Substratum coinmarketcap

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3 Ways Substratum Node Will Be Simple and Secure

4 271 views | 12 Sep. 2017

In this video, we cover

In this video, we cover Substratum Node and a few of the details on how accessible and secure it will be for everyone to run.

Our ICO is closing soon – get involved here: https://substratum.net

Jaime Gutierrez

where can i download the node?

Luc Ducharme

If you want to see some digging on the blockchain about Substratum and the real price per SUB in average go read that post https://steemit.com/substratum/@tankthebank/substratum-ico-decentralized-the-web

Matthew paine

I can't find the video you are referring to about more details about the node. Can you please post the link.

Josh A Katz

will I be able to run Substratumnode on more than one machine at home?


For your additional 15% bonus SUB tokens please use my referral code: ViktorCrypto

Alex Seagram

when is it coming out?

The Eighty Seven Channel

So you can’t get hacked well hosting a sub node? It sounds like it secure. How secure?

b wolf

Go team go!

Orbit CY

Looking forward to this!


where can i download the node? again :)

Jude Murphy

Will a node be runnable off Raspian OS? (Raspberry Pi)

gino carbone

Is Their a link to set up the Node ?

Shrouded Figure

I will open a whole damn server tent!


How does staking work with an ERC20 token? Do you need to keep the stratum in a full ethereum node and keep it open??

Substratum coinmarketcap

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Help Substratum Join Binance & Top 10 Fastest Gainers on CoinMarketCap

2 501 views | 30 Sep. 2017

Hello Substratum

Hello Substratum Family!!! We are coming to you today with EXCITING news and a way for YOU to get involved in helping us grow again!

Binance is currently the fastest growing cryptocurrency Exchange in the world and once a month they hold a poll so members of new cryptocurrencies can vote for who they would like to see added to Binance for free!

Currently Substratum is in the top 3 of this list but we need YOUR HELP to get to Number 1. Below we will give you three easy steps for how to join Binance and vote for Substratum.

1. Register for Binance

The first step is you need to go to the Binance registration page shown on the screen and listed in the description of this page. Complete the registration process.


2. Buy Some Binance Coin

You only need 0.1 Binance coin to vote for Substratum but you can purchase as much as you like. You do this by transferring in ETH or BTC from Coinbase or another wallet to your Binance wallet and trading that ETH or BTC for Binance Coin (or BNB).

3. Vote

Here is the exciting part. Now that you have your Binance Coin you just need to vote! Go to the address listed on the screen and listed below in the description. Click the checkbox next to Substratum and click “Vote” at the bottom of the screen. Finally a small confirmation box will pop up asking if you want to continue to vote and pay the price of 0.1 BNB. Click Yes and you’re done!


That’s it for today guys! This is very exciting news and we hope to join the Binance team very soon.

If you haven’t already make sure you follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and Subscribe to this YouTube channel. We posted some exciting news last night about Substratum being in the top 10 list of gainers on CoinMarketCap and we want you guys to see those things as they happen.

Thank you for all that you are doing to support our MISSION of bringing the world the FREE and FAIR internet of tomorrow through the power of the decentralized web.

Young And Investing

Support from me guys!

Alexander B.

Hi everyone! :D
When is the voting going to end?
Thank's and greetings from Berlin!


I joined and I tried. You cannot buy .1 binance...you should let people know one whole bnb is the minimum purchase.I’m not doing another bitcoin transfer...


When will SUB will be on Binance? You guys won the contest right?

Troy Rudd

I voted for #SUB on #Binance

Last Man Standing

just voted... second on the list now... :)
I hope we get in...

I love your project guys...
I hope it works... I don't even care about profit...
Free Internet Now !!


only number 1 is going to be listed on Binance??
P.s. I just voted for Substratum :)

Bitcoin Hyperloop

I just did vote number 506 Substratum (SUB) total percentage is 26% and it is in 1st place! Go SUBS GO!!!!

Imran Ashfaq

Did you say top 10? We're number 1 on the day!

Gbenga Aladesanmi

How do I get the attention of support pls? I have a complain to make. Ever since my contribution during the crowdfounding I am yet to receive my token. I contacted ur admin on Facebook and sent him every necessary proof of participation when he requested for it, sadly he wasnt responding despite all the undeniable proof he got from me.

If there is any email one can use to directly contact the admin, I would love to have it so as to contact them directly. The previous email I sent did not go through.


just voted. I believe on the project


any long term ( 1-2 year ) price predictions ??


When will substratum joined Bittrex? And on which exchange is it currently listed ??

Pump hodl


Patrick L

I love the fact that the Substratum team is so active on social media. As the project gets more exposure and as more and more people become aware of the huge potential of this project, I think we will see an explosion in the price.

Bitcoin Cursus 101 Hoofdstukken

I just sold all my binance haha, but let me buy the 0.1 and lets do this!!

Finn Judell

We won! How long till this thing gets listed on Binance do you think?

Substratum coinmarketcap

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IM BUYING THEM ALL! BNB, ENJ, SUB | Portfolio Update 3/8/2019

770 views | 8 Mar. 2019

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Johnny Truth



Am Bullish for this 5 project for the next 5 years or so NEO, ADA, ELA, ETH and BTC

Blockchain Chris

If your buying those coins after pumping u must be stupid or fomo?


Love you Bro!!!!!!! Greetings From Rotterdam

Jarbas Andrade

very good man

XRP Freak

You have a few decent coins but you're overweight on Chinese coins. I have no faith in anything out of China, home of low quality, fraud and imitation.

Kristof Ospelt

How about Theta brother?


All In Cardano Bro os the Best In Charles we Trust


Are you rich now?