Usb camera amazon

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4 views | 9 Feb. 2021

#top10bestusbflashdrives2021 #bestusbflashdrives2021 #fastusbflashdrives

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10.Apple MFi Certified 128GB iPhone-Photo-Stick :

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8. Trail Camera Viewer SD Card Reader - 4 in 1 SD:

Amazon : https://amzn.to/36XWgbs

7. OTG USB Flash Drive WANSENDA 2 in 1 USB:

Amazon : https://amzn.to/3q9Mxq8

6.iDiskk (MFi Certified by Apple) 128GB Photo Stick:

Amazon : https://amzn.to/3rAqrxq

5.Lexar JumpDrive M45 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive:

Amazon :https://amzn.to/2Oo2gEc

4.Samsung USB Flash Drive BAR Plus: Speed in Style:

Amazon :https://amzn.to/3cWnS4J

3.High-performance USB flash drive – Kingston DataTraveler Kyson:

Amazon : https://amzn.to/2MJ5wJY

2.hp x5000m flash drive:

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1.2 Terabyte Flash Drive, USB 3.1 - Kingston DT Ultimate GT:

Amazon : https://amzn.to/2Oei8ca



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***The footage used in this video follows Fair Usage Policy “Under Section 107” of the “Copyright Act 1976”. If you have any copyright issues, please send us an email or let us know by commenting below.

Usb camera amazon

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We Tested $30 Tiny Spy Cameras From Amazon

379 328 views | 5 Dec. 2018

There have been instances

There have been instances of Airbnb hosts using hidden cameras to spy on their guests despite Airbnb's rule. Cameras can be hidden in clocks, USB chargers, light bulbs, coat racks, and even a screw. We tested out a few spy cameras in the office to see if anyone would notice.


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We Tested $30 Tiny Spy Cameras From Amazon

henry twigger

I am one of the people who have been spied on by the police. So the police are the last people I would go to if I was spied on.
(Check out "Under Cover by Rob Evens).

George Mulak

Unfortunately your gaging reactions is "fun" but not very useful to me. You title this as a review of the cameras, but there is no content to that effect. We don't know any more about it than the description on Amazon.


they are all crap they dont work or burn out after a week. Chinese making millions from selling crap that dont work. The girl in video is advertising for them probably from china too


As someone who has done a lot of research on spy cameras because I have a lying sack of shit partner who would bring people over to have sex with while I was gone, I can say that these sort of technologies are a hit and miss. Yes, it's neat that you can connect to the camera remotely. I haven't had issues with this for any of the cameras I have purchased. The problem comes in when you're trying to record while you're gone (what are you going to do, sit and watch the camera live while you're at work or out for the evening with friends? Didn't think so). Many of these cameras tout motion sensitivity. I have found, even on the better model cameras, this feature is super unreliable. Also, you can't really record constantly because you don't have a big enough memory card (these cameras have a max size memory card capacity, most being 16-32gb and you would need like over 100gb at least to record for a whole day). The next problem comes with visibility. In most moderate to low light situations, these cameras are hidden behind the glass, but if you get sunlight on them at all, or bright light on them, the cameras announce themselves and that could potentially be very awkward).

With all the cameras I have purchased, I only managed to catch my partner in the act once, and that's because I had happened to tap into the camera via my smartphone at just the right time, and not because it was recorded (again, motion sensitivity is unreliable). I had purchased several cameras, one had failed completely when I was away for a couple weeks, another one doesn't detect motion very well, and the most reliable one that was actually half-way decent at detecting motion got discovered....lol).

Also remember that these cameras do not record continuously, just like a dash cam, they record in 10 minute or less chunks, so if you have it recording for the day, you'll come back and have to sift through hundreds of video files.

All that being said, secret surveillance is not as easy as you might think. I found the technology unreliable, and many times I was just way too busy to either tap into the camera via smartphone or to review the video footage. This is often times why people hire detectives to do it for them, because it's a very time consuming and energy intensive thing to spy on people. Also, spy cameras are all cheap shit made in China. Even "high end" expensive spy stuff looks very sketchy. This is because reputable companies don't invest in making this stuff, just strange pseudo-entrepreneurs and the tech isn't very highly developed unfortunately.

Hugh Jones

Just use your phone on video mode and look around the room, anything recording in IF will flash as you point it at it.


maybe you could actually give some info about the camera you are trying to sell?


Whats that attractive women's name at 3:14?

Colt 45


Jeremy VN

How would they notice? If they have a built in camera detection system in there brain maybe ?. Duh ?

Jackson Smith

The sad part about it, is that these items are used on a daily basis, so even people who watch these videos, and know a lot about all the different kind and what to look for still may end up being the victim without knowing it, just because these items are used on a daily basis. A few months from now or years from now, someone will be using one of those chargers to charge their phone, and spying at the same time, and the person who has seem all these types of videos, will probably still be a victim. Unless your checking every room you go into, using anti spy equipment in every room you go into, and just being completely paranoid about every room you go into, you could still be spied on. Scary. I wouldn't worry to much about a work environment or a public area, because yes, people can still spy on you, but if you're in a public area, you probably shouldnt be doing anything wrong to begin with lol. I'd be more scared of someone using this in their bathroom, or Air BnB, or something like that, where you want things to be private. In a public area, I wouldn't honestly care, but in a private area, I'd be really concerned.


Is that western spy technology?

george a

Does it support 5g wifi.

Patrick Osborne

Would have been worthwhile to take a moment to talk about ways that people can detect these hidden cameras.

Pete Martinez

3:50 No matter what year it is There's always secrets & apperantly is not a secret huh & still you didn't notice the secret cameras lmao Idiot ?

Raven Clark

Will the clock still work if it's not plugged in?

James Richard Wiley

It says thirty dollar spy cameras - not 30 spy cameras.


Now to put one in my cousins shower...

Kevon Tysen

I have someone tampering with my car while im in the house at night sleeping and i want to catch their asses which one is better any suggestions????

Hammad Ahmed

@3:14 thats wht she said

Damion Shall

That black girl us really cute???

P. Butler

Why does she wisper, does she feel more secret?

Danyal A.

The video quality sucks.


I'm really terrified. Hello PRIVACY , where you at?

AMD Guru

What a lousy place to work, just a bunch of stupid liberals

Felixx Denolo

Best spy camera is a hacked cell phone

Control Line Precision Aerobatics

2:46 is what we all wanna see. ?



UcantHide4eveR's Gaming Channel

Welp cant have sex in that ocfice anymore lol

Zero Two

There’s some pretty cheap camera detection tools as for microphones you’re kinda out of luck

nicki juno

Oh yeah perverted heaven hahaha yeah take it off hahaha


U can buy a spy camera detector on ebay!


You probably committed a felony in order to conduct your test, depending on your State’s law. For your next video you can show us about negotiations with your Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Егор Смирнов

for the security at home I trust Xeoma software, it's really the best!

eukaryotic 070

Its not shocking they didnt notice the 'hidden' camera

Joe G

like spying on a girl in a bath room bad idea lol


I have a spy cam on my desk, the clock one. Everyone knows i jave it and if the footage goes off for any reason itll be obvious you did it cause the camera is facing the entrance and you would have to come in and unplug it from the other side of the room.

(My sister once used it to prove to her friend that her friends boyfriend was hitting on her. She showed him to mu bathroom and he blatently said he would rather see her bedroom. She asked me to email the footage later and that guy is cheating on somone else's best friend now.

But i kinda wanna buy one for my boyfriend, he thinks his roomate is stealing his stuff when hes at work. That dice camera might work, we play d&d so dice lying around is not uncommon.


Didn't show if they had audio and how long the battery out recording lasted. Onto the next vid

Saco Escrotal

I spy my mom and her boyfriend in the bedroom, they did things that I would never expect her to do.

Kitty Kat Congregation

The apps for these cameras are not safe for your personal privacy.

D&M Qed

gay office

My Life Thai

How is the audio quality?

Good Rabbi

What a useless waste of time. Using and gauging reactions to a hidden camera is not testing. Checking out specs, record time, battery life, resolution, FPS... that would be testing.

Umar Yuldashov

I like the clock most

King Alexander I of Yugoslavia

3:14 dangerous quote


She is cute.


Where are the links for the models tested?

Giobunny Tech


Felorina Lorch

No wonder people are suffering from paranoia and mental breakdowns...

Chris de Alemania

I tried the pens. They are rubbish!


Why didn't she hide them in the girls bathroom???

Sascha M Rose

3:12 Thats what she said! :D ... Literally

ShiJie 12311

you should place them in the toi....

John Novak

It's too bad you can't find any portable ones. When I used to live in a low-income neighborhood and walk places I really could have used one for safety.

David Simons

They have a gadget that finds cams with lights

John Smith


chomp chomp

stupid vid. Where's the part you testing it? I wish I never watched!


Damn she's cute.

nah bol

3:14 Women often say this to me in bed....


So we’ve learned hipsters are just as douchey when they think no ones looking.

Stories read aloud

That workplace looks like cancer

peter hale

Buy it and put it in the bathroom

You'll see scary stuff with bushes

Avinash Francis

3:14 thats what she said!?

The weird channel Amazement

Do any of these have audio?

Mug Sho7

Horrible video. We know the are hidden cameras. Where is the diffrent settings, dpi, recording life, ect, where are the picture comparison?

Casey Rowe

I really liked it. :)

Miss Starlin

An ageist office. They don't hire anyone over a certain age.

atanga Sydiene

Wish i could get my hands on the clock. Damn


this is good gadget to check about your wife or husband if they cheating ???????????

Jordan Shackelford

0:03 dat ass

El Albert

for the clock size the video quality should be great

Kim Jong-un

There’s a camera in my face on my phone and computer.
Unless I’m breaking the rules / law, I don’t care who’s watching me.


Black girl is gorgeous

Newlife Summer123

Whos here after shane dawsons new video


3:14 that's what she said...................

Terry Pekarek

I have the wall charger.how do u put in memory card


When I rent a property (AirBNB etc), I run my Fing app to see if there's any weird wireless IP devices around. Fing will also identify some positively as IP Cameras.


Does this has audio ?

Tri Mutts

if you're on private property, they might just be protecting themselves, especially with this metoo shit still floating around.

Adam Reynolds

i have bought 2 like this on Amazon and they worked great until the app is no longer available and now i cant format the sd card or see them remotely .so pissed


That's pretty messed up


lol creepy

TL Alicetears

She is cute aww

Cold Case

James Bond wants to know your location


im gonna give privacy to people but i will buy it and place it in my kitchen because its so cool and funny

Guled Mj

I need to puy this camera and i'm in somalia pze help me to get this one


airbnb hosts may be breaking the rules but what if they steal shit from their hosts' house? how do they keep their stuff safe? or what if they damaged something in their homes? or what if they had sex like all over the place and covered it up or dirtied up the place and didn't bother cleaning it up?


Someone need to invent a detector to detect any spy cams in hotels or public toilets.

Jordan Shackelford

I'm gonna get a bunch of these

Mike Carter

If you should find a hidden camera, give it back to me. Thanks.

Doctor Fashion

soOOo I wish she talked about the audio quality on the products

The Indie Legend

The black girl with the glass and curly hair tho!!!

Luigi Viking

I.love asian women dam u are cute


I've got the dice on for £3.99 of ebay it not bas

Ms Wms

I live in an apartment, I came home and found the maintenance guy in my unit without my request or a work order, he stated my air conditioning unit was leaking from outside so he came in to check and make sure no leaks were on the inside of my unit. I sounds reasonable, but this isn't the first time this has happened, I spoke with management, of course their goal is to protect the rental property so, they stated it must have been a leak and they of condone his actions. I don't trust him or management. Thank you for the suggestions I will be looking into which is best for me and if you anymore, send them my way. Thanks again.


i love exploiting peoples stupidness.


Well, as many people have said about big government. If you have nothing to hide why worry?

Carrol Lindsay

Your video is outstanding I have a great idea how it works and I plan to better my resident.


3:14 to 3:16

I bet she gets to say that a lot to many different guys.

Armand Jauh

Tiene buena resolución, pero no tiene buena tasa de fluidez 30 fps, por lo que veo 28 a 25 fps, está pobre. ?

Will Ferrel

nice will put one to use for my upcoming certs

Usb camera amazon

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Blink Mini - Worth EVERY Penny

132 756 views | 18 Apr. 2020

Blink just released the

Blink just released the new Blink Mini. It is an indoor wired camera that captures 1080p video for just $35! In this video I’ll go over the features of the camera, unbox it, and show you some demo footage of what this camera is capable of.

Blink Mini – https://geni.us/mPyo2 Amazon

Echo Show 5 + Blink Mini – https://geni.us/BuJ9Ni4 Amazon

Blink Sync Module 2 – https://geni.us/Redq Amazon

Blink XT2 – https://geni.us/xy5IzQZ Amazon

Wyze Cam – https://geni.us/F2Jtu Amazon

Wyze Pan – https://geni.us/0cuJUX Amazon


For non US residents, please use the Amazon affiliate links below.

Amazon UK : https://geni.us/SGRHWpT Amazon

Amazon CA: https://geni.us/bZ2KL Amazon

My Camera Gear:

My MAIN Camera - https://geni.us/RmyRR Amazon

My Video Lens - https://geni.us/46FOAl Amazon

My Photo Lens - https://geni.us/uGw2th Amazon

Audio Recorder - https://geni.us/CVC0 Amazon

My MAIN Mic - https://geni.us/k0nVA Amazon

Wireless Mic - https://geni.us/d8JIwO Amazon

The Drone I use - https://geni.us/MMF9sP Amazon

GoPro Hero 7 - https://geni.us/zCIWDJ Amazon

Social Networks:

Instagram: http://bit.ly/2TOnKZv

Twitter: http://bit.ly/2L1boci

DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission.

This video is not sponsored or endorsed by any brand or organization and all opinions are entirely mine.

Thank you to everyone who using the many ways to support my channel. It allows me to continue to make videos like this.

#blinkmini #blinkminireview #blinksecuritycamera

Average Joe

The audio on mine, sounds like a robot.. A muffled robot
Edited: Best is the highest I have on the app for video

Mobili Di Lillo TV

Sorry, I don't agree. The blink mini cam have a huge lag, that make it so rubbishy...


Can you mute the microphone?

Mich Youtube

Can you look at what’s happening live??? Or do you have to watch old videos


Nice kitchen!

jersey clean90

It possible to turn off the blue light

Tramaine Bennett

great review thanks so excited have one on the way


Lol i got a camera new from Ebay that looks like that, but round with a similar app for $15. These companies really know how to rip you off

George Plagianos

Hi Steve Very good review & demo's with night vision & day visio. BTW:please explain what you mean by record locally or viewed locally I don't know what you mean..You mean connected to a laptop or NVR or DVR ? not everybody knows some terms you use we just want a simple camera was either SD card or connecting to what a DVR and NVR a laptop or what I don't know how to connect it to anything please explain that we're not all experts in the vocabulary. I just wish it could be as simple as using a what does Bunker Hill 2 camera monitors for $69 that you can connect to a VCR which turns the whole unit into a CCTV setup. Can't afford internet the Spectrum Old Time Warner is BS service in New York they just running scams with these untrue advertisement $49 internet and TV that's hogwash. I took in this homeless guy right before the coronal lockdown we're used to be sleeping on the subways current I took in this 320 lb.. now he's bought a TV and he's got Spectrum cable paying $130 a month talking about poor Rich this guy's taking advantage of me I don't even have internet or cable TV. and this homeless dude I took over his living better than me I just need a simple Bunker Hill type some cameras and a recorder can you tell us something about how to set up a camera security set without having to go on the damn internet.. thank you sorry for my impatience just is Coronavirus got me taking in a couple more homeless people and my two family in Brooklyn current now I'm stuck with them. doing a good turn helping people only his look at as a violation of the housing law. New York is such an evil city.

Neeg Dub Vwj

i like buy 1

Kent Rockwood Tyler

Thank you for the review. Your daughters look quite the handful!!!!


I’ve been looking for outdoor surveillance cameras, but stuck between wire and wireless also going for a plan or have the 1TB backup and look back at video. But also want it to alert me if someone is dropping off something or someone walking in the backyard after hours

Theresa Turner

Just select all and delete the tick ✅

Stephen Powdexter

Excellent review. I am comparing it to Samsung Smarthings cam AND Kasa tracking/ swivel cam and it compares favorably. I try to save money by DIY but by the time I'm through with all the trial and error I haven't saved much (and end up with unneeded gear). I also tried Wyze. Connecting and staying connected to wifi can be a challenge as I don't have endless money to keep upgrading equipment. My router Netgear is 1900ac, but why do we have to worry about changing bands as stuff?


Videos are not time-stamped which makes them worthless in my jurisdiction if they actually record a crime. The district attorney will not prosecute without a time-stamp because there's no way to prove to a jury when the crime actually happened.


I like my privacy i walk nude at night and having this be sent to cloud f that. I want local saves with storage slot. No i do not want to buy another addon for that i can buy way better camera. So sick of companies restricting use and nickle and dime us.


Great breakdown man, glad I stumbled across your channel in this frustrating hunt for a subscription-free solution. Looking to purchase my first house soon, and I think I'll be tuning into your channel quite often to try and smartify it over time. Cheers!

a Winter's Tale

I use some of my indoor cameras to point out through my windows, which always pose a problem at night with the IR splashing against the inside of the window and obscuring the picture. Some cameras are built in a way that a simple tape over the IR source blocks the IR completely, while others seem to seep IR light out no matter what I tape. Steve, does the two little IR emitters readily accept blockage from tape, or can you turn off the IR completely through the app? I am receiving the Blink Mini as part of the Amazon Prime day special. Thanks.

Bryan G

Can I set the picture up on a 16" monitor if I set 4 up?


Can you watch live feed continuously?

Lisa Martinez

How do I set it up with an echo dot ?


Hello Steve I Bought this camera and when I see the live stream the camera made a very loud screeching noise do you know of any way to fix this?


Hi... Can you show the alert feature on phone? Does Mini device provide a text or sound alert on phone or do you have to have app opened to see? Im missing something here.

You Tuber

Good review fella. Gteat wee camara for £35


Super review!


Great review thanks. We have Blink cameras back and front of the house and they are great but as we have just got our first dog I thought a may need something in the kitchen. Two metre cable length isn’t great but I can live with it. I agree with your gripe about the notifications. I thought that I was missing something when I couldn’t find a way to clear all the notifications as you where saying. Hopefully someone from Blink is going to sort it soon.. Keep up the good work.


Can you insert a SD card?

Benjamin Lehman

Doesn’t it also have an “always on” feature? Is it like a bank security system?

Scott Yi

it kinds of disconnect from the wifi once in a while


I am having difficult finding out how the camera notifies you on motion? a noise? I am not looking at my screen constantly. new trying to get set up done Thanks

Haim Green

Any black version ?


I absolutely love your reviews, best out there! ? Do you review Smart TV's? I hope so, particularly Samsung. Cheers and keep up the great work. Respect from ??


So the videos do not store unless you pay monthly? Will you still be able to see the live videos as they’re going ? Like for a baby monitor

Brad Dean

Don’t put the camera in front of the tv, the end.


Nice job Steve. Clear and concise. Your beautiful daughters look like their mom... sorry dude.


Amazing review

Jadamion Cole

We Don’t Like Blink Mini Indoor Cam???


if you have free cloud storage with the XT2 can you use that for the mini? or do you still have to pay?

Krystina Saragos

Can you connect it to more than one cellphone?

Richard Brown

Not bad, but I think I like the Wyze Cam V3 a little better.


Perfect, just ordered one for my new 10 wk old smooth hair fox terrier.

Im Awesome

Thanks for doing the review on it :) i was just looking at these online - as i am moving and i want to get some for my new place now :)

Robert Moon

I went into the app and turned the blue light to off to keep intruders in the dark.

Loretta Toombs

I think it is great I can't wait to get mine.

Rishabh Ganguli

just picked up one for 5 bucks on amazon. it was a bundle deal with the echo show 5 totaling 48$!


The review was great but why “no laughing “

Liliana Gonzalez

Can I speak thru the camera ?


To get rid of the count in red altogether: Go to settings, notifications, Blink, disable the Badges option.

Francesca G

Hey Steve, I am having trouble keeping the live camera going constantly. When I click live, it only stays live for maybe 30sec and then turns off. Is this normal for the blink mini? I am trying to use it as a baby monitor and if live feed doesn’t stay up I don’t see the point. If anyone has info on this I appreciate it. Thank you. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Yvng Trapper504

Hey can you see the footage live on your phone ?


Great Video ! I have 3 questions, when in night vision does it have sound and motion recording? I have an android phone, is the app compatible? Can I have multi cameras tied into app?

Gold Lick

the "on click" is a good thing imo, its not a spy cam

Stay Positive 2019

Does it show if your phone has to have a certain software number or higher for someone that has a say 2 year old cell thru metro or one of the pay as you go plans.. they don't send out software updates on time as say Verizon, ATT and those would?

Otto Marquez

thank you for the video very informative.

sandra johnson

Thanks for sharing, you have a nice calming voice very easy to listen and understand.

Von Kue Hounds

Hi, I'm still new to the video world. I want this camera only as a puppy cam. When I have puppies that are very young I like to check on them often if I'm not at home. I don't want pics and don't want to save anything. Just want to check that everything is ok with the pups. What would the best settings be? Can I view the activity on my cell phone? Can I do this w/o a subscription? Thank you


Thank you so much for your review I just got mine today from Kohl's for $24 pre-black Friday and there's a lot in this small little camera The video is amazing the app was very easy instructions on how to add your Wi-Fi how long you want your video to record the notification alert I should have bought a couple more. If anyone's thinking about it don't think twice I even tested it at night and the night vision is spectacular as well.I gave it a 10 review for anyone thinking about it you will not be disappointed with added security.


Is there a monthly subscription for video storage?


Thanks for the review! One question: Does the Mini work with a power bank? That would be a muuuuch cheaper alternative to the Blink Indoor...

Justin D.

What was that device with the green light on your wall?

Lorena Torres

You should of talked to your baby so we can hear


Turn the arming off the camera that your family is running around all day?

Catie Nichole

Im totally gonna use this as a baby monitor! Thank you!


Dose it save live streams when not looking ???


I really like you mention that. And all notification. It brother me too. And i wish blink can edit the length of auto delete. 3, 7, 14, 30days And 1year that just jump too far from 1 month to year. I hope they change evenly like couple days then couple weeks then couple month then year. There is no big difference 3days 7days

Phillip Reynolds

Can you use this with a computer instead of an echo show?

Micheal John

just bought this great review thanks also got echoshow 8 and reolink argus 2 cheers

Sheluvs Ayo

Damn so this what I look like at night my dad bought one in the living room I thought I was slick because I’m in the dark?

Frank Rodriguez

NOTE: Software has been updated and you do have the ability to "Select All" option to delete at once.

Megan M.

I can delete multiple at on time and not have to delete one by one

Dick Mcpherson

Hi Steve. I like your review about the Blink Mini, however I'm having a problem with my Echo Show 8 recognizing the Blink App. When I open the app it says something about a tutorial but the tutorial never opens. Help!


If i remember right. The blink xt2 get that click sound too when camera on Even during the day time (i mean every time trigger camera on will have that sound)

Harvz B

Does it have separate settings for indoor so it will not trigger the motion if you are at home?

Mannie Ku

Gosh they’re the cutest. I bet a handful but still cute lol. Thanks for the review !!!!


Do you have any idea why I don't see the enhanced video quality option. I only see saver standard and best ...

Keith Rozeski

I might have to give this one a shot. I bought two wyze cams the V2 and outdoor. V2 made it about 2 years. Fn outdoor made it 2 months. F them.


Awesome, i needed an HD nightvision camera with no lights on it, for when my girls sister comes over.... Man i only ever got to listen to her get it so good, now finally i can also watch it while gettin some head, and in HD!!

مـحمــود عطــري Mahmoud Atri

Nice review and wonderful family. Thanks

Think Morgan Media

Can I get notifications without arming the mini? I get notifications from my ring camera without having to arm it.

Water wave

Do you need internet

Gamewave london

What does the camera look like in the dark? Are any lights on,on the camera?

Brook Davis

Does it do anything that the Wyze camera doesn't?


How do we move the cameria using the app? Dont tell me its stationary


How long is the cord

Maria Feria

just got it for christmas . kinda excited

Theresa Turner

Can you interact with a pet like talk to them?

Charles Campbell

Keep in mind that if you have an existing account with regular Blink cameras already on it, you will be able to store your Blink Mini recordings for free to that account. No extra charge.

R Scott

Good review, !

Lonnie C

Cool review Steve Thanks pal

Nicole LeBlanc

Can the blue light be turned off?

Felix F

That's so stupid. I have the cloud cam from Amazon, and it saves my clips for 24hrs for free. The fact that this camera doesn't have that is so dumb. I wanted to buy a blink but I'm going with Wyze this time.


@Steve DOES I know this is months later, but I just saw your video.
Couldn’t help but notice how you said the red number for notifications won’t go away unless you individually go through all alerts in the app.
I’ve got good news! You can take it away entirely BUT still have the notification alerts in your Notification Center.
Go to Settings > Notifications > Blink > Turn off Badges


I just got this, how do I get notifications when I’m not there?

Evelyn Cortez

Can you speak into it ?

RC ModSquad

Just curious, doesn’t the IR change to night or day mode automatically as it gets dark or light? If that’s the case it should change as you turn off the lights and not make clicking noise through the night.

Nice review. Thanks.

Jeffery Brown

Hi Steve! Love the review.Someone stole my Christmas ornaments off my patio not happy.Question Am I able to have multiple cameras on this app?

shaun thomas

got one coming tomorrow not sure how the footage recorded gets saved/stored

Timmy Gilbert

Great video , thank you !


Is it possible to make this security camera work as a webcam?

¡¡¡Curb Alert!!!

What country is this made in? I'm afraid of any camera made in China that will connect to my WIFI system and introduces a security risk.