Metropolis ark

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Huge orchestral action-track, Metropolis Ark 1+2+3

4 679 views | 14 Oct. 2019

Strings: Metropolis Ark,

Strings: Metropolis Ark, Cinematic Studio Strings

Choirs: SoundIron Mars + Venus

Brass: Spitfire Audio Horn Phalanx

Percussion: Hans Zimmer Percussion

Made a video-render of both projects that make up this track.

Vicken Ishkhanian

This is great, well done, check out some of my mockups too

Peter Hall


13th Rocket's Concierge

May I ask, what library did you use for the textures and the bass trills at the very beginning/intro? Thought it was Metropolis Ark 2 but I could be wrong?

Maximilian Euler Music

Epic sound!

13th Rocket's Concierge

Wow, this is absolutely amazing




I let my Pentium 4 pc to listening this. Now it become a Kmac Pro.

Jean Play Apex

This is a masterpiece. I enjoyed it so freaking much!!! Can you tell me how did it? I have to imagine you wrote in paper first and then you put it into instruments either playing it or with the score exported? I don’t know that’s my guess!
I really like the composition as well as the amazing top notch sound quality and realness of it.


Woow bro love from India...

Gladius Synthetic Orchestra

Wow indeed. I'd be dumbfounded if you didn't have an IMDB page. This is amazing work


This is intense as hell and I love it!


Damn! This was awesome. LOOP :D

Bluemount Score

Very nice one. Good job. The Arks are great

Metropolis ark

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Albion One vs Metropolis Ark 1 - Sound and Feature Comparison

34 486 views | 11 May. 2019

A comparison video between

A comparison video between Albion One from Spitfire Audio and Metropolis Ark 1 from Orchestral Tools. Sound and feature comparison between these two orchestral music sample libraries both made for Kontakt.



Official Links:

Official Website: http://williammorrismusic.com

Soundcloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/william-morris

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WMorrisMusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wmorrismusic/

Studio Set-Up:

Custom Built PC

i7 6900k, 64GB RAM

OS: Win 10 Pro

Interface: RME UFX+

DAW: Cubase 10 Pro

Monitors: Focal CMS65


Thank you very much for creating this.. I've been looking into both of them as options to first dip my feet into actually purchasing a library that would be a decent starting point. I'm thinking more towards Albion ONE now, due in part to the beautiful tutorials they have posted around on their YouTube channel but also because of the beautiful natural reverb they have been recorded with verses the dry-er MArk1 (just so I don't have to hassle with realistic sounding-ish reverb programming) but they both sound beautiful.

Currently the only Orchestral options I have are EWQL's monthly model and the free Spitfire LABS and The Primary Color palette from Red Room Audio and both of these definitely sound and seem like an upgrade for me.




Thank you very much

Pedro Koury

Albion is the "one" for me :). I like softer music, more ambienty perhaps like Jeremy Soule's sound but capable of a sound like that of John Williams

Samarth Bellur - The Audiocrat

I think Audio Imperia Nucleus trumps both of these. Also, MA 1 excels at doing the heavy epic stuff, whereas Albion is targeted towards more softer scores. Nucleus has everything, including solo instruments that sound great. Audio Imperia Nucleus is the next big all-in-one library...

Sadarahu Rh

Spitfire should definitely FIRE DEVELOPER who created Kontakt interface. Super tiny small, impossible to read. Waste of money.

Abdulrahman Alghamdi


Md Ahmad

Amazing comparison.... it is helping me to Decide on which one to go for on this Black Friday


this shows how weak spitfire is LMAO

Court Ben

I own both and your really have to work the Dynamics to get the most out of any of these sounds. I love both products and found it best to over use these and other libraries together to make your music sound organic.

Jerry Nkumu

This is what I needed. Thank You

William Morris Music

Sound comparison from 4:08 onward.

Melo Keyz

Obviously, Metropolis wins.


So is there no way with either to play a string line that isn’t in octaves?

Imran Imadayev

Metropolis Ark is a POWER!!!

kei saboru

T.T why am i not satisfyed T,T

Alex W

Now I got the differences between two of them clearly. Thanks a lot : )

Mat Colosus

Well, Albion and Ark are both on sale at the moment. Ah, the sweet tyranny of choice xD
Thank you for the comparison - it's been very helpful.

Sadarahu Rh

ALBION has terrible interface. Just bought it and I hate the small fonts etc.
I wonder if METROPOLIS interface is also so small creapy ?

Anonymous Composer Society

wow thanks for the comparison

Milo McCarthy Music

Spitfire audio have great discounts and sales all the time, I would definitely have bought metropolis ark 1 by now if they had an educational discount

Nithish chandran

Ark is loud and powerfull but albion is soft and cinematic

Eduardo Tadeo

Metropolis Ark is like Inception and Albion is like The Dark Knight

Testimonies - Stories

How did you save space metropolis ark 1 is 69 gb, and actually I try to install program but didn't work even I downloaded long time

Artem Molodtsov

Fuck man thank you so much for this comparsion ! <3

Desi Sonic

Albion sounded more natural...

Celthyan - Composer

Just a question, does Metropolis Ark1 always play octaves for strings or can you switch to single notes? It is quite annoying when you play softer parts in a music.
Thanks for your answer in advance.
Nice video btw ;)


I prefer metropolis because Albion is versatile and I don't like versatile libraries. I prefer having one extremely good at one thing but not suited for anything else. Ark 1 is litteraly a bomb when you want to make "in your face tracks". However you can't make it sound melancolic and slow. With Albion you're not the best in anything but you're really good at everything.

Alex Isiv

Ark 1's choirs is EVERYTHING.

Aiden Macleod

My only problem with the Albion libraries is the articulations. You basically hae to memorize which symbols do what, which can detract you from composing, as you have to initailly stumble through each until you discover which articulation you're seeking. Though I haven't tried Metropolis Ark yet, it looks promising and more user friendly than Albion, especially Ark I and Ark II.

Kirk Stewart

Thank you for the comparison, it really help me to hear the difference between the two!


I still think Albion one is better , more natural and pure


This video illustrates my gripes with Albion One perfectly. It's incredible how much better Metropolis Ark sounds. They kept the recordings somewhat raw, you can still hear the wood of the strings, etc. It's a massive ensemble, but it's pretty natural, real orchestral sounds. It just has so much life and power. Albion sounds extremely synthy in comparison. Everything seems overly tightened up and run through a bunch of filters until no power and bite is left. Which is so disappointing to me because the original Albion, which they discontinued, sounded nothing like that.


Albion is better for me. More details may be. But Metropolis Ark is more agressive, better attack and choirs are amazing




What are the choirs saying? Is it Italian? Latin? Why would you want random lyrics in your score? Surely it would be better if they were just vowels.

Sadarahu Rh

Spitfire should definitely FIRE DEVELOPER who created Kontakt interface. Super tiny small, impossible to read. Waste of money.

Lazy Pixel

I went for both. Ark’s brass is amazing, Albion’s strings are so useful. Albion really shines with all the added sounds, loops and hits. Great video

Vincent Poulin

Albion one all day for me

Booligan Diaries

I'm listening on 650$ headphones and I can assure you Albion sank. Metro wins hardcore.

buford pusser

If you have the CPU/RAM power, play both libraries at the same time and call it Metropolis Albion.

Michael Evan

Albion sounds more realistic & naturally orchestral.......Metropolis Ark sounds more cinematic.....if that makes sense.......would probably compliment each other if you write both melodic & also Epic/Trailer like music.

Milo McCarthy Music

8:09 that sounds like col legno to me


I would like to share my first composition thank you all for listening

Leonardo Mora

Both libraries are great and if they were cars models, one is a Ferrari and the other one a Lamborghini!!! ... So, if you can afford to have both great if not, make sure you get one on sale since remember... There not a car!!!

Ces McMyth

Exactly what I need to make up my mind. awesome. Thx

Feoniix Music

I'll just get both

Tom Masters

EXTREMELY helpful video, thank you!

Francesco B.

incredibly useful video man, thanks


The transitions between notes sounds much better on Metropolis ark! I own albion one but consider buying ARK because I need some more "bite" than what albion has.

Just A hero

People who own those expensive libraries are so lucky

ki hasa

Fuck albion is 499$ how can i buy to 399??

Andreas Lindholm

Nice comparison. Listening to it makes med feel like Albion is a bit like putting Metropolis through a bit of low pass filter.

brucelee magomaev

thanks a lot, i have found your video very useful for me. cause when listening separetly i was sure metropolis is much more superior to albion and all other spitfires. but now i have to say that Albion is for sure to be used as a primal force: it is more definite, distinct and realistic esp in terms of dynamic. may be i would wish to use Metropolise in addition to Albion if i had to create a feeling of a real big powerfull orchestra but very carefully, with quite low volume...but i am not sure it is worthwile to have such a big and expensive library just for this purpose)


Hello, I would love to know your opinion about these bookstores, since I want to make a single expense and start taking classes in a few days with one of these:
1. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/symphony-complete/
2. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/bbc-symphony-orchestra-professional/
And thanks for this comparison, it was very useful to me, greetings (:

Cesar D. Marin

I think Ark 1 wins BUT having both libraries I think they compliment each other pretty well!

Noah Hocker

I want aspects of both, but in one package. lol

Exiled Monastic

Videos like these are in freaking valuable dude, thank you for taking the time to do this, incredible affort, I was immediately able to tell that I much prefer the sound of Metropolis Ark over Albion's, although it would have been cool to get some more basic and standard stuff with Metropolis as well, like normal pizzicato instead of octave, etc..

If you know the other Metropolis Ark or Albion libraries, do you have any recommendation for one that could complement Metropolis Ark 1 nicely in that it would deliver the things that it doesn't have, like more standard playstyles and lower dynamics?

Again, thank you very much for this. It's a pity you don't have more subs, definitely deserve them.


The best thing I used for orchestral music was symphobia 2 !!! I was a very young lad back then ...

Md Ahmad

Why don't you make one comparison for MAJESTICA vs METROPOLIS Ark 1...
I am so confused on the price point

Nice One

Metropolis sound good solo, but Spitfire Sound better in the total mix, Spitfire is my choice

I TRUST ME Musikvideos

thanks a lot for the comparison, i really like the sound of metropolis ark

Sekrit Skworl

Most well rounded orchestra in your opinion for someone just beginning to purchase and use libraries? Or, perhaps top three that you would absolutely choose if you were building your library right now?

Florent Magere

Not really fair, The Metropolis instruments are played in a very closer situation when Albion's instruments are played in a mixed mics position (close/far) wich gives obviously a big bite and accuracy to Metropolis.

Honey Pie

I love that Orchestral Tools lets you buy single instruments from their collections now. What do you consider the best instruments in Ark 1? Thanks!


I have a big problem with the expressions map and articulations with orchestral tools ark 1, I search the internet on orchestration forums, can not find an answer, I explain, I want to use via kontakt "Strings Finckenstein High" and all these articulations, so I load each articulations in kontakt, "High Bartok strings Pizzicato Col Legno, Glissandi cluster, glissandi up, etc." I load in expression map the preset "String Finckenstein High" that I found on the forum (VI-control), we can see articulations in the midi editor on cubase that appear, but at the data level via the "expression map configuration" I do not understand how to connect the articulations of the instrument to midi information. In the "expression map configuration" what to put in "output settings"? I have tried a multitude of options, nothing is consistent and my joints either do not work, or it is not the right one that is triggered,
can someone help me? Thank you

Ruben Chavez

I own Albion One and they're 85% similar in the strings. Main key difference would be Metropolis Ark 1 Low Strings... they're brutal and have no comparison due to the more Basses vs Cello ratio.Also you can buy Ark 1 instruments separately thru Sine.

Metropolis ark

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Bulb - Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 1 Overview and Composition

26 306 views | 29 Oct. 2016

An overview of a

An overview of a composition that I made using Orchestral Tools's fantastic Metropolis Ark 1 Library, and a quick tour of the library itself.

Renan Gerstenberger

Setup Computer...???


Did Misha go to any music school or is he a prodigy


what recording software do you use?


This or 8dio majestica?

rog rogel

ur oldest/longest running fan

Ryan Harrison

My Laptop is SSD but I run this off of an external drive that is not SSD. If you batch resave to quicken load times does it matter if your running of an external SSD or not? I thought loading times was the only thing you really had to worry about when running off an external.

James Hall

Learned a lot re: Metropolis Ark 1. Nice work. Thnx!

Gray Sun

What in your opinion are the top notch vst libraries with the best individual orchestral instruments?


So whats your Imacs specification?


very cool

Alberto Luciani

what library do you use for those electronic effects?


This wasnt used on P3 was it???

Darren Wolff

How much memory do you have in your PC to run The Ark efficiently? Also SSD's? Many thanks for your response in advance!

George Matheaus

please put it on Spotify, pls pls pls


8:25 noob question... after selecting all, which key do you hold to modify all the notes at the same time?

Nikhil Abraham

Can you do a clip on how you did the electronic section?

Mika Tarkela

And here I am trying to learn how to get more than 16 outputs for Kontakt on Reaper :(

Jake Horne

for the Bulb fans we all know are riddled throughout the comment section, at 16:00 it djents

Take Your Time

Do you use Cubase for all or most of your production? If not, what other programs would you recommend for someone just getting into self production? Thanks in advance if you do answer :)



Aaron Hooper

Live stream on facebook, and record it. Then you can upload it later to youtube, and it won't tax your cpu as much eh.

Orlando Marin

Jesus man excellent

Zulfadhli A. Rahman

Oh wow, this eventually became Bulb's "Ark One".

Mika Tarkela

That choir sounds amazing!

Игорь Владимирович


Dima&Nadia Gula

Misha Mansoor how can your computer handle this many vsts?
Also, what audio interface are you using and how do you mixdown everything (do you do it in the software)?


I've been using the Berlin Inspire 1 & 2 along with Orchestra Grand piano...my God they sound great.
For background orchestral pads, some of the best.
I couldn't really see myself using it for a straight symphonic composition though to be honest.

Bartłomiej Łysoń

nice composition

Inertia The Rock Band

Thanks for doing this video Misha. We really appreciate it . - Dillon Forst

Brian Anderson

Please keep doing these. You're able to show things in a far more practical way than I'm use to maybe going into a music store and getting a bunch of run around otherwise ;)

Frederic Hodshon

nicely done.

David Luis



This is hilarious, sounds exactly like a progmetal guitarist trying to write for orchestra! lol embarrassing. Stick to what you know, my man! You may fool your fanbase but you don't fool me ;-)

Leon K

Misha first I have to say that I love this! I also saw you in Luxembourg ( took the 4 hour drive from Germany cause we missed you there..) it was awesome!

I'd love you to try to make a orchestral cover of one of the periphery songs.. like the twtng epic cover someone did on YouTube... Like maybe Icarus lives but as an orchestra. It'd be awesome to hear such a thing!!


Fantastic Piece

Sean Duddy

Dude - awesome stream. Subbed AF, looking forward to getting started learning to compose. Keep the cool tutorials coming.

rog rogel



Good lord that sounds amazing


Sound good but we need divisi in all new libraries coming up, is no way to make a realistic sound whit this.

Riley Chandler

Sounds like the overwatch theme

David Viera

I have a big problem with the Metropolis time and delay of notes, I can't get the notes to sound in tempo with the rest of the instruments ... I think that not only is the long attack of the notes, there is a synchronization problem. I have tried to adjust with TRACK COMPENSATION, but without finding an exact number of ms, can anybody tell me? ... also I think it is not the same for all articulations, a headache, any suggestions?????


Hi Misha, thanks for this. Can you share the software you used to record your screen and computer audio?


What CPU do you have if you have an Intel with an iGPU you can use the QuickSync encoder, pretty much completely removes the CPU hit (in OBS I have about 3.5% CPU) also if you have a dedicated GPU you can also switch to that.

Edit: just realized that you use a mac. Then you'll only have the dedicated GPU option. Sorry...

jaime ricardo Diaz Posada

Youre a genious