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Top Quality Rare Old Burma Ruby in Wholesale price

6 287 views | 22 Jun. 2019



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Hello There!

Thank you for visiting Royal Gemstone Wholesalers!

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Support Team Royal Gemstone (GIA Approved)

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Zubair Qureshi



where is it

Waseem Abbas


The super power

What is price per carat

Raza Sahab

Is this oreginal old burmy ruby and how much per caret please

Yaqoob baloch

Price sir

Parminder Kaur

Please price bataa do and app ke shop kaha hai

chayan chatterjee


cinderella thapa

Agar stone mai glass fill kiya hoga tho kaise pata chalega

Rubies price

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Ruby vs Diamond

26 171 views | 18 Jun. 2018

Considering a ruby or red

Considering a ruby or red diamond for your engagement ring? In this video, Lisa Krikawa discusses the stone options available and compares their pricing!


Gis not grs

Zuleika D’Emilio

I have small rubies in my ring that are a very deep red... I absolutely love rubies

Srinivas gem garage

I have raw red diamond stones
My phone 9951828220

RD X The Stone Explorer

Hi good evening . I heve lot's of stones like you soo in this video so that I request you please send me your WhatsApp number I sand you videos like this stone I want sell that stone please my whatsapp number is 00918572834833 RD singh please

Elena Kawaii


Samson Breed

I find you very attractive ?

harikant shah

Ok i have 165 carat rough diamond. I want to sell.see my video on youtube.....thanks

Elmas Nasıl Bulunur

Kanalımıza abone olun deniz kenarlarından derelerden dağ eteklerinden elmasların ve değerli taşların nasıl bulunacağını linkleri tıklayın videoları izleyin sizde elmas değerli taş bulun
Ahttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5dd2dPGcB8udFhPz5Z1m2A/featured?view_as=subscriber How To Find Diamonds / Watch Videos On Our Channel/You Can Find Diamonds From Nature To The Sea Diamond Hunter Mining You can subscribe to our channel to support us turn on notifications to be aware of our new videos.

Shair Ali


Sassysyl Martinez

At 2:50 shows a red stone that it looks like one I have the one I have when I bought it isaid untreated natural stone but I'm not sure if is real like a true ruby

Estelita Tibayan

I have with me in my possession my grandfather’s Bishop pigeon blood ruby . He used to wear it before . It was a gift from Aglipay church (Iglesia Independentia Aglipay . The other one is a princess cut ruby 5 stone pigeon blood bracelet . I purchased it from another country .

Gone Ggo

How to check ruby or diamond


Now I wanna get engaged and get a pretty ring

Jason Clark

I have some rubies and maybe a blue diamond can you certify them?

harikant shah

I have 8 carat .dont know is ruby or fancy colour diamond. What to do?



Oni Law

Hi, I was wondering, can they make a fancy red lab diamond??

John Smith

Great content

Nurse Lucy

You have just made my day. I'm in love with the idea of a red stone, but have always shied away because of the difficulty of understanding what to look for. Thanks for the information.

Joliya In

where did you get the 5 carat ruby? is it from Burma? is it treated or untreated ?



Subhabrata Rakshit

Find this beautiful vivid green rough Tsavorite https://youtu.be/JosgDpqxKnU

Community-Fusion Network

Lol, don't you think this video is a little unrealistic? Red diamonds go for about $5 million/ carat

Sherif Hesham

Hi I want to ask about something can you give me your Facebook or what's app please ?

Orlando Perez

I told her to stop smoking my shit. ? that last diamonds ain't worth shit a color enhanced anything treated is worth crap that 700k is worth no more than 25k just because its 5 carrots ahah I mean carats

aram Ismahel

Hello iam sale diamond 07503183179 wath App iraq

lina Saif

Hi I have ruby can you advise me about it

Dilaty Rida

Regardez "红色钻石" sur YouTube

+ 8.5 black red diamond.

Rubies price

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How to Tell if a Ruby is Fake: Detective Gigi and the Case of the $2 Ruby

34 932 views | 24 May. 2019

A friend of mine recently

A friend of mine recently purchased a “genuine 17.70 carat natural Burmese ruby” for $2 on an auction website. ? Here is how a gemologist uses gemstone identification tools and tests to figure out the true identity of a gemstone!

Here is a link to the spectroscope I am using:


And here is a link to a very helpful book on how to use a spectroscope:


Thanks for watching! Questions? Email me: [email protected]

Max Maxsimovic

Gigi you look like natural rubby

Zdaniel Degki

wow.test your detect good


Funny how idiots make aluminium oxide and crorumdum worth so much. Sorry lady that fake ruby is still a ruby. Manmade though.

Babu Samuel

If you are interested in buying Burmese ruby please contact me. My WhatsApp +918138836852.

Na Me

Those dislike are the scammers sale Gemstone???

Heidi Phillips

Thanks for an informative video.

Sergio Ortega

hello good night I liked your video and I dare ask how I can know if the painite is real or true. I am a collector and I have three of this kind. I know they are very expensive but I got them at auction and another two pieces of painita are about to arrive.

Spanish Jo

I awarded you the cutest gemologist in the World!

Nono Ami

Your eyes more beautiful than every ruby in the world

Sergio Ortega

Hello good day. Can I ask. about prices in Rubís since I bought. Ruby pigeon blood but I do not know what price they have for carats and I thank your information

Kathleen Mayhugh

Ok, lab grown is still seeded from real ruby right? And synthetic means it's made out of "other" materials?

Alexandre Valiquette

17 carats is too big to look "real" or "classy".
I would suggest to buy 1 carat of this cheap "synthetic ruby" for about 2$
You then ask a professional to mounted it on a VERY nice ring, white gold, for about 150$ or more.
So, you get a 5000$ value for about 150$ not bad isn't?
Remember, even an expert will not be able to make any difference between your 150$ project and a 5000$ genuine gemme from more than 12 inch away. And it's more ecofriendly, more ethical and more long term sustainable.

Viktor Nagy

Why anyone would pay a million dollar for a stone that can be created artifically in a better form is a mystery to me..

00 CIA AGENT 007


Alexandre Valiquette

What are the other benefits of the "expensive gemme" vs "2$ gemme"?
-Same color, clarity and no inclusion
-Same diffraction, fluorescence, refraction index, density and Mohs value (because they both are real ruby)
-The 2$ version is not as precisely cut as the 1 500 000$ one (somehow, I can understand)
-The 2$ version is more ecological (No digging, fuel, transformation... Less energy required to get it)
-The 2$ version is more ethical (nobody fight his life in sub humain condition to get it)
-You can wear the 2$ version every day, not a big drama is you break/lost/stolen

2$ for a 100% real ruby. A man made, sure, but a real ruby with all the same visual as "the expensive one".

Mohit Adlakha

Hi. Thanks a lot for this information

michael adron smith


kate chen

Where can I get the illuminated loupe?


Whoa Your Teeth Look Amazing ?

Spanish Jo

Wah...you have the most gorgeous eyes in the World! You are also a jovious gemologist

Simon Dupree Lagak

I have some ruby stones. How I wish that you can check it for me.... at least I know that the ruby stones that I have now are the real ruby.?

Rock Stomper

Hello I suppose a specific gravity test would also be good. I'm deployed and was told I was looking at a yellow diamond. The specific gravity test came up at 3.875. I'm thinking it is topazolite based on that. Thanks for you video. I'm watching more of your vids.

Josephine Dela Cruz

Hi gigi i inherited a ruby stone from my mom hope you can help me figure it out if it is real coz im gonna sell it...thanks

Rey Sanchez


Nagib Alkadar

Ma'am pls help me to sale my ruby


I have burmese ruby, which we have for many years, it has very clear so many inclusions which can be seen by naked eyes! Is that natural ruby?

darcide caesaria

Your beautiful.. ty for info

Jason Senseman

Much gratitude for The information, My friend from India gave me 18 faceted ruby's with 4 emeralds on in good faith I will pay one day, this happen just today. He wanted me to polish them and get a appraisal from a reputable source. Synchronicity picked you I'm excited for the posibilites would you wanna help me in a video clip?

Atiq Ur Rehman

What about the place tell me https://youtu.be/azSUnhuPf5s

Petro Towers

I couldn't pay attention, she is awesomely cute.. I Love your eyes.. ???

Delphi Builder

A synthetic Ruby is not a fake one, it's a ruby that is the same as the excavated ones, except for the impact to the environment with excavating to find a bloody stone. Now, unlike what you advertise, the most desirable ones are not the excavated ones, but the synthetic ones: less impact to the environment, much better quality.
Also, at 3:10, do you really think you can blind people over a computer screen? * face palm *

Maryjane Pascua

Hi maam I just want to ask that real ruby is heavy

Smelly Feet

She is beautiful ????

Mister E

Super helpful. Finally. Thank you so much ❤️

Petro Towers

You're the cutest girl I've ever seen.. Gorgeously beautiful eyes...

Trends & Ideas

Still good for scientific experiment like Ruby LASER?

Francis Balgos

Synthetic Ruby is still Corumdum, still Ruby. I cant afford a natural anyway. Lol! Im more upset that the lapidary work is not good. This gives me another option as a gift for my Mom.


What do you think about Mozambique ruby ??? Can an XRF machine check rubies ???

michael adron smith

Yours was cut in India they have a different type of jam peg.

Ahsan Mohammed

If you paid $750k for a $2 ruby!
You’d travel to Mars to litigate the bloody sale! Sorry.


I love JTV

Permata Nusakambangan

Sangat membantu...

Sergio Ortega

happy New Year. know you know. the price of the Burmese pigeon blood Rubis. by carat

ThE hYeNa

Gigi you are so beautiful ?

TheJoyannika • 100 years ago

Synthetic rubies are real, so awesome deal there!!

michael adron smith

Jam peg

nosurrinda m

I have a tiger claw made with 24kt gold and a ruby set in it , found out it's from the Victorian era 1880-1900 .

bably deka

i notiched numerous very tiny black sopts in my ruby and a smoke kind of thing inside the stone , so is it real or fake?

Xr iPhone

Im here because i have one set of red ruby and I don’t know is it real or fake? i hope this videoclip can help me??

Puskar Bista

Ruby is fake your are real. Don't like your million dollar ruby. Like you only

Jamie S

Hi Gigi I need your opinion on some stones and diamonds

WotS Wung?

Your friend or you? And sent it to a lab for verification. And now you are mad cause it is fake. $2 XD more like $2k scam on you XD


Hi there! I need a little help to determine if my ring is real or fake - either way it doesn't really matter as I found the ring (for free!!!) so either way I have a beautiful ring that is still just as breathtaking as some real rings I have seen.

The first step to a good sign is that I have found a 14 karat stamp on the inside of my ring with no other stamps inside. The stamp looks pretty legit like my other rings that I have. The "diamonds" that surround the stone are absolutely fabulous and do not make it shine like a rainbow, another clear indication of a fake however it still seems too good to be true to me.

The stone itself is approximately 3 carats. I came to this conclusion by studying the carat sizes of my other rings with different gemstones. I have a 1 carat diamond and a 2 carat sapphire (from my mother). The stone is larger than both of these, so I guessed that it could be approximately 3 carats at the least.

Next I performed a scratch test using a coin. Just in case it was fake (as I would still want to wear it either way) I scratched the side of the stone multiple times using the rough edge of a dime. No scratch detected at all. I got a little braver and scratched the center of the stone. Still no scratch left. Following this I put the stone directly against my mirror and allowed to to scrape a good portion. No debris or red marks left on the mirror at all.

What do you think I should do next? I'm mostly having fun with this, to be perfectly honest!

Yassine ID MALEK

Damn it I love your mouth


Thank you so much for the GREAT information!


Still for the price paid it would make a nice piece of jewellery


You forgot to mention this ruby is glass filled even though it’s synthetic. Majority of it is glass, not even worth $2

Toni Swift

Hi Gigi, thank you for this post. This is very helpful. I recently purchased a 6.99 ctw glass-filled ruby & zircon, 10K gold ring ... I read a bit about glass-filled rubies online before purchasing. The ring was on sale (a tad more than $200) and the design is so pretty and unique that I couldn't resist. I knew that glass-filled rubies often have bubbles in them. Online presentations of this ring did not appear to have bubbles. Upon receipt, I didn't see any bubbles, until I shined my phone's flashlight on it. Sad, I Googled more info and dismayed to learn that some experts do not consider glass-filled corundum as "rubies". What is your opinion of glass-filled or "composite" rubies? Thanks so much.

Zdaniel Degki

I ll must need tools test detect ruby I will some buy but bow


Also she looks like she's made of plastic. Cut back on the war paint lady.


Fantastic work professor Gigi learnt so many things about a Ruby!!!

Spanish Jo

US$2 with that type of synthetic ruby quality is really value for money.

bugako man

How to reach you maam for confidential matter


Nice sales talk at the end.. ???

Toni Hudson

So it was not tested properly...and it is a real ruby???

Baby Ella Tenio

Hi mam I have a garnet ring.. How to sale.. Thank you

greg thomas

Very informative! So was this gem worth two bucks? :)

Akram Kaid

Please use a big camera next time.. professor Gigi!

Samayou Arashi

why didn't you use a UV light to see if it fluoresced


You have such AMAZING TEETH ! WOW !

Because of Karma

Next time we would probably prefer focusing on the stone vs you.. seeing as it's about the stone ??

E. Null

$2 for a lovely looking synthetic is awesome!

AnipTayas project

Gigi in malay is teeth/tooth..what a coincidence..



Emerson Wang

Can you pin this
Im in love in this video
Also can you heart this

Now you have 10 years of good luck (read the comment)

George piga

Were can sale are the natuaral red diamon are you buyeng


6:30 OH MY GOD WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??!!?!!!!!! Do you have ANY idea how close you just came to LITERALLY PERMANENTLY BLINDING YOURSELF with that laser??? The beam literally came within MILLIMETERS of entering your eye!! This is a cheap 405nm InGaN laser that is putting out at least 40-50mW of light and looks far dimmer than it actually is due to the nonlinear sensitivity spectral response of the eye. It is an extremely bright coherent source of light that will cause instant eye damage if the beam or its specular reflections enter your pupil! You must never NEVER point a laser like this at your face under any circumstances and NEED to be wearing protective eyeware even to shield from the stray reflections off the facets. I work with lasers like this and far more powerful ones every day, I know what I'm talking about here. PLEASE UPVOTE THIS FOR VISIBILITY so no one watching this repeats this dangerous activity.

guy grotke

Of course it is a lab-grown ruby. You would have to be a moron to think it was natural. But it IS a ruby, and it is very flawless. I would say anybody who pays millions of dollars for a nearly identical natural ruby is the moron! You can buy synthetics that are cut well, only pay for the labor of cutting and polishing, and make some beautiful jewelry. You don't have to tell anybody they are synthetic. If they get stolen or lost, you can have a good laugh. This has made stolen rubies or sapphires almost worthless.

ابو اسحاق

My beautiful lady, I hope that the video will always be translated into Arabic, so that more followers will benefit. Thank you ،F , J .

Joanne Hunter

Shut the hell up and do the damn thing


Very helpful. I dare say good natural ruby is 100 X’s rarer than diamonds. Damn the luck that my birthstone is ruby and I’ve reached the age where a synthetic stone just won’t do....And I feel even JTV’s rubies are over priced as most are “Flux Healed”. ?


At 11:03 when Gigi says, “So, what does this tell us?” My reply is, most online, and especially overseas “precious” stone sellers are a bunch of fat liars. Auction visitors BEWARE!

M Nuttah

Would you be able to identify a really good- lab grown ruby?

Candy Fairy

So does it glow bright pink under direct UV light?

Holeshot Hunter

What if YOU are wrong?? You said yes 4 times and no once. The 'experts' said yes. Why should I trust YOU?

USS Spirit

So even if a stone clears the spectroscope test, it can still be synthetic or lab created? Thanks much. this is a very helpful video.

Baby Ella Tenio

Can help me to sale thanks

Akram Kaid

You are a sweet chokolade cakes..Can I have a bite??

Bang bang Gaming

U also look like a Rubby stone. My love

Phil Carpenter

How can they even make money paying for the lab test and selling it for 2 bucks wtf

Sally Field

Teeth much

cashguy official

that was soo helpful!

paul nepinak

your very beautiful.i didn't hear a word you said . sorry gigi

michael adron smith

Wonderful have nice day.

Μariam Τoumasi

Is there any chance of a genuine ruby to have something that looks like bubble inside?

Alex's Family

what expect from agi lab INDIA? nothing more than one scam (that card have 3 time the name on it)

Khalid Binali

Very rare Ruby 47.31 ct
with Gubelin certificate