Verizon central office

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Verizon Central Office

1 247 views | 25 Jun. 2010


Many many thanks

Verizon central office

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Mitnick fakes way into LA Telco Central Office

79 568 views | 20 Jul. 2008

In this CNET News video

In this CNET News video Kevin Mitnick tells attendees at the Last HOPE conference about how he used social engineering on workers at a Hollywood telephone company central office in the middle of the night.

Full story: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-9995253-83.html?tag=txt


I see Emmanuel in the background, You're the man!


I call bs. Did I hear him wrong or did he say he GUESSED the name of some RANDOM Supervisor...and the bloody name was SALLY!?


and they responded they were not they need to speak with her, she then called back and said idk who this nigga is

Mara Alexander

Excellent :)


@carlostinonsa anywhere, it is known as the Christmas Day Attack / Sequence Number attack

Joel Phillips

Social Engineering is a talent of its own. I does not mean you are Einstein but its a whole different kind of smart.

Supir Juragan

@trigite: she did call back to the office, but when she called fortunatley they already gone from that building....full story is in his book ghost in the wires


He never was a coder to start with, what are you talking about?


Don't get me wrong, sir. All I am saying is that you make him out to be useless with computers and reliant only on other methods. I know he wasn't especially great but he could use a computer to some extent.


For those idiots who think that Kevin Mitnick was technically lousy, you should read how he hacked to Shimomura's personal ftp. That attack was highly sophisticated and purely technical, with ip spoofing and tcp sequence number guessing. It was an ingenious strategy, carefully handcrafted, planned and executed for the first time in the real world. He played with a lot of assumptions and all of his assumptions about the infrastructure were right, this time exploiting trust between computers.


He just writes and speaks nowadays.


Bullshit. Whilst his social engineering skills are his best asset, he knew his way around a computer.


You are a pathetic wannabe that gets all his info from movies and TV. Mitnick was one of the best Social Engineers and Phone Phreakers period. A few times he used these skills to gain ACCESS to computer systems. Hackers use only hardware and software to BREAK IN. Most elite can do both but there is a distinction between the two skills.

Christian Metatron

But I wanna know if they let him tour around the building and if so, what did he see. For all we know the security guards may have smiled and told Mitnick and his friend to go home.


Everyone that KNOWS anything, knows that Mitnick has a rep for being a hacker but he was really a social engineer. He used his social engineering skills to gain access to tech specs and instruction manuals. Most script kiddies could beat him on todays battlefield.


lol my last name is Mitnick. Kevin's my third cousin :P

John Corley

mayb after they had already left


you really dont have a lot of friends, do you?


@elisaulcordova Because he hung up the phone?


This stuff is so nerdy, but so fucking cool at the same time ;)


All I have to say is: Balls. Of. Steel.


Yea sure, I've only have sold over 20 of my own vehicles for a profit. Though I do thoroughly go through it before a sale with new parts if needed. Unlike some car lots that put little it any and then lie, lie, lie about what was done to it. I've been around the car repair and sales industry enough to know how it works. So spare the one liner comments if you're talking out of the hole you're always sitting on.


maybe hours later, she might not have the number, back in those days caller id and *67 weren't common

s h a d ø w b a n n e d

Mitnick's gotta MBPro, how many hackers you know use Mac's OS's?


That should shut you up friend lol. Please if you want to be down with the game do your research before getting in, thats what I did.



Steve Wyche

Kind of have to call bullshit on that. If the supervisor didn't know who it was then that would set off a red flag. As soon as Mitnick hung up, she would have called the office right back. I think some of his stories are a bit embellished.


Mitnick was trolling people before it was cool

Privacy Lover

"We decided we wanted to take a 'self-guided tour' of the center office" i.e. we decided we wanted to break in and wander around without permission lol this guy is a legend. Scary to think the witchunt and persecution might have forced him onto the dark side permanently. Makes me wonder, who watches guys like this to make sure they're really white hat and it's not just a front haha.


He reminds me of some of the these used car salesmen I run into when a friend wants me to tag along to check out the car (I'm a mechanic). I ran across one that way really smooth with rebuttal questions to any defects in the car. Of course we didn't buy, even after a $700 less offer we left. Though a few days later he even offered to sell it for $1500 less. By then it was too late. First rule of car sales, never let a prospective customer walk off the lot without a commitment to a buy.


Haha, he would be an awesome guy to hang out with for a day.

Steini Pétur

Hacking isnt something only done on computers biggerflexible. So technically he can be called a hacker, i can tell you for sure i am going to quote from the takedown movie which is bullshit movie but non the less "You did not get this from me, i do not want mitnick coming after me" Simple :) he was a very talented on phones and social engineering but still knew computers enough to use the information to get in to systems into offices into SAS for example, that is not done by telephone so :)

Dayib Baba

He pulled this really deep out of his ass.

Edward Chen

@trignite It's 2:30 A.M.


That was sent to Tsutomu's after they rooted Tsutomu's box.


@opolisnetworks yeah iwas thinking the same as you if i was here i would have called back the office and ask what happened


so why didn't she ring back?

Craig Noneman

@dennis3380 he knew it from searching he had done earlier


My god that was awesome. Smart idea to press the phone against his ear.

Eli Cordova

why didnt the superviser tell the cop she/he didnt know who "Steve" was?? this is so not what happened, there are reports he was sent to jail that night. :P



Verizon central office

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Why I left Verizon Wireless

18 906 views | 13 Dec. 2018

Why I made the difficult

Why I made the difficult decision to leave my full time job at Verizon Wireless. I really appreciate everything Verizon has done for me and my family, and truly have nothing negative to say about my time with the company. I appreciate the support of my viewers and can't wait to make more content going forward!

Ryan Provenza

I hope your better now in 2019 God bless you ?

Y. D. Smith

Health and Happiness!
Best of luck to you!

Dennis B

Man this hit home as an Verizon employee. I have so many questions for you. Anyway I can get in contact with you and be able to pick your brain?

John Dimino

That's awesome. I would love to do that. I've been in the same situation at my job. Just totally screwed up my health. I'm a workaholic, my hours are 12pm to 9pm, 6 days a week. I want to work for myself and not for a weekly pay. All the hard work to get someone else rich.


I’ve been trying to get on for years and applying because I hear the pay is good like 60k if you do well and do your job. Any advice for getting on? Could I use you as a reference or something? Thanks man. Also microsoft sales hard time getting there also maybe its my resume with gaps idk what to put for jobs I got fired. -any advice? Is it a good job or is there better?


Thinking about quitting Verizon too cause I'm up at 3am just like you were. Thanks for the video.

Don Seagrave

Verizon is the worst such GARBAGE


What was your position at Verizon?

Denise Baulding

Kudos to you. I worked for Verizon and no complaints it was me couldn't balance my work life and started having panic and anxiety attacks but Verizon was very patient and understanding. I am looking forward to seeing you succeed. Best of luck and well wishes

Keisha Slade

Good for you! You only live one life!!!


Average Joe Investing invented Verizon Wireless


Jobs will definitely stress you out. I left Verizon in 2014 after being there for almost 15 years. Verizon was a great company but my supervisor was terrible. I couldn't deal with it anymore so I accepted a package deal and left. Was a good decision in the beginning but now during the pandemic it has been a major struggle.


I have a question my initial start date is October 7. The status of the application was under offer they had concerns about my background. I sent documentation in and explained about the two misdemeanors. Now the job status has changed from offer to pending and I no longer see the pre-hire portal what does this mean???

Edmund Singleton

My building is wired for both Verizon and Optimum, Verizon is charging almost $200.00 per month, Optimum is offering an introduction offer of under $70.00, just how stupid would I have to be not to take advantage of my good luck?

Noam Chomsky Honk

Thank you for your service

Jordan Walker

What was your monthly income at Verizon ?

marco mcm

Good luck

Theresa Jackson

Good for you! Many blessings to you and your family.

Are Gup

Verizon ?..

Nerdy Gamerguy

My instructor didn't train me very well and loved to give out a shit ton of breaks during training, barely lasted a whole three months and I was fucking up like crazy, never going back again.

Edmund Singleton

I just asked Verizon the following question; no answer yet,
I’m waiting…

If you think I’m eating (using) $179.10 between $221.79 of
Verizon product, kindly advise details…and still no answer…


what position did you work?

Kenelia Cannon

what was your position at verizon? i just applied to be a sales consultant. Hopefully (because the application was a bit confusing) i signed up for the in store position where i am just selling devices and keeping customers satisfied. i think my work life balance will be okay since most of the stores where i live close at 7 pm. How long was the hiring process for you?

The PinCushionMan

Verizon has the worst customer service. F them!

Anhton Nguyen

Hi david! Its been a while since I've last commented. I support you with any decision to you make. Doing something you love to do, while spending more time with your wife. Thats good! I hope your marketing website will do well and grow a lot. (PS good job on the 8K subs! Been subscribed since day 1 :)

The Long Way Home

Several Verizon phone reps down right lied to me about what my bill was going to be several times. We finally got tired of their lies and switched to another provider and the icing on the cake is that they told us after I asked them how much we owed them to GTFO they said you're paid in full and today I just got a bill for $120. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Reese

What did you do at Verizon

Pheebe Dee

Best of Luck ☘️ to you! You will Succeed!?