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14 111 views | 9 Nov. 2019

In this Dark Web episode

In this Dark Web episode we are on a scary market called the Nightmare Market.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/gubb3r1/

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Nightmare market link

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Bill Perry's D.C. Nuclear Nightmare

230 545 views | 29 Mar. 2016

What would happen if

What would happen if terrorists exploded a crude nuclear bomb in Washington D.C.?

Former Secretary of Defense William Perry describes his nuclear nightmare of a terrorist attack on the nation's capital, and the devastating results.

Take Dr. Perry's free online course on "The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism, " featuring 11 world renowned nuclear experts discussing one of the world's greatest modern day threats and how we can work to mitigate the terrible risks: https://lagunita.stanford.edu/courses/course-v1:FSI+NuclearTerrorism+Fall2017/about

Learn more about what you can do to help end the nuclear threat at The William J. Perry Project: http://www.wjperryproject.org

Vegan Space Scientist

Truly terrifying.

Daniel Keys Moran

Darn Hillary. I knew she'd do it if she had the chance.

Jai TG

Animation video would be better than cartoon show!!

Dan Howard

Probably should have more views but I guess youshit has demonitized it.

Mike Gilstrap

Vote Trump and secure our borders or this is plausible !

King of the Crusaders

Yep, 2021 moment

Krypt Sanies

The hardest part of this whole thing was uttered in the first couple of sentences. A breakaway faction, massively hardened centrifuge facility, 40 kg of Uranium and 90% enrichment. Do you know how hard it would be to get that much uranium and to enrich it to that level? Do you know the amount of manpower necessary to pull this off covertly? Such a scenario could only be pulled off by a state with large cash flow and an ideological goal.

Theodicist Eddie

really sam harris? this might as well have been called "non-sequitur: the film. "

Bruce MacKenzie

We should be thankful that Secretary Perry continues to draw our attention to the festering problem of a nuclear holocaust that could destroy the world at any moment, yet such a grave threat rarely crosses our minds.

Metal Prisoner

2:44 the mushroom cloud has a face and it's terrifying. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.......

Margarita Orlova

A physicist said at the TED talk recently: I entered a room where 39 hydro-bombs were scattered around the floor. A terrorist could enter that room, too. Easily!

Mike Toleno

In what country is the original laboratory? (watching with CC only; maybe it's audible)

The Capitalist Russian

Do you mean 2018


My mom brought me here...


Ewwwwww. Wet, sloppy old man mouth noises in a microphone. I'd rather be nuked.

Adam K

Brought to this video from the Sam Harris podcast with Juliette Kayyem. This may very well be a possibility in this century if we don't... Well.. fuck..
Not sure exactly how we systematically or directly thwart or defeat this possibility. Flood the World Wide Web with western propaganda? Not likely.. Strong arm? Probably not. Let us hope that the slow and steady train of humanism prevails in the long run

Duke Rainbow I

I think that Russia, China & Iran would be a innocent place to live if this happened.


The idea of having Nancy Pelosi killed by a bomb is possibly worth all the other casualties.

Jon Rabben

This scenario sounds like a decapitation strike. There is always a designated survivor in the line of presidential succession who stays away from Washington for events such as the State of the Union message, where the president, VP, Supreme Count and Cabinet members are all on Capitol Hill. Given the risk of a terrorist nuke on Washington, maybe there should always be a designated survivor staying well away from Washington, just in case.

gather feather

New version: Sam Harris brought me here in 2020


"June 5th"

We were on the verge of greatness, we were this close


The problem here might not the the nuclear weapon: look what covid and the George Floyd killing did. Perhaps Americans could try to love each other more and the US would not be so vulnerable to such an attack.

Herman Safford Jr

this is Trump america

Ken L.

Kinda funny, that threat. "Return all U.S. troops back to the U.S.", um, you just blew up Washington DC. The next in line leaders are confused and can't make proper responses to threats.

paul bk

This is an old story in the strategic launch force. We've discussed similar scenarios endlessly while on patrol pushing 16 sea launched ballistic missiles through the oceans of the world. It's plausible.
TSA, CIA, NSA, FBI, (IC) are our best defense. Not armies and aircraft carriers.

A Big Guy

I recommend CS MGTOW's discussion with Marty Nemko (title: Is our world getting better?) which elaborates on lone wolves and low-probability/high-consequence disasters.

jeff m

Sam Harris. Yeah, thanks bro


I'm tripping on LSD while watching this! Goddamn you Sam Harris!


We don't scare.

Zombie Shoot

Damn these Becky's, they always be hating. Lady was probably upset she got a parking ticket or something and put into motion this whole plan to nuke the spot where she got the ticket.


The sum of all fears by writer Tom Clancy has some of this scenario in 1991


This is where the Secretary of Education will save the US, with a spiritual vision!

Andrew Simich

Sam Harris brought me here too

Chuck Markley

This isn't possible for obvious reasons. What is the point of this video?

Tim Kiehl

Maybe a best permanent solution is to bring all our troops home and stop pushing around the rest of the world. No, I'm not preaching isolationism, there are always going to be real national security threats that WE DO NOT CREATE BY OUR ACTIONS that need to be faced. But we need to END AMERICAN IMPERIALISM which is one of the roots of all this anti American terrorism (yes, it's mostly religiously motivated evildoers but the people who are causing these events use our own governemant's policy as a basis for fomenting this religious hatred)


One person's nightmare is another person's wet-dream!!


I dont know how ww3 will play out, but ww4 will be fought with sticks and stones - albert einstein

Uros Radujkov

sounds like the best day ever

Keyboard Dancers

Post-virus viewing; very uplifting!

Nikita L

Is this an attempt to prepare public opinion for another war against some Middle East of Asian country that develops their nuclear program?

D. Matz.

This is scary.


Thanks Secretary Perry. Your scenario is a logical end to the untrammeled lust for and practice of empire, most unfortunately.


While this scenario is how a renegade or terrorist group would operate, how do we know that all the pieces of suitable nuclear devices haven't come in through diplomatic channels (exempt from search) and been assembled in embassies, or suitably purchased high-rise buildings? If you have the resources to build a nuclear bomb, buying a skyscraper as a delivery system is small change.

But the scenario is really no different to a direct ICBM attack from a major power, in as far as dealing with the attack locally. We have a strategy for a major strike, but what about a single ICBM, possibly passed off as 'defective' or taken over by a rogue group? Would those couple of minutes of warning make all that much difference? If it were a single missile aimed at central DC when everyone was there, the 'rogue' argument may prevent a retaliatory strike before impact ("it isn't armed"), after which things are difficult to manage, and the other power still has its full arsenal.

If it were a terrorist group, I think there might be several areas where they might be that would be glazed and smoking soon afterwards, if not from the US, then possibly the UK and France, and maybe Russia and China, depending upon the group, as they may well be threatened next. Russia has a some military presence outside its borders, and China is busy exploiting a lot of Africa, France has been hit by terrorism already, and the UK would be threatened along with the US, so it would be in their interests to undertake a spot of extermination.

As a consequence, it is a very risky strategy for a rogue group. Attacking the US simply means that any nuclear power can be similarly attacked, so it is in the nuclear powers' collective interests to wipe out any possible support for this, and that would mean nuclear attacks and follow-up ground efforts. Such a rogue or terrorist group risks not only its complete destruction, but large numbers of possible supporters. With 100,000+ civilian casualties in DC, there would be little moral outrage within the US to nuclear retaliatory strikes that destroyed several suspect nations, or nations who are only 'possible' suspects, e.g., North Korea. Recall the global feeling about the US invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11: most people thought it was justified. How much more would it be justified if it were a nuclear attack? How loud would the cries be to eliminate entire nations or religions?

An underground facility can be sealed forever with the same ICBMs currently targeted at missile silos, so there is no easy escape if the source can be detected. A suicidal group may well decide it is worth it, but risks a great deal more. If it was an Islamic group, retaliation may include the destruction of all Islamic holy places by nuclear strikes, as well as attacks on Muslim nations. Outrage may revive Crusades to wipe out Islam. Genocidal, yes, but a risk such a group may choose to run. Win the battle, lose the war. If it were an Islamic nuclear attack, how many Muslims within US borders would still be alive in a week? Forget rounding up. US military units are renowned for their ability to remain objective and focused on mission, so atrocities are extremely rare, but vigilante groups are not so trained.

While the above scenarios make an interesting series of moral discussions (and they are only scenarios; like Dr. Perry I am not advocating any of this), and Sam Harris (who also sent me here!) would be in the thick of it, we do need to make clear to any group what the consequences of such an act are. That means that we need to enlist the other nuclear powers now, so that we all respond, as all are vulnerable. It would not be sensible for the US to respond alone, deplete its stock of warheads, and then be held hostage by another nuclear power. Nor would a 'Schlieffen Plan' type effort to take out other nuclear powers as well be reasonable.

The Mutually Assured Destruction approach, although quite rightly termed a type of insanity, assured that nuclear weapons have not been used since 1945: 71 years. We have even been able to control (to some extent) proliferation, and to undertake some reductions in weapon stocks. So MAD seems a sensible policy. Given the disparity, we may wish to implement a Unilateral Assured Destruction policy for rogue and terrorist groups. If a nation is seen to support a terrorist group who manages a nuclear attack on any nation, the supporting nation faces a massive nuclear attack from all nuclear powers and total annihilation. If there are several supporting nations, all are annihilated. Further pursuit through other supporting nations follows. If it is a religious group, their holy sites are subject to nuclear attack, and members of that religion are rounded up within the attacked nation.

While it may be argued (quite correctly) that this is monstrous and genocidal and inhuman, it is nothing more than the successful MAD policy adapted to terrorist circumstances. The US and the Soviet Union faced Cold War deaths in the tens of millions under MAD. Why shouldn't others face the same direct, very real and totally credible threat? Any nuclear attack is monstrous and genocidal and inhuman, so why not make it abundantly clear that such an attack will precipitate a Cold War level nuclear assault in response. We can retain the policy that we will not strike first, which we have not broken in 71 years.

The object of the exercise is to make the consequences of this so terrible that it is not initiated. For Islamic terrorists, the obliteration of Mecca, Medina and any other place of religious significance is guaranteed, together with the slaughter of millions of Muslims. For a rogue state like North Korea, annihilation of the entire nation is guaranteed, with a focus on underground facilities. For a rogue group within another nation, e.g., Russia, we join with them in the destruction of that region.

For a group that remains anonymous, that is difficult. Surely intelligence has to be worth something, in tracking down the culprits. But even a few highly suspect nations wiped out might be written off as 'collateral damage' in such an exchange. After all, the group that detonated the device didn't care about innocent victims. For a threat like 'one city a week,' the US response should be 'one nation a day' of all suspect countries, plus religious destruction. [A chance to settle old scores and clean out some problem areas? Of course. There's no point in passing up a chance like this!] For that attempt at blackmail, clearing major cities would be one first step, but I would suggest that the US armed forces would be rapidly filled with people all too keen to put any suspect to the sword, anywhere in the world.

So we could create a reasonable level of deterrence, even if the people we are dealing with are neither reasonable nor sane, by guaranteeing huge retaliation, not restricted to economic targets. Using the successful Cold War MAD strategy, suitably adapted, combined with some efforts at prevention and intelligence, this threat may be able to be faced down. But we need to make sure that the primary nuclear powers are with us first, otherwise we will need a lot more warheads.

Ted Canaday

We need to stay vigilant and work to abolish ALL nuclear weapons.

Jesse Klein

so, a nuclear attack leads to detention camps?

Mal Fabian

This is a genuine 5 minute video of heart felt warning from a high ranking retired American military expert about his genuine concerns , who care what you or I think of feel , this man is an USA insider exert on this subject , and these are HIS GENUINE CONCERNS . Sadly most people are responding to his concerns with demands for even more of the warmongering things that CREATES this threat in the first place , endless unbridled USA military actions around the world . How very sad it seems most of the USA public simply can not understand that the ONLY way to avoid this threat is by very simply withdrawing all USA troops from all overseas deployment and to stop killing innocent civilians in one country after another for decades . It is actually only a matter of time until the USA troops are all returned to USA soil , either before or after the inevitable attack described by Bill Perry's nuclear nightmare . The USA taxpayers who must choose which of the only 2 options they want for their children and grandchildren , the rest of the world can only watch on in amazement , and prepare for the inevitable destruction as best we can and then to start rebuilding what ever remains of the planet with or without the USA .


A nuclear terrorist attack would be the single worst thing to happen to any country short of a full scale war on there own soil

Gerrit Ter Haar

Whoever thinks having nuclear weapons is a good idea in 2020 is out of their mind.

Shannon Nicolle channel

1980's : Nuclear war will destroy mankind
2020: CORONAVIRUS "hahahaaa...amateurs"


Imagine the conspiracy theorists stupid takes


Yup — Sam Harris

Charlie Dallachie

2020 decade: you thought you had a pandemic to worry about? How about nuclear terrorism (always a threat)

Steven Stoffers

the stock market would go down? there would be protests? and there would be nothing in grocery stores within hours.... and they would never be restocked. no one would have the energy to protest a damn thing! except maybe in Kansas somewhere for a few folks who still have chickens in their yards and know how to dress them.

1 KoolKat

Why would agricultural equipment be transported to Wash DC ?

Bamidele Adedapo

The Economist 1843 brought me here.

All Sixty

Ребят, надеюсь этого никогда не произойдёт.

Aj Hoyt

Why is Elmer Fudd narrating?

Hannah Madden

Such bullshit.
I KINDA think US intelligence would know about nukes arriving LOL
If you have a nuclear weapon of ANY size, you can use it to just trigger a doomsday device that would wipe out a lot more than Washington.

MM Bo Ivin

Dear William Perry .
This story truly started at Los Alamos , don't be confused about that.

Dr. Chandraprakash Khedkar

Really a nightmare!!!

Александр Салтыков

Это видеоролик, представленный бывшим министром обороны США Уильямом Перри.Здесь представлено, как террористы собирают и доставляют ядерную бомбу в Вашингтон. Взрывают они её неподалёку от Белого дома.Эта история начинается в секретной подземной лаборатории 5 июня. Предатели из службы безопасности и купленные учёные вступают в сговор с террористами для создания ядерной бомбы.Уже 3 июля в их руках оказывается 40 килограммов урана. В конце августа закончена вся работа над созданием “сырой” ядерной бомбы.Дальше она упаковывается в контейнер с наклейками “Сельскохозяйственная техника” и отправляется сначала на аэродром, где она хранится две недели.Оттуда на самолёте её отправляют в Вашингтон транзитом через Дубай. Воздушное судно приземляется в аэропорту Далласа в 2.47 утра. К вечеру 15 сентября бомба лежит на складе. Через несколько часов ядерное оружие в грузовике оказывается на Пенсильвании-авеню, – улице соединяющей Белый Дом и Капитолий. Взрыв раздаётся в 11 часов 9 минут 16 сентября.Бомба мощностью 15 килотонн уничтожает 80 тысяч человек, включая президента США и 320 членов Конгресса. Ещё 100 тысяч будут ранены, не будет никакой возможности оказать им помощь.Вскоре все СМИ получают одинаковые сообщения о том, что ещё пять таких же бомб скрыты в крупных городах США и готовы взорваться. Вся армия, находящаяся за рубежом, получает приказ о возвращении в страну.Население впадает в панику, полки магазинов опустошаются, фондовый рынок падает на 70 процентов, торги приостановлены. В стране объявляется военное положение. Срочно ищут того, кто может занять пост президента. В стране хаос и разруха от бесчинств населения.Это фантастическое событие вполне может быть реализовано  в жизни (если США раньше не будут уничтожены взрывом Йеллоустонского вулкана).

Justin Case

I love how so many of the comments are "Sam Harris brought me here." Lol. Oh yes, and Sam Harris brought me here. :D

Southern Cash

It's not a matter of "if" it will happen, but when.


thanks sam

Jake R

Translation: bring our troops home. (Among many other things...)


Lol, You cant find so many crazy people who would think in unison on the whole planet, to do this kind of stuff

Igor Elkin

Чтобы жизнь им малиной не казалась после взрыва, надо на берега Штатов высадить несколько миллионов беженцев их Африки и Сирии


I don't wish to downplay the likelihood of this becoming reality, but the human race has a far greater problem. In this century, economic competition between nuclear-armed powers for fresh water, food, and sources of energy will precipitate a crisis. Not today, but within thirty years at the outside- and it could begin within the next five or so. History has shown that national political leaders generally wish to avoid the use of nuclear weapons. What they would do if they found themselves "forced", as they see it, into taking military action in their nation's genuine national interest- in which another nuclear armed power is directly or indirectly involved-  is something else. I'd like to believe that this issues could be diffused, but given the state of the world's nations today, this sort of nuclear confrontation just seems inevitable.

Oliver Kirby

Wouldn't there be at least ONE checkpoint along the way detecting nuclear weapons/uranium/fissile materials?!

Kevin Kostyk

I think a lot of this is fairly hyperbolic.

John Painter

Fastest clearance through customs ever. And if 9/11 is an example the military will have huge numbers of new enlistments. Americans don’t riot this way, they come together.
Customs checks for nuclear materials entering. So unlikely they would not catch this. More dangerous would be gps on the bomb activated by a timer in flight, track the landing and set off the bomb while in the air. Airburst is more devastating.

jake arckson twilliam

Can't wait...

Samuel Adams

Not remotely possible


Man America has some bad luck in September.

Ricky Garcia

this is so stupid lol


2:20 bitch is crazy !


Can I be a target?

Quilliam Attari

It’s hilarious seeing so many comments by Americans showing fear at this video. Your country literally invades and pillages nations all over the world. This is pretty much what the U.S. does to the M.E. and third world country. Those of us living in nations effected by your country’s death and destruction wish this happens one day.

Bob Even

This is extremely unlikely.
15 kt isn’t that big for nukes. Using this size and locations it’s more than likely that the White House will still be standing along with the president. Beside your telling me that FBI, CIA ,NSA and Homeland security didn’t pick up in this and no one bother to look inside the box?

Peter Sills

It looks like the same graphic art they use in those Hightower pamphlets


He left out the point, after that plane gets anywhere near Dulles, that every detector we have goes off in unison and that box gets about 5 feet before the entire airport is shutdown, evac'd and they recover the device. And that's sidestepping airborne countermeasures that we have to detect this stuff that's already deployed. That's the thing about nuclear weapons. The method of destruction is very distinct and you can't easily shield them from leaking very specific radiation signatures that are unlike anything else found in nature at that intensity.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but it is improbable...Very improbable. I'd be more worried about a rogue actor acquiring a device and aiming it somewhere that isn't hardened as much as trying to ship it to the US. It doesn't really matter where it blows up, as soon as it does, it throws everything into chaos. The effect on global markets would be enough to temporarily crater world industrial activity.

This is good fantasy, but Perry seems to be lacking information on defensive countermeasures since he was SecDef.

1 KoolKat

It would never happen that way it is fantasy. I Can't believe Mr. Perry (a nuke expert) would put this out. First of all if that much of the Federal Govt. were destroyed there would be chaos. The enemies of America would seize the advantage and launch a nation destroying nuclear attack. Because there would be no counter force attack. End of story.

Bryan Tint

CIA, Mossad, and Saudi Arabia did 9-11 on us. Most importantly, our own CIA and CIA owns ISIS. Then again, too many Americans are feeble minded and call The Royal Navy as Viet Cong as they are so uneducated shits!

John Malkovich

Full Senate to attend classified North Korea briefing at White House today.
If this scenario were to happen, today would be the ideal day to do so with
the entire government leadership being gathered at the same place, at the same time.


seems plausible. heck, bush obama and trump have been eroding the constitution in preparation for it.

don key shot

a highly unlikely, if not unconvincing scenario. besides, withdrawing all US troops worldwide, as these supposed "terrorists" demand doesn`t seem a bad idea at all.


There might not even be other bombs.

J Nymn

In this case they should make it a provision that if everyone in the line of succession is killed, then canada takes over cuz you guys seriously fucked up.

Charles Robinson

Sam Harris brought me here

Travels & Leisures Russia

Чё за дичь вы нам тут втираете!? Атомную бомбу на самолёте привезли ))) haha 3 times


A beautiful world ??

Robert Blakemore

Don't worry, Kiefer Sutherland is able to fill the void. Seriously,wouldn't at least one member of Congress or Cabinet level position be out of D C and capable of stepping in?


I've been looking for this video.

Jan Sammer

Why are Americans so scared of a nuclear attack by a non-nuclear power that has renounced nuclear weapons (Iran) but oblivious to the real threat posed by countries ruled by crazed religious fundamentalists, such as Israel and Pakistan, that actually have nuclear weapons as well as the missiles capable of to delivering them?

Rinzn Jacob

omg! this is chaos

Jonathan Fernando

Okay, I guess the first problem with this is that, as many people already pointed out, imports are already screened for radiation signatures, and a fully sized bomb would give off one hell of a radiation signature.

But I think the bigger problem here is that this film largely ignores the detailed plans which the US government already has for explicitly dealing with a terrorist nuclear strike which wipes out the centre of DC. It's called National Response Scenario Number One, and it would probably prevent the descent into anarchy portrayed here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Response_Scenario_Number_One


Japan handled it better

Mothekgi Thoka

Here from Sam Harris scary as fuck

Nick Toda

Better security around the shipping infrastructure would help prevent this.

Александр Салтыков

Ядерный кошмар для США – видео, как террористы взорвут бомбу в Вашингтоне, вызвало ужас у американцев. Его опубликовал бывший министр обороны Соединённых Штатов Уильям Перри.“Это мой ядерный кошмар, он основан на фактах. Это самый возможной итог реальных опасностей, с которыми мы можем столкнуться уже сейчас. Трудно представить себе эту катастрофу. И всё таки мы должны….” , – закончил своё видео бывший министр обороны Уильям Перри.

Nightmare market link

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Hidden camera investigation: Nursing home abuse, violence (Marketplace)

2 905 206 views | 26 Jan. 2018

A Marketplace hidden

A Marketplace hidden camera investigation reveals nursing home abuse and violence

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Ryan Lansing

"Your fingers hurt? well now your backs gonna hurt cause you just pulled landscaping duty."


Something does not smell right with that Miranda. She does not give a damn. Constantly passing the buck and manipulating the interviewer to veer away from the problems. She seems like she has a violent nature and anger issues. I can smell that rat a mile away. Don't like her and don't trust her.

icki Dierlam

Go to Hawthorne place and investigate it. They ignore ministry orders, let residents get attacked 4X bruises proven and don't move the short stay resident causing the long time resident to be in fear. Short-staffed always because management could care less. Get rid of management it would be better staffed, and a better place to live in. Their website reviews are horrible and they are rated at a 2.1 out of 5.

Christopher Bennett

As someone who has worked in many nursng homes I have worked with 20 residents per CNA



Robin Hanshaw




Mama Janice

That got me?????????????????????

Pendle Lancashire

A lot of it KARMA. These people pay for their sins in old age.

straight point

Trudeau has money for refugees but old people are not his concern


im boutta spoil my parents. And I'm not having kids because I have trust issues and I'm terrified that I could be sent there.

Victor Andino

My wife is at garden springs nursing and rehabilitation center located at 1113 Easton Rd Willow pa 19090. She's been there for six months and a roommate she had before the shut down was sent to hospital and later was found she had the coronavirus and she died from it. I have reported this to the state but they can't do anything about. The owners of this nursing home are damn good at covering their tracks. My wife needs to be out of there she completed her rehab way before the shut down and was screwed over by the social worker who resign on March 31th regarding her discharge. My it’s just been there getting sick and her sugar out of control. My wife was diagnosed with the coronavirus early April and had she been discharged when she was supposed to none of the above would never had happened.

Aaron Gerdus

These places cost thousands of dollars a month, how do they not have $ for staff. There needs to b something done. It has to be because those board members and CEOs are taking all the money for themselves while residents suffer. This is maddening, I wish people could pull these people out and starve these "businesses" of money. This makes me sick. If at all possible I would never put my parents in a home, especially if they r just old n need help doing things. But God forbid one of these nasty diseases that hit people like dementia or Alzheimer's hits them. I hope I'll have the ability to keep them with me. But u people who are judging are terrible people. Like I said if ran right n done properly these places should be good options.

Vibewit._kya Kya

She just run in with her hind out


This is what happens when you hire animals.

Little Holmes

This is Heart Breaking !!!

Mama Janice

What the hell

Ann Li

Are these people arrested?

Queen B

Omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg Omgomgomg Omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg Omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg Omgomgomg Omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg Omgomgomg omgomgomg

Charlotte Cunningham

Training is not required to have when you see your elderly on the floor. You should have compassion for that person and just find it natural to want to help! Wtf is wrong with people now days?? Makes me so mad.

T Smith

Oh my fickinmgod?????


There is no way in hell I would let my grandmother live in a place like that

Tea Tea

If white people really cared about their parents they wouldn't put them in a nursing home


I’m surprised the children/relatives haven’t gone after them. I can’t imagine someone doing this to my parents. It certainly wouldn’t be a peaceful situation.


bruhhh that ipad screen

Edfuad Mo [ The Phenomenal]

Jesus how they’re fighting is Vabz ?

Sorry if I’m rude

Susan Hebert

Thank God someone is investigating

Josh Hudds

Greed fueled by Office Personel, they dont do the jobs nobody else wants to do...Ive worked in full care for alota years, seen alota corruption by the office...They pay pet nurses tons of overtime, some which is sleep time on the clock!


The first boy that got hurt I was like noo! Nooo! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Mia Hall

This is why I want to work in a nursing home to help the elderly and make their days better. This breaks my heart

icki Dierlam

Btw, thanks for leaving comments on so people needing help can be heard.


Why do you think the governments not concerned about covid 19 1n 2 years they will have wiped out the national deficit there will be jobs for everyone that's left its funny how it attacks the weak the sick elderly and the odd healthy person they always said were living longer and longer the elderly are becoming a big drain on the economy once 1 or 2 billion people are wiped out through covid 19 then they will release the vaccine


This is why I gave up 6 yrs of my life to care for my late grandma she got to stay home and pass away peacefully in her own bed

Mylene Tinaya

I'm a pinay Private caregiver to a case of dementia,stroke and bedridden patient and with peg and catheter, I treated her like my own parents they deserve to be love ,I cried when I saw this video why there are people who don't know how to respect , and no heart and can afford hurting them ?

eva campell


Alfredo Chavez

I dont want my grandma in a nursing home ever


Time to take matters into our own hands, The scumbags suppress and burry evidences. Do not complain or the workes will "OOps " your loved one.


Makes you wonder why we're all so determined to live longer.


Ever since my Grandmother started taking anti psychotic drugs, she started having raging outbursts. Almost like the Caregivers have and give their own amount of a dose of mystery druggs when ever they want. Seriously. Cameras or the caregivers Addresses. Pick one already

Komal Sharma



I hope that old man who beat that other old man was punished harshly. That was disgusting to watch.

Princess Dianne Reyes

Is this really in Canada? This is horrifying. Canadian government doesn't care?

Sonia Espindola

Hispanics do not send their elders to nursing homes we have them live with us until they finally pass away ..but white ppl just drop them there cuz its to much to handel???


My parents are living in my home till the end of their days. No ones going to hurt my parents.

random weeb with a mustache

Shlw there faces.. they do t deserve to be hidden

Janice Wong

Is there an agency we can report them to? This is happening at Carefirst.

Taylor Cheesman

This is the reason I am doing my schooling to become a care aide! I will care for the elderly in my place of work just as I would my own grandmother. These people deserve to experience the best life they can in the short amount of time they have left with us!!

terrin alderman

CNA and Nurses need to fight back and refuse to work until staffed properly staffed and paid properly then what would people do complain nobody wants to get involved in healthcare how wrong ...you can't sastify people

Jöhann Aleksei

It's really hard to trust people.


I know the secret why this is happening...Old people are rotten, stubborn, violent, annoying shits. Trust me living with elderly is not easy. I just know how to control my emotions to not harm another human.

Chase Gordon


Deloris Ellis

I need help to get my mother out of a nursing rehabilitation center in Merced California. (775) 292-0245

Arya Stark

My mom was 56 when she went to a nursing home to recover from 2 full knee replacements. Now she has no mental deficiencies, she's sharp as a tack, she's not frail looking or anything, actually looks extremely young, people think she's my sister (I was 30). When she was there, trying to go to the bathroom with privacy, the nurse refused to leave, when my mom went to get up the nurse manhandled her & twisted her arm behind her back while she was on the toilet saying she was restraining her for her safety & my mom was screaming in pain completely helpless because her arm was twisted up & her knees were recently operated on. Now my point is if one of them would do this to a woman in her mid 50s who has 100% intact mental faculties & can report it & be HEARD because her fiance is a lawyer (& they knew this), WHAT are they doing to the frail, bedridden 80-somethings with Alzheimer's or dementia who can't say a word? It's scary to think about.

cozzie twothousand

Many if not most resident-on-resident assaults are a direct result of mixing stronger, more territorial and more agitation prone residents in with more profoundly confused, wandering, physically weaker residents who can't control their behaviors or defend themselves if attacked.

Dementia often progresses through stages wherein the patient is first only mildly confused but still physically strong and ambulatory yet becomes extremely territorial and prone to violent lashing out. If you have another patient in more advanced stages who is less agitated and physical yet is prone to wandering and pilfering in the other residents' rooms, and they are often so confused they can't recognize danger or defend themselves, then you have a recipe for disaster. Serious assaults can happen in a split second regardless of how many staff you have observing.

One answer is to segregate the residents into 2-3 groups based on the acuity or stage of dementia and have them live in separate units but for some reason that rarely happens in your average community dementia facilities.


The Care Givers should just have their location of sleep traded like currency. Or Allow Cameras.

Robinson Crusoe

I wish assisted suicide would be made legal for those beyond a certain age. Not for everyone, but any old person who is terminal and still has the mental ability to make that decision. Its a shame our older generation are being treated like animals.

Jennifer Cox

See the hospital told my dad's wife to put him in a nursing home....she said he'll no ....this is why....ppl should of be ashamed of them selves. ...Rude mean ppl

Morning Moon

Why am I watching this


Welcome to US healthcare system aka abandon, neglect and torture your elderly family members- it’s terrible but this is the reality and it’s in every nursing home. They should all be shut down. We need something better than the failed nursing home system.

Mary Music

Low, low pay, non-existent training, financial pressure, stressful work, self-enriching employers---what do you expect....?

Natalie Leal

As an NA - I am absolutely appalled. I am in the business of CARING for patients.

Mark Hoeks

i pray for CBC news that the world right know that this is happening!!


There needs to be a ratio. They do it for Day cares!! They need to do it for the elderly too.

al bryant

if i seen this happen to my mom or dad i would be in jail the rest of my life !!!!!!!!!!

Retro Guardian

I worked in multiple nursing homes over the years. All this is every day stuff sadly.

B. Kurnia

Its very rare happend in Germany. I worked as a elderly care in 2 different nursing home, we got a very good paid, the goverment made our salary high, we have to go school for 3 years to study and the goverment fully paid us (its called Ausbildung) Based on my experience, we treated elderly people very profesional in a friendly way. I havent see any cases on TV about violence in the nursing home in Germany. But I have seen this many times in America. I feel bad to the senior people

Darren Mclaughlin

Let’s make a stand and bring people to English justice and get these kind of people out of population and to get what they deserve before they do it again

Baby Monke


Joshua Queen

There’s always dislikes and I can’t understand why you would dislike this video ?

San Abnormal

one thing is blurring the face of a suspect another one someone doing the crime on camera. any law that says that's the way to do it is a law made by criminals for criminals.


Why will you put your parents in a nursing home? They never put you in an orphanage. You know, even though your parents have jobs and could be doing a million other things. They made sure to keep you safe and to look after you no matter what!


My grandmother was put in an retirement home/rehab after she had several heart attacks in the span of two months, she was barely there anymore, but we visited her once in the retirement home/rehab place and when I walked in she was bruised, a bump on her head and she had a black eye, her eyes were hollow, she said nothing while we were there and no one in my family to this day think its a little suspicious except me, they never told us anything about what happened. She was taken back to the hospital shortly after where she died.


This reminds me of old mental asylums..

Abdifataah Mohamed hussein

islam teaches us to live as a family in this dunya we feel blessed when we stay together my allah bless this people 2 alhamdulillah ☪️

Bria Barrows

Why even get into it if you despise the elderly. Omg

Dominque Doty

Jeez Nursing homes are pretty much a prison In U.S.A. and some other places too. I swear the elderly are being treated like inmates.

Babeena_Gt _

If my kids ever try to put me in a nursing home I will commit suicide on the spot

෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴ ෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴෴



A parent should protect a child,not attack them

Courtney Lawton

When they were speaking of the shortages of staff in the home and having no ratio is VERY true, I am a PSW and I love my job because I can care for my residents but I can’t spend the time I would like too with them because we are so busy 3 of us for 30 residents and that’s on a fully staffed day, it’s so hard mentally for them as it is for us, I try as hard as I can to communicate with my residents and tell them how much I love them everyday but we get investigated over small things and all of us are tired of being in trouble for little things like leaving a resident on the toilet to do their business (in some cases they take 20 to 30 min to have a bowel movement) but we have the other 29 residents that also need to use the bathroom.... there are so many problems with how it’s run and we are there to love and care and help our elderly who deserve the very best, it’s a hard job.

Christina O'keefe

My dad is in a long care nursing home.twice I went in .and he had a black eye.when the staff was ask they always say he fall.but not once did they ever call me and tell me this happen.i only found out by pure luck.going to visit and see the black eyes.i ask one time to move him to another room.because the room he was in .he shared with another man that was not friendly. I call the head person in charge.he told me my dad would be moved to another room that day.when I went to visit he was still in the same room
Even after telling me they moved him to another room.

Charlotte Cunningham

That poor man. No reason for not helping him up and into his room. Shame on those nurses! Horrible care!

Ruby Playz

Someone does that to my cousin I will dog walk my dog and my dog will bark and run after those rude people :)

Steve Oh

Places like this shouldn't exist. People aren't happier to be alive longer, esp when they are frail and demented. And this is why ppl who work there are so frustrated, and this is why these things happen

Ted Little

Min. of health and long term care should be discussed with the situation because he knows it's going on and he does nothing.The corp. that own N.H.'s are laughing all the way to the bank.

Darryll Story

I work in aged care and this would never ever happen in the retirement village I work in. Consumers are always right and never wrong. They have their rights. However if this was to happen in the place I work I would certainly hit the career and report them. This is not okay and disgusting that humans can do this.

Severino Arguelles

Whatever bad things you do to the elderly now, pray that your kids won't do the same thing to you when you yourself get old!

Ted Little

The gov. shutdown several psychiatric hospitals, guess were the patents went? Private nursing homes.


Why does the west put their elders in nursing homes.... What happened to ur own homes.... It is sick....

JulnixTea _.

Wow i hate this part THAH DUDE PUNCH THAT

Laurie White

I worked at mcguffeys nursing home twice. The first time I work there was violence and this time I stayed there a month and violence was horrible there. I always was falsely accused of a crime and talked to worse than ever and humiliated . I would not work or put my family in a horrific place like where I was

Chase Gordon


Scarlett Garnet

This is so so so sad!!!!! I hope them horrible excuses for people rot in hell


Will never allow my loved ones in a home care. You can’t trust nothing in this world.

Cheryl Grimm

My answering concern to this is why is the social workers being neglectful on checking on their clients while being in Rest Homes the state DHS system has failed the rights of elderly people by not iron proper people to be inside the Rest Home says Aunt caregivers why is if Allowed by our state system who failed and no social workers checking on their clients as they should be for the family's safety and well-being they want to know that their loved ones are being well taken care of not by criminals why are they hiring criminals and lying about the truth it's really disappoints me that they have a bad behavior of lying instead of doing their jobs as they have been paid through the state is this acceptable behavior by our estate system who failed the rights of all families who care about their loved ones

Nessy Edwards

I do not care if there is not enough staff there is no excuse not to shower a resident daily all of them, take care of the residents, saying there is not enough staff is a very poor excuse and not acceptable, and it's up to the nursing homes to hire more staff. If you can't handle People with dementia deal with it stop whining about it.

Bria Barrows

And they had the audacity to try to hide this from the family.

Danielle Stark

I work in a nursing home in the states I can tell you what I see is horrible a resident went wondering off to another unit I took her back there were 3 or 4 call lights going off! In my state the staff to resident ratio is around 8-10!


Also... just a gut wrench guess... Some of "Caregivers" knew about Covid since at least 2017 and have been spreading it on purpose. Picking and choosing who lives. No Joke, We are under attack.

Alex Sacco

They should not have been interviewing the nursing home administrators and nursing directors. They are very central to these failing homes. Many are terrible people. The nurses are the bottom of the barrel and miserable. These places are horrible