Michael saylor

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Michael Saylor - "They will dominate in the future!

275 views | 9 Feb. 2021

#bitcoin #dominate

#bitcoin #dominate #monetarynetwork

"The biggest surprise to me is the emergence of the monetary network!" -Michael Saylor

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Michael saylor

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MicroStrategy 2021 CEO Keynote with Michael Saylor

30 493 views | 5 Feb. 2021

MicroStrategy CEO and

MicroStrategy CEO and Founder, Michael Saylor, provides a visionary viewpoint on how to take advantage of change in this unprecedented time, and how our work can both accelerate opportunities and create profitability and prosperity.

Michael Saylor (http://michael.com) is the Chairman & CEO of MicroStrategy (MSTR), a publicly traded business intelligence firm that he founded in 1989. He is also the founder of Alarm.com (ALRM), named inventor on 40+ patents, & author of the book “The Mobile Wave”. He founded & serves as trustee for the Saylor Academy (http://saylor.org), a non-profit organization that has provided free education to 800,000+ students. He is an advocate for the Bitcoin Standard (http://hope.com). He has dual degrees from MIT in Aerospace Engineering & History of Science.

Michael saylor

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SALT Talks: Michael Saylor | Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, MicroStrategy

72 951 views | 19 Jan. 2021

Introducing SALT Talks, an

Introducing SALT Talks, an ongoing series of digital interviews with the world's foremost investors, creators and thinkers.

In these uncertain times, access to cutting-edge insights is more important than ever. SALT Talks provide a window into the minds of noteworthy business leaders, policy experts and innovators. Through in-depth conversations moderated by SALT Chairman Anthony Scaramucci, you will learn about trends shaping the future.

Developed, created and produced by SALT Venture Group, LLC


k Vio

Michael understands energy so well that he drinks Coke Zero. That’s zero extra energy that he has to expend from drinking it.

Ivan S

I went to Wendy’s and got a $10.43 lunch, and drove back home. Before going, I checked the balance of one of my “play” accounts. By the time I got home (15 minutes later), I had looked at that account again and had already paid for my sandwich going up. Very powerful stuff for the average person out there that lives on a pay-check.


De-centralized exchange is the answer. The institutions are corrupt.

Oy 10

I thought he was gunna say.. Everyone should ahh come the fuck down ? I know i did

Mike Halley

always find this guy motivates me to invest :)


what a legend


Max Keiser said if BTC was rat poison, Charlie Munger is the rat.

Inarm Osborn

Yep, I think I may buy one! Whatever you do, you can't ignore this. Nothing more painful than a new idea....

Evan Tracey

I am going to buy BC until I have no more money to convert to BC

Captain Rob

What they never mention is that Bitcoin was crested by the CIA and mentioned in the movie Snowden as the "invention that will change the world". The Shitoshi Myth is just a dumb cover story created by idiots.

Peter Schiff

Saylor's description of how difficult it is to buy and store Bitcoin in and of itself is reason enough to understand why it will never work as either a medium of exchange or a store of value. Also the original appeal of Bitcoin was its supposed advantage of allowing individuals to transfer Bitcoin without the loss of privacy and added costs associated with conventional money transfers that were subject to AML and KYC. Once Bitcoin is subject to those same regulations it has no value proposition to offer. Bitcoin has no real value. It's nothing but a bubble, based on the greater fool theory. Both Saylor and Scaramucci may end up being the greatest fools.

Ron Burgandy

Giga Chad has told you...
"This is the way" ?

E Trepreneur

Some reddit autists will make a meme and destroy the market

Eugene Hausenfus

Saylor A+, scaramucci - no one cares about your insights.


Scaramucci getting into crypto kinda makes me feel a little weird. Anyone remember when he worked for the White House for all of about a week? His first press conference was great, he was all on board the trump train, singing his praises, then a week later he’s fired, and he immediately flips and starts saying what a terrible person trump is and how disastrous he is for America. Perhaps that’s why trump fired him, idk. Hard to tell if this guy has any solid beliefs, or if he’s just the ultimate grifter moving from one quick opportunity to boost his profile to another. I mean I get it... but still. He’ll jump from the crypto ship once it’s convenient for him to do so. Be wary of this guy.

Todd Shaw

This baby faced host is shifty. So is Scaramucci

alex crisan

i sense a loop. i will teach you so you can buy from me >D

don Franco

I am in “Brain First” My First Coin $19K 11.29.2020

Alexus Ok

this commercial was brought to you by COCA COLA

Brian Stoltz

I don't trust either of these guys Mooch or Pom Pom Boy.


Did this sociopath seriously just mention God? Yeah, try reading again. God advocates for government and wealth equality. God would not advocate for Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is flawed. The miners control the coin. If you end the block rewards tomorrow and delete the transaction fees, it would never happen since the miners would object. Thus we have to keep waiting for a good coin.

FSB AutomotiveSolutionsInc

Great job Michael.



This And That Facts

In the 4 years that I have known about bitcoin, Michael brings the most valuable and best explanations and best arguments, he makes a believer out of an already believer

Antonius S

AccOrding to him: “bitcoin is a commitment.”
Let’s commit, folks!


Great information! Thank you!

Seriously You jest?

Taxes fund that safety net, Social Security. After my 27 year business was mandated shutdown, it has paid all of the bills. I would take a tax/safety net society verses what came before. Less wars, less spending outside of a safety net, why should India, and China not have to be in front of the line of paying a carbon tax, and what regulations should you add, or cut, I’ll have that conversation any day of the week. Thank you Satoshi ♥️

Kevin Williamson

Michael is truly a forerunner in the Crypto sphere, forming a tide for the financial market in a positive direction. Bravo!


The banks have committed and was convicted of massive fraud and no one goes to jail- HSBC laundering drug cartel money, Libor rigging, and precious metal suppression (JPM).

Catten Koi Farm

lead the way, Micheal!


“God designed gold in cyberspace....”


It may be 2.1 quadrillion digital codes, but each one is unique and cannot be duplicated. Ultimate scarcity = value? ?

ed reeves

Reference Peter Principle


Nice one

Seriously You jest?

“ Bitcoin is backed by the math”.
Peter Theil Billionaire venture capitalist

Gabriel Asher

Bitcoin Gigachad

Mable Mccoy

Greeting everyone!!! Staying calm through the daily market price changes isn't an easy feeling to bottle in, although I still strongly believe BTC is going to enter the $50kUSD record before mid-year, although that's my personal opinion. A lot of my friends who are holders are currently going crazy over the sudden drop in price and a follow up rise. Firstly, you aren't supposed to be emotionally entangled with the market charts / price. This is a good realization I worked towards correcting early last year, so it was never second-guessing when an opportunity as crypto trading came my way. With much energy channeled into trading bitcoin daiIy with the guide of an expert Mr.Troy Henderson ??, my portfolio went from approximate 3.2Bitcoin to 46.4Bitcoin within a year. I will always suggest to newbies or old holders, Trade with an expert people! It is truly easy, only requires your time and guide with a mentor like Troy Henderson. Reach Troy Henderson via Telegram @troysignals cheers!

Rubber Duck

Fantastic stuff, guys!


You lost me at Scaramucci

Valerie Collins

Michael Saylor is a ROCK star in the crypto realm and he's truly a powerhouse that will accelerate the momentous growth in the ether. Thank you Michael for your visionary leadership!

Nathalie Camp

Nice video! I was able to build a big income stream during the covid 19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Jessica Morgan.

Satoshi Analysis

BitcoinSV is the real bitcoin you idiots

Sachin Sharma

Om Tat Sat.


Im looking for "pepper talks"... I must have clicked on the wrong channel

Stewart Mcleod

Btc has get rich quick hodlers. BCH has fanatical supporters who spend daily tens of thousands of dollars to spread adoption. Transaction volume has taken off as one supporter donated nearly 1 million dollars to noise.cash (twitter type platform) who pay users to tweet. The average user makes $10 a week in BCH just posting messages.

Spencer Tarring

Michael Saylor, what a hero.

Gregg Bfree

Saylor is the MJ, Magic, Kobe, L Bird, LeBron, Barry Sanders, Aaron Rogers, Wayne Gretzky, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, (I think you get the point) all wrapped into one Bad Ass Bitcoin Scientist, Invester & Ambassador!

d Quin

Awesome information, thanks ? ?

Jason Floore

I love this guy! You need a college degree? Saylor.org He's giving FREE college courses. If that doesn't tell you something about this guy, nothing will. It's about time we see a shift :)

Ally Asl

I’m only here to listen what Michael has to say

Evan Tracey

I love listening to Michael he makes it easy to believe in Bitcoin

OG Contra Band

Wholly lip gloss!


kraken, gemini

Declan Gibbons

Network effect is the same in Bitcoin as it is in fiat. Clearly Bitcoin is way more insulated from inflation. Smh rat poison

Nyx Doc

The thumbs down is purely for your rude and impolite and disrespectful comments about Anthony’s hair !
Michael was awesome and Anthony was graceful and honorable but too bad about you !!!
Michael and Anthony are both very respected and watched with love and respect here in Iran and around the world. Anthony and Michael , we love you here in Iran ??

Ryan Hartnett

Governments will not allow Bitcoin to displace central banks. The higher it goes, the more pressure they feel to do something about it.


The amount of money and swings, my balls would shatter, thats why I keep a pillow between my legs, it helps. ?

Matt Vester

This is a smart man.

White Goodman

Michael saylor talks, Schiff ages 5 years.

Crypto Seven

Liked, subscribed. Great interview.

Eric Morrison

the biggest problem with bitcoin is that to few own too many. Unless there is something I don't know


Regulation is the main and most clear and present danger to the sustained adoption and value of any crypto asset. The minute a crypto asset begins to seriously threaten a sovereign fiat currency the instantaneous magic wand of regulation can bring any crypto to an immediate halt and the fruition of the "A" word; Abandonment. The introduction of a sovereign crypto asset is one example of a significant threat.

Alan Partridge

Bitcoin pimp alert!

Ever wondered why Satoshi Nakamoto vanished?

He knows what he's done


BTC is a monetary singularity. Come join the beautiful union and be one with the universe! ?

RD Analytics

I don't like it when someone becomes "The Face" of Bitcoin. The IRS, The Fed, CIA will find a way to take him down to make an example of him...

5 Star Vids

People can talk out the Ying Yang and I'm still never none the wiser all sounds like they are telling you something and are just hoping yr dGukkible enough o believe them ?
I'm sure they are trying their best to explain it but i have still had NO! arh ha moment, maybe it's just me.


saylor would do better if he considered his audience. bankers and financial types don't give a rats ass about thermodtnamics. try selling it from the jargon of your audience , michael.

Daniel Thomas

Has Michael Saylor become a one trick pony? Is he now the high priest of bitcoin.


I think Satoshi is the CCP lol


Dogecoin is going nuts!


Bitcoin is becoming a blackhole of all asset class, and it will swallow the whole world.

Bob Erfurt

Just a lot of hot air. It's all great untill the bubble bursts. This is exactly how people talk shortly before every crash. Don't believe the hype.

Nichole DeJesus

Great talk, mooch’s voice sounds just like bob odenkirk

Escape the Matrix

I've tried to get a friend to invest in Bitcoin since it was below $3,500. He'll have none of it. He told me he "made" 9% (or whatever it was) on his 401k last year. I told him he probably didn't increase his wealth at all, and probably even lost some purchasing power, and he just got a piece of paper with different numbers on it. Numbers meant to deceive!

Alexus Ok

why is the price projection for bitcoin 100.000$ and not 9.999.999.9999999999$

w d

I need peter schiff up here to shred this guys philosophy

Trading with Tino

Great interview! I enjoyed listening to Michael ?

John van de graf


cee gee

this is embarrassing

Bass Clef

hmmm, while he's drinking aspartame. brilliant

Phil H

Btc Ponzi scheme. If you are worried about the dollar, buy gold, silver, miners, Asian emerging markets, oil.

Michael Fink

My head is exploding. Such a wealth of knowledge

Buster 210



I know what a Coca Cola is. Now I want a Coca Cola. Damned power of suggestion... ?


Best video I watched all week!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️s. Well done.??

Jay Co

Thank you Michael

Betty West

by the start of this week’s trad!ng session, moving between losses and gains on its neutral weekly outlook which makes it a tough decision for investors to decide how best to utilise the current market; as for me it can’t be more obvious that trad!ng Bitcoin is way more lucrative than just hodling and waiting for the price of Bitcoin to skyrocket. I didn’t think it was possible to make constant win from trad!ng till I came across Mr.Mark Murray program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how trad!ng Bitcoin works, to help them recover loss from the crash and also stack up more bitcoin, since late last year till date I have made over 9 BTC with Mark Murray’s help. Y'all can reach out to him through His * Mail *([email protected] com)" or  Whatsapp +1 (832) 413-2374..

Robert Mueller

Not a big fan of Anthony but I thought you guys did a great job on this interview. Saylor is the man!


Why would you sell bitcoin? for fiat currency? for gold? especially in this market.

Robert Lewchi

try to take gold anywhere in the 20first

Cristina Jacobs

I can't stop listening to the great Michael Saylor hours upon hours!

Vasco Granhao

2019: Michael who?
2020/2021: Time for my daily Michael Saylor podcast.

Frogadelic Research Group

My bags get BIGGER BY THE DAY like Rich Piana. Right Babe?
I do whatever it takes to win these wealth games.

Urigehead Mot

Love Michael Saylor


historical moment, watch it 10 years later ;)

Señor Bullflag

“If God had designed gold with no imperfections it would be Bitcoin.”


very compelling listening to Michael. Thankyou

Wenyuan Wu

Bitcoin just dipped below 30k. And why am I so excited?

The Moon

The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich