Stock market technicals

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Technical Analysis for Beginners | Know who you are before Trading | CA Rachana Ranade

468 057 views | 1 Jul. 2020

There are many people who

There are many people who get confused before buying any share as to whether they are a trader or an investor. This video will help you to do your profiling before buying any share which will help you to be a better trader or investor!

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kaushal Agarwal

Ma'am do we get a certificate for doing the technical analysis course on your website?

vaishnavi sawant

i am from dealmoney securitis vaishnavi 9594184564


Love ur voice mam

priyanka pal


Buvanesh Palanisamy

Simply you are a great teacher


Thnk u so much mam?

Filipe C Duke

Wow, amazing to see fellow investors of Mr Anthony Lauberth. Am on my trade with him. His strategy has blessed rivalry ?

vaishnavi sawant

i am vaishnavi sawant 9594184564

Gokhale Arjun

Dear Madam,,, All your terms are realy very unique and effective ??

Thank you for your selfless service????

Rohit Hathiramani

Metropolis review

Shubham Gupta

Mam can you plz do the fundamental analysis of SWSOLAR plz..

virendra thombare

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Vaishali Dandgaval

Very good

madayipaloli jaya

Thanq very much for sharing so much information about stock market Rachana... I am 67 yrs a senior citizen now after watching your lectures feel like investing in mutual funds. Will you please suggest me a good fund..


Can't afford

Jerry M. Seth

Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about best stock indicators for swing trading try Franaar Unrevealed Strategies Formula (should be on google have a look )?

It is a good exclusive product for increasing your trading skills and cashflow minus the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

muhas pp

I have doubt, if taken weekly chart in in.TradingView, the volume comparing upto particular day of the previous week. For example, if I taken Monday after 4 PM, the volume comparing the particular day of the previous week or entire week ??

Sankalp Jain

Trading sikha rahe ho toh trading pnl batao, investing ka pnl nahi.
CA aur trader completely different chize hoti hai

Sonali Shirke

were is 10 rs flat brokerage ?

vijay chary

Mam love u ??

Sara Moorer

Thanks for he's details i just mailed Mr. Anthony now I hope he responds to me I'm interested to invest in forex and bitcoin.

Manoranjan Matters

Thanks mam

Lewis Katy

I literally don't losefunds in trading bitcoin. All thanks to the genius Mr. Anthony Lauberth. His strategy is second to none

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Gaurav Pratap Singh

Aapka stock video 500 me bik rhi h

Hassainar Kc

Can watch your paid videos in Android phone ?bcz you mentioned there pc only


Your courses are too costly, as a student I ccan't afford it.???

Frustrated Student

As I'm a Student (15yr old), I'll invest huge amounts(15-20k) in Prosperous companies [ Long term invester] n try/learn intra trading with 2-4k ... { FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR OPINION }

Keerthi Pujari

You have a good way of explaination. I like the ease in your presentation. Good work and thankyou for the lectures. I too support women empowerment rachana ji.. Good luck.

vivek R

You are looking gorgeous.

Tinku Yadav

Your intro is so badass that even a gaming channel do not have such kind of vibe. ??

Kishan _Vishwakarma

Mam apke alawa kisi ka class mujhe smjh nhi aata .
I am big fan of you .

Tushar Velonde

2 Good miss

Andy Steele

I started bitcoin trading with Mr Anthony Lauberth when I visited my daughter in New York. I can now pay my bills without worries ?

Ratheesh Kesavan

That Yaaaas is my favourite ? ? great work on sharing these knowledge of yours Rachana ?

virendra thombare


Hitesh Chugani

I like your explanation. please let us know as a beginner how many stock quantity to buy

ranii prajapati


Anderson Thomas

Mr. Anthony Lauberth is obviously the best, i invested $4,500 in trading bitcoin and he made profit of $27,850 for me.

anurag choubey

Cryptocurrency ke bare me kabhi ap batye kuch

high tunes

mam can we use it as intraday???

Ashwini Deshmukh

2:06 I was thinking it happens only to me??

sushil kumar

apko hindi nahi aati hai pls hindi me bole


Ye to trailer hai we need short review

Vaishali Dandgaval

Thanks maam you are doing great

Sandeep Arshanapally


ajit chauhan

Hy mam is your lecture series applicable for day trading ??

Katrina Melanie

I never knew bitcoin trading could be this lucrative until I invested Mr Anthony Lauberth. He keeps saving me from financial hurdles...

Asef Shaikh

Mam please please 4th lecture lekar aayiye

dushyant bhatt

Is It Yaaaas or Yessss.....

Dinesh Bhalerao

Mam I really want to join your guidance by the class ? can you please send me your address.
Otherwise please provide me a contact number by which I can get more details about our services ( teaching and learning)??

Mohammed Aslam

Mam, your explanation is so simple to understand. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work


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Raj kumar Gautam

Starting trading from several months. I had watched several videos on YouTube but, i'm become more clear after I watched lecture 1 . So if possible please update more videos related to technical and fundamental analysis . Love from Nepal. God bless u more ?

Arka Bhattacharyya

2:11 is the clicking moment... ?

Siddharth Pathare

technical analysis is excellent and have edge above fundamental analysis when it comes to identify specific level of price where there is possibility of good reward against the risk you are taking.


Thank u mam nice explaination

Sonali Shirke

very nice

Jully Bernie

<<[email protected]>>

Curious Mind

You are the best

RaKeSh PuRoHiT

मुझे इंग्लिश नही आती फिर भी आपके वीडियो आराम से समझ लेता हूं पता नही क्यो

Reena dave

Oh. Thank you so much for simplifying. I am learning from you since last 1 year. Booking loss is also part of your portfolio.

Kaushik Bhalotia

How to get a target and stop loss ?

rahothaman raghavendra rao

Mam, your lectures are simple and very easy to understand. Thank you for your lectures.

Oscar Sebastian

What I appreciate about Mr Anthony Lauberth is his consistency in making huge profits. I'm on my 9th trade with him

Akshini Randive

1 statement very correct

Sagarika mudili

mam pls share any link to pay for this technical analysis course...


Speed ×1.75 ??????????

D R India

How to aply for join the course


Rachna enthusiastic ranade
Truly pleasure to have u on utube

haryanvi fojji

Jai hind jai bharat... Thanku madam...

Reema Bartaula

I jst love you mam

Darvin Sathe

Maam long term ke liye hold krke rkhe or company hi bnd ho gai toh fir ky honga

amit kumar

Pehle fundamental analysis or technical analysis

Darshith Shreshta

Mam your explaining method is awesome?

ranii prajapati

F.REE Training course by our Research.wa9136845190

Vishal Ganjare

Mam aap sirf learning par focus dete ho,Baki share market trader jine thoda bohat ata hay vo to corer pati hi baneke chodenge hame??

Shekhar Kalra

@CA Rachna, WHY is not advisable to convert your investment profile if things go down? And if there is a chance.

Pinnacle Financial

Had taken her Technical Analysis course & below is my feedback who is planning to take:

Half of the times her mouse didn’t work.
Most of the times she confuses students between the bullish candle and bearish candle & by the time she corrects herself students are already very much confused then on top it a lot of times she confuse between support and resistance when she meant to say support she says resistance & vice versa which also creates huge confusion as a student.
Thirdly since it’s a paid Course she should have proper gadgets with herself such as proper mic etc to teach properly.
Half of the times she is explaining the charts neither she is drawing the lines because she has this one line” I am not able to move the cursor” I mean seriously a student has paid for the course, are they suppose to get these lame excuses.
I found it very frustrating at times when I am trying to understand something on a serious note & she is like either her mouse doesn’t work, or she has a problem with mic, or she herself is creating confusion between bullish and bearish candlestick pattern. Had to take YouTube help to understand in a better way than this paid course.

Not even in a single video, she was able to draw the trend line either her electronic pen isn’t working properly Like I said she should have all the proper gadgets to explain thing in a better manner when she knows people are paying for her course. It was very much confusing at times.

megan Henson

Happiness is achieved when your aim and desire in life are determined,still doubting the efficiency of my words ? Give it a try and have the satisfaction you obtain for yourself. I gave it a try and I can gladly stand and tell everyone you're the best trade [email protected]__forex09 via insta..

udyan chourasiya

Maam u r genius

Chris Pan

Great teacher and very nice presentation skills.

Pavan Deshpande

????u r my share guru.

Hassan Fest7890

Ma'am if u dont mind can u discuss about Pk Stock market... any free tips

Jeetendra Patil

Even I experienced the same

Shweta Singh

You are amazing.your way of explanation is just excellent.

Jully Bernie

<<[email protected]>>

Manish Sharma - English

I am Sure You Don't Even Trade In Markets
Can You Show You P&L Staten of 1 Year ??

poorva pansare business

Sir, I am poorva pansare From Dealmoney Securities

Rakesh Kumar

In Hindi Please

priyanka pal


sujit kumar

What should I learn first, technical analysis or fundamental analysis?

Wuhan Virus

Namste madam , mast video aahet tumache.??

royal king

Thank you so much Ma'am.

Sara Moorer

How can I reach Mr. Anthony Lauberth please? Mr. Anthony has really made name for his self He has made success in stock trading easier than we thought Please how can I get in touch with Mr Anthony Lauberth ? I've lost a lot trading for myself☹️?.

Himanshu Patel

Ahaa... Don't catch a falling knife.

Adhiraj Pakodiya

Ma'am plz explain that ki hme market ko analysis krna hoga ya fir koi perticular company ko

R creation

Madam Hindi me bhi ek video bana dijiye please

Sanket Kusram

Are Demat accounts and trading accounts different? I have account with Zerodha. Do I have to open one more account with any bank or broker?

Stock market technicals

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Markets are Rigged. Using Charts and Technical Analysis alone is a road to the Poorhouse

137 609 views | 19 Nov. 2016

Are the markets rigged?

Are the markets rigged? Is the stock market rigged? Why can't we use charts alone to analyse the markets? Andre Minassian, self-employed medium-term trader and businessman comments. You believe that all major stocks markets are fixed/rigged. Why and how can we use this to our advantage? When we just base ourselves on charts and fundamentals, the problem you have is that everybody else is looking at the same charts and fundamentals. The markets knows you as a trader by looking at charts so they know when retail traders are going to buy or sell.

Aiza Belle Ridao

"Try to figure out the macro-geopolitical agendas and the psychology of the market rather than the technical and fundamental analysis." -- so true! When I started looking at it this way (and following the drama and Tweets), I recovered from my fx trading losses which happened right after Trump got elected XD I'm neither anti nor pro Trump, I personally don't care, but following along even the Brexit saga helped me recover :)


Assuming that everyone trading is well aware of all technical and fundamental analysis basics is ridiculous. Level of knowledge varies, methods vary. It's impossible to predict

Mohammed Miah

This guy is totally wrong. The market is rigged but you can make a lot of technical if you don't trade like the average Joe

satvik jha

The way he laughs and says no noooo noooo it makes me want to close my trading account

David Ortman

Lol this is so far from good advice it's not even funny. So it telling me that since they know what ur gonna do they just go the opposite way instead? So ull never ever be successful if u use technical analysis? Funny how a crap load of super successful traders who make millions of dollars use technical analysis. This video makes just no sense at all


he must be a multi billionaire, he knows it all !!

Creole Cajun

No stop loss lol bet this guy has loss tons of money

Jeff Richards

How do you "know" that they (whoever they are) is going to take a market from point A to point B?


he took his advice from youtube penny stock traders


Omg, actually so obviously true...they are looking at the same chart...theyre doing the same analysis you're doing, they know what you're gonna do, so they do the opposite ?


Lol kinda true but still I am still able to generate ~240k a year by TA and reading charts. Sure volume, buying power etc goes into account but its TA at the end of the day. The main reason why people lose money is because of greed and poor risk management. Just to say u cant make money with TA ist silly in my opinion.

Dean Tibbz

TA alone has made me a successful trader ....This guy has no idea


Says a person who is part of the 90% losers.....

Ben Wearne

When Merrill Lynch buys 100,000 contracts the price is going to go up. There's no way to know for sure when that will happen, but if it JUST happened a week ago and they haven't been able to sell all those contracts for a profit and the price goes back down to the price they bought all those contracts, they will most likely buy more to defend the position. Volume and price are the only "real" indicators. All the other ones just make things easier for your eyes at a glance.

stan dike

great content.....clap


Trade with the banks that's all he has to say


Who are "they" the people rigging the markets? If everybody stopped buying food at McDonalds are you saying they would not go out of business and their share price would keep rising? In my opinion markets are real and they are created by real people. Prices always find their real value in the end.

Secret Nobody

Time to buy at resistance and sell at supports then

bilal khan

Technicals work very well. You just have to be very good at it. A chart can never be wrong it is just showing history. You just have to listen

Farque Matthews

Wow Damn its depressing news that market is rigged

Ayyappa Rama Krishna Reddy Tamanampudi

This man saying the truth without hiding good?


The Federal Reserve has a trading desk at the NYSE.

Piotr Szula

If I could use my momentum oscilator to penetrate the last bit of resistance of the gorgoues interviewer , then I could proudly state that I've beaten the market and it's time to retire.

gorge adams

Determination and patience wasn't the only thing that made me successful trading forex


I don't understand how the markets can be rigged, Trading is a minus-sum game (you make money by taking it off of other traders), you lose in the game if you have poor risk management and poor money management , Its down to you to apply these to your trading methods.

Hobby Zobby

100 percent rigged running on massive algorithms that are constantly evolving and changing.

10 Minute Trader

One problem, I trade 100% TA and have been profitable since 2013, so sorry rigged ? probably, cant make money from TA ? BS!!

King Artaxerxes

I’ve traded for many years. To make money in the stock market, you need a good plan, period. And you need to keep tweaking your plan. I’ve had many plans in the past that weren’t any good. They sounded good at the time, but they always failed due to one very important reason. I relied more on my “imagined” plan than I did on reality. The reality is.... without day trading and without setting close stops, you will lose all your money. The only time this hasn’t been true was during the building of a bubble, such as the tech bubble of the 1990’s. Day trade to close out all positions so you won’t experience any overnight down gaps. These can wipe you out. Set close stops so you don’t trade on emotions and ride a losing position down. These will definitely wipe you out.

Now as I’m day trading with a close stop set, my focus is on my exit position. I typically have 2 or 3 exit targets picked out. The first one should be high enough to break even if it hits target 1 then drops to your stop price. As the stock goes up in price, I also move my stop up. Then I have 1 or 2 more price targets on the way up. If it’s a good day, I made 20-50%. If it’s a bad day, my stop gets hit and I lose maybe 2-5%. The longer string of bad days you have, the more tighter you set your stops to not lose more money. I don’t trade with small portions of my account this way to maximize my gains. I have no qualms with going in with 25, 50, or even 100% of my account. Respect those stops. Don’t rely on mental stops, you might just make that one big mistake that wipes out your account. I know from experience.


Idk about this guy...I mean tech analysis works....from all the backtesting I’ve done.

Forex Sniper

Yes they are there to take your money. Couldn’t have been said better its all a Fugazi


Disagreed. Oversimplified views. Not very precise statements. Define the timeframe before saying if technical analysis works or it does not. It is very different on a 5 minute chart versus daily chart or a 10 second chart. There are still technical patterns that can make you money trading on a 5 minute chart. Yes, the institutions that are extremely sophisticated (algos, AI, etc.) "break" the patterns and take money from retail traders. However, with enough experience (12+ years of trading everyday in my case), you see that and do not get trapped too often or can even piggyback on their moves. I have to agree with one thing 100%: the markets are rigged! Not only that, I think that certain brokers play all kinds of tricks on retail traders. You do not believe me? Review court records, one of the major ones in the US paid $30 million in fines for front-running retail orders with their own just a few years ago. Furthermore, the biggest, cardinal, and most profound mistake that most traders make is focusing on predicting the next move instead of practicing excellent money management and working on their psychology, especially when trading short-term. Good luck to all trying to succeed! It is not easy, but it can happen. You just need to do better than just looking for a head and shoulder patterns or a hammer. -:)-


2:21min stock markets are rigged they are not moving acc to any logical pattern price of commodity (2)on jan 3 when crude rise by 3-4% omc didn't fall on 16sept to 20sept they fall when crude rises

daniel lungu



A very smart man.

carpet tunnel

Who cares if it’s rigged as long as you make money off of it?

David Lee

It's great that they are! To me it makes them more predictable.

Rich B

The market is rigged against retail traders. The market makers are the chief scammers.


I dont agree that you cant make money just from technical analysis.


This video is rigged


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ΔᄁȚᄋᄁ ѵΙᄂᄂΔЯΙᄁΔ

That's a logic right there...the market is rigged because it's a 'Business'...

Paul Peace

Thanks God and Andre I watched this video a year ago.... I consistently profit now.
Very true that markets are rigged.

Trading Observer

according to his logic, supports and resistances and other clear indicators shouldn't even exist.. because as soon as the "smart" people saw them forming, they would trade in the opposite way and doing so changing the chart itself destroying the figure, and creating so a repeatable and constant case for retail traders to study. Going on, what kind of market is he talking about? In the Forex market Retail traders rapresent only the 10% of the entire volume.. 90% belongs to central banks and hedge funds.. so if this is the case the "smart people" would be the vast majority stealing money from themself.

Randall Taylor

What a great interview er

Christian Caraballo

Well the problem
Is that 97% of traders dont know how to read charts

Markets are Rigged with Fake news, but charts work


They are not fucking rigged. Just do your own analysis. Technical and fundamental.


This guy is 100% right

Michael Que Cera

My god this woman is beautiful.

Compiler Defiler

How is this rigged though? Sound more like classical TA doesnt work anymore in the stock market

Bryan Harris

I think he seriously ignores that if everyone uses TA, and a shitload of people do, it becomes self fulfilling prophecy.  It unwinds on people still in various ways, like a short squeeze.  He makes some interesting points I think but it sounds too dogmatic.  As though he never looks at a chart and is a successful trader.

Kroshell official

she is smiling she knows he is talking pure horsecrap!! lol


His definition of rigged is my definition of systematic. Hence technical analysis

Future Wei

lol if people were to buy at support, you will sell low at support? LMAO.

wagie 4 now

So these major banks will manipulate the VALUE of the currency? So why can't they stop inflation? I know how manipulation of stock prices can work (pump and dumps) but the foreign exchange seems too unreal for me.


Markets are rigged and unfortunately very few times the manipulators go to jail...LIBOR...if a couple of dudes can manipulate the LIBOR...imagine individual company stocks

Mohamed Alilou

tell us how to do that find macro geopolitical blablabla

nick hayes

what do you mean they do the opposite? they don't literally move the chart up and down. the forex is controlled by bets for and against currency pairs, influenced by news events and political circumstances, who is 'they' and how do they 'do the opposite' ... if i did the opposite the market wouldn't give a shit and i'd blow my account in a day

Aditya Misra

Not technical, not fundamental, but mental analysis is essential.


Cant get me market I scalp and my positions are in seconds or minutes.


I day trade and swing trade. This guy is spot on!

Ladi da

What? "So if I know DOW is going to 19 then 20 after that I can bet on that" Okey well..... How in the hell do you know that then? This just sounded dumb, it's going to 19 then 20.. yea okey.

Tobi Ogunsanya


Cal or Calum

Got to disagree when scalping


The Stock Market is not rigged. Instead, It is a simple system that has been FULLY EXPLOITED by very influential and wealthy people, groups, organizations and institutions. If it was rigged they wouldn't have to go through such lengths to command the market. For every one person who take the time to do their homework, look at and study technical charts, present and past, for hours, days on end, in order to learn the language of the market, there is an extremely high exponential number of others who refuse to do so. This is where the edge will always exist. If you win too much at a Casino, they label you a cheat and ban you -you're an anomaly, a divergence and a nuisance because you've figured out the system. In the Stock Market, this sort of person is allowed to continue playing, in most part because their return is laughably nominal compared to that of the market.

Aydin Bourne Ozden

I love this interviewer, she is amazing!


Now try trading Bitcoin and try not to make a profit, lol!


I day trade the S&P Emini, Crude Oil and some currencies and use nothing but technical analysis. I have been consistently profitable for the last 5 years. He is correct that everyone sees the same charts, but not everyone interprets them the same way. Have markets been rigged? Of course they have, but it's not continual. Trading is more about psychology than anything else. Psychology is probably 80% of it, not chart reading or fundamental analysis. There are literally hundreds of different ways to trade and each of them are probably valid ways, but if you don't have your head on straight, you'll end up losing no matter what system you employ.

Gedalia Niasoff

It has to be that way otherwise market makers and pro traders can't make ? cause who the going to make money from? There has to b a losing party

Ferrari Scuderia

Kind of doubt that the big players/ commercials would give a fuck about retail traders and their accounts. Also, the fact that most people lose money in trading is due to the old mystery of people buying when the market is overbought and sell when the market is oversold. Maybe this guys advice really sticks to those whose tin-foil hats have become too tight and believe that there are conspiracies behind everything, but if you follow trends on daily and weekly time frames, thus holding onto a position for a longer term, the market wont stop you out. Which is why day trading carries the greatest risk because inevitably you will eventually lose your gains within the same day as you made profits, or latest by the next day.

Finally, he seems to not reveal any kind of evidence or alternate method besides observing 'macro geo-political agenda's', or fundamental analysis in other words, and he contradicts himself again when he claims that markets don't move because of rumors and supply and demand, but claims that the 'mystical' rigging does - but isn't that the same thing in essence? Besides, in order to move markets the markets themselves have to move physical products and/ or services, thus driven by and creating supply and demand which again indicates that markets do not adhere to his supposed primary cause of movement, i.e. rigging. Anyone who believes anything this guy says will lose money because he is out there to get your money by the very means he claims people lose money with, always beware of those claiming to save you from losing through borderline, esoteric approaches. He is a con artist at best, who therefore invariably attracts the lazy, feeble minded people looking to make a quick profit without any knowledge. Why this individual was interviewed here in this program where otherwise intelligent and inspiring guests speak is beyond me, maybe a rigged anomaly.


Lol I like this guy.




If he can't trade with technicals, it doesn't mean nobody can. This is just an another trader that thinks only his view on the market is right and others are wrong. Full of bs.


Technical analysis and fundamental analysis go hand in hand. Same with all other market's.

Jason W

Interesting guy but he contradicts himself when he discounts technical analysis and another interview talks about patterns and how he uses patterns to trade.

Matthew Lahman

Awesome channel!!!

Max Latour

this guy seems a little nutty


Wow thats a lot of bullshit, who is this guy? Is he really a trader?
His logic: market is rigged because "they" (i dont know who "they" are) are looking at the same chart and they dont let you make any money cause "they" will obviously know what are you gonna do... but its good becuase now you somehow know what "they" are gonna do so you make money on "them." I cannot believe how many users actually agree to this guy, no wonder there is 90% of losing traders when people are not willing to actually use common sense and think about it for a second... please dont invite this kind of "traders" ever again, you ruin such a smart helpful and awesome channel with this trash

Count your pennies

The way banks operate is woley and completely Satanic. My goodness.

Christopher C. Iheobi

This guy is a Con-Man

Santi Orduna

I see where he's coming from, but I'm calling bullshit. You can't pick and choose which retail traders to bet against. There are only 2 positions to take. If you choose to take a position against the majority the minority will win. Sooo be the minority and you win...


Omg I'm watching this guy admiting that trading is a complete scam and people in the comments still saying that "technical analysis" still works.WHAT A BUNCH OF HOPLESS IDIOTS.
There is nothing technical about it,you are drawing imaginary lines on a chart you idiot wake up.
They have a full system to hunt for your stop losses to force you into a trade,it's completly rigged.


How do these people manage to gab so many words and end up saying nothing.

Andrew Muchtar

I think so, the market is rigged by big brothers.


One minute in the video and I already love this guy!

El Astronaute

what he means by 'rigged' is the markets are manipulated and the prime objective of the big players who can actually move the markets is to hoover up retail traders money

Humza Waheed Trading

I wouldn't say rigged, just efficient! Why should you be able to just look at a chart and predict the future and make tons of money?

The markets aren't that easy! A quant fund can put your technical analysis (chart patterns, Fibonacci levels, etc) into an algo and do it a million times faster than you, and with much more accuracy! This has caused technical analysis alone to be arbitraged out of the market.


Give this a thought :
As a broker, if your data shows that 90% of traders are losing money, then what would you do?

You would take the opposite of their trades...

AJ Torres

How would you explain our current market conditions?

Gidalyah Bronshteyn

He's full of shit.

Jim Le

I love that it is rigged ?

sudan raj Sharma

great video


He sounds foolish.There are tens or hundreds of thousands of people making money worldwide from TA alone.


Damn that girl is gorgeous

Late Apex

Who is the "they"? he keeps referring to?

Lorraine Ming

It's not rigged, don't try to reinvent the wheel, the invisible hand guides the markets, there's some degree of manipulation in a micro scale that has minimal influence in the big picture. Dude is behaving like a conspiracy theorist in the clip

Austin Shinn

Are markets really rigged or perhaps they are more efficient than we think.

ahmed trabelsi

who is the market!!!


macrogeopolitical agenda self &mass psychology

Sara Kess

Charts are bullshit and TAs

Domain Name Guy

Typical example is when trading was stopped for 15 mins shortly adter market open this year twice if not 3 days on the trot etc at the start of this virus situation etc

Any stock exchange can be stopped by those in charge of it any.time they like irrespective of what trades a trader has open at the time etc

Stock market technicals

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Investopedia Video: Fundamental vs Technical Analysis

115 042 views | 12 Aug. 2013

The methods used to

The methods used to analyze securities and make investment decisions fall into two very broad categories: fundamental and technical analysis. Learn the core differences in these strategies and how to use each analysis effectively.

For more Investopedia videos, check out; http://www.investopedia.com/video/

Money printer go brr

And global macro
And momentum
And ...

ahsanullah shanto

The most conventional two types of analysis are technical and fundamental among them technical analysis is the most commonly used. Fundamental analysis takes a long-term approach to investing compared to the short-term approach taken by technical analysis. As a technical analyzer with Trade12 I am enjoying more than 250 technical tools and a user friendly trading platform and all these made my operations easy.

Robert A. Edinger

I like the video. But, which method is better? I realize that for the most part it is a matter of personal preference. However, in terms of profitability which method is superior? Technical analysis or fundamental analysis? Thanks.


technical analysis is math, numbers and formulas you can count on. It takes the bias and hypothetical out of the equation. Banks and work unions, governments invest this way.

crypto words

Nice video!


Thanx for starting to upload videos again!

Jordan wang

technical analyst is sooo wrong

Aryan Jain

So that means that if a stock is fundamentally good than it is technically also going to be good

Holden Casey

I wrote a post that basically sums up this video: https://www.holdencasey.com/2018/01/24/fundamental-vs-technical-analysis/

Black US

The way i see is doing both!

Manny Zarate

I first select 10 stocks to go after. I use technical analysis first. Then I use fundamental analysis, then I compare my results and which ever shows as a winner on both, then I go for it. I have 1 day experience ;)

Connor S

No reason why you can't do both technical and fundamental analysis. Being a technical analysis does not require you to believe that the actual companies worth is priced in.

Georgi Piskov


Donovan Mitchell

I'm more of a short term swing trader where I will hold positions for anywhere between 1 day through 2 or 3 months. I very rarely have held a position for more than 90 days. I used technical analysis, not fundamental to predict the market bottom in early 2016. I feel like if you have a a good strategy and good rules to abide by technical works for me. But if I were a long term investor rather than a short term trader I would go with fundamental analysis.


TRUTH is my analysis ??‍♂️

Index Fund Advisors, Inc.

Also see this debate on active vs passive investing held at UCLA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUD8TUFQTrw&t=632s


Awesome conclusion dude....m impressed :)


If fundamental analysis is good enough for Buffet, it's good enough for me.

Sean K

hmmm.... thanks for the vids, but, you should have named the Technical analyst Tom and the Fundamental guy Fred. Just saying. Fred Fund, Tom Tech. but what do I know?