible, because he didn't show more games; or even other capabilities the PC was capable of.
It's like he was trying to hide how bad it was. . .

Dan Moreno

He’s the type of guy at school no one liked


Well if he fixed it before the final unvail there is quite literally ZERO reason that the fixes should not be put into the video, its not like the raw footage of him fixing it went away or anything

Ryan Johnson

I don’t think I’ve seen a more pretentious individual in my life


Imagine him fixing your car..... it would work but how..... ?

Randomly Perfect

The way whitebthjnk black people look the same


Unironically, his guide is very helpful. The reaction super cut to it really gave me a lot of insight and what mistakes I should avoid ?

Mr. Yawnson

Initially I felt bad for the dude for humiliating himself in front of the whole internet.... but, yeah, no. Screw Urcle.


Buy a pre built pc in Walmart...no don’t you’ll waste your money

Daniel Baker

If he just never acknowledged the video or the hate from the video, everyone would've shut up and stopped harassing him after a week or two. Instead he started a 2 year long war with trolls, and ruined his reputation even further.

James Padilla

Honestly. Seems a little racist to me. Never see this type of energy for white creators? He gets clowned on the internet and is mad.

William Ramig

Has anyone ever commented about his name? Stefan Etienne is literally Steven Steven.

Lewis Hamilton

Considering you're dealing with electricity, potential fire hazards, and in many cases, a lot of money; for those two reasons alone, it was irresponsible for The Verge to have published that video.


im on my moms acc but i had my 850 watt cosair psu on carpet and i was playing hoi4 and i hear a pop and pc shuts down pls dont put your pc on carpet


That ram isn't even slow, look at the linus video on ram speeds.

kovacs eugen

it's crazy when u think that all they had to do is admit the mistakes and redo the video after some research.


i like how he says its NOT my first computer... how did they look like fuck me lol


It doesn't take an angry nerd to laugh at someone who calls zipties tweezers.

Stefan twitter

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Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone Battlegrounds Special - Ep. 548

181 662 views | 8 Feb. 2021

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00:00 How does that work

video: https://www.twitch.tv/tooSocktastic

audio: Boogieland 7 - Stefan Netsman

00:52 Eliza's

video 1: https://www.twitch.tv/wholikeshadow

video 2: https://www.twitch.tv/nl_kripp

audio: Gold Rush 4 - Magnus Ringblom

02:00 New board

video: https://www.twitch.tv/tricksterrino

audio: Wah What's Up 1 - Anders Bothen

02:56 Freeze

video 1: https://www.twitch.tv/amyks_hk

video 2: https://www.twitch.tv/wumbostyle

audio: Kevin MacLeod - Fluffing a Duck

03:19 Not fair

video: https://www.twitch.tv/SkillzHS

audio: Jump Jive Roar - Gavin Luke

05:02 Chances

video 1: https://www.twitch.tv/savjz

video 2: https://www.twitch.tv/rdulive

audio: Carousel Clown - Håkan Eriksson

06:27 Suicide is not an option

video 1: https://www.twitch.tv/BixenteHS

video 2: https://www.twitch.tv/dreivohs

video 3: https://www.twitch.tv/rasenganss904

audio 1: Audionatix - Clowning Around

audio 2: The Lost Temple - Andreas Ericson

07:34 What happened?

video: https://www.twitch.tv/twlevewinshs

audio: 1920s Chicago 5 - Magnus Ringblom

08:10 The biggest scam ever

video: https://www.twitch.tv/Pathra

audio: Daniele Vitale Sax - Shreksophone (with a real sax)


09:29 Bonus clip

video: https://www.twitch.tv/rdulive

audio: Scheming Weasel faster

10:00 Outro

Outro Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKgzuRa5yso


Hey @rasenganss904 what have you eaten today?

Владимир Гришин

Where SilverName?


3:00 топ момент

Ricky Falcone

- Ячмень
- Dude


Цук Разик призыв к пелению рипорт !!!

Николай Николаев

Нахуя здесь разик?




ячмень = dude


Спасибо,Trolden,за такие частые видосы
Обожаю смотреть ваши нарезки


6:52 This is what you get for chewing loudly into your mic, loser!

Пётр Зайцев

Трольден, а можно попросить тебя не ЗАОРИВАТЬ мат, а просто аккуратно мьютить его?
Это очень сильно бьёт по ушам и восприятию каждый раз?

Мистер Бигглсуорт

Зачем здесь тупая шутка в конце от токсичного РДЮ?

Valentin Devich

it's pretty weird that you are showing stuff with galakrond, this hero has been out of the game for a while, and i believe similar stuff happened in the last videos, why does that happen?

Olexandr DV

Rdu so cute

Dom Minik

8:25 this frikin song in every video i Hate that

Chain Impact

Oh man, havent seen Savjz in a long time.


Am I the only one that dont like battleground specials? Like I follow this channel since a lot of years and every time that a new trolden video pop its like "nice!! A new one!!! Thx you Trolden!!" just to see "battleground special its like if I follow a LoL channel and they start uploading a lot of tft material, technically its the same game but its not the same.
Am I the only one that thinks like that?
Also thx you for all this years of content Trolden.


Before I saw this thumbnail, I never knew how how ugly ring matron was lol

Chris Horton

I have played demons many times and I have never killed myself on accident(if I wasn't going to win I have killed myself before)

Nathan Berg

Omg that Pathra clip was amazing ?

Mike Shaman

7:00 im glad this chewing dude lost. Fucking awful sounds

Александр Юдин

Жирный естественно только о жратве

Arnav salwekar

Rdu: "Imagine taking 23 damage"

Game : Challenge accepted


3:02 Я пердоле :D


Trolden, for the love of God, please use a different "censor sound"!] This one is so annoying and overused and I'm seriously considering unsubbing because of it. I edit film for a living and I know how easy it would be to replace it with something else. FFS.


Why do people like rdu?

Tristen Schwarz

Please don't ever clip someone smacking their food. That was awful, man deserved to lose.

Андрей К.

9:20 сжечь ведьму


Gosh what the fuck... DreivoHS is just making me angry.. how the fuck is it possible to eat so noisily.. disgusting.

Sairex von Sairex

Anyone who eats during stream and doesn't mute their mic, deserves everything bad that happens to them. Really wish they weren't raised by farm animals.

Берти Брикер

2:30 imagine speaking twitch emotes in life? What an idiot...


Саня, чё жрал?


Yachmen2424 (Dude)


Pls stop the fucking bgs clips ffs

Tariq Yaghmour

whats the name of the song at 08:10?

Wisenheim Kirhstrasse

Грустные польские звуки xD

Liver poxx


Luke Stew

turn off the music holy shit its annoying

J Jasonorth


Євгеній Середа

Hope there`s gonna be Silvername special once

Bennett Hitchcox-lain

HAHAHAHA unhappy polish sound

Jack Thorndyke

that Pathra clip is honestly the best thing I've seen from battlegrounds


Now they're planning the scam of the century...
Well, what will it be ?

Bhaktu Lang

Strange watching someone snap pick a non Elise character.

Алексей Урбант

Моменты с Галакрондами летели к Трольдену голубиной почтой?)

Лёха Из МЧС

БГ уже больше года, а люди до сих пор убивают себя красненьким на демонах ?‍♂️... Возможно в бг действительно нужен скил ?

Сергей Миронов

Ох уж эти грустные польские звуки

Виктор Филатов

Почему в нарезке галакронд?Его же удалили относительно давно


special Pog

Канал Ильюши

Галакронда вернули?


6:16 he did not in fact take 23 damage

Hektor Nullvier

So happy dreivo fucked up. such obnoxious chewing.


Ячмень = Dude хахахахаха классная кликуха у челика))

Gabriel O.


Black Plated

8:10 Anyone else found it "sexy" how that music started with Pathra being on the video?

Alex Pope

Not fair clip was so funny!


Шутки про мамку ??

Toon Van Hoof

7:05 had it coming for chewing into his mic. Nasty.


впервые последний клип не смешной

Thành Công Trương

Sorry about saying this, but this channel is now just out dated clip (many in clip i watched from other channel many days ago) but just better editing and more ads.


Glad to see battlegrounds are still a broken, exploitable mess of a game.


A clip of Rdu getting absolutely wrecked should be mandatory in every single video. He's the new Thijs.


no Thijs? strange

Amino Gaied

Please name song in not fair 3:19

Avin Toz

Санек качественный


the twelvewins clip is absolutely hilarious holy shit i love watching guys win with incredibly dumb builds

eWaKki hval


Dor oh

im so happy that the guy who was eating out loud, lost

Дмитрий Стяжкин

А про что ещё мог разик говорить?

Leks FoX

божееее) Тролден, thx, что вставил Разика!) ТОП))

Cowman20 J

Is it worth coming back to the game at this point?


“Unhappy Polish sounds” :)

Алексей Конопатов

А где Сильвернейм????

Konstantin Kleim

06:45 it doesnt work with brann


Can we please get "Battlegrounds Special" episodes less often? Like, less than 50% of episodes? All the Battlegrounds stuff is exactly the same: bugs, unlikely good things, or unlikely bad things. That's it, that's all it ever is.


Trolden be like:
Damn, dude. How do i translate "yachmen" in context? Uh, wait

Gonçalo Vilhena

Playing slot machine game mode. "But it requires skill" fan bois say. Savizj skilled player thinks he was favored on a 98% to lose. Yeah guys BGs requires skill kekw

Сергей Перевезенцев

happy Russian sounds

Cah Bejo

Galakround old one vid


I actually don't understand the first clip either

Lena Golovach

Вижу Разика ставлю лайк сразу

Cody Hurt

Last night was my first time going demons and accidentally killing myself the same way. Sucks

Mehmet Ali Ersoy

he was chewing his food so hard that his hero couldnt resist and comitted a suicide

Sanat Maheshwari

Keep the mom jokes coming lmao


It's so satisfying to see RDU suffer, karma's a bitch

A lil weeb

And thats why galacrond was removed from the game


Pathra на массе скоро Пукича нашего - жироэлементаля догонит))))


People who verbalize Twitch emotes are the true cringe lords.


Такая херня...


6:55 have not learned to eat with mouth closed, who like that as asmr

tinde Kappa

why all these old clips WTf

Χρήστος Καλιμίντζος

Panthra's Scam was way Scammier than Slyssa's xD

Ihsan Pradipta

After all these months, pathra still looks expensive


Ебать разик кабан, ни разу до этого не видел его


Amyks is what you get when you ordering Savjz from Wish


Why are there always so many clips of noobs suiciding with demons

Simon DestructX

7:14 song name pls, the one in description is not valid

Филип Танский

Пора отписаться, бг для ущербов. А игра мертва.

Gameplayer Abe

In the first clip, I get the feeling that death animations, are a trigger effect just like deathrattle (such as every minion is a deathrattle minion and plays the animation at a confirmed less than or equal to 0 health to then remove the minion), so because the kadgars were at 0 health they were due to have their trigger go off, but since the scallywag died first the trigger wouldn't go through of kadgar dying therefore going away. And because his splitting image has to override his scallywag summons since its the opponents attack turn he got none.

Amenema Gaming

Videos like this are a great reminder of why I quit this game like 5 expansions ago.