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New York Post: Most Beautiful Girl of 2020 has upset progressive Twitter!

144 971 views | 2 Jan. 2021

Twitter is mad children!

Twitter is mad children!

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23rd Bastard Knight

Let's pretend that all those joggers wouldn't want to bang that chick ... it's well known that they love white women because not only they hate themselves but also because it gives them an ego boost as if they were taking revenge on white men by banging their women.


Here's an idea for a meme. Title: "I beg to differ" and post a picture of your ballsack.


Yes, the girl is more beautiful than Beyonce.


This dude is hard for Cavill.

Xp Troller115

Doodoo butter at doom


You know it's bad when someone uses the word "apotheosis" to describe how someone is more attractive. Long story short, that person had the most racist tweet out of the bunch.


The black supremacists are crazy!


1:13 "Every white woman I have walked passed looks like her"

OK, where do you walk, and how can I get there?

IzThat it

Beyonce was already rated most beautiful woman of 2012. There was a big controversy because she as ranked second to Bella Hadid in 2019.


Dark hair, blue eyes, cute nose. I'd simp for her.

Kerry Gamer


Deeply Superficial

Never try to understand women gents, “women understand women and they hate each other”~Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein

bruce sanchez

All women look like her? That’s a racist statement

Nothing Cheeseburger



"I don't know who Ashley Graham is". She is a "plus-size model" I.e. she graces most covers of Landwhale Monthly. She is surprisingly attractive considering she has her own gravitation well, but not in any way stunning - except maybe when she runs you over in a stampede when the dinner bell rings.


I hate twitter so much


"She's a child" She is 19 you stupid morons. That means she is a legal adult in her own country and every sane country in the world. Outside some specific political stuff, she has all the rights and obligations as a 30yo or whatever.

I mean, I get it, you see all your fellow college students, they're 25 or so and still have 0 maturity, and now you think you won't become an adult until you enter menopause or something, but all it means is that most westerners of the latest couple of generations are emotionally and mentally crippled. You'll never grow up. You'll never achieve the maturity to become a responsible adult.

Quinton Kirk

Why even have these awards/ceremonies.....who votes?


dont worry she is the last most beautiful woman in the world cause by this time next year all genders will be erased and the award will go to whoever sends in a pic for a random drawing


“Every white woman I walk past looks like her”

Funny every Asian woman I pass looks exactly the same


I bet $10 that most of the women that commented on that tweet tell people not to objectify women.

Deeply Superficial

Yass queen!


1:41 "I beg to differ"

Okay, now that I've seen this emetic apparition, the white girl from the original post looks a lot better.

To Ade

The "most beautiful girl in the world" had makeup on as well so it was actually pretty fair to compare to the black girl, I don't know the 19 year old is getting so much hate, of course it's an exaggeration, the people determining who is the "most beautiful girl in the world" haven't looked at every women on earth, they're just getting a generally attractive person and putting them on the magazine, I swear, everything an issue before with the other people they said it with, people just want to get upset about everything.

Anthony T.

"But every white WOMEN (not woman) I have walked passed looks like her."

Hm... Sounds kinda racist.

Pat Vito

Everything comes back to race, pretty pathetic. Might as well just go back to segregation at this point. People can't even have an opinion without people saying its racist. Honesty i think people like them on Twitter want us to be divided.


If everyone is equally beautiful, then beauty doesn't exist.

And that's the point. Whatever you want to call these people - leftists, postmodernists, Marxists, intersectional feminists - they are all animated by the same basic human evils of resentment and envy. That's all these ideologies are: the worst characteristics of humanity manifested as cultural and political movements by and for the worst people among us. They wage a never-ending war on truth and beauty because they deny the former and do not possess the latter.

I wish that I could say their war is pointless because beauty will not be denied and reality wins out in the end, but I'd be lying. These dregs have successfully destroyed countless lives throughout history, and they will destroy countless more in the future. You can't defeat evil that is endemic to the human condition, not anymore than you can defeat nebulous "ideas" like crime, drugs, terrorism, etc. You can only be brave in your support for the good and strong in the bad times created by your enemies.

Prasanth DarthFizZ

I think what they meat by that is she's got straight hair, light skin , colored eyes and euro centric features. So it's basically a white chick.

Agustin Cesar

I bet that white girl is less CRAZY than any black american girl. #truth

Luís Modesto

I would read that book honestly

Bloody Tr

"So you're saying _______?"

If __________ is offensive, then the answer is always yes.
"Yes, Shar'keisha, white women are the most beautiful women on the planet. Did I stutter?" And then you logout of Twitter and wait for the flash in the distance.


0:50 I missed Billy dogging on Gundam.

sebastian vaudiau


Jose Hernandez

"...you Tweet'n about it, making #SadBitch moves"

Thank you Papa Gundam!

Boxes World

Jesus Christ, it's soooo easy for people to be racist on Twitter.

Harald Blåtand

What the F is wrong with tossing dwarfs for one's own amusement?


5:43 That is a weird skin color. It's somehow pale even though she's "black". I can't tell you if she looks good because she is her own silhouette.

Robert Batina

Aww yay ... happy for the retro gundam presentation today ☺️

bruce sanchez

She looks like all black women. So she saying all black women at the most beautiful people

Capo 4ever

The shaved headed Black lady that posted her own pic with "i beg to differ" 1.) Isn't even in the same stratosphere as the NY post girl 2.) And clearly has insecurities when it comes to white people and anytime they're considered "best" or "most" at something


We wuz kangz ,beauty edition


3:49 Damn right this person lost to her. Look at those lips. I don't have to tell you, you're already looking at them. They take up about 128% of the screen space. And something is fucked up with her eyes. Like someone accidentally bumped the slider for "horizontal eye separation" during character creation. This is uncanny valley right there.


Most beautiful Girl

me: Actually Speedwagon is best waifu

C.R. Young

Only whites can be racist Gundam get with the programme already.

squiggly spooch

they show alot of ugly people makes me laugh

John Dripper

Just came to say " its a gaandu" ;)

NekoGrace 79

I’m gonna say it. She’s extremely beautiful. Regardless of her race, she’s beautiful. Ppl didn’t flip out when Gigi Hadad was called most beautiful girl. ??‍♀️ everyone LOVES Gigi Hadad....

And the question of what do they look like without makeup is a good one. And apply that to Beyoncé. Hmm?

Anthony T.

They want someone who looks like they're made almost entirely of plastic because that seems to be the current style.

KFP Foundation Agent 246

When you don't have the fortitude of character to go "pfft. the fuck ever."


It's hard to care about other people when you see this is the kind of stupid shit they like to waste their first world lives on. There is an epidemic of people out there who don't have enough real shit going on in their day to day that they have to get up in arms about nothing at all.

Kenji Wright

Whatever happened to the "bleach blonde tanned" trope?
So many girls wanted to be like barby, they invented tanning benches and bleach.
...okay, bleach wasn't invented for that purpose at first...
Like if you find blonde women beautiful. I wanna know.

Mai Dvices

Hello Gutfeld

ramino .nelu

Personally, I find that all black women looks alike. Is that ok to say?

Kendrick Green

Haha "name a random black women with no upper lip haha ironic" btw I'm black


Bruh I'm a real nigga I'm going speak for all the dudes who'd be crucified for being honest. Most the women throwing shade look like the bulldogs I see walking through the neighborhood. Gtfo and get in the gym or be good with that diabetes and high blood pressure and stop hating on other people.


"Im done with this its all retarded" i agree.

Hank Storm

* oh no *


Wait micheal obama is a woman ?!?!

Markus Wolf

Most beautiful girl contest has upset ugly girls again

Anna Cox

Words can't describe how much I hate Progressive Twitter


I meannnn. That is is a legit 7


That girl is a 5, 6 at best... just sayin.

Josip Pintac

that was a tiny bit cringy from all sides , yours included...sorry gundam

terry landess

Seeing that little 'bird' icon for Twitter reminds me of the ten thousand little birds I see hanging out back by the dumpster making a lot of noise and flying just out of reach when someone they fear gets near. But that doesn't stop them from making that continuous racket. They love that dumpster......


"I can show you 10 beautiful women and they're not even white" Yeah, that is quite racist. White women aren't inherently more beautiful than the rest. Fact is, every race has its foxes and its hounds. The races all look different, and so their beauty is different, but I don't think you can compare the races.

You just have to find all the foxes and avoid all the hounds.

Dio Odinson

Beyonce is ugly and overrated


I think twitter got mad, because of jealousy. I mean look how most of the SJWs from progressive twitter look like.

Matt Brackenbury

Jealous leftist women - what a surprise?

Nothing Cheeseburger

Ah Twitter, the cesspool of racists.

Raven Nevermore

What happen to that body positivity acceptance movement? Aren't we all suppose to be beautiful?

Bé F

From age 18 you are an adult. That is the law.

Alexxxa Wild

nice video

corn beefhash

It ain't borderline bruv it's full hog rayciss.

Homesteader Workouts

I'm convinced they did this explicitly to bait and trigger the mob. This should be done more often. Maybe they'll get bored.


That can't be the best picture of her. There is some weird shit going on with it. Notice how her one eye is the exact center of the picture? Even though the other is in the picture, too, I swear I'm looking at a cyclops here!

Beyond that, she's not ugly (except on that picture, she kinda is. Bad picture. Bad, bad picture), but she isn't anything special, either. Anyone called "most beautiful woman" (unless it's "most beautiful woman in the burn ward" or something) should not evoke a "meh" response.


Beyoncé was gorgeous but come on she's like 50 now

Eclipse Of Reason

That chick is not very beautiful either. I’d have to agree whomever thought she was beautiful hasn’t Googled her.

danger zone

no one can be that

Def More

its ok to be racist. against white people.

Han3wman Wukong

I gotta say... I'm black, and I'm a bit ashamed of the total inferiority complex of these folks.
Why yall want white folks to care so bad?
Just tell your wife she is the most beautiful woman and the world and then move on.

Viking Shark

I don't think we're allowed to say that someone is "more beautiful" or "more" anything than someone else these days. If you can't be anything, then you have to tear it down and be sure that no one else can be anything either.


"she's a basic 8" seas a 1

TheKnight OfCydonia

I dont like the "beautiful women" mostly because I think them lips are gonna pop at any second... I'm not a supporter of lip detonation.


Her name is Yael Shelbia and I agree she the most Beautiful woman in 2020 in my opinion.

Sheev Palpatine

Omg Gundam u suck at doom bro


Remember when Time magazine named "You" Person of the Year and put a mirror on the cover?

Next time People does its Most Beautiful issue, they should do the same.

Sarthak Chandra

"How nothing becomes an issue" SHOULD be a bestselling non-fiction work, translated across languages for the masses.. I'm serious. Someone who has a lot more brains and willpower than me, please. Make this happen. Or even a podcast on this. Please.


Interesting fact! When it comes to sexual health, black women especially african, are the highest carriers of nasty surprises! You know what they say, Booty... i mean Beauty, is a cruel mistress! It's true. but let's just imagine if this was tweeted, the meltdown it would cause! Sigh.... LOL


Gundam, lord Bae-less was using the word "apotheosis" correctly - he was praising the beauty of black women, not claiming that it's impossible for black women to be attractive. (Apotheosis means "the highest point in the development of something; culmination or climax." ) Antithesis is something that is the direct opposite of someone or something else.


Wow. There’s a lot of desperate women out there trying to explain away their insecurities.

Yes Im Going To Be That Guy

Not really i know girls in person who top that

Dorian Arriaga

Is it funny that is just women complaining? Also for any thinking person she’s obviously cute and We all know she is, but is just the right thing to do to say that Minorities are superior than white People, I’m Mexican and I find this really stupid, at the end of the day they’re just hating on her


"You tweeting about it makin' sad-bitch moves" got me fucking dead

Asmodeus Asmadai Black

Real talk she’s pretty and shit but personally I give the title of most beautiful women in the world to Shione Cooper what I’m Asmodeus no one should be surprised by my answer

Jamie Zero

I think this says a lot about their psychology. They all think of them as number 1. Whereas we see pewdiepie win. I mean we are happy for Felix. Whereas these people are just filled with jealousy.


1:23 To deal with those kinds of people, never answer any of their questions. Its a trap. No answer will satisfy them. Rather throw their questions back at them:
"Are you saying that every black woman looks the same, cause that's what it sounds like, you bigot".

Joshua N. Ajang

Ugliness is what inside them and their lives.

Syrtycon 72

Well big Mike ain’t a woman.


7:30 "Black women are the apotheosis of physical beauty" I don't know what's higher here: The level of racism, or the level of pseudo-intellectual pretentiousness.

Strider Hiryu

English White person = White person
Pale skinned Israeli person = White person?
Errr..My head hurts.

Twitter new york

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4 228 views | 16 Oct. 2020

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Masticina Akicta

Oh my, seems that twitter feels the pressure on them. 2-3 years ago they could do whatever they wanted. Anybody who complained was blocked or shadowbanned.
But right now a lot of eyes are watching them. This is going to be FUN!


They can't even keep their own shit straight in these tech companies, but they are supposed to be the arbiters of "free speech". That's the truly terrifying part.

obsolete professor

Eli knows what the YouTube rules are. That is obvious, his site is still up.

David Smith

I can't watch to someone voting for Joe Biden criticising twitter. It's very sad that YouTube banned all right wing content creators and I am left watching low quality like Eli Computer guy.

Melanin Magdalene

The same tricks the US companies used on other countries ended up being used in the US eh...

Shane Hendricks

It took complaints for them took figure that out? That a news article isn’t associated with hackers.

DowskiVision MagicalOracle

6:15 Amen!

Katah Din

The laptop was supposedly dropped off with water damage and may had had data recovery order associated. That would be why he went in to look at data. Once explicit images were discovered. Then other laws kick in to make sure its not children affecting. Since he wasn't sure that is why it went to fbi.


So they are going to completely block wikileaks? Snowden? Whistle blowers?

Scott Helms

They've gained 10%. With Donald "Trumpet Thumbs" Trump, they've gained 10%.

Dave Davidson

Fakebook and Twatter were both asked if they would censor politically related material at the start of the year , No we won't blah blah blah. Why do people use these things.


Twitter is cancer

Poshan Bhandari

Hello buddy

Chris Baty

Suppose a old hard drive has Donald Trump's 2013 tax return; what do you think would happen?

DeBee Corley

Young men have unlimited energy. Triple smart young men can crush your company. Back when I did network, I knew what many of the bits did. I have no clue what bits do what with TCP/IP. I do know that the "Party Line" runs to my house. Elon is building the replacement. Will the NSA participate? Will AI? Kurzweil is Singularity 2025.
Remember MIPS? I used to track compute power (Cause Mainframe). IBM is offering Quantum Computer access. I get interesting computer ransomware stoppages.
They aren't using the usual entry. I escape, yet hospitals and state governments can't?
Cause I'm 80, I wonder, Me dead before or after Singularity? Can you still work 18 hour days?

Jamie Comer

Liars always say hacked!


Yeah, calling that lady duplicitous is probably the kindest way to describe her. She and Twitter in general were exposed on JRE a few years back.

Dan M

Is Eli still stickng to his Biden vote?


Winning! Mahalo for the info!

Ray Cicin

Wasn't it a year or 2 ago that a British Intelligence PYSOPs officer was outed for being embedded at Twitter London? Caught tweeting all manner of disruptive posts.


what if Trump is using VPN?

L. Ron Gardner

C,mon, man, get a friggin' clue. Fox and Breitbart are not established legally as neutral public platform sites, as are Facebook and Twitter. So Breitbart favoring Trump has NOTHING to do with Twitter and Facebook favoring Biden and censoring pro-Trump material. And if you ever get a clue, you'll realize that the Trump right is pro free speech, while the Biden left, which you support, is anti-free speech and into promoting cancel culture.

Alberto Bonsanto

Disgusting and shameless censors. Every time I read their tweets and the hypocrisy in them I get really pissed

Melanin Magdalene

So did the hacked accounts ever refund the bitcoins? ?

fox 0ps

Everybody thinks they are "on the right side of history", which is why ends-justify-means utilitarian thinking ends very badly. In that light their perpetual blundering makes a little more sense.

Jamie Comer

But it's okay for everyone trying to post Trump's taxes!

I guess democrap good republic bad! Maybe it's time the net DIES!

Edgar Plummer

A part-time CEO makes a good scapgoat as well!

Jeffrey Plum

In Vietnam, the Army classified a Time article they did not like. Yes an openly published article was classified after its public release.

James Erikson

It's funny how the left wing has freedom of speech, but right wing gets shut down, killed, censored, etc


BS narrative... "We now allow hacked Russian propaganda :)"


Twitter is just a tool now. Jack is just collecting $ while letting a computer and a bunch of kids run amuck. This is a tool not a market place for the free exchange of ideas or thoughts.

Jonathan J

NYPost stuff wasn’t hacked. It was literally his laptop that he abandoned. LoL.


When the media losses control over the narrative they will shut it down. Too much truth, woooah! there. If you get hacked and they find evidence of a crime is it not a crime. So you can't talk about that crime. Sir, I heard you murdered a person . No, I was hacked and they saw pictures and emails that proved I murdered someone that was all. The media does not care where the information comes from. most of it is made up. Most people click on a headline that reads "reports say". The trick is as long as you say that you can say anything, bullshit. Eli I like your videos and You Tube is cancelling channels for people in power.

Melanin Magdalene

Eli the honest tech guy. At least you’re smart enough to not vote in again a guy with a 15 year relationship with the child sex trafficker Epstein.??


They will "label" them... in other words they want to providing framing for everyone's thoughts/information.
Can someone tell me how the hell I get back to my timeline? This one is obviously a cross between "They Live!" and "V for Vendetta".


Biggest load of BS ever from Twitter, they are only censoring the material because it goes against their preferred presidential candidate and they’re looking for any excuse to do so, it was perfectly fine to share the story of Trump’s illegally obtained tax returns from the NYT. This is exactly why I’m voting for Trump because I’m voting against the lying corrupt mainstream media and big tech social media companies.

James Erikson

What ever happened to freedom of speech. Whether it's true or not, it's FREEDOM OF SPEECH. IDK why people don't understand that. If you want censorship and even get people in trouble, move to China or something ?

DowskiVision MagicalOracle

Everyone who thinks the Linux CoC controversy was no big deal needs to watch this video from the 6 minute mark. It's an obvious power grab and, considering the unprofessional and criminal demeanor of these SJWs, there should be some serious concern. Just look at what has happened multiple times now with Shopify.

Rob Simer

I'm interested in how many are effected by Twitter censorship. The way those using the platform go on about the censorship, give the impression it is the center of the communication universe.

Jeffrey Plum

The NSA is famous for its people tracking their current and former SOs. Those are supposedly very highly vetted people. I doubt Twitter's entry standard are nearly that high. While there may not be any public Twitter APIs, that does not mean there are no API known inside Twiiter. AS a hippie buddy always said, it is always easier from the inside. Somebody is testing their systems, likely remotely under current conditions. Even the phone company has Quality of Service monitors, who listen to the phone conversations of random people. A friend of mine was one such person. Sysops, admin guys, security testing agents, somebody has access. In such cases one may assume the access is used. Without more structure than these online zoos have shown I would not assume actual security is in place. God bless us all.

Rob Simer

The wording says it all. Twitter has a lawyer acting as their PR person.
Big mistake


sharing information is not in concert , if someone pays for a service then they are in concert

Twitter new york

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The New York Times Presents | The Teenager Who Hacked Twitter - Season 1 Ep. 5 Preview | FX

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Elon Musk. Bill Gates.

Elon Musk. Bill Gates. Kanye West. Joe Biden. Barack Obama. They and dozens of others were being hacked recently, and Twitter appeared powerless to stop it. Who had brought the tech giant to its knees? A 17-year-old kid in Tampa.

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The New York Times Presents | The Teenager Who Hacked Twitter - Season 1 Ep. 5 Preview | FX



You guys make it impossible to search this to record AND on Hulu. I bet the ratings are awful because nobody can record/stream it.