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How to Fight Someone Bigger and Stronger Than You - The Trick To Beating Larger Opponents

6 507 680 views | 19 Oct. 2015

Fighting bigger, stronger

Fighting bigger, stronger opponent is not as tough as you might think. With the right techniques, it gets a lot easier. This video will teach you the trick to fighting someone bigger and stronger than you, and ideally winning every single time.

This video is part one of a mini-course on "How to Fight a Larger Opponent" which you can find for FREE at http://howtofightnow.com/how-to-fight-a-larger-opponent/. Click on this link, and sign up for the free course... you'll be glad that you did.

Part 2. Will give you a ridiculously powerful front kick

Part 3. Will show you the best ways to FINISH a fight someone bigger and stronger

Part 4. Will show you how to master these moves and the strategy at hand.

Enjoy the course!

Richard Schreiner

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Krome Syo

He grabbed my foot and flipped me?


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Football Kid

Nah I just wanna beat my brother

aryan Sehgal

Step1:knock him by a punch on neck
Step2:hide the deadbody


Yeah, nice show, in the training room, if he catches you in a bus or some other smaller space, he's gonna wave your ass like it's a flag.

fish man

One of my friends always trys to hit me but then i extend my arm and then i choke him his arm cant even reach me its fun

James King

You are awesome bro the way you teach reminds me of my dad I thank thats hella cool my dad was in the air force for 23 years he would teach hand to hand combat.

Maratib Ali

Intro was amazing??

santiago gomaz

If you are in a boxing fight the only thing that you can do is take the hits, that's why i recomend muaytai a little bit more

Gamer's Path

I'm here because I recently had this sparring partner, about 3 inches taller than me and outweighs me by at least 50 lbs... hit him with some crisp hard clean shots tried to kick his lead leg but the problem is he kept taking those shots and he kept coming forward and I found it at times very overwhelming, I even hit a spinning back kick to the stomach and nothing man (insta - christain.chausse)


when I tried to kick my brother he just got my leg and tossed me on the floor lmao

Midnight Climax

Leg kick, left jab, leg kick, fient, dodge, over hand right then shoot for the take down or trip him while grabbing him and ground and pound


Great breakdown and we see this allot in the UFC, keeping distance through kicks, well done!


I want to beat up people who irritate me badly and I know I can kill them on the spot with the knowledge I have in fighting however I am too scared to inflict someone pain due to my parents showing me the state of the world in other countries such as syria which makes me feel sad to actually hit someone

unholy wet wipe

Me a big guy: ok so... dont fight


I like how they slapped Casey webb in tge beginning

Amber V

I’ve had people try to kick me and I just grab their leg and flip them onto their ass. It’s not too smart lol

Sam Amor

2:18 When my dad and uncle drunk after a night swimming and karaoke


Damn my grandpa didn’t see this 10 piece


Everyone's bigger than I am.

The Extremist

You are the most realistic among the rest. Thanks for the tips


They will just grab your leg then take you down

Preet yadav

Who's hear after beated by friend

Rafael Silguero

Looks good until they grab your leg


Just remember this, if someone bigger that you they usually don't punch but they try to grab and tackle you. So, to prevent this happen keep your distance.

30 days body transformation

Who else wants to kill their neighbour and his family ??

Rodriguez Thiago

In a street, fight the stronger opponent would most probably grab you and try to take you to the ground

Call Me Greasy

This 12 gauge bouta slap


gun or bomb.

Nagito Komaeda

If the big guy is an martial art artist, he probably lower his stance and protect his lower part of their body


Who else has an older brothers

aryan Sehgal

Me:after watching these. fights with bully wins the fight and Atlast get bitten by mom

Mike Smith

I've seen somebody in a street fight try kicking his opponent. It was a devastating result, the guy grabbed his foot then got him to the ground, got on top and beat the hell out of him. Also, sometimes in a streetfight you don't always have room to run around avoid his swings.

Raymond Acance

Okay okay... time try this on Brock Lesnar

z k

Are you stipe's cousin or somethin lmao

Rigoberto Mendoza

lol im finna playfight in saturday

Krisz Tóth

The problem is when your opponent grabs your leg during front kick.
It happened to me. Its does not feel good...
I instantly had a quick meeting with the ground xd
I was lucky because im good at ground...

Chaipod Yusakon

When fighting a bigger guy show him that u r scare, look for a rock, a big stick, bottles, glass etc.Beat his leg if u have a stick. If u r a good runner, make him chase u, bounce back n kick his ass after running quite a distance. Big guy tires easily. There's one experience. About 10 of us used everything we can find on the street, raining on this 6 ft 5 inches monster. In the end our best fighter landed in hospital with 3 broken ribs. Our opponent is a pro wrestler...lol. one thing, learn to be street smart, always stay alert on the street, take out your keys when you r walking at night. I've been round the world n never get stuck in any situation, not because I am a good fighter, but I am super street smart...like the window shopping glass can save your life.....true

Warren Hare

A kick that is not going to stop somebody bigger and stronger than yourself is only going to get you knocked out


I'm 4'9 in 7th grade. Hopefully this will work


0:53 my dad when i get a A and not a A+ on my math test


But he can take your leg, lift you up and throw you to the floor

Mehl's Dad

Little dude kicks big dude....big dude grabs leg...little dude screwed.

jim rudolph

Better yet, front kick to the groin and it’s over.


Or you know right in the nuts

Bill Bodie

What if you’re in Close Quarters.. then what ?

Aman Singh

This actually works.
I even fight 5 bullies and now they're in the hospital

Visiting me.

insan3 russ1an69

When u kick, can’t ur opponent just grab ur leg and take you down? If yes how can u avoid that.

Forza Addict

I know this video was made ages ago but wouldn’t, if they are paying attention, they realize your front kicking then they grab your leg and sweep you and then boom your on your back and you have a big guy towering you and your on your back

Newton Tiger

I like your humour from this editing

Hamza Mustafa

Thanks now my older brother don't stand a chance

Rick Marek

Why don’t you snap kick in the groin you can’t grow muscles there.

wow wee

Dad...where the hell r you?

Undertale Fan777

What happens if the opponent catches the kick

Joes Bros

Heads up, don’t always use a kick, if the dude catches your kick, then your up for a good punch-in-the-balls

Mick Plomp

First Thing I learned in fights while being a really Small guy, let them throw the kicks, then you can grab the leg and have a Real advantage. You can pull them in for more strikes or Floor them and go Ham. So yeah kicks suck and are Simple to beat

ben dover

What If you cant run around and your being cornered ?

Jurre Blom

thanks, my sister has autism and we have fights on a regualr base, she is very big and well, im not that big, and i end up losing most of the time due to her having longer arms etc, now i can beat her i hope

salma abdeghany

The problem with the kick is that the opponent can hold my leg in mid air and make me not kick them

Bobby Jones

Ok so what if he rush yo ass ?

SamYeAn drawer

Know boxing but im here because some large dude was being aggresive af like pushing, shoving hes lot older than me and has alot of muscle mass whilst im just tall and skinny altough im pretty sure he doesnt know how to fkin fight

I hate ice age baby

my little 5’10 body vs my 6’8 friend in jujitsu

Pippy Dimi

I'm just a little bitch thats why I'm here


this isnt too bad

Khy Mody

Lets be honest here only like 10% of us watching this video are practicing the rest are just gonna try to remember when the fight happens.


This doesn't help when they throw side kicks from like miles away, then when you close the distance they tackle you.

zerks w key

I had a fight and I knew I found have done better it’s just I didn’t I should have hit more I was less confident I only hit infer in the face

jaden blackhat


your mom

Grab the leg after dumbasses foot bounces off your chest and just proceed to break and crush at your content

Chris Williams

now i wanna play some tekken and mortal kombat also this lesson is going to help me with spacing and wiffing


Haha im a thai fighter pretty short 5'7 lol i like to friendly spar alot and all my friends box but all my friends are taller than me so im tryna figure out how go deal with them cuz i cant use kicking and knee techniques in a boxings sparring matches haha

Here I Stand

Wtf am I watching. U can kick shovel head? But what if he kicks you, better yet why doesn't shovel head grab that leg from the slow ass front kick you keep throwing, use his weight and take you down....this is the worst I have ever seen. Don't listen to this you will get beat down if you throw that front kick and they grab it

Siddiqa Fatima

Thanks my cousin always bullys me and I beatvhis ass

MNI Player

i just love fighting because i havent lost since i was 7 its ez to win every fight just do 200 push ups every day

ThEkOnArTiS 868

Thanks for landing me in jail


Just image some dudes fighting you and you just start kicking but then he grabs your leg and tosses you...

Blueberry coywolf

I'm already a match for my brother now I can take him down 100% of the time

Heinz Krupps

You can literally Gerry out of missy alteration by not being a fucking moronic Neanderthal. This video promotes chest puffing bs. Don't listen to this fuck. Choose an instructor who promotes defusing nonsense. Ego WILL get you KILLED.


IM small as f and I’m fighting god dam majj am buu fat version from dragon ball z when ever he walks it gives me a headache

Clay Spartan

"4:05-5:09"...... Why kikcking the abdom when you can easily kick the groin/balls Bam! End of fight big guy on the floor small guy on the run ??

Michal Slavíček

it's all about the distance. It will not work in the elevator.

StaTiC Lucid

You kick them till they grab ur leg and you’re like oh sh*t

Steve Hinch

fucking easy....just shoot them


India me to shirt pakadke maarte hai bhai

Niaz zazai

Ya my dad beats the f out of me so I'm gonna do the same thing


The Greatest intro, ever.

alaa Ds

there is high chance im gettin pickin up a fight tomorrow, im in 12th grade 17 and 18 Year-Olds , im 5'10 160 lb , and im fighting a 210 pounds 5'11 or 6' guy
,he is so stupid and dumb bro , hes very bad in every subject , and he can't socialize , hes's threatining me bcs i moved to their class , and he says that he doesn't like new members (as a threat) , probably gonna try to attack me tomorrow


really apreciate this now i can kill my family


Am seeing to this to beat my FUCKING piece of shit Brother.
He is angry for no reason at all times.


"What, you put down your rock, and I put down my sword, and we try and kill each other like civilized people?"
"I must admit the odds are slightly in your favor at hand-fighting..."

Sadaf Mahmood

What if the big guy drops a front kick?




When you front kick you have got to be careful he could grab your leg and elbow it easily

Larry Smellbutts

I’m about to beat my big brother

Oyinkile June

come here if you are about to get into a fight

Empire Randumb

I'm 17 years old and 5'9, 153-163 pounds, fairly skinny, minor muscle mass. I've only been in one or two fights and every one I did pretty good before it was broken up. I know how to punch and I'm fast and I'm really good at grappling but I don't have a great diet and I stopped lifting weights and exercising for the most part. I have no combat training and very little experience. I just want some tips on what to do because I'm aware I can mess someone up that's skinny and even my weight, but there are giants everywhere that have insane muscles and wrestle. What should I do if I get in a fight? How do I, if it happens, handle a confrontation with one of these dudes and not get sauced?


I found out my sister and my little cousins were taken advantage of by my uncle who's 2 or 3 years older than me and I swear to all that is holy I'm gonna get strong just to beat the fucking hell out of this guy

Richard Cole


brayden allen

Dues this work for school gight


I think Canelo watched this before fighting Callum Smith.


You teach great practical for ppl don't know much. Ya don't leave home without my front kick. My brother is larger than me and of course as all brothers do we have gotten in few fights but I remember him trying throw a Haymaker very angrily like lot ppl do in street fights best thing is try stay calm I have my own thing I do you do what works for you.. anyways I used this on him about 3 times b4 taking him down to ground b4b having our mother stop us. We where young . But sometimes you might not have room to move and in those cases if you have any wrestling take them down but be smart time your entry you might have make them believe your going throw hands because on the floor their size is negated.

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r/FatPeopleStories - Her BMI is BIGGER than her IQ...

23 383 views | 18 Jun. 2020

Top Posts From

Top Posts From r/FatPeopleStories on Reddit.

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Her BMI is BIGGER than her IQ...

Angelic Slayer

That crystal is an ungrateful bench

Loqutis Borg


Raven Fox

Crystal is a greedy, heartless, unappreciative bitch. Id have been touched by such generosity and care.


The kid story pisses me off. This girl tried to kill herself because of her low self-esteem and her Mom putting her in a bad place. It's even worse because she's going to self harm and develop not only an eating disorder but, body dysmorpic disorder.
Even if she does lose the weight, it's going to be a long time before she's healthy, both physically and mentally as well emotionally, again.

Scott Vergin

I worked at Wendy’s for about a year and I made about a hundred truffles for my coworkers and I to have for the holiday week

Crystaline Kitt

My name actually is Crystal and I on behalf of all with the name denounce that bench... ffs that was so annoying. To be so ungrateful for something so sweet and personal. Ftb


I’m fat because I love food but I can never understand how someone can get to the point of not being able to walk properly. You can get exercise in just by going to the mailbox, walking to the store, walking around the house/apartment, dancing (I’m bad at it but I love to dance)

Just me Manning

Every Christmas my husband and daughter make dozensss of cookies. They make 12 different kinds and give them away. It takes them two - three days. They have a lot of fun and the cookies are different every year.

Void Bias


Morg Love

I got a class mate and i didnt know what he liked all ik was hes odd and like weird stuff like me so i went to Wal-Mart and bought him a fuggler


I felt so heartbroken for OP in the first story, they didn't deserve to be treated like that by Crystal. I also feel bad for that young girl the final story. What that mother is doing to her daughter IS child abuse.

Audrey M

First story: if someone did all that for everyone, I would've also try to be their friend and also find out their birthday and do a surprise party (only if they like surprises) and as a thank you for it.
Last story: ?????? that's crazy!! 600+ lbs for a 13/14 yrs old!!

alixander rey

How old is the girl?


For the last story I wanted to punch that mom in the face for doing that to her daughter. I used to weigh almost 320 pounds but and it was killing my knees. I already had something wrong with my knees and the extra weight wasn't helping but within three months I've dropped to 202 pounds and I'm so much healthier and happier now because I did something about it. Fuck fat logic.


Were guarding the story about crystal, the woman with the huge size. Gifts, by definition, are not to be expected! Receiving a gift is supposed to be a surprise to the recipient. Shame on crystal for expecting anything! She is not letting reality happen Because of her expectations.

Essy Chilcutte

I work at Samson's office in Bellevue and a lot of people are away from their families during the holidays because they're here and their families back in Korea so brought in boxes gift-wrapped that was full of cookies of different kinds.

I stacked the boxes on a table like. Tree shape and people Were so confused as they were like no one was here to do this

As they dont seem to consider security people umm people

Not in a bad way we just sit outside they see us all the time but dont really talk to us.

i could see them finding the boxes when they came out from working to go in that Break area

They were super confused and as they opened them excited.

And while they did not think that i might have brought them in they Did think to tell me there were cookies

Noah From Total Drama



My mom used to make chocolates for every Christmas. When I was old enough to help, she decided to make even more of them. Everyone loved them, a few people said that they were excited for Christmas, because they knew a box of chocolate was heading their way. I will admit it was a load of fun, though I couldn't bear the thought of chocolate after spending two plus weeks making them. Chocolate for 20+ people is a lot of chocolate.

Amor Fisher



Ah yes. Finally early to see my daily dose.


If I made everyone cupcakes and someone did that bullcrap, I would have slapped them across the face.

Sinful Virgo Beauty


Oaken Shadow

How old was the girl? I cant figure it out. 14? 13?

lieutenant salty

Same here

S Bridgewater

Burp ruined the video - gross - please edit it out if you need to do something like this again, it was not a necessary addition! Thank you for understanding.

becky gilmore

first....love these stories

Susan Werner

First story what does that have to do with weight? This is kinda shitty fat people are people too.

Blazing Knight 127



Not 13 floor. 13, female.

William Redfern



Imagine being such a greedy, ungrateful asshole that you don't like your gift because it wasn't bought from a store. I love getting candy at Christmas, it doesn't have to be a store bought item. I would also love to get home baked goodies. She deserves every insult coming her way. Every single one.

Bryan's West Coast Disney Adventure

13f isn't 13th floor. It's 13 year old female.


i used to bake cakes / cupcakes to bring to work the lady who didn't appreciate the cupcake makes me sick

Bryni Adiel

I bake for a living and for fun, even make my own birthday treats. If anyone did that to me, I'd be throwing hands.

BTW Hit me up if you want my strawberry banana cream pie recipe, since you love pie.

Gregory Hutchinson

But if someone puts heart and soul into a gift its far more valuable than a bought gift stupid ungrateful ham planet

Eliška Hůlková

10:01 Last time I was in Secret Santa, the organizer forgot to put my name in a hat. The organizer was my sister... I didn't think that I am a person that would mind, but here I am, complaining about it ten months after it happened. But hey, at least the person whom I got assigned loved my gift.

Lea McClain

So, Crystal doesn't get shit next year? Cool.

Toru Kurebayashi

regarding the last story, shouldn't you keep the other people out of the ride so that the patient can answer honestly? but maybe the psych guys will separate the Mum from the Kid, will do them both good and the Kid already has the right wishes and just needs the freedom and knowledge to loose some weight. Damn people that overfeed their care dependant, no matter if kid, pet or disabled, that's abuse as well...

Renee Pallo

Coke!?! Come on....Pepsi. oh well good hearing you Zach.❤


There was a near identical case with the last story with a 13-year-old-girl being overfed by her mother and she passed away in her living room, with pizza boxes around her. Her mother had CPS called on her numerous times.

The mother was dismissive and blamed the obesity on her daughter, but the mother basically force-fed her and only gave her extremely high calorie food, full of ingredients that are deadly in high doses.

She died because her heart failed. She was 680 lbs. i dont know if her mother was convicted with severe child neglect.


Woo top three

Horror Fan

I remember doing secret Santa in the 80's. We had a budget of £1 and most people bought things the other person wanted as we were a small place so knew each other fairly well. It was always a good end to the week as although there wasn't a party as such we did have nibbles and a great time

Crystal shield

FREEBIRD!!!!!!! coke zero is the best


land whales... size is ok in water for most part, not so much on dry land... i despise secret santas, i hate buying presents to begin with and cant pick suitable shit to buy. im just one of those typical holiday haters.

Doggan Doggo

when i was like 7 maybe? i went over to my grandparents house on my stepdads side (i have a complicated family) for christmas and we did a secret santa apparently one of the gifts was a rubixs cube and as soon as it was my turn and it was in my possession it was my cousins turn and he took it (que this happening with a few other family members) i finally got it back and wanted to keep it (i was being a little stubborn) so i refused to give it to anyone else and they just let me keep it and drop out. I was so happy but i think that there was another one they found later.

kim maurizio

My family always tries to do secret santa but within hours every one knows who every one else got. my family is bad at secrets

Hano H

She had 12 cupcakes that morning. That's why.!

Nathan Hoefgen

That mother was so ignorant not to see her daughters weight as a issue is just wow and the comment you can get all the exercise inside on what you don’t have any exercise equipment or else your daughter wouldn’t of been that unhealthy weight

David Lee

Secret Santa has only been a thing here in the UK since about the mid 90s. I remember because in one of my first jobs, someone suggested doing it, and EVERYONE asked the person what they meant.

Mama Thomas

That last story is really sad. No kid should have to go through that. I really hope that CPS got that kid help and away from the mother.

Ash Nikki

Why is the daughter, a CHILD acting more like an adult than her own damn mother? I'm so sad. Surely, that's got to be some form of child abuse?

Fizel Shiba

The secret santa at a friend's work had to be stopped because someone KNOWINGLY tried to poison a coworker they didn't like.

Mary Bragg

That last story is so sad. I was far, but not that fat. Mine was due to undiagnosed metabolic problems. I was up to 375. I’m now at 220 and still losing. Glad the OP filled out CPS paperwork. Chances are they will keep her in the hospital for a while since she will need to lose some weight before they can do surgery and it’s best done under supervision. Then, they will probably keep her in for a while after surgery as exercising could be risky. Mom and daughter are both going to have to be trained in what she can and can’t eat and how much she can eat. With a mom like that, that poor kid is going to have a hard row to hoe.

Katlyn Barth

I wanted to cry because of the last story. That mother is eating herself to death and wants to take her daughter down with her.



Saraphiene Haldritch

The first story had nothing to do with a person's weight. She was entitled but the fact she was overweight wasn't important to this story and made the story petty. ?

Cute 21

The mom logic is like :
Why killing yourself with overdose, when can kill it with food ?

l huynh

The overweight mother is killing her daughter with all the lies and not listening to her daughter needs of wanting helped. The mother is childish and being in denial.


cps should be called on that mother, the kid want's to get thin and the mother is refusing to let her keeping her fat and unhealthy.. probably because her fat baby is her! only friend. if bet momma tried to fatten up any of her friends she had before because in her perfect world she and her friends would sit around in room where they didn't have to leave just sit eat and talk.

Laura McClung

Could do without the gds

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Sister Keeps Saying I Ruined Her Childhood & That I'm Gonna Be A Bad Mom While I'm Pregnant... AITA

16 779 views | 4 Feb. 2021

I have two older

I have two older siblings. My brother, 32 and my sister, 33. I am 21. I found out i was pregnant last year. Everyone was more than happy for us and congratulated us. Everyone but my sister. My sister had to basically look after me and take on a third parent role and watch me on nights my parents worked or weekends they worked. Because of that, she blamed me and hated me because i was the reason she lost her childhood.

I’ve apologized countless times to her because this topic came up frequently but after a while i gave up trying to make it up to her for something i had no control over. Over and over again i’d get phone calls out of the blue of her reminding me how much i f--ked her childhood up and “had no remorse”. (Btw shout out to all of you older siblings who were forced to grow up too soon and look after your little siblings.)

Story 1:

AITA for not allowing my sister to see my son because of something she said months ago?

Story 2:

AITA for not letting my sister live with me after she said she wouldn't help with my kids?

Story 3:

AITA for refusing to “just skip a day” of my commitment to 20,000 steps a day just to prove something to my SIL?

Story 4:

AITA for not wanting my sister at my wedding?

Here a link to my Relationship Advice Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC30IScb7PwuUc-2fFacMG3w/

#AITA #Parenting #Family


Sounds like SiL is jealous. And a little nutty! OP needs to tell her to pound sand. But her edit sounds extremely defensive.
Abby isn’t the main problem. The parents are. OP’s wedding, her bridesmaids, her guest list.


The first story just makes me so very, very angry. I am an older sibling who had to look after MANY younger siblings, but I never ONCE blamed them because they weren't the ones at fault. They weren't the ones repeatedly having or adopting children, they never asked for any of it. The older sister is misplacing her anger on her younger sibling, who is just as much a victim of the circumstances as she was. OP is well within her right to go full NC for that, and no one is entitled to a relationship with a baby outside of the baby's parents. Nor is that baby going to be any worse of for "missing out" on having any relationship outside of said parents. In fact, in this situation I'd go so far as to say that the child would experience detriment and harm from such a relationship, and if OP's parents are going to harp on about how much she needs to move on, then they can not have a relationship with that baby either. 'Let bygones be bygones'? Tell that to the older sister, who is apparently holding such a grudge that she can't go one conversation without telling OP how much she hates her over something that she had no control over. OP is NTA.

Story 2, if OP's sister wants to stay with her, she needs to be ok with doing kids stuff. If she isn't willing to at least help, she can get bent. It's their home first. So they come first. OP's sister is a selfish bitch and can sleep on her parent's sofa. She isn't even paying proper rent! Any other roommate would also be willing to help out in an emergency because they would understand that things happen. I don't like kids myself, but even I'm not so heartless that I wouldn't help innocent kids in an emergency situation, esspecially if I'm getting discounted rent. OP is NTA.

Story 3 OP's sil can jump up her own ass with that 'obsession' bullcrap. She's just mad because OP made a healthy change and is making her look bad, and it's making her insecure about her own body image. Just ignore her and keep doing your health routine OP. What does that crazy witch have against taking a walk? NTA.

As for the final story, just NTA. I don't even care about the context. The only people who NEED to be at the wedding are the couple getting married. If OP doesn't want her at her wedding, fine. OP and her husband get to decide the guest list, and can even disinvite the parents if they want. I hate the mindset that 'you can't uninvite family' because more often than not family is the most toxic part of their lives. You can ABSOLUTELY disinvite family. When it's your wedding, you can disinvite/ban whomever you want, have whatever food or cake you want (Barring guest allergies, but you should know that) have the decorations and music you want, or even decide to just forgo the wedding and elope. OP is NTA.

Hobi's Kitten

It’s not OP’s fault her parents pawned her off on her sister. The sister should be mad at the parents. She made her bed by pushing all her anger onto OP, now she gets to lay in it.


So the parents tell OP to stop living in the past... but the sister is the one who just randomly calls her up from time to time to tell her that she ruined her life? The sister is the one who can't let go of the past. Not to mention is blaming OP for something that wasn't even her fault. It wasn't OP's fault that she was a child and needed care, and it wasn't OP's fault that their parents decided the older siblings needed to provide that care. OP is only being an ahole to herself for keeping this awful sister in her life where she can verbally abuse her whenever she feels like it, and thinking that she needs to apologize for basically just existing.

Lyndell Robinson

Last story: NTA - I bowed out of being a bridesmaid for my brother's wedding because I didn't like the colors or dress options. I also didn't really have the money to spend on everything required, and make it to the out of state wedding, etc. To my knowledge, both my brother and my SIL were okay with that, especially since she already had more bridesmaids than he had groomsmen. If a person can't acquiesce to what the bride wants for one day (within reason) or they have other circumstances/objections that bar them from fully participating, then they don't need to be in the wedding party. If they choose to bow out on their own as I did, great. If not, it's okay to disinvite them. I would, however probably have a conversation with both parents and sister laying it all out. Even if they play dumb about that being the way they've treated OP, they've been forewarned and only have themselves to blame for their shocked Pikachu faces when the hammer falls.

Clau Panquecito

That first sister is so stupid, I get that you're mad, you have the right to be mad...BUT BE MAD WITH THE PEOPLE WHO FORCE YOU TO TAKE THE ROLE, NOT WITH KID!!
And she just loves yo bully OP about it, lady you need therapy

Scarlet Shadows

I’m the oldest of 5 kids. I will never understand stupid people who complain about their younger siblings. If she’s sad cuz she didn’t get to party while in high school, bitch you didn’t mess shit. I might be weird but I loved spending time with my siblings as much as I could. I would tell my mom to pretend I was grounded so my friends wouldn’t bug to go to a stupid party where they end up drunk and high and possibly get taken advantage of.
I Love my siblings and all I wanted was to spend as much time as I could with them, cuz now they’re young adults/teens and their worlds revolves around friends, bf/gf, and school to get ready for college, or in military. The youngest is still a child so I’m glad we can spend as much time as we can with her. Cuz it’s true what people say, times goes by fast. One min sister was playing my little pony toys, to now in navy.


1st story: as the younger brother, my sister had to help to raise me, and I was a small pos. My sister never, ever reminds me, in a negative way, that she had to raise me.

Good on you for cutting her out. She should be blaming your parents, instead of the younger sister who was the youngest in the household :/. NTA.

2nd story: I don't like kids either, but if a family, heck even a close friend, have an emergency and needs me to watch his kid, I would do it. I may do a crap job as a babysitter, but I would still do it.

3rd story: she is 100% jealous. She is just an a-hole, like seriously, you are healthier and she got mad? That's her issue, not yours OP. That if like a cousin is envy of you because you hit the gym and eat healthier.


4th story: I know the feeling of being ignored, my mom doesn't have favorite between me or my sis (thankfully), but I don't blame you for not wanting her there.

Heck, she sounds like an a-hole in general, do you know how expensive dresses are?

Angelica Kaufman

imagine being so jealous that you call somebody an addict for walking

Melody Ackerman

Jesus reddit needs to chill with the eating disorder accusations. People who want to exercise don't have an ED or addiction ?‍♀️

I do question if the SIL may have had an ED in the past and is maybe triggered by OP? But that's not OP's problem, it's hers.


#1 Parentification is the PARENTS fault, not the younger children. She needs some therapy to deal with this, instead of taking this out on OP.

Zoe McCallum

20,000 steps. Id be going, Why do you think something i do for myself which improved my mental and physical health has anything to do with you? If you are so obsessed over something i do for myself which impacts noone else but me, this says more about you then it does me. Leave it and me alone until you get some help

Robert Hicks

I don't think anyone else mentioned this but this is all about control. Big sister says she sees nothing wrong because that's what controlling people say. They say they have to say what ever they do to keep the controllee in their place. Tell your parents to stop enabling her destructive behavior or you will cut them out too.

The second story, the sister said "op would not expect this from any other roommate". Any other roommate would be paying for the room, which the sister clearly never will.

Donald Lewis


Jyv Ben

last story, younger sister named A as in a-hole and the parents can go take a long walk of a short pier aka stfu,
op and her fiance decide on the wedding guests.

Carol Mello

Story 2: OP is NTA. That old room is not his sister's room. The house now belongs to OP.

You cannot have people living with you that hate your kids if you have kids.


Would be sister roommate story: NTA. But this is the problem with kids buying childhood houses. Your siblings will always see it as your parents house rather than yours and feel entitled to it because they used to live there to.

linaa 13

1st story i like how she thinks its ops fault that she was born. NTA she should blame parents and get some logic in her head

Lynette Clay

Your baby, your rules.


First story: NTA and also the older sister should blame the parents and OP. The older sister needs to apologize and go to therapy and address it to OP.
OP’s parents should tell the sister let bygones be bygones since they feel that way

Lynette Clay

Seriously?! Exercise to make yourself happy and healthy. She would not help if you became seriously ill.

Vicki Lundy

For the new healthy woman...you SIL is jealous. Ignore her, she's trying to undercut you.

GC Reddit Stories

Story 1:
AITA for not allowing my sister to see my son because of something she said months ago?
Story 2: 5:36
AITA for not letting my sister live with me after she said she wouldn't help with my kids?
Story 3: 9:30
AITA for refusing to “just skip a day” of my commitment to 20,000 steps a day just to prove something to my SIL?
Story 4: 14:00
AITA for not wanting my sister at my wedding?

Daniella Salawu

I had struggle with parentification, but I didn't blame my siblings.

Beth Holness

Sister in law , walking after holiday meals is an institution in my family. Totally voluntary so the grand parents usually stay home and we go to the park, the kids play on the swings and we walk around the park ( keeping the kids in view constantly) for about 1 hour. Quite often the oldies who stayed home have a quick nap and a rest from the hubbub of the kids. Neighbours often join us .


The first story, I'm not surprised by the parents, of course they want bygones to be bygones, if OP's sister dwells on it long enough she might realise that the current situation is actually their fault. OP needs to message her sister directly that untill she accepts that it was their parents that stole her childhood, not OP, she can only see her son in photographs.

Taryn Hartman

2nd: NTA, OP asked for her to drive the one child to the father's or take over babysitting for a few hours in exchange for not having to pay rent. The very least she could do, as a human being, is be reliable in an emergency should it happen because she lives there. Even a roommate who pays rents would be asked to watch the children if it wasn't feasible for OP to drive them somewhere else.

Delma Plain

You did not ruin your sister's childhood, your parents did for not letting her be a child! NTA! Do not let her guilt trip you or judge your parenting skills! Congrats on baby!

ivan sokolov


Jayce Howard

I forget that ppl today get pissed if ppl want to be healthy and exercise and lose weight! Basically saying I'm very lazy and entitled and you being healthy and exercising hurts my feelings! Ready for the Aliens to come thru Independence Day style honestly!

M Byerly

The OP's sister HATES kids yet she wants to live with two little boys? So, she'll be screaming at them all the time to keep away from her, yelling about the kids' noise, etc. She would be the room mate from heck.

Kim Sawyer

Your house your rules you owe your sister nothing at all!!! Its your house tell her to go to your parents and leave you be .she feels entitled to do nothing but get everything at your expense That's a hard no. Your not wrong


Story 1, NTA.

Sister is the asshole, and no sister was NOT "parentified", she is a whiney twit. There is nothing wrong with an elder sibling watching the younger. OP said it was "nights when my parents(presumably both) worked, or weekends they worked." She did't say that this was a constant thing, so probably like 3 days a week maybe 4, and I doubt that it happened when she was a fresh infant, OP was likely at least 2-3 before it started making the sister around 15 when it began, and the brother around 14.

News flash, it isn't abuse for an older sibling to babysit.

Sarah Miller

For the first story: NTA!!! As an older sibling who raised my youngest sibling while the other two did sports, she completely missed the opportunity to make sure that she was the coolest person ever in her eyes. I am forever grateful for the way I got the chance to intervene and make things better for my sibling, even if it came at the expense of my middle and highschool experience.

Kim Sawyer

Your not the ahole your sister feels that she said nother wrong that being the case you owe your sister nothing. It's not your fault that your parents made you her responsibility . Your parents are wrong to tell you that you need to let it go. Your an adult and you dont need to do anything. It's not ok to allow some one to verbally abuse you. Do not trust your sister cut her out of your life if you allow her back in your life she will call child protection on you and cause alot of issues .do not forgive her abuse do not allow your family to make you feel guilty.

Delma Plain

NTA! If sister hates kids that much, she should not live with someone who has kids! Let her live w mummy and daddy!Does she want to live w you because maybe you would be more lenient?


On the last story you need to go no contact with your parents and your sister for a while after the wedding don't invite your sister and if are your parents are upset by not inviting your sister to your wedding then tell them don't come. If they do come without her it will be a shock but after the wedding you need to go no contact at all of them just to make them understand what it's like to be you if they truly understand

noe De Las cruz

Damn Sil projecting much ?? She’s got some serious issues with herself ...Don’t let an insecure person dictate your choices in life .

Peter Anon

20,000 steps is about the best example you can make for the children in your family.


#3 Ngl this makes me want to get up and go for a walk right now, just to stick it to OP's SiL. Walking is a great stress reliever for some people, and it's one of the least harmful (impact-wise) workouts that anyone can do at any size. What is her problem lmao

Carol Mello

The one about Abby, the Golden Child in OP's family: Abby is going to spoil OP's wedding. Do not let Abby be in the wedding party.

If OP's family is still treating OP badly by the time OP draws up the guest list: then don't invite Abby and her parents too. Abby sounds like the kind of woman who would wear a full wedding dress to her sister's wedding and cut in on the special dances like the bride and groom first dance and the bride and father dance. She would make a speech all about herself during the reception.

OP is NTA.


The first story is pretty obvious your sister wants to be angry at her parents but she can't because quite frankly if she gets angry at them then they're going to turn around and say something hurtful to her and quite frankly cut her out of their lives. It's a lot easier for people like your sister to go off on the subject of the pain then to go off on the cause of the pain which are your parents. My advice to you give your sister a couple of years to cool down then reach out to her or let her reach out to you and try to work things out through therapy. Because quite frankly she needs it I can sense it I can sense it that your parents pretty much don't want to own up to the fact that they forced your older sister to give her childhood to practically raised you even at 8 or 9 and the pain is so wrong real for her she doesn't want to face the people that caused it because in their minds you don't force and abuse victim to face their abuser and she is terrified of your parents if she even attempts to talk to them about that.

Carol Mello

Story 3: Why is OP's SIL complaining about OP's exercise regimen?

I think the SIL hates exercise and OP exercising by walking is making SIL secretly feel bad because she doesn't like exercise. SIL does not know what addiction really is.

OP is NTA.

Bill Anon

What is going on in that sister's life now that damaged her so much? Could she just be jealous that she does not have a baby? Why is "seeing" a baby that important to someone so bitter over taking care of one?

e t

10:35 she's jealous bc she's LAZY & doesn't have the self esteem / doesn't think she's worth it to actually work out. Probably bc she thinks she's fat. She FEELS shamed bc you have the will to actually do it everyday.

El Deano

Looking after you robbed me of my childhood.

Well she apologised, despite not needing to as it wasn't on her, but now it sounds like a you problem

Aria S

First story: NTA, the sister is taking out all her anger and resentment towards the wrong person. I wouldn’t want someone with a nasty attitude like that around my kids either. Also she’s resentful that she had no childhood because she had to act as a third parent and yet tells OP that she won’t be a good parent because OP didn’t grow up like she did??? That makes zero sense. OP was just a child who wasn’t aware of the situation, the sister should be talking to the parents about what they did and probably getting some therapy too.


#4 Stop caring about what other people think (I know it's easier said than done). I won't have ANY of my family at my wedding in the future, because both sides have harmed me in different ways. I don't want that energy at a day that is supposed to be about me and my partner. I'm not going to spend our big day walking on eggshells to please family, and neither should OP.

Borya Haran


Josh B

Sentiments like "Let bygones be bygones" or "forget and forgive" are a lot easier to consider when you aren't the wronged party. I hate hearing those phrases.


First story;

Ive been in the sister's situation. At 12, i had to take care of my 4 siblings while mum went into labour. Dad was by her side. I had to cook and clean the house (with some help from siblings). Then when my youngest sister was home, i had to take care of her because mum had some complications. I had to make her bottles, fed her, changed her diaper, just about everything barring bathing the baby. This continued until baby sis can start to fully take care of herself (7-8 y/o)
Like the sister, i also felt a bit of sadness that i cant enjoy my childhood. But the thing is, my sadness didn't evolved to resentment or misplaced anger because i understood that it wasnt anyone's fault. Things unfortunately happened and i had to become the 3rd parent. I can understand that the sister felt her childhood had been robbed, however, OPs not at fault. She shouldn't have demanded apology from someone that literally had no say over the matter. She should've taken the matter to their parents when she started to feel that she doesnt want to take care of op anymore. She can just tell the parents how she felt, and considering that she didnt, i feel like she's just doing it on purpose. She kept reminding OP of her 'sin' just so she could feel some type of control over OP. And who knows, maybe if sister is desperate for help, she could use the same tactic to get OP to cater to her whims/needs

Absolutely NTA


First story, cut your family off and let them know why. They allowed her to abuse you because it was easier. You have a new family now and you need to take care of your baby. Also, it doesn't sound like they trying parentify her. Your parents where there during the day and your brother also babysat too. She had a chance to have a childhood.

Second story, why is she living with you when she doesn't want to help you? If that's the case, make her clean the house.

Third story, SIL is a moron. Walking is low impact and good for stamina. If she is that insecure, she can join you instead of shaming you.

Fourth story, uninvite her and your parents. They've enable her behavior for years and will try to make it about her.

Flame Lily

OP is NTA her sister is the AH for continuing to hold a grudge against OP for something that is not OP's fault. What her sister said was incredibly spiteful and she should apologise to OP. The baby would be negatively affected by his aunt's nasty attitude to his mother.

Stuart Ward

1st story: with a family like hers who needs enemies?

Carol Mello

Story 1: OP was a child 0-8 years old when her older sister was forced by their parents to look after OP.

OP is NTA.

Delma Plain

NTA! Keep up your walking! For some reason she resents your perfectly normal exercise routine!

Need Sleep

20,000 step SIL is projecting so hard

Britni Cox

Wait so OP should stop ‘living in the past’ but her sister keeps CONSTANTLY bringing up their childhood to belittle and demean her sister?? Fucking hypocrites


I lost a lot of my own childhood and developed severe anxiety from having to babysit my little sisters so much while Mom and Dad were busy with my older sister's eating disorder. I still feel a little resentment towards my older sister, but my God, I would never guilt-trip or be cruel to her like this sister.

Booloo Sheepie

I really dislike the number of child-free people that translate it to "I will have no interaction with a child"