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YG Entertainment and RBW Entertainment Debuts New Girl Groups | Purple Kiss Debut | Mamamoo's Junior

28 325 views | 21 Jul. 2020


#purplekiss #yg_newgirlgroup #kpopmultistan

Hello guys, New Girl group debuts On the way. what do you think of these groups ? comment down below.

Credits :

Music - Rebirth by Peyruis https://soundcloud.com/peyruis

Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/al-rebirth

Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/3zL1CW6nr00

Intro Music - Rumor

Outro Music -

čł øųđ

Peurples kiss ?

Rosalinda Tuando

Mamamoo ahhh moomoo ?????????????????????????????????????????????????


stan until you are purple

summer bangtan forever , PURPLE ON TOP

Stan purple kiss for clear skin ❤?

Chaedza Mugoni

I think PurpleKiss will be the rookie girl group of the year in 2020.?

Jihan Saja

Dont forget VROMANCE from RBW??

Zahrawani Hamta

Next rookie monster=purple k!ss!!!!!!!

no.1 swervy simp

I'm soooo excited for PURPLE K!SS ????

Just someone

Purple kiss all the way... Have you listened to swan or Ireh?!


Purple kiss



Wahdania NR

Purple Kiss

Chronos Obe

I stan Purple Kiss bec Swan has unique voice. And she lived once in the Philippines ??! Whew!


Purple Kiss are already releasing their debut intro's and they are the bomb! No one is surprised at their vocals killing it. Super glad they are focusing on artistry strong.


I bet YG is lying and the girlgroup is gonna debut in 2036 instead ?



Sofia aanam

Purple kiss is talented so I will support purple kiss ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Fts ow

YG stan
I waiting for ygngg

Renee Aquino


Akeshia Browns

Purple kiss for me but Iam also exicted for yg new gg

ayta angelis

My purple kiss?


Itzy And Purple Kiss will be really big on the future- duh Can't wait

lauriiz paola

Purple kiss tiene todo, voces, baile, talento. Merecen éxitos


We already know that purple kiss will be the best rookie of 2021


I know this group will be successful ??...and will win on shows inshort be a monster rookie...

Yagami Jin

Dosie now not Doxie

Moondaisy 6

26 Nov ???

MAd Man

your information for YGngg is wrong all of the members are hidden and already signed a contract from the agency and all of the girls you mentioned are already left the company and Yge is saved by Blackpink comeback they earned 102million dollars in just 10 days because of blackpink. yge will earned 1trillion won when blackpink drop the album they already predicted it.

Atandra Kumar

Wow purple kiss and blackpink junior's haven't even debuted and the comparison already started?????????

Rbw_stan :3


Ignatius Gseus

YG to shutdown and the trainees move to better company

Nathaniel Hadman Uba


WeUs Purple Radish NVLD

Maybe if some YG trainees didn't leave YG, they could have become BabyMonster
(Gidle - Cho Miyeon, PurpleKiss Chaein (Park Chae Young), Ireh (Cho Seo Young))


Eunseongs stage name is not Doxie its now Dosie (pronounced Doh-She)
Also NiziU is pronounced similarly to 'Need U' basically Knee-Ju.

ひ な の





Purple kiss ?




Everyone pls check out Purple Kiss and supports for all of the Idols and artists from RBW! Wait for everyone's Comeback especially MAMAMOO's

N.B Music

This comment section is interesting...just wait and you’ll see. I don’t think anyone knows what’s coming.


Babymonster is the chinese group’s name lollll Jane and Vicky introduced themselves as Babymonster

mon taedeuk


Frances Lynn Gesto

Purple kiss ?

Tomoe Kanade

Purple kiss te juro que jamas me habia llamado un grupo femenino la atencion hasta que vi y escuche de Purple kiss otra vez yt me recomendo a un grupo jajaja como lo hizo con un bg pero la cosa es que enserio estas chicas tienen un gran potencial

Lana Chuang


Anis Farisha

We don't know when the new gg in YG will debut but for 2020 I will support purple kiss for ROTY ♥️

glaiza ramirez

BaeMon ???

David K

I hope that both of the new groups do well!


My favorite band is blackpink but I prefer "purple kiss"


Purple kiss already serving the vocals like the sister group...

Ridayatul Kibroh

Na Go yun,park ji yun?what the hell


No comparen pls

Daniel Wong

Purple kiss?

TT Twice

Can't wait you know I love kpop gg?

Arenita Mejillas

Purpple Kiss ???

Pixie Bell

I’m m all about positive vibes so I will be supporting all these new rookie groups when they debut

K-pop Moo

Purple Kiss!!! ?

cooheartt Kim Hyun

Stan purple kiss???????


Purple kiss??

Shannon Crawford

Purple Kiss will be the rookie monsters of 2020

Alejandro Aguilar


Stelliferous Oofer

2:42, not all these members will be in the group as there are huge age gaps


Stop comparing. This isnt a competition! NO TO FANWARS ❌❌❌❌❌


0:44 not Doxie but Dosie

Ten Chime

Let’s not compare guys Come on mamamoo is owing 3rd gen purple kiss will own 4th gen win win for RBW and us haha????????

Dian Islamiati

Purple kis?????

Sadia Nishat

Purple kiss? like come on we already they gonna be so talented since they’re the little sisters of mamamoo


Swan should get her own yt channel where she covers songs.

Alainia Saints

I already stan 'Purple kiss' ??
But all groups are awesome, looking forward to them too ✌

Kimberly Lippington

So it's true about the Shining star company in China. All of you can watch them in Youth With You 2.

maté cck

I guess all of them deserve to rock the kpop world...

Yagami Jin

Purple Kiss is a package. They have no weakness!



Kaz Morallos

Purple Kiss ?

Devindi Gamlath

Purple kiss ♡♡♡♡

Tiakumla Longkumer

Purple kiss will be really good if their productions are nice

Tongco, Al Jhone

i would like to say STAN PURPLE KISS

nana leo

All of rbw artis is full of vocal power ♡ .

Aina Amanda

Baby moster

Lin Haslynn

Mamamoo, Vromance, Oneus, Onewe ??
Purple Kiss ??
Stan RBW artist
RBW the best company ever ❤️???❣️?
EACH GROUP has their own STRENGTHS and WAYS.
I do not compare.

Paula Roxas

Being talented is pure. But being popularity is gaining. Rbw trainee and artist are pure talented, specially on vocal. Periodt!!! YG ent is a big company/management that can easily gain popularity, but fight me!! RBW is a small company/management that has pure talent artist.



Hisna uwu

lets comment purple heart logo ? for purple kiss on their upcoming mv debut

Sadia Nishat

Purple kiss are princesses ?
Mamamoo are Queens?


??Purple kiss. Can't wait!


I love Mamamoo so much I’m gonna stan purple kiss lol

Melissa :3


A Channel

Mamamoo, vromance , onewe, and oneus is super crazy talented and i think purple kiss gonna be the same ✊?❤???

Star Areeba go

Im liking bp juniorz more...but purple kiss is grate too


I love PURPLE KISS, but si hubiera grupo de yg lo apoyaría uwu

Demi Nella

Purple Kiss is our key to get rid of Corona

Krisley Sánchez




Crystal Grace

purple kiss is the best


Purple kiss will dominate the 4th generation and you can't say otherwise when all members are aces

Diana Cisneros

Purple kiss is already winning my heart ?

ben austin

waiting for baby monster, purple kiss and banana cultures new gg

oka .w

Purple kiss

Stefania Ogun

well you can't really compare them mamamoo have 6 years of experience
while purple kiss hasn't debuted yet.
also thier way to success will be different.
mamamoo is the bts of rbw
and purple kiss are txt
while it's good to have such respected senior they will have huge expectative upon them

Rbw entertainment

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ENGSUB MAMAMOO 1st win MAMAMOO 160306 마마무 첫 1위하던날

97 434 views | 8 Mar. 2016

Credits MAMAMOO Official

Credits MAMAMOO Official Youtube Channel


i always get emo when i watch this T-T mamamoo deserves 475624657 awards

Yuni P Ananda

00:43 She can't even say anything but still crackhead ?


Still! Mamamoo is mondeul!

Evelyn Dang

they won 8 times in total for this comeback <3 girls you will win many times in the future

Melissa Bay

Hahahaha they censored the beer Wheein was drinking and changed it to a bottle of milk ?. My 4 precious girls, you deserve the world.

Sophie Gardenia

Now i know MMMTV unnie name are miyeon unnie

Hizkia Nogie Runkat

what is the name of the song? its very warm

Sutedja Rendy

One day, my name is Rendy Sutedja , I will make my appearance exist in youtube and right now, I'm still learnig , I will be stylist hallyu entrepeneur ; youtube superstar& analysist and one of my youtube contact, I PROMISE I WILL BEFRIEND WITH YOU THIS IS MY DREAM AND I WANNA MAKE YOUR ALBUM BECOMING WELL KNOWN IN THIS WORLD . Rendy Lee is coming to the town !!!!

Wendi Cruz

I miss this just waiting for wheein hwasa contract renew

Taeyeon Jjang

Yknow whats even more satisfying? Winning against two very established idols. I think Taeyeon and Taemin wouldn’t mind either cuz these girls are talented


milk LMAO hahahaha nice cover up xD

Tereza Živná

0:42 the pterodactyl lmao

Nabila Nursuraya

They won with their talent only.. They just offer us with their talent...Their hardwork and passion for music..

Haneul Jung



wow their team is so collegial

Hannah Eula

Very happy to be celebrating this special moment with MAMAMOO. I wish I was early but never too late. Thank you Mamamoo for being such an inspiration ?

hazal sönmez

I cried while watching this. This is a pure success. I loved their company. How free and relax they are. How it should be. Wow this is so good

Cereal Box

They celebrated as a whole company not just for Mamamoo. I really respect RBW ?
This 4 women really deserve the world. Give it to them already!


That moment where moonbyul screamed “FOR THE SUCESS OF RBW OIII”
Damn they never knew years after they will have the most successful company in the kpop industry

Karisa Ardelia

Solar almost got hit by a car lol

George Ford

It is shocking how much prettier Whee In is without the stage makeup. Almost as shocking is how clean and well-maintained that alley is, it looks like a stage set.

kudgeon d

Thanks for this! Confetti moment: 0:29.

lolo 511

I hope mamamoo company and sistar company become closer i want a mamastar moment


She need some milk. Oh wait

Andy Wu

Wow - Mamamoo has a really good team. They all seem like friends.

Naimless Wan

what''s the song called that's playing in the background


Is this their first win ever since they debuted? I recently became a fan of mamamoo. I really love them, specially when it comes to their live performances. They're an amazing group. They proved that it's not just about the looks. It's about talent. I love you Mamamoo! :)

Azizah Kusumadewi

may i know what song in BGM ?

Patrick Nguyen

Watching this two years later where they went on to win much more and more frequently. I’m so glad for them ?❤️

Mike K


Clau Nr

Mamamoo Queens


I can’t stop smiling and happy crying while watching this??

Jhon Mike Querido

The thing that my Mamamoo and Japanese singer LiZa are competing for the award is so nice to see ♥️?

nico hades

Look at how proud the staffs were ❤️❤️


I was actually trying to read what it said on the cake in English, then I was like, “oh wait, I don’t know Korean”. I don’t even know the difference anymore. Kpop really has changed me for the good. So proud 2 years later

Dervy 593

It’s great to see RBW give Mamamoo so much freedom they have no dating bans can drink alcohol as seen in this video they let the girls move out of the dorm and get there own apartments they let the girls have solo activists there relationship with Mamamoo is incredible honestly RBW is one of my favourite entertainment companies

Maya Indah Sari

People who said that solar has plastic surgery must see this video, she looked the same with her past photo when she wore no make up here. They all have natural face.

Wheein's Dimple

We can see that they're family


More awards and successful in life with this group

Tjon Tan

Thanks everyone for the views!

Gideon DelaCruz

Wow!! Now I know why their fans (Moo Moos) love them, this is the most "human" video ive seen from an idol group..

seth fortalejo

that dramatic moment when a confetti got stucked in yongsun's mouth??

Danielle Cabildo

Idk why but I find cute on their cake because of from papamoo and mamamoo rbw it's like parents to mamamoo


oh my heart
this is so beautiful

sara lee

i cried i laughed this is a emotion rollacoaster

Eizee Mariano

RBW is such a nice company. They may not be very well known but the bonds they have with each other are amazing. MAMAMOO is lucky to be in a company like RBW and vice versa. Hope they'll win more in the future. MAMAMOO hwaiting!! I'll forever be a proud MooMoo~~

Daniela RDN

What is the sont behind please?

Fatima Chavez

Como que hwasa en ese tiempo si temia trasero

Moon Sun

What is the background song?

MooARm مامامو حبي

LMAO them making the milk instead of the beer then wheein said i'm an adult

Kyra Yzabelle Mella

not letting go. ❤️❤️


After watching this I felt the urge to learn Korean language and work for RBW XD instead of a company they seem like a big happy family ❤️ Thank you RBW! Without you there would be no Mamamoo, so thank you!


you know you're a moomoo when you're crying within the first 40 seconds of this

Janice Chow

MAMAMOO don't live together ?? Like in a dorm

Jamie Sweet

Im so happy that RBW is such a great company, you hardly ever see that considering they're such an unknown company and tight on money. I'm so happy they won, these girls totally deserve it, really hope they get more notice and I'm hoping they get nominated for the MAMA awards because I'm ready to support them, this will be the first time i'm supporting a girl group, and the second time i'll be supporting a KPOP group.

Allaboutme R

Why are they putting the milk logo instead of the beer? Wheein and Hwa Sa were minors?

Dani Mustaqim

Why mamamoo disband pls dont disband them moomoo will miss thrm


This made me tear up even tho this happened 2 years ago I'm still proud???????????????????


From this video you can tell their company family is just as crazy as them and have the same sense of humor... Everyone part of the company seems so nice and hard working... unlike most korean entertainment companies... They all treat each other with respect, no matter if ur the on screen talent or the behind the scenes talent they all work hard to get the best results. Thank you RBW Entertainment for being such an amazing company that allows everyone to work hard whilst still enjoying life.

Sasalool Daf

they totally deserve it
mamamoo fighting!!!



Pucuk Teh

I cri-

Minh Huyen

How on earth that that precious video stays unknown with only 342 views???? This is more than amazing, seeing the beyond good relationship between singers and their company! It seems like a big family for all of them <3

tinker bell

They beat the Queen kim taeyeon! Omg! I'm so proud of them!

grace ababan

Ahhhhh the first of many wins! This is so precious. I love how first and foremost, they thanked their parents, then their RBW family. They seem to have a good relationship with each other.


I just realized that Cosmic Girl is there 4:05

KrysTel Ong

Wheein drinking "milk" is the best part

Yong-won Shin

their bond is so precious..it's like a family..not just an artist-company relationship..love this video so much..RBW 짱! 마마무 화이팅! #무무

Nur Izzati Binti Mohd Radzi

Hahahaha that Papamooo thooo


they live separately? not in a dorm?


Unforgettable ?❤

VN Win


Chubbygoddess 265

RBW is a really good entertainment company they all seem quite happy

Edodawa Luffy


Solar Cares08

solar doesnt drink

Anais Persephone

i like how they don't censor out their staff....i mean they play a big role in Mamamoo's lives so its good that they show the family atmosphere.

Indah 93

i just become a moomoo ?

Sylvia Knight

They deserve that win and all that came after ❤

Ryye Byye

0:44 the pterodactyls omg ahahahaha

whee in is so cute T_T