Korean bank

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How to Open Bank Account in Korea: Learn Korean Bank Vocabulary

109 views | 3 Jun. 2020

Learn Korean language and

Learn Korean language and culture from a qualified teacher. I am an author and an experienced teacher. I am currently teaching Korean language to students from other countries online. It is really exciting to be with people from other countries. I have doctorate degree, and have been a professor at a university in Korea. While serving for the university, I taught Korean language to exchange students and professors from other countries. I wrote doctorate dissertation in Korean. You can also learn some hard vocabulary and complicated Korean sentence structures from me. Because Korean language is a phonetic language, the sounds of words matter. The grammar also heavily depends on the sounds. I teach these sound effects for students' better understanding of Korean grammar. I hope my channel will be a help for those who want to learn Korean language.


Thankyou so much for this! This was really helpful for me! Wishing you all the best!

Korean bank

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The Bizarre South Korean Bank Heist

708 205 views | 3 Nov. 2020

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Channel Description:

Animated documentary-style videos on extraordinary Asian events.


Kento Bento — Researcher, writer, narrator, audio editor, video editor, motion graphics & art director

Charlie Rodriguez — Motion graphics & illustrator

Isambard Dexter — Research assistant

Jose Gamez — SFX editor

Dave Wiskus — Agent

Nina Bento — Cheerleader

Video Title: The Bizarre South Korean Bank Heist

"Daejeon, South Korea, 2019 — 140 kilometers south of Seoul. The bank robber was getting ready to enter the bank. He was well-prepared, composed, and not at all afraid of being caught. You see, he had been planning the heist for a while, and had become quite familiar with the bank’s habits and procedures. He had done the math and knew it would take police just four minutes to arrive at the scene once alerted. This, of course, wasn’t ideal — a potential four minute window seemed risky — but if all were to go according to plan the reward would be worth it; he would be set for life. As part of his preparation, he had procured a very specific weapon (a kind of knife) from a trusty vendor which, really, he had no intention of using. With the threat alone being sufficient enough, this was merely for show. And so, after months of planning, it was time. He headed through the doorway into the bank. The heist was on..."

vichondrias maquilang

after forever of waiting hayzzz


So the story is of faking a bank heist to get medical treatment in prison.
Seems legit.


Dang, never seen this much plot twists before

The Mighty Narwhal

Yoooo biggest plot twist ever

AAFT Aspect

Do you eat turtles?

Cameron Dakota

I would just try not to make it seem like it was a non-bank heist. Make it look like a proper hiest and walk out with the money with police at the front door. Now you can go for robbery in prison.

Eldar Taghiyev

Why IT was long Time to Make a video


Basically guy tries to get himself caught by intentionally attempting to rob a bank so he can enjoy free health care - stretched into a ten minute video. Stuff like this happens in third world countries all the time.
I like your dramatisations but this was a really boring story

Kento Bento

*Get Nebula & CuriosityStream for 26% off & watch thousands of documentaries: http://curiositystream.com/kentobento

Includes not just my Nebula Exclusive ('The Shocking Chinese Pork Bun Murders'), but also the extended Nebula version of this South Korean Bank Heist video with a cool post-credit sequence & an extended discussion about my break.

Bonus Video: The South Korean Bank Heist FOLLOW-UP: https://youtu.be/_Re4r5s-4cA

BGD [ Riz zaidan ]

Entry Point : Korea.

BreeStake Bobba

Police: arrives

Jeong: oh hell shiver me timbers

vinal d'souza

Wow been waiting forever for new lento bento videos, you are the best

Seema Vachhani

Can u pls make ur own merch it will be so cool


Thans you! xxx ?

Intel Core i7

Amazing video!


“This wasn’t a bank heist at all.”

We have been tricked, backstabbed and possibly bamboozled.”

Nathan Burleigh


Ralph Seatiel A. Ubas

What kind of bank heist is this I know you explained it but he really want to be arrested FOR A BACK PAIN that's weird and really really a dumb idea

Mitchell Abena

More North Korea!


PS : Spoilers in the Comments :'(

Bijish Varghese

Oh bhai opoop

Pro Fist

Welcome back fella


wait, this dude is still alive!?!?

Ember Scorpio

People who haven't seen Knives Out are really missing out


payday 2 preplanning

payday 2 preplanning

Slytherclaw Ravenrin

I love how there's approximately a month between all these videos.?

S Ashang

Y is everyone not wearing a massssskk ?

Psycho Fade


Eldar Taghiyev

The last video was close a year ago

Kieran Techur

u should be narrator for this type of movies


awozameta na kono naifu wa meita


When things seems out of place:It mus be the work of an Enemy stand

Alejandro Herrera Barboza

Let’s face it, Bento will never come back because he has an affair with Lord Nebula

Faid_ Axx

Why u stretch ur vids


bro the teller is so bad ??


U puted the police number as 112 wich is the romanian police that makes u romanian.

Dillip Kumar Bara

I am kento bento

elektromos /pc's

You see, stab stab stab the knife was fake


i wish we could know if he fixed his back


That weakling: stabs knife to powerful person
The person: thats weak
The weakling: NANI!?!

Nipun Thorat

As the time passes it becomes Interesting...........

『uni the first』

this is somewhat hilarious

Daily Dose Of Cringe

Murder! And pork buns!

Jerome Claessen

Worldwide recession, riots & looting will happen soon. The new world order will take control.
Jesus’s second coming will soon be here.

Be prepared..

Arfan Eka Diandra

Guy speedran going to jail bank heist%


9:56 :0 lol

Meatball Syrup

mega mind

D.B. Cooper


Christin Kevin

The unique wilderness finally ignore because organisation thoracically sniff worth a smooth gallon. guarded, wanting agenda


이 사건 기억나네. 진짜 신박한 방법이라고 생각했는데 감옥에 못들어갔는지는 몰랐다.

lai ii

Not gonna lie, the illustration and clarity of his stories was the reason he really stands out the most for me. And also with the attention span i have, im weirdly amazed by how this man can make me stay here HAHAHAHAH

Human Being

He’s kento bento

Aka noob

I was mouth open when watched this..... Really. Belive me.

Xzile 6565

Is this a real story ?

Jayden Breedlove

9:07 miso soup guy

lil ion

7:16 what is that noise in the background

David Cuellar

yeah, fuck capitalism. This is a really sad story

La Monique

Wow,the voice acting is just ?

Genji Boi

This man got a knife from toy rus wtf



Felix Visser

Did you see the Knives Out easter eggs? Mr back pain has the coffee cup from this film and the bit with him fake stabbing an officer is presumably a copy of ransom stabbing marta the same way in the film. Were there any other ones?


He was really on some gta shit


He should have punched the cop

Mohammad Rendi Hakim


Pragya Bhushan

Should have punched the cop

Nicole/Nicholas Riley

can i just say that man is 10 million iq that is so geniues and so smart even i could not think of that


Ahh poor guy just needed health care

Patrick Duncan

Jeong has lumbago

magic เมจิก

Its so silly

luluSharkk H


AmKam Omega

The story is so sad that people have to get into prison to get medical care.
But wait, what happened to the dude in 2020?

I Suck At Clones -pnglotpgi-

Fans:dude you almost quit yt forever
Kento:No i didnt quit i merely failed to quit forever!

Super Sophisticated

This is sads

Minindu Wanigasekara

Bro what a loser he failed to get into prison


until just now, i realized that these arent true storys


So, he went out and was poor again, well, that sucks^^

Maci Frank

The lame silver inadvertently perform because toe intracellularly hurry toward a big learning. old, efficacious peace

lol nicxxkyy

I feel like he's the one doing the robberys and stuff cause he knows too much about them?

UltraCheesy YT

Jeong’s bizzare adventure.

South Star

Plot twist: he's trying to accomplish a bank robbery arrest speedrun

We say no to pay to win

The irony that homeless people in Britain and South Korean prisoners have higher level of medical care than the average American

Ipe Rosales

how do you create the graphics is this by Ae and pS? thanks . Great content by the way, gone thru 4 vids straight.

Lisa Lisa

jojo's bizzare bank heist/ back is unbreakable

Titanic Big ship

Poor South Korea bad


I am Kento Bento lol

Shahrukh Khan


eino katajamäki 08


Roberto Corpuz

What he only want free back care

japata651 The second

as of now the dislike count is 911


Mike / Fujiwara Takumi

...this was at the end of 2019..
Oh no.. nononoo


666k views 0-0

Kevin Gray

Why did I guess ToysRus as soon as he showed the "trusted seller" the second time?

Red Burny Girl Klee

Klee Thinks this can totally see this being a movie.....
Klee would watch it

Keu Kirito

It funny he actually draws each race differently being Japanese, Korean, and chinese

Justin Choy


jokes aside, this is really sad, his plan didn't work out, and he's starting his "new life" with a pandemic.

Nookiblix lil

Some gta stuff here

Rhubartu the Saiyan

Why do you. Talk. Like. This....


Ac nab do 158 -)#( found in a truck ):3092! Does

Korean bank

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10 Korean Phrases for the Bank

13 479 views | 27 Jul. 2015

Phrases from this lesson:

Phrases from this lesson: http://bit.ly/1Um5rGr

Directions in Korean: https://youtu.be/_qVNRfDrtF8

Korean Number Systems: https://youtu.be/2IJ_r--02hs

Korean Money: https://youtu.be/qF6N3lj8CHk


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sweetandtastyTV

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sweetandtastytv

Website: http://www.sweetandtastytv.com

Instagram: @sweetandtastyTV

kenmc leong

what to say deposit & withdrawals in korean?

Kai Smiles

You have help me learn Korean in such a fun way


Your face and the way you smile in the thumbnail looks just a bit like Park Bo Young! Or maybe I've been watching too much Oh My Ghostess lol.

Shannon A .L

Aaah many thanks for this! I'm moving in February to study abroad and this is the kind of things I overlook until the last moment. I remember the first time I lived abroad in Germany I essentially mimed my way into opening an account.
Thanks again for all your great video you're really helping me with my move in a fun and still educative way- and you clearly put a lot of effort into them it's always so pleasant. Stay awesome professor <3

Allan Christopher Simpson

Thank you for always making fun and informative videos! I often post them to the Pegasus Society for Korean Studies social media^^

A little bit of Anything

대단히 감사합니다, I have been learning Korean for about six months now. And I was again want to say thank.....your post are not only fun, but informative. Please keep them coming.