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WoToken, Crypto scams and Hex crypto coin.

119 views | 18 May. 2020



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Ian Gesman

You bring up some great points, like??

HEX Softball

Good video!

J Par

Under 1 cent for BCH transactions sounds good to me :)
Betting on coins that could disappear and are only traded on few small exchanges.. or worse devs use a special platform / smart contract so they control to lock withdraws or deposits pretty much anytime. Bottom line it is not proper risk management and is not really trading or investing it is just gambling. Ultimately scams devalue the legitimacy of crypto currency as a whole and all the people in the crypto communities.

Dolo Mite

#Hex Is an amazing finished project! Thats is the project that, saved all my looses from 2017 in crypto! HEX is not a scam, it is CODE and COMMUNITY. HEX is AMAZING!


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WoToken - Intro & Future Plan

93 views | 3 Apr. 2019

Edward Wu from

Edward Wu from 1WorldBlockchain talks about WoToken:


WoToken – Smart Wallet with integrated Trading Software Apollo. WoToken is the most innovative smart wallet that pays you to HODL cryptocurrency.

Neraex saw the huge potential behind WoToken and acquire the whole blockchain multi-ecosystem in October 2018.

Wo Token was officially launched in China on 12th December 2018.

? Owned by the Japanese crypto exchange Neraex

? Officially registered in Singapore and Virgin Islands

? Developed by 1WorldBlockchain (global provider of Blockchain based solutions)

? Intelligent trading software Apollo, Choose from two trading plans:

? Apollo I: 1.000$

Daily profit: 0.25% to 0.50%

Monthly profit: 6% to 15%

? Apollo II: 5.000$

Daily profit: 0.30% to 0.65%

Monthly profit: 10% to 20%

Cryptocurrency accepted:


Profits and principal can be withdrawn at any time.

To get started you need to download and install the Wo Token DApp:

➡Android http://wotoken.store/WoToken2.1.9.apk

➡iOS https://www.cw.pub/poqi

IMPORTANT: When registering you need to enter a Invitation Code.

Invitation Code : PYK44TYqXn

Guide step by step how Register Team Training Site:


1 - To get started you need to download and install the Wo Token DApp:

2 - Select the Country code;

3 - Fill Mobile Number;

4 - Click Get Code;

5 - Fill SMS code you Receive in "Enter verification Code";

6 - Fill Login Password;

7 - Fill Confirm Password;

8 - Fill Payment Password;

9 - Fill Confirm Payment Password; 10 - Fill enter Invitation Code "PYK44TYqXn";

11 - Save in secure place Backup Mnemonic words;

12 - Save in secure place Backup private Key

How to Activate Apollo Tutorial: https://youtu.be/gXYrphUqCb8

♦️Watch our training site: www.wotokenwt.com

♦️Link to join our Telegram group:


♦️The Facebook group:


Need personal care?



Email: [email protected]


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WoToken intro video

83 views | 16 Mar. 2019

WoToken decentralized

WoToken decentralized wallet - get 0.21% to 0.65% daily interest on the crypto you hodl - Complete ecosystem created