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Sapphire NITRO+ RX 470 Review - The 1080p Sweet Spot?

876 835 views | 19 Aug. 2016

The RX 470 is here, and it

The RX 470 is here, and it is pretty darn sweet for the price... Is it the current king of value 1080p gaming?

Massdrop link: http://dro.ps/ltt-antlion

G Fuel message: Get 10% off your next G-Fuel order with offer code LINUS at http://bit.ly/1oWsY4Y also enter to win a GTX 1080 at http://bit.ly/2aCcqbL

Buy Sapphire Nitro RX 470 on Amazon: http://geni.us/RAVt4n

Discuss on the forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/645627-sapphire-nitro-rx-470-review/

Affiliates, referral programs, & sponsors: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/75969-linus-tech-tips-affiliates-referral-programs-and-sponsors/

Join our community forum: http://bit.ly/ZkLvE7



Intro Screen Music Credit:

Title: Laszlo - Supernova

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxmFU3lWY

iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712

Artist Link: https://soundcloud.com/laszlomusic

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana

Sound effects provided by http://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/

Michał Talarek

FOR ANYONE WHO READS THIS: If you have problems with this particular card not accepting the Radeon driver, it's because it's been factory bios-modded and AMD cut off modded bios support on 4xx cards, but not 5xx cards. You CAN get around this by using ToastyX's AMD ATI Pixel Clock Patcher patching only the bios check. Also if you find one be careful as fan is not perfect and while noisy and still less than reference 480, it won't be capable of cooling at more than 1350mhz turbo speed +0mV in intensive scenarios, this is why the 5xx came out and no other reason, it just simply runs cooler delta to be able to run @ 1400.

Let't Play Pogotowie Komputerowe Wałcz i Okolice.

Damm I still have this nitro+ 8g, still plain' Horizon 0 Dawn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUZ9zTlhPk0

LamboXL -_-

Please choose a suitable power supply with AMD FX 6300: `(

Mitchiri Bee bzzz

Thanks to bitcoin miners, now rx470 is 400$ and rx480 is 550$ in my country, bravo bravo. Fuck you all bitcoin miners


your link does not work in any of your videos

Razor MAN

0:07 "Don't have the coin... Elder Scrolls reference?


beautiful opening. Good ole communism

Earth Stix

is this a good build?? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/372678944605

Chillest Bread

Building my first pc, is this overkill or anything wrong? i5 6600k, 8gb ram, 240GB Sandisk SSD, 1tb western digital HDD, Sapphire RX470 8gb nitro+

Ghalib bd

please i need ur help badly i cant run this rx 470 4gb in my pc here is my pc config-

pc config-

processor-core i5 3470 3rd gen
motherboard- Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3
ram-12 gb
psu- thunder 500w,model: RS 500-ACAB-M3,
type:intel form factor ATX 12V V2.3

problem is no display coming into the screen as i press the power button.

Intense Butt Stabber

The benchmarks start from 3:18

Korg Borg

i only never would get a saphire again. When i got one and it broke down saphire was nowhere


Some times i come back to this video to cry


after all those bitcoin craze, rx470 nitro+ is 30~40 dollar



The Poltical One

Damn Luke has banter

Sam Van Cutsem

Tbh it sucks hard


The left will rise


I just ordered one off ebay for 60 pounds!!!!! Absolute bargain

Tristan Gummow

Like how he says its for $180 but the link they post says $269. Even if quoting USD (why you would link to a CAD store doing that I dont know) It would only be $220ish CAD. Maybe got confused and quoted the 460 price since the Sapphire RX460 runs around $170 on Amazon.ca.

The removable fans is pretty cool, but I could do without the switchable BIOS (just OC it the old fashioned way) and lights, pity that they dont have a Nitro version sans that stuff for a better price


Here I am with an Rx470 Strix xD

The PineApple

I had this card... it stopped working after 4 weeks and I had to get it RMA'd and after another year it stopped working again, this time out of warranty so I had to buy a new card. Overall a really poor experience

eris qordja

Best value Gpu

Cynical Fox

your video's a better than linus's lol

N. Mad

2019; GTX 1650: The Official Graphics Card of Fortnite



Now they cost less than 50 dollars.

The Crouton Cave

Hile AMD


Is the gtx 970 better than the rx 470? And is the gtx 970 cheaper?


But can it's run cry- oh... Never mind..

Vitor Leão

w8 more 4 months and Nvidia will launch the 1080 Xti that beat the 1080Ti by 50% for only $1500.00

Bradley Fly

I have a sapphire RX 470 4GB and I'm telling you now it struggles with rise of the tomb raider with high settings so I'm confused

AdventuresWithAlan-MTB POV

Can it run VR?

The one survivr

1080p is old * cries holding 0p *

Zeref Dragneel

i got this card + ryzen 3 1300x combo price for 120$. Good enough for me.

Annie Usman


Ejaz Khan

I have sapphire nitro+rx 470 8gb

Vuleta Tonic

at my country its 225$


will i3 bottleneck this card


Am go with 1080p
Fuck 2K or 4K


is this any good in 2019 for a eGPU to run x-plane 11?


got a rx 480 for 200$ cad!

Merrick Kent

Can anyone tell me if Intel Core i3 will run GTX 1050Ti or RMD RX - 470? Will this work with my 64-BIT I3 8 GB RAM?

Roger L

I'm not buying this commie piece of crap!

َHELL Fire2006

Why backplate of this old card is better then sapphire rx5500 xt nitro+ ????? it’s like week plastic

Steve Dice

Wait a minute, Luke! Last year, the 380x was the 1440p sweet spot and now the 470, which is more powerful, is the 1080p sweet spot? Did games suddenly get much more demanding?

Techno Trains

Does he mean 570


Watching this on my used rx470 nitro.. i bought it only rm300.. around usd $70... never regret.. can play all game without lag.. and i get pubg 60fps


i got mine for $160

Edward Imray

1260mhz boost??? I have overclocked my gigabyte rx470 to 1375mhz although its then very hot and loud...

Windows Alternative

Perfect for mei don't have a 4k monitor ether

juan jose florez muñoz

como que 20 dolares nada mas de diferencia? LAS GUEVAS DE LA LORA! aca en colombia cuesta 100 dolares mas que la 470, pinche estados unidos -_-

Adin Jusufović

This or GTX 1050ti Zotac?


0:25 aw come on! I already got my Molotov cocktail and sickle ready!

Александр Король

во пиздит та как , чуть не захлёбывается

Seg thegamer

?I found this Gigabyte Radeon RX 480 G1 Gaming for cheaper than the card on the review here. I'm looking to buy one of these. which one should I get

Kappa Xd

Rx 570 shall be my weapon of choice

Eelko A.

If only there crappy drivers / software would work for a change... Never go back to AMD only for that reason.

Kevin Tjokro

Song at 0:22 ?

Ghalib bd

pls help me, can i use sapphire hd 7870 vga adapter in rx 470 gb ???


I remember the days...

damn miners

Amd Gamerz

Linus Tech Tips.....Hello Bro How are You...So i want This Card Bio Orignal RX 470 4GB OC

Sam Palmer

ok i know thisa wrong place but dose any one know how make two different gen AMD cards work awork together as crossfire or something please

Samson Wong

Thanks to world history I understand these revolution terms. Thank you school. The only and last time hell gets my thanks

Sun Kalio TV

The 470 costs about 400$ now ??


I have this GPU and it's so strong. I can run most of the newest game on ultra. Suddenly, this gpu is out of stock now, you can find online but the price is much higher than the RX 580... What happen? Is there a mistake when they release this GPU? Just asking cause I really want to buy another one for my Xfirex setup...huhu

Juraj Ščerbák

Will amd a8 6600k (4cores 3,9-4,2 Ghz) bottlneck too much this card ?

LamboXL -_-

Bitte ein passendes Netzteil mit AMD FX 6300 :`(

jason gideon

out of stock ffs...not availble anywhere..why the fuck are people hoarding this


i5 3340 rx 470 450w psu enough? thermaltake tr2 s 450w

Alan D1

Not worth it today. $300 dollars one year after this video came out.


I love how things change in one year

Waji Beast

who still owns the RX 470 4GB, i still have it and i play minecraft rtx, this card is insane

Chris Sang

now it fucking cost like 500 or the least I saw was 200 like wtf

Fardin Hossain

does G fuel have rgb lighting?????


omg i have rx 470 nitro OMG

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

i bought dell 7040 optiplex and its 250 watts power supply is it enough to run this card


2018 and they are 300-500 from cryptocurrency miners...

clayton shirey

Well now it's 110 dollars and the 480 is 145 dollars. Ahaha how times have changed.

Michał Talarek

I have one. Watch out for modded pcb's as amd locked custom bios support and NITRO+ has one. It is good for stock and most games at high/ultra at just 60-75fps. But rx 580 would fair better for higher than 60 and especially last longer, with better bin and 1400mhz+ easy out of box for those who might not luck out with OC like me (76% asic quality, 1350 mhz at stock 1100mV)

Waskita Pratama

Got this card for $80 used

Ski Massk

gtx 1060 or rx580???????

H i

Do this rx 470 needed a driver?

Weezer Gaming

The 470 depreciated alot, its only 70 pounds now


I miss Luke... :C


That was the most beautiful soviet anthem I’ve ever heard. Not even joking.


i reccomend the RX 480


Rx 470 150$ now I think it is worth it


why dont they sell the msi version and why is it so high

Christopher Gutierrez


Gameboy Advance

I've got around 65 FPS with this card in witcher 3, coupled with i5 6500

Abdullah Morsy

It still holds pretty well till now


good job comrade AMD! we shall rush B once again!

Azwaan Ahmad

very no good gpu while temperature is very high....not recommend for gaming.......i dislike this GPU



Eldar Ganjgo

Hello guys, I am wondering if this configuration is good for a gaming computer, and any recommendations would be appreciated. If you think anything should be changed speak up.
These are the specs:
PROCESSOR: Intel® Core™ i5-7600


RAM: 8 GB, DDR4, 2133 MHz, Kingston/Patriot HyperX

HDD: 500 GB Seagate

VGA: ATI Radeon RX470 OC 8GB
PSU: LC Power 600W

Thank you in advance

Talha 121

I thinking to buy r9 290x is that good gpu vs rx 470 which one I buy

Tyler Kluttz

The GTX 770 is pretty much on par with the 470 according to the research I've done so.....

Dean Caña

Rx 470 cost 80$ in my country now lol

Hecken Bamboozeled

under $200 dollars this thing is going for $800 on amazon #down with bitcoin

Geoff Reeves

Is it good for vr?
I want to buy for fps and vr

Saphire gpu

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Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+ Review - An Excellent Card!

82 752 views | 16 Sep. 2019

Head over to the website

Head over to the website for more benchmarks, graphs, and analysis!


Cards tested in this review:

Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT Nitro+

MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT Evoke OC

Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT Pulse

AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

AMD Radeon RX 5700

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super Founders Edition

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Super Gaming OC

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super Founders Edition

Games benchmarked in this review:

Assassin's Creed Odyssey (DX11)

Far Cry New Dawn (DX11)

Metro Exodus (DX12)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (DX12)

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (DX12)

Total War: Three Kingdoms (DX11)

Thank you to Sapphire for supplying the review sample.

Our reviews are fully independent; no third party has ANY say over ANY of the content you see here.

Website - https://www.bit-tech.net/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bit_tech/

Discord - https://discord.gg/EBGNWYm

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bittech/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/bittech


I decided to undervolt mine and it run very smoothly.

J Joorgie

That was a nice review, and a very nice card. If you can get it for the asking price of £449.99 that would be even better, but you know what it is like in the UK, you get screwed every time when it comes to pricing.


So you can’t control the rgb of this card if you don’t have it connected to a 3 pin connector? What if my mobo only has a 4 pin connector...


So it spits the hot air out all over the motherboard fan? Isn't that a really bad idea?

Aquila Rossa

I saw a review comparing the Gamer's Nexus and bit-tech mods mats. The Gamer's Nexus proved to be more mat for your money, which should appeal to people who factor price versus performance ratios when making purchasing decisions. The Gamer's Nexus was cooler, but required a bigger bench to accommodate its enthusiast form factor.


I just bought Aorus 2060 super, and I must say the price point is about the same. I might trade it with Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+ soon ?

Michal Wolny

I'm rocking mine for over a year now. UV with stable 1950MHz clock, 190W peak power consumption


how does it work with the mbp16"?

Hibiki Vladimirovnich Stalin

Do the argb header can be sync on asus aura?

Kayn zr

Hello is this correct for the bios switch format? Left(default), middle(silent) right(performance)? If i put it on the left i can just the trixx software to change the bios?

Ponka Gond

damn this card looks sexy

Aleksej Andrejev

ordered one hope it will be much better then my old gtx 1070 founder edition


Amazing review!

Douglas Jones

where is this card available. I looked on Newegg and Amazon, neither was there. Any ideas?


If you make graphs, show scale or make it from 0. At 7:24 it looks like this card is 2x faster than RX 5700. I can remember this trick on old GPU/CPU boxes.

Paul Allen

I have a 980TI and i just cannot justify an upgrade yet, are these cards still throttling or has that been fixed?


Wait for the LM version ; )
I have the V64 Nitro+ LM and it is a beast!!! OC and UV rock's!!!
I really like the 3 Bios Switch on the new Nitro so i will do a OC Bios myself!

For more in-depth information watch: Igors Lab the best Tech Channel!

Joesph Comfort

How will this work with a 550w Corsair 80 bronze? I’m running with a r5 3600.


Would like to see you do a review of the Sapphire RX5700XT Nitro+ Special Edition


what is te max edge and jinction temps that this gpu support? mine up to 81c edge and 96c juntion :C


Good rewiew thanks. Short enought and quality review

Aldrich Uy

What are those call ? the gray square thing ?

A guy with a camera

Can you change colors in any way without the argb cable?

Brandon Atkinson

LMAO @ the mod mat, throwing some shade at Gamers Nexus? :D

Mike Sugiyama Jones

Nice review.


I "pre-ordered" mine on Amazon France, I currently live in France so no issue but the expected delivery seems a bit off to me. It's to be expected between the 5th and 29th of October, yet I don't know if I should trust this arrive-date bracket ^^ Cheers for the review

Glen Horta

This guy doesn't tell you how to overclock there's no such thing as overclock now what you do you underclock the voltage of your CPU on annual have a great experience

Bob Coco

Thx! Please,
Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 5700 XT 8G for 416$
Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 5700 XT 8G for 400$
Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 5700 for 344$ ?


First for everything... xD

Slim Shady

I can get this for 423 Euros

Stanislav Borisov

Recently got one of those, which position for the perfomance mode... I cant find anything about the switch and on the little sheet they provide they say primary/secondary. Currently I have set it to the furthest right position.

Romain B.

I'm buying it in 2 days i'm so excited from a gtx 1060 ♥

Andrew Spencer

Most RTX 2070 Super AIB cards retail for over £500 in the UK. The Sapphire Nitro+ featured in this video retails for £449 - at that price it's a no brainer imho due to being only 5% slower than the 2070 Super and comes with a truly great cooler. Very impressive Sapphire!


Still got my RX 580 8GB Nitro+ in my personal rig, well looks like it's gonna be 5700 XT Nitro+ for upgrade also :D

Stanislav Vasilev

Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+ the best video card


Sapphire has been in touch to confirm it now plans to offer a three-year warranty with this card, so please disregard the information about it being two years in the video.

1:32 - Specs table

2:47 - Performance vs. Silent BIOS
3:38 - Teardown
6:39 - Clock speed over time
7:25 - Game benchmarks
8:44 - Power consumption
9:06 - Thermal performance
10:03 - Overclocking
10:47 - Final words/verdict

Tim O'Brien

It’s disappointing you don’t link the descriptions to Amazon or another online store ?


Dude new subscriber. You have audio syncing issues and need to light the set more. Also love the joke with mat.

Bob Coco

Thx! Please,
Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 5700 XT 8G for 416$
Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 5700 XT 8G for 400$
Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 5700 for 344$ ?

Sully The Scottish Fold

I’ve got this card in my new build. Does seem to run hot, but I think it’s meant to. Handles every game with ease.


Hey dude ! Nice video ! plz explain to me in the Nitro + where do i have to put the switch for perfomance? And the Primary bios in software is Perfomance and secondary silent? Thanks !

Chad Hay

Im thinking of picking up the special edition even though i have a strix 2080ti, strix 2080, reference 5700xt and even a radeon vii. I love collecting gpu’s and really wanted the nitro vega 64. Man the radeon vii selling for $499 right now is a great deal and the card gets a bad wrap. As long as you like to tinker its a very fun card. And the 2080 and S is really starting to pull ground on the 1080ti in the latest games but the 2080S is the only S that makes no sense. It didn’t get a big boost like the 2070s or more vram like the 2060S. I love my strix cards their always great on nvidia gpu’s it’s hit or miss with amd. Might just get a 9900k instead of the gpu, but i might wait to see what the next generation i9 performs like. As far as my cpu’s i have a 8700k delided 5.1ghz, 3900x 4.425ghz, 2700x 4.3ghz and holy shit how cheap over Black Friday they were $165 crazy and last of my current cpu a 3600 at 4.2ghz. Its crazy never thought i would have way more amd cpu’s than intel, but i still prefer intel/nvidia for a pure gaming rig. Im still wondering if I should’ve got a 9900k instead of the 3900x. I also picked up a crosshair viii motherboard with the 3900x and have it paired with the radeon vii to keep it all amd. I will be picking up a 3950x in about a year when it goes down some. I was gonna get it and use my crosshair vii motherboard i had with the 2700x but i got tired of waiting kinda wish i would’ve it a beast but so is the 3900x and I really don’t need 12 cores but mores cores are always useful. I have a 5960x and its crazy that the 3600 outperforms it, the 3600 is a great cpu but if your playing at 1440p or higher save your money get a better gpu and pick up a 2600 there’s not much difference at all. I don’t know if i could get used to the heat of the 9900k because the 8700k bothered me before i delided it. It runs very cool and so does my 3900x. I have a cm ml360r cooler with push/pull fans on my 8700k and a kracken x72 on my 3900x with push fans. The wraith prism cooler work great on the 3600 and keep it cool at 4.2ghz and looks cool. Sorry for the long comment just sitting burning time waiting to go into work ?? I love building pc’s and tinkering with parts and benchmarks different software. Im the kind of person that never sells his stuff i have about 7 gaming pc’s and 2 gaming laptops with many more cpu’s, gpu’s, and motherboards laying around.


My first radeon Gpu im happy with it.

LD Williams

I bet All the reviewers ask for 5700XT for Xmas

Dogan Kaya

Does this graphic card work on my 8-year power supply? High Power 650W Absolute?

The Branch

i REALLY LIKE HOW YOU DID THIS REVIEW. & THE INFORMATION & THE LENGTH . IT WAS GREAT. & sorry didnt realize caps was on. & you now have a new subscriber

eskimo lost

red devil vs nitro+ rx 5700 xt? temps. here in usa alaska

Michele Montani

I have this card installed today. Do you thins 650W power supply thermaltake 80+gold is enough?


Going with the pulse for my build, not worth the 50£ premium imo.

Brandon Atkinson

Regarding power for a card like this, should I use 2 separate power cables for each 8 pin power socket or will 1 cable with 2 8 pin plugs be fine? I am currently using a sapphire nitro + rx590 special edition and have a evga 600b 600w power supply with 1 gpu power cable (has that little cable with the other plug coming out the back of the main plug).

One of the upgrades I have been looking at is the power supply and going to 750w or 850w as well as upgrading my r5 1600 to atleast a 3600 before doing the GPU (since Navi is so expensive right now)....

Meteor Media

Highest clocks of all the 5700XTs
Most efficient and best performing cooler of all the 5700XTs
Cheaper and faster out of the box than both the Red Devil and the Strix
Exchangeable fans and a three year factory warranty

They really knocked this one out of the park

RipJawsX 95

4:43 U wot m8?

Aurelius XI

Real time graphs or gtfo =)
P.S. i forgot to put an dislike

Asad Javeed

1- What's the thickness of the thermal pads used?
2- What's the length of the longest and the width of the widest pads?
3- Could you do a strip down of the heatsink/Trixx fan area too? I am thinking of modding and painting the silver near the fans into black or gold to match my theme.


are there any driver issues?


better than the 2070?


I wonder if it will sag in a long run, cos GPU sagging is one of i hate the most. Altho i like this nitro+ card.

Vincentius James

got the card, jjust watching this to feel better about myself lmao


Going to put this in my $1250 build

VADImKa Skill

стоке греется до 55 градусов дурите народ в играх до 72 печь тащит но от таких температур долго не проработает

Raven Rampkin

so funky, first there's an absolute info vacuum, apart from rumours, and then suddenly a spam of reviews, announcements and product placement :D


Are you using Synthetic Benchmarks ? Really funny to see your Benchmark results against others!
Your OC is really bad! That random Youtubers Tech ; ) Channels are funny! I would love to see your Lab! Please show us your Lab Hardware. THX!


Should I get this one or the Gigabyte gaming OC? Sadly the Sapphire one is 50€ more where I live.

Makin Computers

Mod mat ?


Should I get the sapphire nitro+ or the MSI rtx 2080 gaming x trio?


Has anyone had any issues with this model? I just installed mine 2 days ago and having issues.

Cheshire Cat

I don’t regret choosing the Sapphire Nitro +, no driver issues, everything is perfect till day 1.

Carmelo Cabezo

The mod mat has a price! Where do I send my money?

Keep up the great work. :)


Did you make over this cards? If u can, pls make this cards looks like sapphire 5700xt pulse white

Jared Haught

Got this yesterday and loving it so far


Should I return my Red Dragon XT for this?


Anyone know of the release date in the US?

Saphire gpu

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It’s time to upgrade your GPU - RX 5600 XT

2 282 153 views | 22 Jan. 2020

Go to

Go to https://privacy.com/linus ​to get $5 off your first purchase!

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The latest Steam Hardware Survey shows most people are still using a GPU from 3 years ago! Now that there's some more competition, maybe now is finally the right time to upgrade.

Buy a Radeon RX 5600 XT:

On Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/F2K2Zc

On Newegg (PAID LINK): https://lmg.gg/sBT4t

Buy a GeForce RTX 2060:

On Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/KK5GV8F

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Buy a GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER:

On Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/Ps6JpK6

On Newegg (PAID LINK): https://lmg.gg/RRo1y

Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group.

Discuss on the forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1148022-it%E2%80%99s-time-to-upgrade-your-gpu-rx-5600-xt/

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Our Chrono.gg game store: https://ltt.chrono.gg/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/linustech

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/LinusTech

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/linustech

Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/linustech

Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxmFU3lWY

iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712

Artist Link: https://soundcloud.com/laszlomusic

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High



AMD no la, great card with shitty driver since 8500

Theodore Grissom

Fast Forward 10 months. and you can't find a 2060 under $380 But still can get a 5600XT for sub $300 lol

Rok Laca

And we have....-5000 pieces in stock...but we can still sell it to you for only 800eur

Mathew Hex

The xfx thicc model wipes out three slots, that’s a considerable sacirifice

yeet The editor

I like shadow play

London Scott

Wait... Linus said its $289 but when I check it says it up to $600 someone explain

Aaron Robbins

How do these all compare to a used 1070 that linus recommended a month ago.

Amita Rathod

2:41 remember when u could hold gpus with one hand?

Zil Co

I’ll take a gpu from early 2020 over a new GPU that I can’t even buy or find in stock in 2021! ??? WTF. Didnt bitcoin take a shit again? When can we get graphics cards to just ... I dunno, GAME?!? quit mining your stupid bitcoin, there’s nothing for free in life you lazy bit-nerds. FREE THE GRAPHICS CARDS!!!!!! I hope these GPU hoarding Bitcoin needs all lose their passwords at the peak moment when they’re fake currency is “worth” the most! ?

Olen Tjersland

Shit it’s 500$ now for some reason

Nameless One

quick question, can a PCIe 3.0 graphics card run on a PCIe ver. 2.0 slot?will there be problems with overall performance?

Anime Lord

That intro lmao

Eray Kepenek

Yes let's upgrade my non existent gpu


1 year later, I'm considering buying this and everywhere I look:
out of stock

Wolf x Cryptic

does this card work with the oculus rift s bc i bought both and my computer shows that the rift is plugged in but i get no feedback from the display port honestly it has me wanting to throw the pc out the window

I Hate Communism

I really like my 5700xt..When I do upgrade, I'll probably go for the 6900xt. It's expensive, but I really like it..

Gie Tech Channel



im planning on upgrading my 1060 is because i want to use shaders on minecraft


Too bad that those GPU's r now $200 more right now.

Danilo Del Rosario

1060 served me well for almost 3 years. Hope my new 5600xt as well

Shikl Seven

3:07 you're saying it's an upgrade but still shading the company. bitch move imo.


Wow. Just today I bought 5600xt to replace my 1060. And now I find this video which tells me to do so.


It is my fav gpu


Linus:this might be the new budget champ

Gtx1660super:hold my beer

Miguel Cannonbals

Dont know why they never mention ray tracing for the nvidia advantage


linus shaking that card around had me on the edge of my seat

Blue Phoenix

just to copy tohers
"venerable, if a little ageing 1060"
looks at my Vega 3
yeah sure


whos watching this to see how he was before his sad stream.

Aaron Splitt

is VRAM the be all and end all? Is it an upgrade if I go from a 5500XT 8gb to the 5600xt 6gb?

Diwakar Sharma

Wait a sec lemme see the upload date
Oh it's before the......

Silly Me

rtx 2060 in newegg now are at around $600 lmfao what the hell happened

Hayden No

i was watching this and thought "WHOA, SOCIAL DISTANCE!" Even though I knew this was an old video, I'm starting to feel like corona has been here forever.


Seriously, if you can, go with a card that supports DLSS, Ray Tracing gets all the headlines but that sweet, sweet DLSS is the way of the future, ESPECIALLY a year later in hindsight. That shit is magic and provides a crazy amount of value for performance.


Whos watching in 2021 when you cant buy any of the graphics cards mentioned in this video bc of stock

Steve Hauptmann

My R9 380 is staring at my empty wallet and crying.


i have this graphics card but the fan is not always spinning is this normal? like only sometimes when i’m playing games it starts spinning

Dennis DK7

I have a question! Is the RX 5600 XT good with 1440p and 144hz monitor? Pls say Yes


Didn't know Solomon Lane also disguised as a tech guy


Jay: Dont upgrade just yet
Linus: Its time to upgrade
I'm getting mixed signals here.

Nice Dude

GTX VS RX. rx costs less in my region than gtx, but rx is more powerfull


nearly a year later, and this video shows the pricing games nvidia plays--the cheapest RTX 2060 on newegg is $479.

Ace Antonio Siquijor

I bought two 1060s 6gb instead of a one piece Rtx2060, price wise here in our place an Rtx2060 is like two 1060s. I also want my brother's pc to have a good upgrade for he's still using a Gtx660. :> Can't leave him behind when it comes to gaming upgrades.

Mike W

where do i get one of these cards for 270 dollars? because any card i look at is 400-600 or more, where do i get those prices.

harvey jones

will this be able to run cyberpunk 2077 on ultra


What a difference 10 months make. AMD went from being 2 years behind intel in CPUs and locked to 1080p in GPUs, to making the best gaming CPUs around and the rivalling their competitor in GPUs

Bigus Dickus

Thinking of upgrading my rx 580 with ryzen 5 2600 with 5700xt and 3600x worth it?

Bo Amazing Anh

sorry i am not good english, let me ask is build i5 10400f chip intel with vga amd rx 5600xt?

Julian Peters

Would you say I should upgrade from readeon 470

Aaron Robertson

More Anthony!


1660 super I would prefer, AMD drivers suck

kim torvs

damn, I wanna be in a world where the 5600xt is considered as a "budget gpu"

Sunny borah

Plus the RTX 2060 has ray tracing ability

Tyler Holler

I like my rx 5600 xt red devil. It’s pretty sick looking and runs games great. I put it in my first build ever.

Who CouldItBeeeNow

This or rtx 2060? Currently on gtx 1060 3gb was gonna get 3070 or new and but only play 1080p and only want 60fps so no point, this or rtx 2060? :)

Cash Nelson

"Not everyone streams on TwitchTV" is the most boomer thing Linus has ever said

Flazz Networks

crash, rebooting, black screen.. wtf gpu

Hrethric Lionheart

I wish you can actually buy graphics cards at MSRP again...

PPD 27

Linus: aging GTX 1060
Me: cries in intel he 5500

Adam Piao

And there's my ass, with a RX 550.

Warzz 69

What about a 5500xt????

Bradysadvocate 63

i just noticed that this was posted on my birthday

Moon Lord

*little did we know, the next video was tradegy.

Hunter Forsberg

This title aged well


7:18 BURN!!! Andy was upset lol.

Emanuel Kleiva

2:12 omfg that cable management..


Just bought this card

Dean Rojas

Now all gpus are sold out and if you want a 2060 super the price is around $450-500

greg ylffeh

These guys are so wholesome and smart


Here we are a year later, I regret not buying this or a 5700. Fuck the gpu shortage

David Luna

So I’m completely new to this world, so question if the card has a higher number does that mean it’s new and or better??

Abraham Garcia

I'm looking at the fps


watch on smart tv or firestick no links below had to get out of bed to fire up pc to make this comment.so linus the link isn't always down below.

matz c1

Mic go Ḃ̨̝̮͈͇̂̚A̛͙̥͐͐ͦ̆D͈̼̼̎͠

Linus Tech Tips

Since it seems to be a common question: Our testing was done with the new VBIOS as shown at 1:55.


do I buy a 2060 or a 5600xt

Famous Fighter24

The 1060 has DXR support

John Johnson

WTF why are 300 dollar video cards selling for 1100 999 etc a year's later it's cheaper just to buy a new pre-build system for the same price with the same card in it


im running you viedo at 4k and i got this card this card is friKEN OPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP


aging GTX 1060
me: R9 280

russian dipshit

I’d still choose the 5600 xt over the 2060, the 2060 sure has rtx features but it’s literally the worst out of rtx line up and won’t run rtx that well, and the nvenc encoder is possibly the most useless feature I’ve ever seen

Rebound Edge

I have a 5600 xt and it performs perfectly

Tan Wijaya

OMG I thought this video was from the future XD I saw 23 January and i looked at my calendar it was 22 January And i thought wtf And then i saw the year and i -_-

Robert Hochmuth

I am trying to build a pc right now and why in the world are graphics cards so extremely expensive right now

The Agamer

Not targeting 1440p
Rx 5600 xt: who can get 40 to 80 fps at 1440p high to ultra settings: am I a joke to you?

Steve Antipolo

For those of us in the UK, we don't get any of these cards! Sure, we get them in theory but in name only, they're never in stock and those which are sell for at least double the US price and I do mean 'at least' as the RX 5600XT is currently on sale for $732! Over here, the supply is so short that used cards on eBay sell for more than the true value of new ones. To us it's like looking to buy a unicorn at a horse market!


link for the amd control please


i want gtx 3090 please send me my adress is
هاها الكلبة الديك 49


11 months ago I bought this card, the sapphire black edition. Runs at 1750mhz and I'm getting upwards of 500fps medium to low and averaging 200-250fps on ultra settings. Rediculously good graphics card for the price. I was expecting so much worse considering my last 2 computers were 10 year old machines


funny how all linus tech tips viewers can barely purchase the stuff he talks about


watching this video now and looking at newegg. im seeing some 5600xt's reaching 5700xt prices, currently the GB card at newegg at $419 has as instant $40, making it $379, a killer deal imo. the in stock RTX2060's right now at newegg are over $299, here agian with the discount making the 5700XT a better deal.

xavior eaton

I love what you do it’s awesome to watch haha wish I had the money and sponsors you do haha it’d be fun building my dream pc

DeltaDooby D

And then the 2060 went back to its original price

The Agamer

Wow the start really got me how can I not find a single comment about it


Just bought this graphics card. Glad this popped up on my recommendation

Juan DM

i think i'm buying this card until we see stock of the new generation cards

Chaos Corner

Can't find a 5600 at uninflated prices anywhere. Hopefully now Christmas is over, they'll come back.

Claude Desaulniers

Ten months later the RTX 2060 is selling used for $150 more than it did at $300. Now $450 used on ebay.

Marc Bensen

Good luck finding one!

Littleman74 Bruh

Why are they 600 on Amazon

Nate Plays

I always seem to max out my GPU use. I just picked one of these up, and I'm replacing an HD 7970 BE lol. Happy with the life of that card, hopefully this one can hold up to the same use