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Interview with MIT Physics Professor Walter Lewin

37 799 views | 22 May. 2016

Interview at MIT

Interview at MIT

salma gamal

"u will show it and they will always remember"
I wish all teachers realise this and I can't thank you enough for these extremely useful and enjoyable lectures.

Cyrax abir

I like dr.walter lewin too much,

Aman Singh

Love towards physics is growing you younger and younger every day...❤️

Yogesh Parihar

Walter I want to be your student
Lewin How can I contact you ??
And I want to tell you that you are the reason due to which me interest in physics subject has reach to next level.
I just want to learn many things from you
Please tell me how can i contact you
You are my hero in physics subject

matheus andre

Greetings mister walter, I'm from brazil and I love your lectures, and me and my friends, we are doing a van der graff generator the mechanical part seems really good, but it refuses to work properly. I would like to know if have any idea of what's usually wrong.


Id love him as my teacher, so much more interesting the way he does it

Chino de NVIDIA

I wish I could go to MIT and sit down and enjoy your lectures. Thank you for demonstrating that teaching can be fun.

Abdul Muqeet

Sir please made video about Stephen Hawking

Naor Azariya

Good teachers are one of the most important things in life.
Any kind of teacher! ?

Clear doubts

Prepare everyone for self learning then there's no need to present lecture. The only thing is to clear their doubts. This work must be started from beginning to learn any kind of knowledge. Congratulations for your efforts.

rabindra prasad šìňgh

I wish if i could get blessings from you

ren Niels

I wish I could go to MIT and sit down and enjoy your lectures

simone savoca

Hi professor Lewin! I'm reading your book "For the love of physics" and as a designer I would like to thank you for showing how incredible our world is! Plus, I would like to ask you if you know Pier Luigi Ighina and his theory, most of all what you think about his weather-changing machine, and if it is scientifically reliable.
Thanks a lot for your time and your work!

Yogesh Parihar

@Walter Lewin I want to meet you once


Physical demonstrations is the best method to impart knowledge.

Arghyadeep Ghosh

Father of physics??
We Indians always admire you sir

International Golf

I just set up a SWER (single wire earth return) circuit to show the children (see link)
and failed miserably. I thought that the circuit would be completed by traveling through the soil and then find the neutral wire at the main panel. (The main panel neutral is connected to the ground) We are big fans. Thanks.

Nikolay Bukharin

I am going to teach mechanical vibrations course to college students this year and your lectures helped me a lot in planning the course, specifically demonstrations. Thanks a lot Dr. Lewin. I am considering seriously teaching career right now and I have just a small technical question. I noticed that you are using notes during the lecture. I was always thinking that the notes were discouraging students in a way that they could think that if you can't derive something without the notes how they suppose to do it on the exam. What do you think in terms of the frequency of notes usage during the lecture. I've got my major in math from Moscow State University and on our department professors were using almost zero notes during the lectures and seminars. I've just got that stuck in my head from those early days. One more time thanks a lot for your lectures.

Marco D.S. Brito

Professor, i am a junior high school student and i live in Athens, Greece. I am now coming to understand the beauty of physics (which mainly includes astrophysics) and i must admit watching your lectures has been a great help. I have seen every single one of your videos and noted down everything you write on the blackboard and i just really want to thank you for all the help you have given to people around the world.

i hope to study physics at a university outside of Greece and if im lucky, ill get to have a professor as inspiring as you are. My very best to you Professor Lewin !

Göksü Yalçın

I'm 14 years old. And i love Physics.I admire you and your lessons. Dear Walter Lewin, i want to ask something.I want to go to M.I.T in the future for student. Could you give suggestion for this? I'm doing inventing for go to Mit. Thank you.

Divya M R

Hello sir, you are amazing! Your lectures inspire me a lot :)
Wishing you an amazing health and looking forward for more and more lectures!!

Kinda Minda

sir come to our buet campus ( best engineering university in Bangladesh)

Jai Hind

I am very weak in physics but I want to feel physics like you if you got this message than direct me to learn physics please
Thank you


Awesome. I worship the one who created these laws of physics


Sir you like our super sir exactly true Sir.

Rezaur Rahman

0:45 I just loved the lines

Rahul Singh

Sir thank you for giving your thoughts and sharing what you knew about physics.......MIT was an asshole.......People like you made it famous.....sir could you please upload an video..really curious about your health and diet...Stay healthy sir

Dylan Perelgut


Paul Dirac

This professor made me love physics! I couldn't do more to thank him than buying his awesome book!

Caridorc Tergilti

I have seen your last lecture about the pendulum. It was so intense and clear, the effort you put into it was so visible, almost shining. I hope you all the best, Good Luck.

Franklin Albert Quincho Concha

Great!! Thanks for all materials there are in this channel. I'm a physicist too, now I'm studying English in order to apply to an American university. You are so great. Well, please I'd like you to recommend me a book or books to expand my knowledge in waves, I love the nature of waves, and I want to study it deeply. thanks a lot


was and still the best professor ever


If you still answer these, I am very appreciative of your videos and I wonder if you have a video on 2 point source interference? Once again you're brilliant.

hlly Dskll

i like my lecturer more because she read the slide for me

Shadow fiend

God of Physics

Bruno Reis

Walter Lewin... I'm a physics student at UFMG, one of the best universities here in my country... It would be awesome if u have time and will to come give us an amazing lecture like you've always done! I have some contacts there, and I think that it's possible to schedule if u want... There's another way for us to keep in touch, in case that that you consider come?... Thank you

Eren Batuhan Eş

is he still teachin in MIT ?

Yogesh Parihar

Thanks a lot for such a good lectures you post on youtube . By watching you lectures I had found the beauty of the physics

Najeeb Anwar Tareen

I wish I could've been your student but........

Alonso Perez-Lona

Mr. Walter Lewin, do you keep teaching physics outside MIT?

Kartikeya Pande

Sir you are great i love your lectures help me a lot in 10th class in India thanks for your contribution

Priyanshu Ranjan

I want to be teacher like u

Ishfaq Khan

sir,I am from Pakistan and I am eager to read your books.Please sir send me the list of your books,which you have written for 11th class.so that I purchase it .sir I am your great fan because you are the great

Teh Yong Lip

i cant believe you have taken so many risks, you are my hero in physics, thank you walter lewin


Physics works, and I hope the prof. continues to be still alive for a long time to come.


Mr, Lewin, any plans to visit India?

Sħäħzäiß Äßßäs

I learned a lot from you and you are my true inspiration and I wish one day I will teach physics like you and still, I am teaching physics and your lectures are very very helpful

Mit professors

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Harvard and MIT professors on faith and intellectual curiosity

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Four professors from

Four professors from Harvard and MIT share how their Christian faith and their intellectual development have informed each other. Featuring Tyler VanderWeele, Professor of Epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health, Rosalind Picard, Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT, Ian Hutchinson, Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT, and Nancy Hill, Professor of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Geronimo Buford

Appreciate this video!

Lucien Kuhn

what did they pay these professors


I'm surprised they found two Christian professors at Harvard

Mit professors

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Lec 1 | MIT 3.091SC Introduction to Solid State Chemistry, Fall 2010

410 338 views | 18 Dec. 2010

Lecture 1: Introduction to

Lecture 1: Introduction to Solid State Chemistry

Instructor: Donald Sadoway

View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/3-091SCF10

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms

More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu

Physicist in the Fighting World

Does anybody know the name of chalk he is using?

Subhajit Pramanik

GO DIRECTLY to 33:58

Ko Na

Admire him


Is there any pdf for these lectures?

Đạt Phạm

The guy below saved my time. I'm listening the literature on Romeo and Juliet , maybe I'm wrong

C Plus Plus Sized Dick

39:00 Te INTJ

Petrus Saukkonen

E-schools: waste (TIME&energy) everywhere

Greg Dubela

What a hardcore class


LFTRs ( Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors ) are the way to go. Just need more money and smarts put behind the tech to get them up and running. It's will save the world and give enough clean, cheap, safe energy for the whole planet. Spread the word!

Here is a link to it, Watch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK367T7h6ZY
Full video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLk46BZfEMs

LFTRs can consume legacy plutonium stockpiles




To support this project, please visit: https://patreon.com/thorium Entities pursuing Molten Salt Reactors are... Flibe Energy - http://flibe-energy.com/ Terrestrial Energy - http://terrestrialenergy.com/ Moltex Energy - http://www.moltexenergy.com/ ThorCon Power - http://thorconpower.com/ Transatomic - http://www.transatomicpower.com/ Seaborg - http://seaborg.co/ Copenhagen Atomics - http://www.copenhagenatomics.com/ TerraPower - http://terrapower.com/ Bhabha Atomic Research Centre - http://www.barc.gov.in/ Chinese Academy of Sciences - http://english.cas.cn/ Regular Thorium conferences are organized by: http://thoriumenergyalliance.com/ http://thoriumenergyworld.com/

Mahmoud Wanas

1:17 that's why i'm a chemist :)

Rocky P

This is such a great initiative to help the people who are not lucky enough to attend such a great institute.

Rasmus Hanson

This is one of the most likable teachers I've ever seen

Vahagn melikyan

And yet idiots believe in evolution

Esej Snake

I bet so many people are enamoured of him, he seems to be such a great person! An informative lecture which makes me smile as a bonus is a good lecture.


Guys just skip to 32:50

Pajeet Singh

0:42 Me, on the bottom left.


Is this for 12th grade

ajax 711

Watching mit lectures for my highschool exam. Awesome

ZM's Vlogs

I want my high school chemistry teacher like this

E Meyr

Donald Sadoway's last class of the semester -Solid State Chemistry https://youtu.be/ve-0L8WeO68


Shows how much MIT has become a softy school in 30 years with softy weak professors. 3.091 used to be taught by brutal tough professors. What a joke today! Rampant cheating, too.


Dear Professor SADOWAY,
nobody was ever on the moon, nobody will fly (including you) to Mars. We are living in an enclosed System created by a Creator. Your Material Science Class is 100% bang on but in the lack of real Science. Einstein was a plagiarist. Newtons Theory of Gravity is nonsense and real science was highjacked long time ago by Jesuits and Freemasons.
You are well educated but living in a System of SCIENTISM. Everybody has to believe (like a Religion) what is "TRUE"! 
Professor SADOWAY you profess to tell the truth? Only partly...You are compromised because your pay cheque is depending on lies propagated by our false system of our devastating EDUCATION. You now that meanwhile and I do too.
Best regard and best wishes for your betterment of lying to your pupils.
Harry Hirsch /PE / Canada


I Developed a New Intergrated Circuit Subtrate Design Based on " INFUSED "Wide Band Gap " TUNNELING " Utilizing Nanotechnology Doping , How Would I Approach A Technology Company For A Licensing agreement?

Nick Sargent

this guy just did the etymology of the word atom... love it...

Shaurya Tiwari

it would have been better if they could have skipped the grading system part !

Abe Nebuchadnezzar

It is regrettable that Mendeleev didn't get a well-deserved Nobel Prize in Chemistry.... but One can console him/her self by knowing that at least in the Arctic Ocean, we have a Mendeleev Ridge named in his honor. Latitude 79.9999998, Longitude: -177.9999999

Mehmood Hassan

good ...thanks for subtitles ..keep it up

Kid Pyromania

did elon musk see this and hit upon Tesla?

Arrow B

That is really intriguing to think how much percentage of foreign students sitting in the lecture and in the whole campus of the school. When the prof imitated those foreign students' talking tone, that is their argie bargie personality to Prof for any excuse. Scorn such kind of students.

Harsh Yadav

Maharishi kanan was the one who first define atom??

Israr Roy

My life has changed after this course. A learner from Pakistan!!

Sunil Sutradhar

very interest

Andrew Fanai

I didn't know Daniel Craig is a chemistry professor!
The name is Bond, Covalent Bond ?

Jack Rose

Is this is suitable content for mechanical enginneing field ...

Arrow B

Hahaha... Just wonder this Prof class also use the other words to replace the F Y words in his home? Great words " Celebration of Learning" to the test. I like it. Hahaha........................... STF...................................

roni kabir

His lecture so amazing for me that how a great teacher has an influential voice over the class time!!! The first time I learned the level of MIT teachers and their students. All the best.

Arrow B

Hahaha... hey Prof. Your celebration is just another different name of test in euphemism. Don't tell me you give 3 hrs of "celebration" to all of ur family members including ur parents and naive cutie baby... HAHAHA I LIKE UR SENSE HUMOR. ..CLAPPING AND APPLAUSE 2U...THE FUNNIEST PROF....STF...

अमित Amit Kr. Mahto

Great humanitarian work

Inam Ullah

sir am from France how can a french students able to adopt to this system

RealChina Vlog

the intonation is like Jobs....


Hello Sir

Rachel Cheung

its ok. theres a great microbiology lecturer in UWA only hold a bachelor degree. People who knows how to teach - doesn't necessary hold a super degree.

Sergio Kauffman Acosta

And here in 2019 they made it. Awesome!

Anon Viewer

Mostly admin introduction and just nomenclature.


watching from saudi arabia

G.K Lama

Watching from Nepal


Sadoway: This is the only place you can take the class, not anywhere else in the country.
Me: Watching this from another place in another country ?

Vidmar Outside

london, museum: How he means : "like dinosaurious and all this nonsense"?


God has a plan for you, so does Donald ^^

Haiden Morgan


Dian Amini

Even if you're a wannabe chemist at a community college, much like myself, please do watch the video through. I would venture deep into some crazy shit just to be able to sit in classes like this. Dr. Sadoway sparked interest in me within the first 5 minutes of his introduction, he made so many interesting points that I dearly appreciate. The roller coaster of a lecture ended with a picture of Dmitri Mendeleev sitting down with his hands in his pockets, age 35. I don't know why, but the fact that Mendeleev was 35 when he introduced the periodic table swept my body with a cool rush and some goosebumps! Dr. Sadoway recognizes the men who pushed the frontier of science with a certain appreciation that is only reciprocated towards deities and shit! This is a cool guy! I want to sit in his class one day..

Akash Stephen

I'm so happy. Tesla's cars have made his vision a reality. <3

Ajay kumar

In this website having many questions online and offline test for Chemistry

This side Dil

We study Solid State in Class XI, in India. ?


39:00 oof

Larry Clark

Great instruction.  Something worth studying off the clock.  Thank you Professor Sadoway and thank you MIT for making such a course accessible to me.

Andrew Pineider

Is this the same thing as Materials science and Engineering?

Riju Mondal

i think your fact are wrong !!!! the concept of atom is first encrypted in the ved puranas in more than 2500bc also the concept of duality of matter and many many more awesome great scientific facts !!!! greek philosopher are not the first, its actually the ved puranas the oldest and the most modern book in the history of time !!!!!


Lecture hall is always filled to the max in the first year and gets smaller as you progresses... haha.


when the subtitles type "all right" he sounds like a villager from minecraft

Nur Hasanah

Amazing lecturer

Alfred Blume

watching from China

Soumil Sahu



Great professor, but blows my mind how these information is taught as college freshmen class back in 2010... I learned the history of periodic tables in my senior year in college 2018 instrumental analysis lecture.. maybe the order the professor decide to teach doesn't matter? or is it because it isn't mandatory knowledge? or is it because MIT is just that much better than my college... lol

Utpal Banerjee

Too much talk!



Nathan yo

Me convenció :v

Ghost face chillah _103_

Oh god I'm senior at high school it helped me alot


"Chemistry is magic." - Prof. Donald Sadoway

Manjot Singh Sran

The person with black turban is me .

David Zare

Absolutely true! 3091 best lecture ever


panch tatva... known to us since time immemorial... #India

Charl Moor

Can we get the Resurtation videos

Petrus Saukkonen

Pics, summaries, lists, bullet points etc. sth faster? why no1 doesnt complain ALOUD?

ALOK verma

sir i m indian person and i am a great fan of MIT proffesor's lecture than indian education system here i m not insulting the indian education system but explain the reality of most of the indian educational system.

Srinivasa M S

I have a chemistry and English exam this man cleared both my doubts in the subjects

169 Arya Jad

what's actually funny.........the "ivy league" colleges are "introducting" the topic that 12th class students india have thorough knowledge of.??

Arrow B

Hahaha... Good on you kiddo in this 3091 Solid Chem class.... "Celebration" every week and guess this is the class you won't forget for your life like my anatomy.... hahaha. Campus Life never changes at all .......................................... STF..........................................

Md Danish

I am indian and I love this lectures

Ds chemistry

Sir please advertise me I am your student

wildish Gambino

Damn. Wish I'd given my Sat well

Life process Today

Excellent study

Sergentu Claudiu

42:40 he says Pt is american and was unknown to Europeans. Then he says, Pt was discovered by Europeans when they came to the Americas :)).

Amit Kumar

I never seen what a great leacture


What are prerequisites for this this ??????

Homme Des Cavernes

Maybe I'm missing something but why are students taking notes from the slides when he clearly said they didn't have to?

Metallurgical Engineering

Well explained.

John C Gibson

This professor's face looks almost identical to a notorious creationist chemical machinery professor in the south.

Greg Dubela


Rachel Mathew

I hope the students in that lecture room knew how privileged they are ! I feel so grateful to be able to watch this and virtually be in his class from the land down under .


One of the best lectures in GenChem ever. Pity that the quality of the video is not HD.

Arrow B

Hahaha... You must be shitting me. This is highest science sanctuary in the tertiary education in the world. But sounds like the student down here is much worse than the kids back 20 yrs ago when I was a uni student. Guess the Prof is teaching a whole bunches of animals instead of smart students:)....... STF....


We are the stuff stars are made of. W.S.

Lalit joshi

do size suspendended perticulate matter come in range of collidal


they have kids sitting on the floor? oh hell no


There are students sitting on the floor. Expected better seating arrangements from MIT (lol). Also this was a great lecture. Thank you!