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RSR: Check Your XML Feature

116 views | 21 Nov. 2019

The DART Team showcased

The DART Team showcased the Check Your XML Feature. This tool can be used to check client-level data quality prior to submission.

Rsr prime

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Helena He explains Huobi Prime 3 rules + Reserve (RSR)

786 views | 15 May. 2019

Want to know more about

Want to know more about Huobi Prime 3 rules and our upcoming launch with Reserve watch this video!

Lanky Kong

Thanks all in

juki babang

>5000ht daily holding, how many token can i buy?

Mark Scott

If Americans were allowed on Huobi Global I would be happy to participate. Huobi Global is a awesome exchange Americans would love to be on there. Our government has no right to say otherwise!



Rsr prime

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Left Bundle Branch Block and Right Bundle Bundle Branch Morphology

73 590 views | 12 Jan. 2018

This video goes through

This video goes through why a normal ECG looks the way it does, as well as why left bundle branch block and right bundle branch block look the way they do.


simply the best

Chidinma Iheanacho

Great video....made things easier to grasp

Osama Meekaeil

thank you

valvet red

Excellent explanation doctor thnk u


This is the best explanantion I ve seen so far!

Lens man


S Walsh

Absolutely fantastic explanation, thank you! Are there situations where you would not see these patterns in LBBB or RBBB?

Ben C

Thank you! Great video.

Gulnaaz khan

V nice video

Uzma Chaudhary

Very helpful..Thank you so much.

rocky ruane

Can a right bundle branch block ever be normal? Or is it always serious?

Self Lover



Thank you very much

average girl

thank youu

Apple Fruit

Great video, thanks


Excellent breakdown. Thank you so much for explaining a complex topic.

Aryan Mardanpour

The best explanation for blocks. good job

Nargiz Safarova

In kid 6 years old rbbb invomplete can be dangerous for her health?

Constance Haddad

Excellent overview of BBB! Very comprehensive, well organized, and presented. The MD is an outstanding educator.


Thank you so much

Hala Al abboud

That was more than amazing ?thank you.

Sophie Witherspoon

VERY GOOD. Thank-you!


Thank You. Left bundle branch block . How bad is that? What is that , any symptoms?


awesome job man ....

Joseph Benjamin

who is disliking this?!

Seher Javaid

This was excellent!! But so disappointed to see that there are no more videos on EKG :(

vinodhini sivasubramanian

Idha dhan sir thedinen... Thank you... Awesome explanation sir

cindy claudia

Thank youu

arshana km

Thankyou sir...

Ivo Fernandes

Spectacular. Great use of illustration.

sreejith mg

Thank u sir...

Bhargavi M

Thank you !