What is xem

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NEM Has Hit Target! Woo Hoo! ? | XEM Technical Analysis (2 Sep 2020)

133 views | 2 Sep. 2020

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Full list of XEM technical analysis. http://bit.ly/NEM-XEM-Playlist

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What is xem

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What is NEM (XEM)? | CORindex

1 100 views | 23 Feb. 2019

What is NEM (XEM)? |

What is NEM (XEM)? | #CORindex

Actual NEM Information https://corindex.com/coinInfo#char_x

XEM Daily Analytics https://corindex.com/coin/XEM

New NEM Market Dynamics https://corindex.com/markets/XEM

Top XEM News https://corindex.com/news/XEM/1d/all/all/

Last Market Activity https://corindex.com/stockActivity

NEM is a cryptocurrency, which differs markedly from all existing crypto-currencies, having a number of features and advantages. It is written in Java, JavaScript and has its own unique code. Blockchain of NEM is a self-reproducing and stable system that provides generation of blocks in an automatic mode. The system is characterized by a high level of security against burglary and cyber attacks.

At the heart of the mining is a unique algorithm of proof-of-importance (POI) algorithm, according to which the award of the miner depends on three factors: (a) the number of coins in the account, (b) the number of conducted transactions, and (c) the duration of the account. XEM can be used for payment, clearing and settlement in a private environment which is highly controlled. POI is used for time-stamped transactions.

A lot of banks in the whole world started to understand all-importance of blockchain system and some of them started to use it in the USA, Japan and India. NEM can provide speed, security, and reliability in settling assets. Another good feature of this cryptocurrency that the total issue of coins is 9 billion XEM that no "additional" coins will not be added. The main task of the miners is to ensure the normal conduct of transactions, and the reward is, in fact, a fee for supporting the functioning of the system. That is why the XEM mining is called harvesting and miners - harvester. During this process, blocks are generated and person gets a reward for working with transaction fees. Every block has a certain number of transactions which attract an unknown amount of fees. As a result of it person is stimulated to continue harvesting.

Any user with at least 10,000 XEM can become a harvester.

Most experts agree that the NEM developers have chosen the strategically correct course of the coin promotion, and its value will be smooth but naturally grow.

What is xem

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Sofia đứng hình với "Love is Gone", hát “Cắm sừng” hay hơn bản gốc | What's The HIT?

5 326 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Sofia đứng hình

Sofia đứng hình với "Love is Gone", hát “Cắm sừng” hay hơn bản gốc | What's The HIT?

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Giọng Sofia hay quá!!!

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Giọng chị Sofia hay wá

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Trời shock version "hay hơn bản gốc". Biên tập mặn quá lol

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“Gái Nhật đó” cũng tính là bài hát sao tr?

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Hát hay quá

LoveBrightWin On The Moon

Không biết stylist nghĩ gì khi chọn bộ đồ này cho c

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Bà nỳ em Phi Thanh Vân hay sao mà dẹo vậy?

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Một pha chốt hạ " Love is gone" làm con tim bị rung động nặng ....