Sardine cans

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Best Sardine Sandwich Recipe | SAM THE COOKING GUY

809 346 views | 8 Oct. 2016

Few things take me back

Few things take me back to my youth more than this - and that’s a long fricking way back…a long, fricking delicious way back.








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clem valentine

When I was little my Dad made us kids was what we called a poor man’s caviar with sardines and boy was it ever so good on Ritz crackers?

J/ Banks

Dang that l?ks MADD g?d.


Sardines are amazing! Terribly underrated.

Nigel Little

Fuck that guy honestly, whoever the camera man is, dont take that shit from this wack ass cook.

Fiona Rogerson

OMG grew up in Richmond BC and my mother used to gross me out with her sardines on toast. I did not enjoy fish as a kid which was too bad given the fresh salmon off the boat in Steveston. Fast forward 40 years fish is on the menu every week. Trying to eat more sardines and this sandwich is a winner!! ❤️


They are sprats not sardines

ash deshmukh

nooo I died when he wiped his mouth with the kitchen towel


Made this sandwich a few days ago and it was really really good! Later I played around with the recipe and added a layer of horseradish sauce and mayo. Also put some key lime instead of lemon. Excellent with all variations. Never thought I would like sardines. Thank you Sam!

dale b

That's pretty bad when they pack the Sardines with their own poop!


This sandwich is now an official part of my diet (with some minor changes). It's off the hook!



Eva Kovac


Linda Daniel

Now I gotta clean it, now I'm pissed??

David Slocum


Boon Y

I eat so much canned sardines but my personal FAVORITE is canned Mediterranean mackerel. So oily and yummy and good fats. I don't eat any other meat like pork or beef. Just fish fish fish. My fav are rainbow trout, mackerel and then salmon. Love sardines too. Tuna, not so much.

Penny Coté Kearns

I'm going to try it. ?


2:54 So proud to see somebody else butter with the back of a spoon ?

Akifa Gh

On my island we add chopped in rings onions, some more olive oil, pepper, chopped green chillies and small local extremely hot sort of fermented chillies to the sardines and put it inside fresh crunchy bread to eat.

Mary Tamano

Sam, did you steal the sardines?

t. tinio

just stop right there...


He’s a Spiritual Gangster. I wish y’all would stop complaining already ?

david farkas

You don't have to tell me twice that looks AMAZING and I know it because my mother use to make me the same thing! YUMMMMM

just me

Imagine him making love ???
Him being disappointed and grumpy, angeily removing socks, grabbing at stuff sloppily. Groaning the whole time

Mi Fox

Try smoked spratts instead sprinkled with raw diced onion

Steve C.

This wasn't as awesome as it looked


I think it would actually be better if you don’t cook the arugula. When it is cooked, it’s stringy and hard to eat on a sandwich. Raw would be crispy and refreshing with the sardines.

Yasmin Naik

Reminds me of the movie Burbs https://youtu.be/fGEOG0FF5nM

Ramon Jimenez

I like this video before I watch it


awful video! bloody rude

Harvey Linney

Je whiz. Most of that video was spent cooking and preparing everything else. ???

Tim S

Never tried sardines but whenever I see them I think of the old Mr. Bean episode where he’s trying to make lunch on a bench.

omari hassan

Just to let you know I'm the best sardine sandwich maker in the world

Steve Johnston

Dude looks like Kevin Spacey

R H Link

Dont waste your time watching this a'hole

Indra muhammad


Joseph Marcello

Watch 20 seconds and could not go on with the madness... Whoever thinks it is enjoyable to watch on palatable people using obscenities while preparing food in the kitchen is obviously deranged before the fact. You do not respect your viewers or your self.

Mark S

Sardines are chill. Sam is not. Sad.

Death Adder

Why is the gay gentleman so upset, looks like he's got a pretty comfy life living in that nice house?


Maybe if civilization fell apart and canned sardines were the only food left....

Alexander Farley

How did Sam become so dadly?

Dennis Hanson

Sardines, salti

Jon Smith

I like sardines but never had them in a sandwich

Darcy King

This guy is an asshole

Linda Daniel

"I don't like it here, I'm gonna have to go". Looks like his son is filming. What a terrible thing to say to your son. BAD DAD

Hans Moleman Productions

Why don’t you use the olive oil from the sardines to wilt the arugula?


Heve a nice day sir. From Philippines

Chris Rouser

Julia Child he ain't....

Hans Moleman Productions

Tell your father to lay off the cocaine


it's called mise en place, knucklehead

Michael Dreher

I took a taste and thought it needed something, so I added a large tomato slice which I topped with a hot Japanese seasoning - HOUSE on Amazon...it really jazzed up the sandwich.

Christopher.T. Johnson

Toast,sardines,slice of onion,mustard, & black pepper


Haha, I just had a can of sardines with crackers. This looks hella good!

Mike Kenney

I too grew up in Vancouver BC, back in the 50s and I too had sardine sandwiches at least once a week. No arugula, but slivered scallions. Fresh lemon juice and cracked pepper. D’ya think our moms knew each other. Try using Portuguese Pinhais sardines. Pricey but sublime

Michael weaver

Where do you by The Japanese mayo and what brand is it

James Merritt

Saradines make a great sandwich


What a bore.

ant n

that kitchen looks terrific

Oc Mo

Stop acting like a rude ass.


Sardines and canned Herring are my favorite quick lunches, along with a couple crackers and some cottage cheese with bean sprouts mixed in. As soon as he flicked his wrist to move me back out of the way, I would of grabbed that wrist and pokes his eyes with his own hand... :-0

jerry cardinale

I open the can put in dish eat simple, do not need all the other prep some crackers to munch with it great

V Peters

Arugula is an awesome green, especially grown in northern climates.

Joseph Van

Sam has an image problem. He thinks he must interject his comments with foul language every few minutes. I'm not a prude and I heard my share of swearing when I was in the Army, but I can do without it on a cooking show. So I no longer watch Sam.

Gary Frye

Looks great. I will have to try that. My favorite sardines are Season, and King Oscar, in that order.

Colin Mitchell

Childhood memories for me in that Sandwich, We used to have them for supper on a saturday night I'm now hungry .

Hans Moleman Productions

Is that Kevin spacey?

bodacious bull

Share what you make with your camera man, we’d like to see his reaction as well


I've tried canned sardines a number of times and I just haven't found a way to enjoy them, I think it's the texture that's getting to me. I'm certain I'm missing something.

Kram Nevets

4:24...... Canadian!!!! I fuck’n knew it!

Peter Brusch

Delicious! Love it!

Medard Krzisnik

Cool, I will do this too. Thank you for the recept.

Domitilda Fernandes

You dont wash the spinash. My friend


I love sardine, in oil, sandwiches. I like to mash them up, add some chopped onion and - my favourite - a generous dose of Worcestershire sauce! Believe me, son - that'll put hair on your chest!

james ohara

Make your own Japanese mayo :)

Mourad Kehila

imagine a sandwich with : oily sardine + butter + mayonnaise ......I'd have instantly heartburn

rick weber

..good stuff..

John Rohrs

Nice sandwich just started eating sardines I like them in hot sauce .tu godbless

Gregor Clegane

Gordon Ramsay might be an asshole but means well, this guy's just a dickhead


been doing that for over 50 years...now they call it gourmet


Sam merry Christmas!! I would love a new grill and to come chill with you in Cali

Hammock Man Brasil

The utensils are even cringing as he goes for them - wot a git


Sardines are a delicacy. People who haven't tries them seem to assume they are bad-tasting for reasons unknown.

Martin Ives

anger management issues?


Interesting. Never thought to make a sammich with sardines

The Latin Samurai

Wow you make one wicked sandwich!

joseph humphrey

I want Santa to bring me that kitchen! Love those cabinets and those pro level appliances. BTW, I grew up eating caned smoked oysters, which are equally polarizing. A love it or hate thing like your sardines or anchovy on pizza or in Caesar salad. I like 'em all.

Brian Stockmyer

Sam, thanks for sharing this! I have about 100 cans of sardines and I usually just eat with a fork or some crackers. You have opened yet another world of tasty goodness for me. You fucking rock!


So my dad and I had three staple snacks back when I was a kid (70's - 80's). We would go to the kitchen and fix our lunch/ snack just in time for ABC's Wide World of Sports almost every Saturday. Either sardines with saltines, Braunschweiger sandwich, or fried pork brain sandwiches. Oh the memories, one of which was the fight between Ray Boom Boom Mancini and Duk Ku Kim. Ironically that was a brain sandwich day. Never will forget that fight.

Steven Lefevre

He’s like a more abrasive, non smooth nerdy version of Kevin Spacey.

M Beach

Just like white dude


I could see him watering his lawn or car and being a dick to his neighbors

Rod McKenzie

I always keep a can or two of sardines in the pantry. I love The toasted sardines sandwich with mayo but I can't believe you forgot the onions ?

Aron Peters

Now use lectin free bread, real butter, avocado mayonnaise, and olive oil, then you'll have a very healthy sandwich.


Hi Sam, love your vids and always follow every video release. I was wondering, this COVID-19 has left some of us unemployed and was wondering maybe a video with basic cupboard or fridge items to whip up like the above? These days going to the market buying fresh produce is not always an option and was just thinking what you can suggest with basic household items. Just a thought. All the best, Sean

Steve Balistreri

I make the same sandwiches using anchovies.

Tim Smith

You brought back some amazing memories of my Uncle Mike he would rent a cottage in the Hamptons and took my sister and I there one summer made me a sardine sandwich on white bread with a coke ..that was it I was hooked!

Randall Gordon

Sardines and mustard is all I need bro!

Peas &tanks

Hahaha there’s no way that’s all the Mayo you got!! Bust out the secret stash I know you got one you mayo smuggler.

Ingredient Investigator

Sam... you gotta work on your anger management dude. What happened to you? Aya session would do you some good!

John Wilmott

Turn down the douche

Eric May

I bet mom didn't use Japanese mayo either

Sardine cans

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Sardine Taste Test | Canned Fish Files Ep. 1

17 427 views | 1 Nov. 2018

I try a few different cans

I try a few different cans of sardines and give my impressions about each.

Emmett Battle

i adore this concept! it always feels like a little present to me to open a tin of sardines!

Jonathan Lee

Yo your videos are great. Surprised you don't have more subs

Paulus Rex

I like my sardines with white rice

Thomas Richard

Had my first sardine today due to this video making them look oddly appetizing... Was pleasantly surprised

Mrs. Diva

I bet his breath was stanky after that ????

Juan Duran

That wii shop tho ? caught me off guard


I really wanna try canned sardines now

Brandon Burton

Never liked sardines until now at age 50... they are fantastic!

Tony G

So the bones are edible?

Evan Stevens

Just started eating sardines. I eat two cans at lunchtime at work and feel amazing after!


Im discouraged by that "spinal cord action at 7:01". I'll stick to boneless Tuna for now. Cool video tho.


I love your uninhibited enthusiasm for mf sardines lmao

Charlie Kirby

This video made me feel great about sardines, and will make me feel great about life for the rest of my life.

pelle jacobsen

Love your passion for tinned sardines man! There is nothing that is more satisfying then eating sardines with crackers. ??


Great video!

Ominous Helljumper

The WII shop music that played just reminded me when I first ate sardines for some reason... Huh!


Why is my mouth watering while hez taking a bite ?

Sun Dok

total sardine addict. me too.

Steve Brettell

Brushing Sardines are also known as .sprats.

Sadae Sashington

I would eat sardines with you but I don't have any crackers.. NOOOOO ?

Mind Yaown

I wish I wasnt aroused , the sardines look so good and you are so brooding. Im sorry

Mister Dino Nuggie

Did I just watch a man eat sardines for eight minutes yes. Yes I did. (Ps: i came here from reddit


This quarantine has me watching some guy eat sardines


What are your favorite brands of sardines that are relatively easy to find in the US?

Wan Wan

Oh yeah

Mike Lysic

To be totally honest. I find that one of the best sardines out there are the Beach Cliff that can be found for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. They're nice and small and tender. Cans are always full. A product of Poland and one of my absolute favorites. If you haven't tried them you should. Just remember that when it comes to canned fish avoid anything from China for obvious reasons.


The last ones looked good. Ima try to find a can.

Steve Brettell

Brisling is a size designation. King Oscar are mostly that size.


Hi love sardines it’s one of my favorites things to eat love ur video

Not Available

you gotta get MATIZ and ANGELO PARODI


I had to "like" this video the minute Matthew said "kitty cats"! I like sardines, too. Also canned smoked herring, kippered herring, etc.

Pardon Me

If everything is “whatever” then why make a video?


Cool vid man

Karl Pershing

Awesome video dude.

Danny Y

I'm pretty passionate about sardines. They're my go to for getting omega 3 fatty acids. It would have been nice if you included where the sardines are sourced per brand. I've been trying to eat the more environmentally sustainable ones. But still way to go. And uhm... is that a mannequin near you?

David Cockerill

Downbeat, who cares what they are like?


Love the deenz!

Filip Rank

Well made production!

N Knighton

I tried the Walmart brand, because they were out of the ones I normally buy, and they were better than the beach cliff. The quality was a lot better and they're only .88 cents where I live.

Jelly Beans

Seeing a young person eating theses like chips is making me wanna go buy sardines and eat them like that ?

Paulus Rex

Yes, they are great with bread as a sandwich, I add an egg or two to my sandwich, along with the sardines, and I eat my sardine and egg sandwich for breakfast, and it will hold me all morning until lunch time.

Jonathan Breckenridge

I Love fish. I love seafood. But for some reason I wanted to throwup eating sardines..

Lil Nutman

I mostly eat king Oscar and chicken if the sea

N Knighton

I think the ones in water are much better and don't smell as bad.


Nice Doepfer modules, I wonder how they sound with sardines.

Jeremy Starliper

Just King Oscared the shit out of some bristling sardines while watching

Subhash Nair

Are these sardines good to eat without cooking?


Serrats sardines are delicious, but a bit pricey.


Dude, you made me buy 4 different cans of sardine and i gotta tell you, had a great time. I think i undestand you now. The ones with skin really are great, didn't find ones with their heads yet

Amazing Reviews

Thanks dude! ....Great with lemon and hot sauce!

Farrah Lynn

I love sardines too oh my gosh!


Sardines in their can, with a plate of green olives, white cheese, french bread and butter. A glass of sparkling water under the shade of a pine tree, listening to the cicadas singing near the Mediterranean sea. What can it be better?


"I don't know why the call em bristling sardines"
Next sentence
"they keep the tails on these ones"

Midnight Cassette Library

Sardine a good for eat.

Montana Skies

You look like ur tall... js.. I think ur cute. My papaw loved sardines & I wanted to try some different kinds. So Thanks cutie;)

Pantaleon Setyoraharjo

very good sardine video 10/10

Mensa Boateng

Sardines are awesome.

Sarah Marie

Had never tried sardines before and was nervous. Opened the can and didn't know where to start, and this is outside of my comfort zone, but I wanted to try new things. I had so many questions (what about the tail, what about the skin, OMG THERE'S A SPINE AND IT'S SPRINGY). Found your video . Thanks for walking me through it. Lol. I found I do like Sardines but absolutely NOT THE SPINE. So, also found a new thing that I deeply hate

Sardine cans

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Chopsticks & Sardines - WHY? | Canned Fish Files Ep. 32

700 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Chopsticks! Sardines!

Chopsticks! Sardines! Why! How! I get comments asking me about them all the time. So here's some close-up action on a can of Belas while I demonstrate my reasons for using the chopsticks.

Also a visit to the CFF Mailroom!

Gabriel Chazanov

Sweet tunes, bud.

Duke of Sardines

Can’t do that with a fork son ????


I ordered chopsticks recently because I was continuously picking up the disposable ones when I get that sweet sweet grocery store sushi and wanted to no longer be wasteful. And of course for the 'Dine experience.

Izidor Šuc

Hi Matthew I love how you make any sardine video look interesting. The chopsticks seem to have obvious advantages over forks and fingers. I do have a few pairs at home. Will have to practice more.
And yeah I haven’t noticed any hot peppers in your can of Belas. The way you ate them, they didn’t look very hot to me.

Esteban Ramirez

I'll stick to eating with my hands, but thanks for sharing your experience. Your Matthew Carlson experience, if you will.


Rofl I do it because dicknard here does I think it looks fugged up funny. Go Matty bouiiiiiiiiiiiii

Gunner Air

I would starve to death eating with chopsticks ? the fact you use chopsticks adds to the mystic of your channel ?

William Simon inc.

Been using stix my whole life, when i saw you using them for dines it just seemed so obvious! Easier to wash then a fork as well!


immediately orders chopsticks from amazon

I really am experiencing Matthew Carlson with this POV here! Cheers, bud!

Chris Worthington

Mathew is like a skilled surgeon with his chop sticks. ?

Cesar Flores

New ?-y video! Yes!!!

Hartlor Tayley

Nice stick action.


I switched to stix from your videos. You’re a saint in ‘dine town

brian Feltersnatch

always good content. if you practice enough you can use 3 chopsticks at once. this gives you complete accuracy and power. what am i even doing here?


this is funny

Dale Hammond

Chopsticks? Ya, I can do that. I bought those stainless steel Food Tongs but I think the chopsticks would have greater flexibility and control. I figure I'll get me some real soon. Thanks

Jessica Orozco

Ima go to my sushi place and say “Matt sent me”. I’m sure they’d understand.

Rays' Kitchen Holocaust


Jesset Hollywood

Actually it taste better then my hookers ?


I am first yet again


I've been on and off with using chopsticks. I can get by but I just gotta 'stick' with it and hopefully it'll become second nature. If you accepted 'dine shipments from fans, you'd have quite the stockpile! I still think you gotta make some "Spine Action" merch!

Joe Ciaravino

The World needs experiencing Matthew Carlson in VR!!


Lefty !

Tyler Sproul

Adding chopsticks to my utensil arsenal was probably the best decision I've ever made. Not only are they precise they also can double as a coffee stirrer or a whisk. Even a knife for tender foods.


Discovered your channel about a week ago; never had sardines before, but today I thought, dang it, lets go there. And oh my God where have they been all my life. I owe you a great debt. Love the videos, your new fan - Nathan

The Green Decoy

Stix is the only way to dine, bro. No wrong way to stik, brugh. No self hate allowed on EMC, brah.

The boy and I will make dine stix in a pinch, broseph.

Congrats on the >1k sub milestone broseidon!

Chaz Straney

Next we need a video from the sardines' POV sir

Brad Hernlem

Oh, heck yeah! Chopsticks are the all around tool. The Japanese style are especially "precise" compared with Chinese, but I'm a fan of stainless steel Korean chopsticks.

Emmett Battle

cant use chopsticks anymore bc im disabled so i just grab them out of the tin like a goblin or stray cat lmao


Yeah I hold them funky too. Self taught, no classical training.