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Posting to a Ledger

59 397 views | 14 May. 2017

How to post journal

How to post journal entries to a general ledger.

Jahziel Peralta

I have a question, why is your voice so pretty? Thanks for the tutorial ^^

Chad _

Waiit why is the accounts payable in jan 21 credited? Didn’t the 2000 value decreased to 0? And since it decreased shouldn’t it be placed in debit?

(Im Accounting noob here and i just wnna know)

B lalith Anjan

Thank you with your help I was able to complete my assignment


great tutorial, thank you!

Regular Bloke

did you divide one worksheet in two or you opened two separate worksheets in one window in this clip ?


I have these as my activities and i really don't get the balance in the ledger, But you really help me! Thank youuu, you're a life saver teacher


I need some basic pls , can u suggest or pin the link below pls

Hai H.

e3 2019

Crude Yeoja

I just had these as my assignment thank you so much life saver!!!


Why are the fees earned balance is on the crefit side aren't they considered an asset therefore increased in debit? And thank you so much for your effort ?


Is there a video on how you are closing the ledger accounts?

Guiamona Sapalon

If the accounts payable is both credit what will i do?

Igiraneza Omega

Thank you very much!


Thank you so much for posting this video ?im in online class and my teacher just told us we should just read the modules/book by ourselves and watch youtube if we want to learn :( your video is a life saver! i can easily understand the lessons now ❤️❤️

Jasonbryan reyes

Baka pwede po patulong to pakisagot


What about items category

Leandro Norcio

Hi, can I ask if we also post contra accounts to the ledger?

Chef Squeeza

Is there a way you and I can connect, communicate via email? Please let me know. I am so loving your instructions. I did well when I was in school but it has been a while since then. I'm sure you know the real world and school are two different things. I understand the concepts of the educational world, but that real world scenario is a whole other animal! I am so glad I stumbled upon this channel! I am now a subscriber!!!

Mel Dom

Hi! I just wanted to say thank you so much!! You are so much better than my instructor. I am in Acct. 101, and all my instructor says is "read the book." I basically have to teach myself how to do everything and I came across your page and found so much relief. Thank you for making this fun and easy to learn!! <3

Richard Garcia

Thank youuuu. I already done my assignment❤️


So basically, Post ledger is just the balance of the overall entries?

Just Someone

What to do you put on the 'item' column?

luis crespo

hot ones

Hanan F

Love all your videos. Please, what software are you using? I have mac so I use Numbers, but I can't create a ledger that updates the balance.

Ahsan Habib

Thanks! Very useful ....Could you please upload this worksheet as an Excel file........

Yashasvi Sah

thank you so much

Mary Oo

thank you so much
it was help alot to solve my problem

Mrs. Tee

I must say, the instructor on here is some much simple than what the school I attend video shows. I have gotten a much clear understanding on how to do a journal and ledger, and now need the trail balance sheet. My school instructor has not been so helpful when asking common sense questions on accounting. She states to read the book and "Have you watched any of the videos in the study guide?" Like seriously! There's this one instructor teaching Journaling, Ledger, and Trial Balance on video and it seem as if she doesn't have a clue on what she's saying nor teaching to others. It seem as if the school grabbed her off a street corner and told her "If you can understand the ins and outs on what I'm going to briefly show you, you can teach this Accounting course". Ugh- Wrong. I find this video sooooo much better and hope to find the trail balance, because she breaks things down way much better than the pulled off the side of the road instructor.... Thanks for the video!



Era Alexandre

Hi I'm a Financial Accounting student, I made a miscalculation in my Cash account and now i have one debit and one credit of the same amount. I know i'm suppose to subtract the two. But I couldn't catch on to how you subtract when it's both the same.(both debit and credit are $3950) Do i just put zero and move on to the next ?

YaBoi Sakuga

What do you do if there are 3 accounts that you have to post over?

The ledger.com

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Bitcoin Hardware Wallet | How to Use the Ledger Nano & Ledger Live App

105 views | 13 Dec. 2020

Step by Step

Step by Step instruction:

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In this video we explain and teach step by step:

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Secondly, we download and install the Ledger Live software together. The application used to read data from your new Hardware Wallet.

Third, we show you in detail:

1. How to Buy Cryptocurrency

2. How to Sell Cryptocurrency

3. How to Receive Cryptocurrency

4. How to Send Cryptocurrency

5. How to Swap Cryptocurrency

6. How to Lend Cryptocurrencies

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iMi Blockchain

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The ledger.com

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Accounting Fundamentals | Posting to the Ledger

5 857 views | 31 Aug. 2017

Mark Farber explains the

Mark Farber explains the next step after journalizing: posting to the ledger. This step ensures that we transfer the entries in the journal to the accounts in the ledger. The ledger is a complete record of transactions over a company’s lifetime.


Next Video -

Accounting Fundamentals | Trail Balance


Previous Video –

Accounting Fundamentals | Journalizing


hani tube አካውንቲንግ አስተማሪ

Best thank you

Mikee L

thank you!!