Reserve rights coin

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What is the Reserve Rights Token? - RSR Beginner Guide

7 394 views | 31 Dec. 2020

Reserve is an

Reserve is an organization that is designing a decentralized platform aimed at providing access to financial services to individuals across the globe with a dollar pegged stablecoin at its core.

They are building solutions for the underbanked, using the benefits of blockchain technology while creating an alternative cryptocurrency that avoids the typical volatility of most protocols.

Reserve’s cryptocurrency was created to counteract and stabilize the instability of most cryptocurrencies. A Stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is financially tethered to fiat currencies or other real-world assets to stabilize its value.

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Bo zz

how much dollars can RSR go up 2? 5? 10 dollar?


RSR to the moon! This guy sounds like a robot. Lol

M. D.Crypt

Please provide MORE INFORMATION on this coin! Thx

James Autrey

Any idea about XCP?

Tristan Smith

Rsr make me rich

Matty Viper

This guys holding some heavy bags.

Joon Chun

I signed up to Blockcard, how can I purchase the RSR coin with Blockcard? I decided to withdraw my ETH from an exchange and use MEW app to swap thr ETH to purchase RSR. The transaction fee was high.

Kendall Tanner

In the US, SRS has been on my wishlist for quite some time. Any advice on what app to use to grab some?

Nik Dujmovic

do you lift bro?

BS 28784

Dont take steroids


I hope you get paid for some voice over work!

Jim G

Thank you. Do you know how, or if, I can put RSR on my Trezor?

Daisy Tran

Where can I buy RSR/USDT thank you.

byounghoon so

rsr gem x1000 !!!!


This dude's flexing hard. I know cause I do the same damn thing on videos ?

Reserve rights coin

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11 555 views | 28 Jun. 2020



The Reserve Protocol is tackling a genuine problem faced by those in Countries affected by hyperinflation and aims to provide citizens with a means of transacting using a digital dollar that is asset backed and decentralized. It has a two token model, RSV the stable coin and RSR the governance token that helps stabalize RSV.

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Addad Soids

RSR has a lot of potential and is still trading under .01 with a lot of big names backing it. Coinbase owns equity in the company so a listing in the future is almost a guarantee. Very good breakdown of the project and the fundamentals.

Roy Reyes

great review and awesome content... thank you for sharing.


I bet you guys who dropped a bag on this stuff 6 months ago are grinning ear to ear. I am jealous. I got in a few days ago. Can't wait to see how it performs during this super cycle.




hello, where can i buy it, and what wallet can store it ?


Got mine from My ether wallet. Just swapped ETH for some RSR. No exchange neccessary

Breathe Man

Exactly why I’m buying Safex and RSR.

Kerri Thebuttonlady

Where Can you buy rsr

Liam Hunt

can you store rsr on a ledger s

kamikadze V

ty. спасибо за обзор!


I love the project, I invested in it, but the ONLY thing that bothers me is the huge max supply they have. It could take a lot of time for them to burn some of it. What are your thought on this?

Sergey Sudakov

You do realise the the co-founders of paypal have 0 to do with paypal for god knows how many years now? This is just a copy paste of a simple stable coin and they all work pretty much the same way but they just decided to add a token on top to leech money out of people...

Digital currency dude

Can you buy on enjin wallet?


Thank you for your videos. Very interesting project.

Passive Crypto Show

I was looking into this couple of months back. Definitely interesting.

FB 2077

One of the top trending searches today in coingecko is $RSR, it is one of the best #defi project. I am planning to accumulate more $RSR today! ??

Teale HUB

Rsr and Knc are gonna go off it seems!

Dr Dreamz

Will out perform many tokens & coins. Top 50 soon.

Walter Arnold

Bought in about a week ago... Looked at it a few months ago and was going to pick some up put got busy doing other things.. Kick myself for that..

Enrico Banducci

I was almost 3x on this coin in about two months before it pulled back to twox



Kerri Thebuttonlady

Love your videos I am interested in G999 coin I have attached the white paper! Let me know what you think is it a good one!

Zin Amster

added to my portfolio thank you

Kaan Kocer

i read about it 2 days ago. interesting.

Sulaiman from Kuwait

My second biggest bag $rsr.. Thanks for the video man ????

Cityflatpals flatsharing

How is it helping people now in argentina and lebanon ? I see people fighting in the streets of lebanon due to price of lire. lebanon has three diff currency rates..

Daniel Bremenstuhl

Thanks for your video, I invested in RSR last month on advice from a friend and wanted to learn more. Very helpful!

Junior Ducatel

13:01 So either this is an old video or the twitter site got taken down? Just hopped on the twitter and it has only 33 followers and following 17. Are there two twitter pages?


almost 2 cents now.... yeah this could be huge

Boonsri Ratana

Crypto-currency transformed my life, invest in Bitcoin and altcoin with expert guidance. Crypto-currency is the future.

Passive Income

Just picked up some RSR. Thanks for this video. To me, combining stable coins greatly reduces the risk. I’d rather loose 0.20 rather than $1 if my stable coin has a black swan event. Compelling project and impressive team.


Lebanon is sinking now into hyperinflation... Can you please give us update on this....

Ralph Galasso

its like a centralized version of Mahadao, check it out !!!

Mr Miller

This video is aging well. Just found out about crypto and rsr and I'm in.

Henry Johnson-Ville

I'm American, where can I purchase this fine token? Binance US, KuCoin, and CoinSwitch doesn't offer it. ?


RSR listing on Binance and Coinbase in 2020 ( https://twitter.com/nnevvinn/status/1205186395092004864 )


what makes u think coinbase will list it? Its not even in their assets in custody which can be an indication of future listings,NEVERMIND its blog posts which lists coins it may list in the future MAKES NO MENTION EVER! Coinbase maybe in the future with every other friggin coin!


y’all still buying?

Shane M

There's already a PayPal/Reserve relationship in Venezuela. See my recent tweet @tokenomics101

George Neo

Looks like good use cause, will get some .Thnx

Scott White

I don’t like the tokenomics. Plus PayPal is getting into crypto probably to compete with this service.

God of Disco

I do not understand how RSR will go up in price if RSV gains worldwide adoption. something something about arbitrage. It doesn't make sense to me, you're basically betting the spread between RSV and what it actually sells for exceeds a 4 cent margin? I don't get it. Can you explain like I am 5. The inflation angle is good and I suspect worldwide adoption but I don't understand how RSV will go up in value.

Osama Laden

Fuck I think I’m stuck holding a bag

Triple D

Good call! And i love the project.

Matias Péres

I do not see any difference from other stablecoins, and the RSV has only 1 million MC which means is not being used by anyone


Excellent information

FB 2077

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Dom Tube

Where can you buy Reserve Rights Token RSR? Thanks!

Sam Thorpe

I'm still unsure what sets Reserve apart from other stable coins for use specifically in countries with an unstable national currency? Also, which wallet do you store your rsr on?

Andre Ruigrok

If RSV is pegged to the dollar, and RSR is used to keep the 1:1 with the dollar parity, while the USA is printing money like crazy, wouldn’t it be more logical for the RSR toke to lower in value?

Smart Money

One of the reasons that I love crypto.....my wife is from Beirut :)