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Bikepacking Scotland's North Coast 500 In Three Days | Si's Ultra Endurance Challenge

1 284 581 views | 28 Apr. 2019

A mighty 500 miles in

A mighty 500 miles in just 3 days all around the coast of Scotland, with Mark Beaumont, the Round The World by bike World Record Holder? Si is certainly in for a treat...

In association with Visit Scotland (#ScotlandIsNow), 3T, Apidura & Altura.

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Nash Gawri

I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching this video, it's an absolute beauty.
Can't wait for this Pandemic to end so I can start traveling internationally once again.
But consider myself very lucky to have been able to ride all year long here in Victoria BC, yes Si, here in Canada.
Not as frozen of a tundra as you think ??.

John Daniel C. Rosas

GCN is my no.1 Channel about cycling

Samuel James Oxley

30:50 we passed you in our van. ?


What are the bikes you are using?!

Tim Barber

anyone know what make and size tyres they rode on? Simon's look like 30? and Mark's wider 35 ?? bit of early research for a 2021 trip

Colby Calabrese

nice mug mate



Peter Smith

Welcome to Scotland. Poetically beautiful misery.

Andrew Dean English

That looked just magical, what a beautiful route. I've never been Bikepacking before and that has just inspired me so much. Just amazing, thank you for sharing.


What helmet is Mark wearing?


Could this be done on a Brompton?

Red Cloud MC

My first post lockdown trip hopefully ?

Luboš Pejchal

This is not bikepacking. You have support and your load is funny.

Peter Lee

This remains my favourite GCN video, and still gets watched rather frequently. Can't wait for more epic ride videos when Covid allows.

Narin Chernart

Big thanks for sharing.Great video.

Rick Kuny

I love the video The country and the personality of the riders are completely wonderful and engaging. Unfortunately the 15 commercials have absolutely ruined this experience and there is no flow to putting five second commercials every three minutes or less. Fix this.


This is one of GCN's best videos in my humble opinion. Truly inspiring.

D. Alex Kablack

the guy riding with the runner is the real hero... imagine riding behind a guy at 6 mph for 10 hours


I really enjoy these videos, they are the Top Gear of cycling. TV anytime soon?

Andrés Barriga

The videography on this one is amazing. Great work.


Great video, thank you very much for that! With that, Scotland has moved to the top of my bikepacking-bucketlist. But one question concerns me - what are "stovies"? Can a non-british stomach digest that too?

George Pidgeon

Just got back from cycling this yesterday. An incredible 9 days but the weather was brutal! Wind and rain pretty much every day, took me 2 hours to cycle a flat 12km SW from Durness into a storm. No idea how you managed it in three days...
Love seeing the same cafes and views. Thanks for the great video + route

Vinny Jhawer

Simon! That mug of yours could really use a good clean ?

Steve Adams

Terrific adventure. Scotland is truly marvellous.

Piyush Joshi

Your videos can be as long as your rides and we will watch it nonstop its so fun trust me. Thanks for all the motivation.


Giving this a like just isn’t good enough, great content, great people, great cycling!


Can anyone who has done the same route tell me what the way points are on the komoot profile? Are they restaurants, camp spots, rest spots or what? Unsure whether to include on route.

Gabe Dellar

Right I'm going to do this!


Has anyone recorded this ride for Rouvy? I would like to do this ride during my winter months inside training.

Dodge Mega

'Women's round the world record holder on the left of me, Men's round the world record holder on my right.' Awesome. Thanks.

Anhoni Mus

One day baby, one day ?

saint uk

I've watched this video a few times now, having cycled part of the NC and wishing to do the full lot. What still impresses me is Si's "Lochs"!!

Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

from my sanctuary in Mallorca... I got to admit...I MISS MY HOMELAND!! Only thing is.. you don't get many days like that up there!! I moved from Ardnamuchan to Mallorca... nae difference! GREAT VIDEO...I'll need to come back next summer... (or maybe not..)

Eddie Ryce

Would be interested to know when the actual ride was - was it done in April? I hear from locals of Applecross that April is the month with the least rainfall

Vu Thu

I need boy friend

Devin Wiles

the letterbox is so frustrating when you've got an ultrawide...

Steve Bazemore

If I went to Scotland I would never leave



Stemma Johnston

I'd love to do a similar trip but you never tell us when you're camping how you take care of "business" ???

Maulana Kurniawansyah

3 days no rain? Scotland was way too kind on you. Great video!

Tony McCann

Planning my trip after seeing this video

Lorne Guy

Thanks. Great film and v inspiring. My wife and I now looking at cycling this beautiful route soon...BUT not in 3 days!!

Involuntary Soul

lol the camera guy brought his bike out too

Snootchies Snooginz

Pippin: what about second breakfast?


John Bruce

Badnagyle to Inverkirkaig section is known locally as "the mad wee road". Incredible landscape.


i love cycling too.

Tom Suibney

Inspiring lads


It really is the most beautiful country up there, and well done to Mark and Si on a great run.

mAsh Scoop

What was your gear attached to your road bikes? Notably the bag between your handlebars

David Adamus

What tires did you run Si? What size too

Viktor Trako

Beautiful content, too many adverts!

Jeffrey Barker

Thumbs up for the "seal of approval" comment. SMH but it was also funny despite my best efforts not to laugh.

Sartorial Pictures

This is beautiful. I keep rewatching. It really captures the feel of what it's like to cycle in Scotland in the spring, when the weather is good, of course :-). Shout out to the audio mix and the birds.

Chris williams

got to say thanks, just did this very ride (over 6 days) the views and roads where outstanding. The deviations suggested off the traditional NC500 where excellent. Thanks

kevin jeter


English Teacher Don

The beautiful scenery had my eye balls glued to the screen.

Simon Reynolds



The deeply deposit functionally cause because jeff oddly smash apropos a petite sauce. mature, fine bun

Julian Taylor

GCN hits another high. Fantastic ride, fantastic film, thanks Si

Robert Unger

I really enjoyed that.

Pietro Di Giampietro

isn't it dangerous to ride on the wrong side of the road?

James Falvo

Beautiful! Hope to some day cycle Scotland. Did you mention percent slopes? Great Video, and story! Would've liked to have seen more of Jenny Graham. Positive people are always better than carbs in the blood!


It's the fact that Si is on the West cost of Scotland and he calls it a "stream" chief its a burn ahaha

AzrulShahreen Aziz

Wow that was awesome ride Si... Absolutely brilliant!!! BIG ??? Inspirational ride !!!


Where and when do you ? ?

craig woodgate

I would love to give that a go i have done 356 miles in 4 days

Alex Parr

Feeling damn sorry for the 143 people that were too bitter in life to give this a thumb's down.

Dylan Shannon

Check out CarbonCyclingShop.com for Great prices on completes, framesets, and parts, free shipping!

sailor J

Around 27:00 Si asks if there are any wolves or bears in Scotland. Here in USA we have both and also mountain lions. Where I live in North Carolina the mountain lion is making his way back into the state. The Tennessee Wildlife commission has made it clear that they are back to stay in Tennessee. Conservation efforts have brought the deer back in large numbers. The mountain lion feeds on deer. So bike packing in the future here in my area will be a real adventure in the near future. Joggers and bikers are more subject to attack as they are moving fast and don't look off the side of the trail as much. The chase instinct kicks in too. If yall bring the darling Katherine over here to bike pack in mountain lion territory make sure you let me know so I can guard her with the old 45.

Paul McCombie

Stovies is life.

(and the source of many a friendly argument over the 'correct' recipe)

Brandon Castle

Id probably die riding 150 miles in a single day. Most I've done was 62 miles for Conquer the coast. They don't even look out of breath. I'd love to get to this point. Gotta swap out my 87' Cannondale that's a little two big for me first.


the production quality and edit is amazing, eagerly waiting on a Global Bikepacking Network channel ! make it happen

John Daniel C. Rosas

Wow the road is so clear good for cycling loved it

Arbër Xhemajli

When will you come to Ballkans? I am waiting for you in Kosovo. :D

Tunjung Utomo

who's that rider in yellow jersey? is he part of the crew?

Goleta Gogo

Very cool.... here is something completely different. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFmXUFCIvNA

Peter Sinclair

Fantastic video guy’s , very entertaining with amazing scenery . I won’t be doing it on my road bike but definitely one for the Motorhome! ??


What time of year did you guys do this?

Jim Destiche


Trails of SoCal

This looks amazing! What a dream. Scotland is beautiful.


i just saw another video...a senior couple...did it so ease...keep going boys..

Pieter jan De schrijver

This is amazing, beautiful landscapes friendschip and cycling can’t be better!!!

Vin Nayar

21:06 ?

Tomáš Heřman

Amazing, thak you for the video, your ride was really inspiring! By the way, you were good, respect!

hghfd grrrgd

The important forecast additionly advise because carpenter microcephaly smash in a rampant skirt. automatic, spicy authority

Guido Rowe

What time of year was this- I've been planning Land's End to John O Groats for a while and was wondering what the best time of year would be. I was thinking summer but have heard of the infamous mosquitos on the west coast

David Graham

18:58 a) my uncle lives in Ullapool
b) I have that table for my garden

Malky McMillan

Love the YES graffiti on the fence at 6 mins 57 secs. Independence, freedom and cycling - what grouping!

Michael Engledow

I am no keen on Mannon she is full of her own importance. Nothing like Matt Si Dan also I like Olli.
She is crap lol

George Carroll

I think its kind of silly to make such a wonderful trip and do it in such a rush!

W&E Forever

Only a matter of time before a cyclist IS killed on this route. Being from here, Being an offroad mtb rider and A driver of theses roads it is complete Madness to be cycling them. MADNESS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ray Barber

Could GCN do a feature with John Reid, who rode his new bike from China to Newcastle?

Adam Hall

What an incredible ride in a beautiful part of the world! I'm curious what size tyres you were running, they looked massive, & did you get any flats on the ride?

Muhamad Adhitya

Amazing quality. Great content


The Scots are killing the round the world cycling records!

Madonna Deeb

Amazing video and mind blowing scenery, just wow! well done you guys!!!
which month of the year ?was it April? I am planning on my 500 late December, early Jan!

James Lawler

Seriously impressive video. Well done ??

Global Cycling Network

Check out the full North Coast 500 route on Komoot here: https://gcn.eu/nc500kmoot

Mike Shack

Awesome. I live on Vancouver Island across the Juan de Fula straight, so I can totally relate chow hard it was. ?

Alan Tait

Watched for the second time awesome definite bucket list trip ???

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