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Waiter Wallet Instructional Video | Server Organzier Book

4 173 views | 3 May. 2016

See why the

See why the Waiter Wallet is the number one rated restaurant organizer book for waiters, waitresses, cocktail servers, and bartenders.

Why work harder? Be more organized. Sell and earn more every shift with the ultimate waiter and waitress server book!


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CONTACT 2995 55th Street | #17193 | Boulder, CO 80308

Servers wallet

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Bitcoin Q&A: Wallets, Nodes, and Monetary Sovereignty

7 592 views | 24 Jan. 2019

Should you run a full

Should you run a full node with a hardware wallet like Trezor? What are the main factors to monetary sovereignty? Self-validation of the consensus rules and controlling your own keys. What are the issues with using a custodial wallet or a block explorer? What is BIP-174?

More about Electrum wallet: https://electrum.org/#home

More on Electrum Personal Server: https://github.com/chris-belcher/electrum-personal-server

More on Trace Mayer's monetary sovereignty initiative: https://www.proofofkeys.com/

More on BIP-174: https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0174.mediawiki

CORRECTION: At 3:59, I mistakenly named "Bitblocks" as a hardware wallet. It is not a hardware wallet. I meant to say "BitBox."

This question is from the December monthly subscriber session, which took place on December 15th 2018. If you want early-access to talks and a chance to participate in the monthly live Q&As with Andreas, become a patron: https://www.patreon.com/aantonop


How do I choose a wallet? - https://youtu.be/tN6b62sEpsY

Secure, tiered storage system - https://youtu.be/uYIVuZgN95M

Hardware wallets and attack surface - https://youtu.be/8mpDcBfNA7g

Setting up secure storage devices - https://youtu.be/wZ9LxLLvfXc

What is a private key? - https://youtu.be/xxfUpIV9wRI

How do mneomonic seeds work? - https://youtu.be/wWCIQFNf_8g

Using paper wallets - https://youtu.be/cKehFazo8Pw

Wallet design and mass adoption - https://youtu.be/WbZX6BDZJHc

Cryptographic primitives - https://youtu.be/RIckQ6RBt5E

Public keys vs. addresses - https://youtu.be/8es3qQWkEiU

Re-using addresses - https://youtu.be/4A3urPFkx8g

Passphrases and seed storage - https://youtu.be/jP7pEgBpaO0

Coin selection and privacy - https://youtu.be/3Ck683CQGAQ

Multi-signature and distributed storage - https://youtu.be/cAP2u6w_1-k

Nonces, mining, and quantum computing - https://youtu.be/d4xXJh677J0

Is quantum computing a threat? - https://youtu.be/wlzJyp3Qm7s

Spam transactions and Child Pays For Parent - https://youtu.be/t3c0E4fkSNs

Orphan blocks and stuck transactions - https://youtu.be/MsdW0CTYwyY

Miners, pools, and consensus - https://youtu.be/JHz7LM4ncLw

Software distribution security - https://youtu.be/_V0vqy046YM

Protocol development security - https://youtu.be/4fsL5XWsTJ4

Geopolitics and state-sponsored attacks - https://youtu.be/htxPRTJLK-k

Sanctions and censorship resistance - https://youtu.be/DeXe5eGRl7E

How to get people to care about security - https://youtu.be/Ji1lS9NMz1E

Honest nodes and consensus - https://youtu.be/KAhY2ymI-tg

Why running a node is important - https://youtu.be/oX0Yrv-6jVs

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and respected figures in bitcoin.

Follow on Twitter: @aantonop https://twitter.com/aantonop

Website: https://antonopoulos.com/

He is the author of two books: “Mastering Bitcoin,” published by O’Reilly Media and considered the best technical guide to bitcoin; “The Internet of Money,” a book about why bitcoin matters.

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MASTERING BITCOIN, 2nd Edition: https://amzn.to/2xcdsY9

Translations of MASTERING BITCOIN: https://bitcoinbook.info/translations-of-mastering-bitcoin/

THE INTERNET OF MONEY, v1: https://amzn.to/2ykmXFs

THE INTERNET OF MONEY, v2: https://amzn.to/2IIG5BJ

Translations of THE INTERNET OF MONEY:

Spanish, 'Internet del Dinero' (v1) - https://amzn.to/2yoaTTq

French, 'L'internet de l'argent' (v1) - https://www.amazon.fr/Linternet-largent-Andreas-M-Antonopoulos/dp/2856083390

Russian, 'Интернет денег' (v1) - https://www.olbuss.ru/catalog/ekonomika-i-biznes/korporativnye-finansy-bankovskoe-delo/internet-deneg

Vietnamese, 'Internet Của Tiền Tệ' (v1) - https://alphabooks.vn/khi-tien-len-mang

MASTERING ETHEREUM (Q4): https://amzn.to/2xdxmlK

Music: "Unbounded" by Orfan (https://www.facebook.com/Orfan/)

Outro Graphics: Phneep (http://www.phneep.com/)

Outro Art: Rock Barcellos (http://www.rockincomics.com.br/)

Join the aantonop Channel: https://aantonop.io/joinaantonopyt

Brian Meeker

So after all btc is mined, how will transactions be confirmed without miners. Will btc be less secure?

j lucid

Use "Sign without sending" option on Trezor. Then copy transaction signature and broadcast it from your node using "sendrawtransaction"

Dev Inglis

How do I set up a node to run bitcoin? I thought it was a pow coin

leo dec


Nilutpal Choudhury

Smashed the like

Hornfel Bstorm

I love you! Thank you for all that your doing!


I learn a lot from you AA. Thanks again.


It would be great if you did a video discussing the merits of BCHSV and possible drawbacks from a technological perspective and how it compares to BTC.

Up In The North

Thanks Andreas!


Thank you Andreas, one of the best vidoes !

Adam Ritter

Another solution you can do is to use the software provided by Trezor, but import the read-only BIP32 keys to Bitcoin Core, and check that you really recieved the money (for sending there's no need for checking, as it doesn't require full trust).

Todor Slavchev

Thank you for the video

First Last

+Aantonop since all private keys are 64 charachters. What makes a key specific for a currency? How can 2 currencies be compatible with 1 private key. Hope u can answer me thanks

Navid Dadkhah

Why would someone dedicate a computer, electricity and bandwidth to run a node and don't get paid? In bitcoin only miners are supposed to run nodes and they get paid.

Jeff Rome

When will Bitcoin evolve? Can it really though? Or are Alt coins the real future for this space?

Wu Flu Atju

I'm running a full node, but NOT using it for transactions, for the simple reason, that if I get hacked, and they somehow get my entire D:\BTCCore folder, I've lost my Bitcoin. Haven't I?
Using a Trezor, even if they break in and steal it, they still can't get they keys. I'm using both password and pass-phrases.
I really wish the Core team would support hardware wallets directly. Obviously, I have no idea what it takes to do that. Maybe their time is just better spent elsewhere. But it would be the optimal solution, wouldn't it? Owning your keys, validating your own transactions. Will look into Electrum.

Cj Reichel

multi camera skills lol


Best video on the Internet.

Fast ETH

Regarding nodes, what is your opnion about Vite's node ?

Martin Carter

Samourai wallet allows you link wallet to your node, but not to a Casa node because you need to edit files which you cant get at on Casa at the moment.

Servers wallet

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Electrum Wallet and Server (+ Bitcoin Core Workshop)

706 views | 29 Jun. 2020

Gustavo Flores Echaiz,

Gustavo Flores Echaiz, Veriphi's head of Product and Research, presents how to use Electrum Wallet, the many available Electrum Server options at your disposal and how to link it to your Bitcoin Core Node.

Finally, some Bitcoin Core GUI tricks and tips will be presented, particularly revolving around secure usage (multi-signature and hardware wallets).

The slides can be accessed here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VhSyj-pJAnbYYJT3W3keBazSCnulbcxq/view?usp=sharing

Francois Harris

Is it possible for anyone to join in on the webinar when you do them, or is it a pay thing?