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WAX Cryptocurrency Explained and Why I Am Skeptical | BlockWolf

1 340 views | 9 Sep. 2018

In this video,

In this video, BlockWolf explains the WAX cryptocurrency. The WAX token has potential because it solves a great problem in the gaming industry but it is going to be hard for WAX to compete with existing digital asset trading platforms. WAX has an advantage because it is created by the OPSkins but OPSkins has dealt with some issues regarding intellectual property in the past

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Laxman Pamarthi

WAX to the moon ?


WAX textguide: https://blockwolf.com/wax-wax/


Wax is gearing up to EXPLODE!!! The Next Generation of Gaming is Already here, you can now OWN your Digital In-Game ASSETS Forever! Right Now you can BUY Skins and In-Game Assets, Collect and SELL them for Real Cash with WAX CryptoCurrency. NEVER BUY Shark Cards or locked in-game items again and NEVER be ripped off by a Gaming Platform again and carry your Assets form Game to Game or even across Games. Learn more and force Platform providers to Change! Learn More Below and get going owning your Digital shiz. You can Sell and cash out- with Paypal, Sckril, Bitcoin, and USD!! Copy and Paste this EVERYWHERE make them change for US!
if you like the info please help me pay for school, WAX 0x9eb781937dcb71651b01fc53e4e3b94ad5dc01c3


Seems like a bad investment for users to buy skins. What happens when they go to “part 2” of that game or what if no one plays that game anymore? It then becomes useless.

Also, it would cause people to create stupid games for the sole purpose of selling dumb skins, etc.

Dream Chaser

tks for your show

Laxman Pamarthi

It will be Epic with WAX - easy $40 token. Check blocktivity.info wax to the moon with the help of EOS ❤️

Rafik Chbaklo

Nice share.


Steam take most of the fees not the games developers. With Wax they would be making more money


Do you think the big companied will be pressured to allow Blockchain trading?

What I mean is this: Let's say there is Fortnite and a Fortnite-like game, let's call it Z.

When Z implements this, people will rush to Z and stop playing Fortnite because it is better for them financially. To not lose players, Fortnite will have to featuere this too.

Does that make sense?


Nice and to the point review

Jedi Wookie

Good thoughts. There is upcoming airdrop for robo cache which should help platform as well as 1:1 airdrop for their upcoming EOS token. As well as platform trading can become much broader than just video game skins i believe theyve mentioned just digital assets in general but not sure what all that can legally Intel. The video game world is a huge market growing rapidly, who really knows, it def could be huge, I'm into wax and enjin. Also excited for playkey.

K Dawg

Just like banks wont use XRP


You are missing the point of Wax, Platform Gaming Companies have been ripping us off for years, WAX is bring the digital assets to us and on the block so when we own them WE OWN THEM!!! Who care about Fortnite now Fortnite will have to convert to ERC 721 when the age of Blockchain games is born and WAX is ROME with a dman year head start.


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2020 protfolio update, removed waxp

150 views | 11 Feb. 2020

King of fun

Remember preparing the plague is coming to India ?? #XRP

Vicky Tech Buddy

What about ICX? Is it worth buying?


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MMO Blockchain Gaming on WAXio | Prospectors Strategy Blockchain Game | Wax.School $WAXP

706 views | 3 Jun. 2020

Insider tips for the

Insider tips for the Blockchain Game Prospectors on the WAX blockchain. Wax.School gets an in-depth tutorial on the best strategies for the MMO Blockchain Game Prospectors with Bonz Manifest, hosted by @MsAnnabellelea founder of Blockchaingamer.io.

You will also get a sneak peek into the future launch of BoomTown and how to get started mining for gold on Prospectors today.


*Bonz ref link :


GET PAID TO LEARN ABOUT EOS on Coinbase - https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/qtf5jby0


Subscribe to our channel and Follow Us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/waxschool_

Enroll in our free Blockchain Basics Course - https://bit.ly/2TuMDKY

See you in classl ?

#blockchain #dapps #cryptocurrency $WAXP

Arrei Illescas

Greate video keep uploading more like this.
#PlayToEarn #EOSio

Dean saunders

Hi are there real rewards in Gold like #APL's Gold inc ??

Exoteric Betelgeuse

Can you move to BoomTown using WAX chain? I am confused because you only get one account. Can you get me the 10X knowledge? Thanks ? I will watch the video again incase I am being assy.

Divesh Flame

Nice video Bonz.
Would love more content, strategies.

Uptop Entertainment

musketeers gaming team mashin in, Love the channel. we would like to reach out.

Exoteric Betelgeuse

Nevadas choice is Nevada’s Joe. Finest available ☕️ from the Summer Lands.

Rino M.

#playtoearn #eosio Bonz thanks for all your help to the new players giving us a hand to grow in this nice game! El Oso Panza

Danila Kovalchuk

sending hi to Bonz from EK alliance^^


Great video by our great bonz

Вениамин _

Cool video ! Do it again!

Bit n Mortar

the masks on the characters is retarded AF

Emmanuel lartey Ayiku

Thanks, this game has a great future

Bonz R. Cannon

Hey guys, the asset auction for Boomtown is now completed, but there are still assets available on simplemarket.io .. and remember , you don’t need any assets to join the Boomtown or any Land on Prospectors it’s free to play , and #PlayToEarn ??

Willie Theron

Great Video, One cannot really sum Prospectors to a 30 Minute clip, but nicely done:
I think its nice if a person developed with the game. There is a lot more going on nowadays.
And the best opportunities will be the community challenge (Prospectors Boomtown).
Wax World also plays a big role here.
#PlayToEarn #EOSio

MachnBird Sparo

Nice job on the intro. A bit of a Bon Jovi feel. From the succinct flash card words to the canyon draw in, very exciting. New players understand right from the start that their is a grander vision for the game. #PlayToEarn #EOSio


#playtoearn #eosio you are real players....maintain our community verywell

Rising Speaker

Hey man..!
nice vídeo! It would be nice if you make a vídeo talking about stretgey
#PlayToEarn #EOSio

Movin On

This game is so mind-numbingly awful. The idea that you can make any actual money in this game is such a load of horse shit. You get like 7-15 gold per job, it takes hours to finish the job. Each WAX =$0.04, and it takes like 250,000 gold to get you one 4 cent WAX.


#playtoearn .#eosio .tuchahye

Jonathan Burk

Pretty fun game so far. Interested to see where it goes!
#PlayToEarn #EOSio

Alwi Widianto

I'm new here...thanks for good video, it is necesarry for a new player. #PlayToEarn and #EOSio

Crypto artist

Thanks for the video. Glad to see the game spreading.