Todays stock winners

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Jim Cramer: 18 Stock picks worth owning here over the S&P 500

170 445 views | 15 Apr. 2020

"Rule number one for the

"Rule number one for the new abnormal is that you stick with the winners and you leave the raggedy rest to the others," the "Mad Money" host said.

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Mr Qadaffi

let me guess, bear stearns? just kidding

OC Vegas Property

Oh God, here he goes again. Picking stocks that are already pretty much maxed out. Picking winners that have already won... Great job Cramer!

Erik S

You really notice he is short the market!

When days that the market is down, he is way more happy.

And jokes about “wet markets” arent okay....

Leif Johnson

Anyone who invests in the stock market is an idiot. It's all insider trading.

Andreas Janßen

You only need Amazon ...the only share you need ...


One of the best recommendations Jim Cramer has given in a long time. ?

Ron Krikorian

Cramer! Quit bankrupting people!

Marin Boban

Please, someone, put subtitles so everyone can understand the BS that comes from his mouth. He sounds drunk all the time.

Mr Lebowski

If i could get calls and puts on Cramers advice changing weekly I'd be loaded

Mario P

short everything this man says to go long and vice versa


Bought 20 shares of Take-two interactive stock at $99.50 and its been blessing me since ???

Money Bags

I ain't even buying anymore if it's made in China enough is enuff. p.s watched entire video walked away without one good tip or lead. This actually made me dumber. my I.Q just dropped 10 points per video.

Michael St. Pierre


Brendan Miller

says indexing garbage then goes on to list 18 large cap stocks

Veteran & Humble Analysis

Cramer changes his opinion more than an IBS victim changes their underwear

L. E


Martin Sage

Follow COT commercial traders(smart money). They are long djia


I came here to see which stocks to SELL. I think we’ve all figured out the game now.

Nicholas M.

Bruh all toxicity in the comments makes me think I’m in yahoo conversations. If you know you know.

F. De Mascio

I cannot afford most of what he suggested.

Jared Jess

Go birds

Nigel Mansell’s moustache

I hope none of my stocks are on Jim’s list

Renos Christou

So basically you are saying to not only buy stocks now that they are waaaaaayy over priced after this mini rally, but also you are giving a list of the TOP overpriced stocks, the best of the best.

This guy's a joke. No wonder why people see you with some kind of skepticism whenever you tell them that you invested in the stock market; it's because of all these crooks.

Ismihan Jusic

This guy is just pure evil. No other way to explain it.


Slow down. We need to hear what you say to do the opposite

michael del zitti

Pitching stocks while the world has collapsed.
Markets rigged, it should be below 10,000 at this point.



Rebecca Willson

I made much profits from APPL stocks.

Mike Peters

The way he slurs his words is the only thing he does well in his show.

Israel Arana

Oil and gas is not risky. This guy is full of it. Oil and gas are artificially down. It will rebound big time. And they still haven't cancelled their dividends!! Kramer is wrong 90% of the time. Just do the opposite and you'll be rich!


Jim Cramer will set you up for failure.

Brian S

Just buy Bear Stearns and you can't lose...

Robert Pascoal

Spittle lisperer.


Necrological? What a sadly great word for right now. What a vocabulary! He’s smart on everything.

Indie Fury

Yah adr stocks are not guaranteed by anything, if delisted because of political reasons you lose all your money. Sure buy stocks that are all high and lose money. Pretty ez to say buy stocks after they got a new high. buy cheap solid stocks beaten down and come back in two years.


Lotta people doggin on him saying do the opposite. Chwy, roku, AMD, Amazon, those are all good


I can recommend 500 stocks of the SP500 that will work as good

Boi Wonder

Cramer clearly does a line of coke before every episode

Mohammad Azam

I don't understand. Jim talks about the stocks to buy when they are already up. Why not buy stocks that are down and wait 2-5 years. Every stock he mention is already up %100 percent.

Crypto chacO

You should change your last name to SCAMMER!

Red Pill Renaissance

There are no BAILOUTS in Free Market Capitalism!! The Fed is Privatizing Profits, and Socializing Losses! Let the Free Markets function the way they are supposed to!! The Central Banksters and the Fed ARE THE VIRUS!!

BDT Team

Nice work Sir.


Too much coffee?

Trucker’s Hammock

S&P 500 is not 500 stocks its the best stocks out of 500 barrels biggest stocks, look at the holdings.

Daniel Semmens

Get to the point please


Jim: Kim! talk to me!
Kim: I'm at 42% losing on FDX listening to you
Jim: Surprised face Sell LOW!

Comedy o'connor

every day is Tuesday hahaha

Ron S.

18 stock picks, REALLY? It doesn’t take a genius to ‘shotgun’ 18 stock picks, a ham sandwich can do that.

Christopher George

Can we finally replace Cramer the dinosaur with someone intelligent and attractive like Alix Steel. He has no real point of view and no one wants to hear Boomers squawk anymore. @

Epicscore Eu

Hold your money, this market has 38% more to drop in the next 3 months will be a slaughter field of companies going on sale as they have stores closed.

Tyler Herbst

why not Msft and Googl ?

Russ Maxwell

He said the losers are oil and gas... Sweet, time to buy some Chevron...


Lol who would sell a stock at 42% down.... realized loss for the win

George E

Lol buy high sell low


The best part of these videos are the comments!

Dingxiang chan

Regardless of the current market situation, an investor I listened to on a podcast interview mentioned making over $687,000 in 5months with an investment of roughly $120,000, and as a beginner I would really appreciate any tips or guidelines on how to make good profit.

Harly Slamm

Jimbo is telling you to buy at a higher level! Give it a couple of weeks and he will be saying to sell at a much lower level then we are now. 16M unemployment, no problem, people more hesitant about going out to eat at restaurants or go to Cinema, no problem, until it is a problem then Jimbo will say hey I told you all these were problems.

He'll pipe on about Contact tracing as the panacea to this pandemic until someone points out how easy it is to leave the phone at home or in your car, or even easier to switch to airplane mode.

He is as clueless as many of the retail traders, but he is a good sales guy telling you what you want to hear, but he constantly keeps changing his story...

John Simpson

I remember when Kramer visited Ford and was enthusiastic about Ford. That was the high point for Ford, it dropped and dropped.


HMMM...let me tell you all the stocks at record highs that I think are doing well

GC Lee

Inverting Jim’s strategy is the best strategy

Chris H

I question the logic of those of you that get in the comments to bash the man you clicked to see...


comedy central


The reason why S&P500 index funds beat 90% of all actively managed funds year after year is that there are always sectors that underperform and others that overperform, but in aggregate, the top 500 US companies keep rising in value over time. While picking individual companies gives you the opportunity to make a big gain, just as often you will be hit with a big loss. If you diversify your portfolio with individual stocks, and you're lucky, maybe you can match, or barely beat the index. Not likely, as the pros with all their analysts fail to do so 90% of the time. As for the retail, oil, and travel stocks that are vastly underperforming, there will come a day, when they will rise hard and fast (no one knows when), if not, and those companies go bankrupt, they will be dropped from the index. That's the other thing about the index, it self corrects, dropping bad companies, and picking up new companies. In any case, you can avoid many S&P underperformers by buying QQQ. Do yourself a favor, stop listening to Jim and CNBC, though I know its addictive and feeds our unconscious urge to follow the green and red flashing lights and tickers. Instead, dollar cost average into SPY and QQQ , and dont put money in the market that you will need in the next 3-5 years.


~~ I like his general logic and he gives you things to think about. But telling us to BUY, even good companies is dangerous! Esp. since the market is ignorant to what is really going on happen to the economy (high leveraged loans too). Also a locusts swarm may be coming to you soon :) you have been warned.


Index funds don't go to zero stocks do!!!!!!


Just bought some Boeing.... hehehehe

Gamer Dad

Its simple. Buy low, sell high. Warren B. said it best. I bought nvidia stocks last week. If I see them going up 1% tomorrow i'm gonna sell and make a few hundred bucks. Why now? right?


970 morons liked this moron Результати пошуку ?


AMD you for real? with a p/e over 100 0_0

Christopher Gray

When he says
"We just had them on last week"
Makes me remember when he had Elizabeth Holmes on too

M Mercato

Doing the opposite of cramer works really good for me the last 3 weeks!


This is the guy who said “Don’t chase the rally”. Now he is advising to buy the winners, which are all on their highs...hayzzz

Blue Collar Money & Investing Channel

People are buying new Nvidia and AMD GPU to play the lastest games?
Average American: Should I upgrade my Gaming computer or buy groceries and pay rent?

Zoran C

Great list for shorting. This list will outperform market only in case of COVID-20 coming.

fraser Samuel

Cramer is manic & superficial. I don't know why he doesn't slow down.

The companies he mentions on the face of it are good choices but the valuations are so expensive. Given their prices his choices are actually extremely risky.


kroger > WMT/COST better value
forget about zoom in one year from now
LULU p/e over 40
good luck when investors get their minds back in their heads after that virus is over.


best buy is cruise stocks. 4-5x your money in 3-5 years.


NAT is over... if you didn’t buy it at $3-5, then there is no SENSE to invest now.
It cant sustain a $7-9 figure. I dumped mine at $9 today... it was a nice ride, but its over.
Now to search for the best Oil Tanker dividend and I found it with $10 CPLP. Once that hits $13, Ill flip it as well.

Boulos Hijazin

Time to shortsell

Dexter Haven

If he was a true boss, he'd say he invented FANGs and is happy it caught on. Instead, he says, "And everyone else stole" like a petty ego case. Btw, we like Billie Eilish because she's a true boss and says cool stuff...


I'm still waiting for the depression Cramer called for last week and the retest of the lows ....


Jim "Buy high, Sell Low" Cramer

Mike Crawford

he will level your account

Roger McNair

Which companies are in the best position to benefit from the upcoming baby boom? Expect it to start about December of this year.

Brendan Miller

Cramer quarantined- roku on one tv, Netflix on the other, buying his j and j toiletries off amazon while warming up a bowl of Campbell's seasoning it with some McCormick high off his canopy edibles while his tesla goes and picks up his groceries from Costco - what a joke


"President's Show" :D, I hear YOU, that is the conscience speaking :D, thank you, I love your country and it HAS TO BE SAVED!

Dexter Haven

Why does he talk like he has 20 p*ssy hairs in this mouth?

Joe Bloe

Please don't be dumb enough to listen to this FOOL— no one is LAMER than Jim Cramer!

Toms J

Basic content and definitely lacking of research and great advice.

ly van

This guy is trash


Buy when the market panics and sells when the market is greedy

Danny Kirschner

How can a man talk so much and teach so little?

Twain Johnson

this guy is obviously a puppet

Meditative Essence

Every time I listen to him, it's like he's having a stroke! Dude, slow down & enunciate! Good grief

Christopher Gray

Don't sell Bear!

Dexter Haven

Gundlach said watch out for stock indexes last year.


Just wonderful, been searching for "what is technical and fundamental analysis of stock" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Ganichael Yonharlotte Trick - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got amazing results with it.


Why so much hate folks? You can always find a timeline where a stock advice is right, and where the same advice is wrong. Chill y'all. This guy is funny :D


Nvidia doesn't make chips, they make cards, but AMD makes cards and chips and the AMD is being exclusively used in the One X (and probably ps5). IDK if that'd have an impact this holiday season, but it is something to note. Also I feel like Nvidia has something up their sleeve soon, so watching those are a fantastic idea.

Todays stock winners

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These Stocks Will Be the Market's Biggest Winners in the Vaccine-Driven Recovery

8 082 views | 17 Jul. 2020

Everyone knows that the

Everyone knows that the true economic recovery can only take place once we have a working vaccine. And when that happens, it will send a certain group of overlooked stocks soaring. Banyan Hill Editor Ted Bauman shares which “value-zone” stocks you should focus on for the biggest gains … and he’s got the charts to prove it.

Today you’ll also discover:

· The real reason “the most crowded trade in the market” has been immune to virus headlines. (6:41-10:43)

· Which types of “value-zone” stocks any smart investor should focus on right now to position themselves for big future gains. (10:43-13:37)

· The most important market indicator that will tell us that this rally is entering a new phase, fueled by a sustainable economic recovery. (6:06-6:41)

Grow and secure your wealth today no matter happens in the economy and market. Check out The Bauman Letter here: https://pro.banyanhill.com/m/1676855

Subscribe to Bauman Daily for FREE: https://banyanhill.com/bauman-daily-newsletter/ Collect steady income from the one thing big tech can't live without. Claim your FREE report here: https://research.banyanhill.com/1594163

About Me: I’m Ted Bauman, and I’m on a mission to help you take back control of your financial destiny! I’ve spent my entire life helping to put people directly in touch with the resources they need to lead a truly sovereign life — free from governmental oversight and corporate greed. You can read my insights into global economic trends in my FREE e-letter, Bauman Daily.

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/BaumanDaily/

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tedbaumanguru/


Big props to Ted for:
1. Admitting he underestimated that sentiment would continue to push the market
2. For not deleting critical comments about his videos
3. For acknowledging his role as the ringleader of the Barnum & Bailey circus. lol
I gave you a well-deserved thumbs up...

Bradley S

after months of calling for NEW lows.....and watching markets soar......it sounds as though he's finally given up ...market timing is seldom effective...I hope nobody paid him too much for THAT 'sit on the sidelines" advice

Anthony Garofolo

Buy high sell low?

lili M

Is it possible if you could write few of ETF for domestics ?

Dave Gelormino

Ted you came back from the dead!

David Yadegarians

Hi Ted,

Your really good at playing the guitar it’s nice to see you bullish the financial market is separate from reality even with 20 plus million about to get evicted in September the market will keep going higher what do you think of tent stocks they could be the next Tesla once there is massive demand for them

Chris Chacon

Now he wants people to buy, after telling everyone to stay away from the biggest rally of all time. What a master of fluff.

Mark E.

Ted, the probability of a silver bullet vaccine is very low, as recently confirmed by the Merck CEO - in fact there has NEVER been a safe and effective vaccine developed for a corona virus... To bet otherwise would be a wager, and not an investment based on likely probabilities. We are looking at a multi-year economic disruption due to covid-19.

Dave Gelormino

I am looking for small undervalued and profitable small companies. Home building may rise & cloud stocks.Cannot believed I have subscribed!


Best advice by Ted - buy and hold value small cap company with no bankruptcy risk.


I'm not into the speculative stuff either. I graduated University in 2009. The ressession really messed up me and my friends. I work in a union now not using my biology degree but get paid 4 times what I was. No pention though the old timers get one but not the millennials. Half of my friends at work had bachalors degrees and we read the stuff the fed writes as well as the IMF and OECD. A few of us subscribe to your letter because you're cautious. We have very little money or wealth. We can't afford to gamble and we need to hear from someone that is not seeing the markets through ideology. Anyway its not just old people that subscribe to your picks.

Julio marte

Very good insight Ted.

Greenwalt Ella

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Ted’s positive... it’s time to short the market :-)


Ubi trickle up economy

WisCAT Bijles

Ted Rocks big time.

Gurjant Singh

Finally, you agreed on that cash injection into the economy. Good learner. It is hard fighting the Fed and a Sikh:-)


As soon as ted started playing I clicked the like button.

Mike Smith

What would be some suggestions for what Ted is recommending? What ETFs?

Kevin Morgan

Nice. I had an '89 version of the exact same guitar. Sold it sadly...but the only way to manage GAS is to sell some now and then!!! LoL!

Soutrik Maitra

Are those some Hindu God statues on your middle book shelf?


Pretty good 2nd crash you predicted (sarcasm) lol You've conceded defeat


I always appreciate Ted's thoughts on the markets.
Nice guitars so far and nice playing to boot. You win life, Ted. ;-)

Michael Middleton

If you agree that we will not revisit the March lows (and I think you did), then I, and others who bought then, ARE enjoying the last laugh. Sorry Ted! You're a good sport though for allowing critique.

Chess Dad

I was hoping you would have played “I have the 2020s Corona investing blues”

J Valentin C

Ty TED!!!

Dave T

Ted -- good comments, BUT (big but) a lot of the news reports about covid vaccine indicate that the related anti bodies have shown have a short life span for test subjects. this would suggest that a good vaccine may be delayed for some time --- more than a year --- based on that assumption, do you see the inpatients (or general population getting used to living with covid) of consumers will affect some area more than others...... in other words does it affect info you provide in this webcast. PS nice guitar playing, look forward to you version of "stairway to heaven".

Scott Stolnitz

Ted, if the mkts ever don't work out for you, Jimmy Buffet's got nothin' on you man! Check the "rotation" btw. Nasdaq taking a breath, Russell /Dow/ Spy rotating stronger.

kevin imp

snorkeling cactus weasels

Sunny Lemming

We can now dub you "Dobro Ted."


Awesome and very insightful updates???✌ Well i will also say this here... As a trader, i so much believe we should always take advantage of every situation we find ourselves, even as the Covid-19 outbreak tends to turn a lot of people jobless. I so much advised we should get involved in cryptocurrency as an alternative to make money mostly when it comes to bitcoin trading which is a better choice right now. However, the road to successful bitcoin trading still depends on trading with a working strategy/daily signals properly backed with guidance provided by pro trader. For me, i have been trading since the last bear market with daily signals provided by Aaron Addison whose strategy/signals yielded great success so far. During my first month of trading i was able to grow my portfolio from 1.2btc to total of 6.8btc which you will say is a very good profits, no time is ever too late to start buying and grow a very strong portfolio ahead of the major bull market. Aaron can be reach via Whatspp: (+17142945732) and Telgram @Aaron_signal77 for inquiries into profitable trading systems

Saad Khan

Love that sg cricket bat

P. Maldini

Hey Ted , we are still waiting for that crash , looks like we have missed a gold mine cause of your dooms day prediction?but i get it , people buy bad news more than good news


May the stonks be with you


I thought once for and all Ted made sense and giving him benefit of doubt I sold my nasdaq stocks and bought value stocks but guess what happened nasdaq was up over 200 points and the value stocks I bought is heading south. Long live Ted (shaking my head).

CB Bohn

So tough to nail the correct pitch when playing slide. This channel is generating diminishing returns, so I am going to unsubscribe. Two months ago, I was thinking seriously about ponying up the money for Ted's newsletter. But for now, I am going to pass. Thanks for the info so far.

Todays stock winners

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How I Made $2,500 Today On Penny Stock Earnings Winners

13 698 views | 15 May. 2015

What a crazy few

What a crazy few weeks...take advantage of our 50% off sale ending in 48 hours http://tim.ly/timbirth & http://tim.ly/bdaytim

Joel Loikkanen

where do you see how many ppl are long or short on the stock? special place on etrade pro or a website or something like that? thx!


Is it possible to start trading and join your program while i'm 15 ;)


this cant be real life

John Smith

Hey Tim, how could you be sure that a multi month breakout and positive earnings would be enough for the stock to rise pass the resistance with it tumbling back down, afterall the srock has been going down continuesly for the past couple of months. I'm talking about NES

anthony hunter

This is freaking amazing

Jamie Aum

def badder but safer than the balding lot


I am interested in joining.. I want to make that kind of money!

Michael Wade

What software is this?


Just opened up a brokerage account and really excited to start trading. Im almost done with Tim sykes how to make millions. Also started watching videos from Nathan Michaud and Tim grittani, good shit!! Thanks for the videos guys!!!!!!!


Great Video thank you tim!!

Frank Rasmussen

Your so [email protected] awesome.


Best resource on his website - http://profit.ly/guru/timothysykes?aff=5850


Teach me the ways lol