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Happiness Reading No. 2: X Mersi

85 views | 4 Jun. 2017

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Wow! Thank you so much! Double kisses and hugs from me XOXO! :D
You said it perfectly - "Mersi" is like "Merci" in french which means "thank you", but my nick "Mersi" is just shorter version of my real name. I should probably change it to "Mersy", this would be easiest to say.

What I notice after watching it is that I must be very egoistic if I want to stick to my desires of admiration and attention which is position of my moon. Venus in leo of course too and I can feel it on daily basis, but I'm trying to control this energies. Moon is more agressive and like you said is very unconscious. In fact I am very productive if my work is notice and appreciate, if not I can be very harsh... and lost any motivation.
What else... I am an artist and creativity is the way I express myself.
I can be very good speaker and communication is important for me, but be honest: I sometimes acting like drama queen :(
My friends consider me as too pushy, too bossy and definitely I bring too much huge changes to their (an my own) life.
Living things to the maximum? Totally yaass!
As a child I experienced dark side of life and growing up, I had many problems in almost every area. Definitely I felt the lack of welfare. I am still learning how to live without crisis as you said and how to enjoy money, simple pleasures etc.

So you said the truth, very clearly, to the point and I appreciate it. I need to agree with almost all of it, big surprise even for me. Amazing reading, very helpful, now I have something to think about.
Thank you again!
P.S. I love strong energy of moon in aries, on positive side it is so great and very helpful.


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#NO2X / Litecoin Confidential Transactions (CT)

19 848 views | 29 Sep. 2017


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crypto_Daily

Instagram: http://instagram.com/crypto_daily

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.

#crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin

Crypto Bit

hey can you perhaps do a Mexican version of FIAT guy? with a sombrero. that would be cool :D


Yo dawg. What's your take on GreenMed?


"go away *clicks*" Golden

Albert smit

you know what youre talking about, that big fish was really a big fish, so all the other things you talk about, must be true also.

Sesame Judas

Insta Like! Good work mate.

Nick Sy

Nice move from LTC trying to get into privacy. Currently CT is only available in Particl $PART. It shouldn't be difficult to implement

Nabil Amrani

You're still very naive. r/bitcoin is full of censorship and propaganda. You need to look at all the arguments. I've been following this whole debate since 2015, and you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

Scott Govoni

Walton is going to put a major dent in counterfeiting by tying physical property like authentic Coach purses to the blockchain and it's named Walton is after the founder of RFID technology.


4:45 "Incentivizing people to run their own node." It's been said by many that Bitcoin won't last long because it doesn't have this feature whereas DASH does. Thoughts anyone??


"....that's a big fish..." lol. Also, it'd driving me insane seeing your shoulder getting cut off

UKKSA Silver

Ethers Plasma is years away from implementation apparently. Watch out for the dark horse Ardor...

Ozz Bo

Love the nature backdrops. 'Relaxing'! Like your forth with! 'Ho' the big fish..? Was a tuna destined for sushi?!

Brian Tajudeen

《I hate hashtags and all that use them》
Nice vid the bitcoin civil war is very frustrating and draining I commend you for covering it as much as you have. I gave up I'm ready for the fee market. I have the exact same thoughts on EOS took a break from bothering your channel and did my own digging.. only time will tell how it goes. CRYPTODAILY > #1!!!

john winkelman

Coin-mixing is not a good method to add privacy, It adds some privacy, but not much.


I only watch this channel for the backgrounds...that waterfall one tho...

Andy Green

thanks man


5:00 very good conclusions of yours. I came up to similar ... FAKE CONSENSUS 2x you say it is about control, that is the future big fee business, miners fear they will not have the whole share of it. Nodes should get more...


Thanks for sharing your vision.

Pittsburgh HODLr

Any amount of donation would really help during a hard time, i can talk about the current situation in this forum but need help badly. Any denomination would be greatly appreciate. Thank you for your consideration and have a great holiday season!

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william mckeever

Hinges on bank vault doors to grow rusty as Bitcoin becomes more prevalent... ...

Japan knows this I am surprised the knomes of Zurich haven't picked up on this yet.

Paulo Pinto

Can you please talk about ripple and it's future on your next video?

General Ivan

The more times Bitcoin splits and hard forks the more I believe in litecoin. Bitcoin is printing coins and creating money out of thin air is unsustainable. Sure it's great for making money in the short term, but it's going endanger the whole crypto market in the long run.

Colin Brazendale

Another great video thank you.

Question: Will the new Segwit2x bitcoin not take out Bitcoin Cash? They doing the same thing re: scaling

Why the worry about Dev. There are many great Dev out there. Edison is not around anymore but we still have electricity. Graham Bell is not around but we still have phones? Mr Ford is long gone but we still have Ford cars. Huge Hefner is gone, but we still have Playboy. lol

Life goes on. I love Bitcoin, but I will adjust to what the outcome is after Nov. :)

Banana Joe

the current core devs are corrupted crooks. they are all on the payroll of blockstream digital currency group own all the news outlets like coindesk control reddit. payed Twitter trolls etc. don't fall for it


Walton,your right Playa what a Name for a Coin,,Rappers will be Pissed when those Fiat Notes wont make it Rain

Edward Young

"...[scaling by hard fork is] nothing about consensus and everything about control". Well said (#NO2X)


Can you make a video on Cloakcoin please?


Walton is the name of the guy that invented RFID. And RFID is MASSIVELY important in China because they don't have the copyright protection that we have in the West, meaning they have a huge problem with counterfeit products, even baby food.


Hi like your Chanel just saw this latest vid, but I think you need to do some more research on ethereum. Not the solution you and many others think it is. The EEA is not the public block chain it is the private ethereum block and not the price you are looking at on coin market cap. Other than ico's it has not real use cases. It also has to have a trade off in terms of the price of the gas to fuel the daps deployed on it and so economically make no sense for the price too be to high. Keep up the great work.

Ezequiel Abergo

Really nice video man, love the analysis of different coins and always the humor man! Keep it up!

Apartment Manager

any idea whether WaltonCoin is a WalMart project? ! know they were working on getting rfid chips onto every product on their shelves. They also buy most of their stuff from China and, of course, the name is not descriptive of what the coin is for, but it is named after the WalMart family

Stuart McWhorter

12:23 "Who names their coin Walton?" ...In light of the fact that the project is focused on RFID enabled supply chain logistics, I don't suppose it would take a great leap of faith to assume it might have something to do with the family name behind the founder of Walmart/Sam's Club (largest U.S. employer behind the pentagon at least a few years ago anyway). A "Big Fish" indeed ... now being carved up in the shade of Amazon and other components of the emerging behemoth that is the online retail sector. Cheers


EOS so undervalued, I really think were gonna see it take off. Waiting for this long ICO phase to finish and then will be waiting for the moon! Great vid as usual my man.


I recommend you put yourself on the other side of the screen so we can see what you're showing us .

BTW I love your videos creativity and and the info. you provide us all


RFID is used for contactless debit cards, door access cards / key fobs, that kind of stuff

Rex Scott


TheCoinBros Bitcoin ATM's

"Veritasium showing up for work again" lol...


best article here explained by Bitcoin Core dev about why the original 1mb block size for bitcoin is a necessary secutiry feature for decentralisation - https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/decentralist-perspective-bitcoin-might-need-small-blocks-1442090446/

Kevin MacKay


Andrew Beard

Absolutely love this channel... perfect amount of humor and honest information

Rob Hannum

no discussion needed.. invest in what you want.. may the best coin win!

Wayne Johnson

Where you get your stock footage it's really nice!

No Crumbs for dogs

Can you give me more sources to follow on the scaling debate? It totally confuses me!

BTC has this problem! BTC has that problem! Why can't BTC solve these problems? It confuses me... it's not logical.

Edit: Roger Ver is being such a pric :E

Neo Matrix

Walton price is falling some, I guess because of the new about SK banning ICO's. Walton is based in Korea.

john winkelman

Fork = NOT free money... Tokens ain't worth shit until you put them on an orderbook you can trade them against. What a fool think it's worth. If it's scarce and has a USECASE, it has some value.

Bruce Mason

I love your sense of humor and your insight. Could you explain in layman’s terms what the future is for altcoins with countries like China and now S. Korea banning ICOs? Thanks. You rock!


Great video. Thank you. Can you do one on Ardor? Which wallet to use?

Jiany Star Massa vich

This is unfortunate but as it grows you'll have these a holes trying to get in. Best is if the users don't follow

Jacques Hugo

Dude, get your own talk show, please! :-D


a video about LISK would be wonderful! sidechains and shit.


Yes to all BTC forks. Free money for BTC holders and more competition for BCH miners. We need all the forks we can get to make BTC stronger. Forks are not hurting BTC it's the opposite.

roberto solano

This guy is a sellout ....


Hehe, that's me. The like comes first, then the watching.

If you'll keep your style, i'll watch them all ;-)


X. Li

is this scum web ICO ? someone know it ? looks like insiders werk tor trick people.


Mr Jones

Always sound info and funny. You breath entertainment. You have my friend what they call a gift. Thanks. You make my day.

Esti P

I'm not in this for the money. More for the revolution


Hi Crypto Daily, love your show. How come the price is much lower than market price on EOS scan? I dont get it.


No, thank you, CD! I'm always enjoying your videos ?

Marc Miser

The best of all


Can't Core write a code that blocks further hard forks. It needs to be done. It might not be extra money again, this time bitcoin could lose value. This is really bad stuff.


Love to listen to your ramblings :) they have a lot of merit.

The real MacGyver

so pro 2x was the good guys right?


this channel rocks. that is all.

Glyne Martin

+Crypto Daily Would LOVE to hear your comment on this article, i thought it made interesting reading and maybe exposed a few variables that some may not be aware. https://coingeek.com/blockstream-the-coordinated-effort-to-undermine-bitcoin/

Brian Eppert

Enjoy your channel, saw things the same way regarding scaling debate at one point. It's an appealing story, initially convincing and if you mainly look at /r/bitcoin you'll get lots of confirmation. But the bitcoin core repo is not a meritocracy, what's merged and release is controlled by a very few like-minded individuals.

They see things from an engineering perspective and seem to feel bitcoin needs to be advanced off chain immediately, but many of the economic actors (miners, exchanges, merchants) make up this miraculous equilibrium that current investment value you recognize are (or were, and will soon again) suffering. You may not feel it as an investor, but your value would be severely reduced if real-world usage and market share continue to decline.

2X fork may have become about control due to Core devs years of neglecting the growth of historical economic structure. But the reason this fork or the next will have support is the pain that 1MB has and will cause.


Remember that at the moment most people have to buy bitcoin to then buy BitCoin Gold

Bitcoin Jedi

"Thats a Big Fish"......... Brilliant!

sumitri deva

That video makes me want to lose ALL my money on Paragon Coin! Oh yeah! The eggs, the eggs....

Hero's Journey Therapy

Hey man, good stuff. Curious about the app/program you use for the the video content and backgrounds. I'm a therapist and I'd like to start providing mental health content in a similar fashion. Thank you.

Great Gazoo

Like your channel..... Have you any info on Veritaseum?

Blockchain Dude

Blockchain transactions explained infographic. In this episode of Blockchain Dude a short as possible explanation of Blockchain. More specific Blockchain Transactions

Jon Binki

wow you have been very successfully brainwashed in those 3 months since you discovered Bitcoin... Please make some effort too dive back into the debate starting in 2011.... The people that have brainwashed you are the people that have gained despotic control over Bitcoin, not the other way around. 2X will happen, and it is needed. YES TO SEGWIT 2X


LOL! Roger Ver's site is full of shit again :) Had a laugh on that one.

Mike Fomichev

Mate it is always pleasure to watch

Mark Ford

Who would name their symbol World Trade Centre?


This is a smart guy.


Charles Walton is the inventor of RFID chips... Walton Coin is named after Charles "Walton"...


My man!

Michael S Maloney

Relieved to see you coming to the correct conclusion regarding 2X. It's true, 'Knowledge will set you free'. #No2X

Marvi Rafael Montecillo

anyone knows when eos will be online?

Charlie Fairchild

Any idea when the onG token distribution will take place?


The Waltons.....Where's Johnboy???

Mark Freeman

If the b2x regime really cared about scaling, they would create an alt-coin based on Bitcoin. They just want to take control of Bitcoin for themselves. Nothing illegal with forking of course but the community see this as somewhat hostile takeover with no real justification other than a power grab. Any thoughts>?

Xerathiel vi Darquise

I see Bitcoin as a Number and a value showing the amount of Energy/Time used to produce it. The same can be applied to Transactions. If the transaction blocks are Harder to compute they should get more reward :thinking:


I really like how you are in all your videos. Keep it up

Mr Jones

Forgot to say a big thanks about VIBE recommendation. Did not know them at all. Solid team there. Great project. Canadian. Excited for their future.

Fire Up

EOS = Scaling, Free, Smart contracts that you and I can set up, other crypto companies will want to build upon EOS because of all these things.


14:52, reminded me of MasterTainment... the sense if humor :)

Wingo DK

Thanks for the info, great job

Yohan G.K.



Thanks for making this video. Let's support the No2X movement! So important for bitcoins future...


What do you mean when you say layer 2 solution?


Segwit FTW!


Hey Crypto Daily, ... Any comments/suggestion/opinion on this new mining ICO: https://affinitymining.io/. Did a quick scan, I find their mining sites to be in the region of Scandinavian. Not sure if they have cheapest electricity. They say they will use state of the art ASIC miners. But in FAQ, I find this: Question> When will the first quarterly pay-out be issued? Answer> Within 8 weeks after the close of the ICO. This timeline is entirely dependent on the miner manufacturers ability to supply large volumes of miners on short notice. So, we are 100% sure if they will start to mine... Depends on how weak/strong competition is. Thus your comments will be helpful. They claim an expectation of 15% per month growth... if fully funded


I've taken to watching your videos at least twice just make sure I get everything. Never gets old. How do you you do that, I wonder. Brilliant.

The Space Between

I think guy must have spent his whole life in board school...

Jeremy Ng

Question: Do I required to have bitcoin cash or original bitcoin in my wallet in order to be able to entitle for the hardforked new version of bitcoin which expecting to born in October?

Vinicius Rodrigues Sant Anna

You're the best!!! lolol


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INDIA No.2 X.Borg Perfect Gameplay! Unstoppable Blue Storm X Borg

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mrinmoi das

Bhal game play



No Squad

superb gameplay .

Henry Lenthang

Xborg on fireeee mannn he OP with the right build. Thanks for sharing mann ????❤️

lohit treon

Bhai moi aji mobile legeng t massege kora lora tu jerry lemon linex subscrib korisu de channel tu muk 1 ta skin dibi

Roy Uchiha

What a nub.

Mintu Dey

Any one from assam

Ningee loui

Nuub cancer I can play better than him


I m also from..india ..#AXOM MLBB..