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Conqueror Karma Skin Spotlight - League of Legends

603 492 views | 17 Apr. 2017

League of Legends

League of Legends Conqueror Karma Skin Spotlight.

Purchase RP here (Amazon Affiliate - NA): https://amzn.to/2qZ3Bmv

Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Karma on their Conqueror Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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her appearance...more like a heartseeker skin


very uninspiring Skin not charming at all.

Scott Noble

And how is this an 1820 skin? I'll stay with my Winter wonder Karma if you don't mind.



Alger Agayo

WTF conquered karma more like conqures Haki


Sad that only 25% goes to the prize pool at MSI

Hellen Cristini



0:28 That you are a bitch!

0:32 Oh....

Brian Le

Hmm I don't have any Karma skins and this looks pretty nice...

HMMMM wallet forgive me

radurice Instagram


Keya Chan

Anyone knows when this skin will be able to purchase again?


Heartseeker Karma

0 C T A N E


bsnsn HD

Karma in việt nam

Camilla Rodighiero

When will this skin be released?

Naks Ktr

why ???????????????????


she's black again, so yay
but still no fans
fucku riot

Chiến Huỳnh Đình

When Karma have a new skin Riot?

ArchMon Gaming

Chroma Red Karma

Jonathan Ortiz

Where do I sign up to request traditional Karma voice animation for this skin!? #Makethishappen


y'all so freaking bitter.....this may be her 7th skin, but just like the last one (Winter Wonder), this is also a legacy/limited edition skin, and 2 of her original skins (Traditional & Sun Goddess) are locked in the vault....once this one is gone, she only has 3 to choose from. They're not giving her this as a vanity thing, it's because she's a popular pick in e-sports. Get over yourselves.

Y Chris

Needless to buy it

Miklós Kéninger

On lolking there is an animation for her e in this skin.

Maxim Didic



@1:15 what causes the dancing light? Is that her Crit Auto Attack animation?


Only cool thing was her basic attack. I got excited for nothing :(


Karma is like the kamasutra sensei of league


"Karma învingătoare Skin Spotlight" why the title is in Romanian?

ze Bo


Clone Master

Cine e roman de aici ?


Am I the only one who think she looks like Doctor Strange?

Bnymin Afuha’amango

karma voice actor sound kinda thicc ngl.

Edward Zhao

Red Karma


the best skin to karma

Chris Nikes

wow good thing i bought challenger ahri back then .. with this line up replacing challenger skins to conqueror skins is dope, the challenger skins still out throws this piece of chroma like skin for karma which is the conqueror line up. hands up and give a like to those who bought challenger skins

Boi That

karma have 7 skins but yorick still have 3 -_-

Night Coon

sure that its not bloodmoon karma?

Rene Bongon

Looks like an skt skin

Popi Eyy

Am i the only one wondering why karma has a yellow orb floating around her when she first auto attacks?

Godfrey Liu

The S in the floor, how do you get that?

Hoang Nguyen

New Irelia skin yay


How to change the model of allied target ?

its oran



Silvermoon Karma.


Its just thé basic one bot in red


Can anyone gift me this skin when it releases please? I'm a Karma main and i'm loving this skin. IGN Law of the Claw
NA Server

CQNZR - Clips & Gameplay

New Viktor skin pls. Not gonna buy it, I just want to see it.

Eduardo Soares

ty chest <3

Bryan EUW

Not bad Rito, not bad


"Dormammu, I've come to bargain!"


Woah, Tower of God's Thorn anyone?

Myriad ofColours

A few red runes here and there just like the splash would've been awesome. But I guess this is gonna be a skin line similar to Championship, only red. Oh well. Still looks great I guess. Not complaining, just pointing something out.

MN Rosey

look like a bloodmoon skin =,,=


what is that effect in karma when she autoattacks? Is that ult charging effect?

j hon j hon

stop making fucking karma skins


Hello Karmama

Dank Lulu

DAMMIT, I was hoping for that to be a lulu skin :C!


oh you mean blood moon karma

bssb kelmy

chinh phục


Finally a karma skin thats better than the default one gj rito

Анна Бессонова

When is release date?

Eric Rivera

When is this available to purchase again?

Gixal 13

Anyone else think she looks like gender bent Vlad?


The hairstyle is lit tho

Aleksandra Ledo Pejakovic

Love love love new skin!!! ^^


>tfw you just really want Conqueror Irelia

King in The norf

chroma ? no difference between the classic skin and this one


You know what they say : Karma is a b**ch :)

Alry FireBlade

Skin had potencial but they wont use it.
only a dark red.
I miss the ,,Fächer" in her hand at the dance, you dont see if ulti is activated.
The Traditional Karma is still the best Skin for her.

Oza Kun

Do you knowk if with the skin They give Border for Loading screen or Invoker Icon ?

Muc Osa

how can i it?

Aiken Umholtz

Guess she's done keeping the peace


seems like Bloodstone / Bloodmoom to me.


w/mask = Blood Moon Karma

catte jeremich

I know these are the skins replacing the challenger skins but god fucking damn it when will Riot release a Rengar skin

Thiên Di

WTF rito the particle effects are literally the same as the default but red

Alikatsi Firasia

She just looks SO MUCH like Cia in Hyrule Warriors

Ngô Ngọc Hoàng Đông

? vietnamese !!

Eau Probe

Lol the artwork reminds me Archer From fate/Stay Night lel


The crimson red looks dope

Lồng Ngực Tối

I think Riot don't like Karma. Only Default Karma Splash Art is nice. All Splash Art Karma are very ugly. I don't understand, Riot ? Her face is very ugly. New Skin Karma looks skinny @[email protected]


Finally a Karma skin i want <3




I love Karma but rito don't you think it's time to focus about the other skin series? Like Crimson elite (one of the coolest you made), Lotus Order, Star Guardian ( we need more sailor on this game)


When will this skin be avaible again

Hugo Gerôncio


Piers Redfield

Horrible splash art still. They could've changed the particles more and not made everything just red as well. Lazy to be honest.


More Elise skins plsssssss

Mariel Aspirin

is this blood moon karma?

Alry FireBlade

Wo sind ihre Fächer beim Tanz? :(

Anna Langer

"Why you never remember my name?!" "I'm sorry red Karma."


The Sims Karma


Baby, i'am a devil


That looks lame. And isn't she black? Her face doesn't look like a face of a black female on that splash art lol


Tbh,this skin reminds me of Wanda maximoff(scarlet witch)

Takii Mili

its just a Chroma right? x)

Sean Cazz

Will I get the loading screen border when just purchasing the skin throughout the event? Got it but no border yet...

5 Volt

Damn... Karma's best skin and it's not available anymore.. ?


This skin reminding me of the red Dark Magician that Arcana used in the anime

Johnny Silverhand

qonquerer's haki confirmed!???! w000000000000000000000t !

Karma price

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Is the Fisker Karma the BEST looking Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle?

21 872 views | 18 Jan. 2020

Fisker was ahead of it's

Fisker was ahead of it's time when it built the Karma. Under the hood is a 2.0L turbocharged inline-4 paired with two electric motors to produce 403HP & mated to a 1-speed automatic. It's exterior has flowing lines and futuristic design elements. On the inside there is a mixure of high end materials with one of the most interesting layouts. Is the Fisker Karma the best looking Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle?

**Please click the link to get your Raiti's Rides Merch!


Tim Henry

Now i see why this car sales didn't take off. It's busy doing a whole lot of nothing and is as heavy as a HELLCAT

the Truth

Ohhh yeaah! Fun fact these cars have crazy amount of torque more torque then the brand new biggest f350 diesels and ram 3500s diesels these things could pull a tractor trailer!

Quang Lam

The history lesson comes in handy here.

T Buz

Fisker automotive filed for bankruptcy in 2013 because battery recalls. Why you think from $110.000 to $33.000 ??

The Real Cigar Jefe

My ex wife was burned to death in one of these. Thanks for the reminder.

Kewlzter TC

This is a true salesman.

Boom tendo

Amazing quality. Puts many other companies to shame for its time


I honestly wish Fisker would have succeeded as his design is absolutely gorgeous. Now the streets are littered with Elon's gross looking overgrown Mazda 3's.


Lost 65% of its value in 7 years.

Janindu Herath

I wonder how the exterminator's gonna react when someone tells him "my car has a termite problem"

Good Reason

Do the Tesla Model 3 Performance already!!!


A clear display on the center console is to show off the battery... purely astectic. And GM engine is only used to charge the battery. Not connected to drivetrain

Derek Wiley

It is a really cool looking car. I remember seeing it in car magazines when I was 13 dreaming of one day having one of those.
It was unfortunate with some of the issues it had then.
But now it has revived as the Karma Revero.
Pretty cool. Love the review. ?

Btw do you think the grill looks like a French mustache?

Paul Quon

Thanks ? for the great review sir ???? Fisker is charming & so ahead of its time ? wish they come back and make a 2-doors cabriolet same concept clean body line ?, don’t need scoops, huge spoiler, etc .


Where can you go to have it repaired and where can you get parts for it?


Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo had a child ?

Oscar Lopez

It’s a good looking car! The grille looks like a mustache ?

Tony Manno

Front end looks like its smiling ????

louis ayala

Nice car but probably a bit outdated. The hybrid technology has improved quite a bit since 2012. Great video once again!

Jin Cho

They say karma is a bitch but this karma nothing but beauty. They designed very unique but much as unique they should of send it of with the performance. Unique nice car.

Eduardo Castillo

Beautiful car ??


If Tesla bought the design, they can call it Model K.

Zaylas Pelt

Such hybrid sexiness, such beauty. I would love a car like this. Very nice indeed.


The seats are as odd as the Veloster door panel colors not matching.


Hey Joe! can we see more of ur wife reviewing cars please? i think its pretty amazing seeing woman doing this stuff, keep up in great work as always!


I think that new Tesla supercar is the best one I've seen so far even though it's not out yet.

But I agree this Fisker is the best looking one out on the market for sale today.

Johnny Astoria

Talk about "Plug and Play"!

Cory Trae Chancy

Good gosh that car looks so good

M Mahtnart

How can they allow the exhaust to be in front of the passenger compartment? I thought that was an EPA "No No".


Love this car and love the seats too. I wouldn't zonk it but it's a matter of personal preference. Only thing I would've zonked on it is that the center console goes all the way back, preventing an extra passenger in the middle. I wanted to hear what it sounded like on start up and the revs though. I haven't seen you do that your latest videos anymore.

Gingerbread Man

Gorgeous looks

Argentum Boyle

Talking design is BORING....people can see the design in the video....why talk about things people can see in the video??????? How about some relevant information on reliability, maintenance cost, and where to get maintenance services????????? Don't waste time talking about the design. We can see it all in the video.....

Lynda Hammel

Very interesting and definitely very stylish ---- who knew! Thanks!


OG fisker was a con artist but the new fisker (sadly owned by china) is allegedly doing work with high performance EV's


Thanks my man! I was waiting for this review!

Artemii Polshcha

You made the review of Fisker before Doug! Good stuff!

Trans Am

4:37 I see the orange Challenger R/T classic :)


flare out fenders is extremely recommended style in any vehicle exterior design. for real it changes the overall look to something that is super sexy . unfortunately Japanese automotive exterior designers having hard time getting it !!


Interior is a let down, doesn't match the design of the exterior.


Okay JOE... somebody must have paid you to talk good about that car, because everything on it is a ZONK!!! The whole car is a ZONK! Its a Fisker ZONK!!!!

joshua D

Hey joe comin at you hot with another car question. What car have you driven that has had the most intense feeling acceleration. Something that really stimulates that rocket launch itch


Why do u think it has a specific name karma ;)


No contest!

Leroy Brown

This was a good car to review Joe. Good points.
I always thought Karma Fisker was full EV.
I only saw celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio promoting this vehicle when it came out before Tesla.
Tesla passed them a while back, now trading at $500+ per share. Amazing.
Karma needs better marketing to take on Tesla, (a so-called tech company), but Karma got the styling down.


Damn this thing is 8 years old....I legit thought it was a 2020

Shamar Davis

Karma automotive is still keeping that design even after the rebranding a few years ago. Karma Revero is what the modern ones are called now.

Mitt Obama

The solar panels should be on hood so that convertibles or no convertibles, it gets solar panel action.

Argentum Boyle

I want to add this car to my collection but I'm scared about reliability and maintenance cost, and where I can get this car serviced....anyone know or have info about this????

RCbashing the KRATON

Fisker makes junk products


Is it a good idea to get one of these used? They're fairly cheap on Autotrader but I don't want to have to worry about the whole "catching on fire and blowing up" issues they had back then.

Lavonte A

Oh crap I've always been waiting for this review thank you so much but you can still buy one called the Karma Revero

Matt Agui

Hey my bro checking in

John O

You’re so right...it looks like a mixture of corvette Ferrari and bmw


They also have a Ashton Martin....

Matt Agui

Very peculiar car my friend, how does it drive?

Gipsy Avenger

Thing is pretty sick looking.

Robert Kohut

Interesting... 2012...futuristic... :-)

Serkan Ister

One of these cars "looks fast drive not that so.

Jason Campbell

I was so impressed with this vehicle until you told me that weight and the 0-60mph time... You got my hopes up with that torque number and then brought me down! ;) Nice review Joe. I think this GM Motor can be found on the Pontiac Solstice GXP and Saturn Sky Redline? Correct me if I am wrong.

M Mahtnart

Some kind of "No No" (-;

Jaxx Brat

Was afraid i was gonna get a splinter..

Voltic Swift

Will there be a 2020 Passat video soon?

john jackson

Interesting vehicle I think I heard you say it had seated heats what is that? Ha ha great video

Denny Hwan Jeong

Thanks for the review of very unique car Joe!

Patrick Roberts


Bacardi M3

Umm will Karma do maintence on these old Fisker Karma? Remember guys Karma is a different company that bought the IPs and assets of Fisker. Fisker itself is no more.

What about reliability, didn’t these burst into flames because they were rushed to market. There’s not enough ventilation upfront which caused overheating problems. Again these issues have been rectified on the Karma Revero but this ain’t that car. This car was super disappointing.

Chest Seal ?

This is what I like to see affordable unique cars.


Can we talk dependability and maintenance costs? How long till that battery is dead and how much and where to fix it?

Justin Maloney

JOE going big time boys with the Fisker karma ! Nice find ! I don't know how you do it Joe ! WE LOVE RAITI'S RIDES BABY. Big ups to Joe Raiti da local boi !!!! Woooo !

Power Button Revelations

If replacement parts weren't gonna cost an arm and a leg, 33k isn't bad at all for what you get!

Power Button Revelations

Always thought the grill on this looked like Mario's mustache. Lol

Argentum Boyle

It would so much nicer if the engine is from Toyota......

Klasse Act

Now the brand name is KARMA ?


James May said it was rubbish.

Arman M

Awesome! I saw one of these here is Canada last year and had no idea what it was, had to look it up, looks like a Ferrari.

Peter Carey

This is definitely in your top ten of unique cars to review Joe. To me it looks like a 4-door version of the BMW I8 Hybrid. But at 6k lbs, she is a Heavy Baby. The BMW I8 is only 3,400lbs, but that's through the use of a LOT of composite materials, which equates to a lot of $$$. This Fisker Karma is definitely an Autobahn cruiser though. I have to ask, can this be purchased with any type of extended warranty and if so, can anyone work on this car should problems arise?
Save the Wave.?‍♂️

Benton Hennessey

When I saw one of these for the first time I really didn’t know what it was and I’m a huge car enthusiast, but after some research I learned that these are pretty awesome. I would love to drive one?


Now this review I like, more electric/hybrids.

Samuel Cassell Jr

Love this car! Way ahead of its time..


Yes they are the best looking

Ahal bisiklet Gezgin


Rich Roggio

I really liked this video Joe. nice car


Shame it did so poorly

Boom tendo

looks a lot like the Spyhunter car


Elon should hire Fisker to design the next Model S ??‍♂️


Great looking but reliability is hell. I'd rather get a new model 3 for the price

optimus prime

Did he just say 33k wtf, that low.
Are these cars reliable?

Robert Kohut

Nice!! Easy to look at for hours.... :-)


That's very affordable I would purchase that as a week end car

optimus prime

BMW, Porsche, Ferrari had a baby.

User Anonymous

Sup joe. Nice car review. Rare too.


Search yt for Justin Bieber driving one of these babies back in the day... in FULL CHROME! ?

Robert Trotter

Do da genesis gv80

Just think

just 22???? why not an even 30 and have it ride on the rims?? this thing is ridiculous but welcome to the minds of Cal, and why everyone not a tech or trust fund baby is getting the hell out. the place has been run by 4 families for 60 yrs. the "future". 6000 lbs and almost as fast as a camry. pretty car but idiotic tech. hey for $25k impress your friends toy and put 1,000 miles on it a yr til it breaks. that wood piece on the dash is out of place. if they ditched the dumb solar panel and made the roof clear that would have helped.

Ayyaz Mahmood

Biggest Zonk: Acceleration ?

This baby needs to perform like a badass, not just look like a badass ? and it lost almost 75% of its value in just 8 years? Kinda scary lol

Seth K Johnson

The entertainment console and vents look happy to see you ? HEEEEYYYY!!!

Ryan’s Rides

Awesome car inside and out!!! It is definitely futuristic looking to say the least!!

Scores Man

Your knee in your mouth is ok, it's when your foot is in your mouth is when you're usually in trouble and if you're anything like me it's almost always with the wife ?

User Anonymous

Your a straight work horse dude

Steven Wagner

That thing is a torque monster!

Karma price

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The Fisker Karma Is the Craziest $40,000 Sedan You Can Buy

2 930 915 views | 31 Mar. 2020




The Fisker Karma is weird -- really weird. Today I'm reviewing a Fisker Karma, and I'm going to show you around one of the weirdest, most unusual vehicles you can buy for $40,000 or less. I'm also going to take you on a full tour of the Karma, and then I'm going to drive the Fisker Karma.




Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/dougdemuro

Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/dougdemuro

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/ddemuro

DOUGSCORE CHART: https://www.dougdemuro.com/dougscore


I always thought the Karma didn't use any leather and was one of the first 'Vegan' Cars?


The side profile look like the model S

Victor Gross

This looks like a Pontiac's cousin

Stoney Loner

?????the back omg I’m weak

TheLastSheriff YT

the car look so cool for me


Looks like it has a mustache

Ed Cory

One quirky thing about Doug is he always cuts off 50ms of every starting word “AND” that he says.


bieber killed the karma

ab c

I seems like 1990 car

Sanyam Sharma

The steering wheel has the Antman helmet if you look closely.


This car seems to make no sense. Nothing amazing technology wise itsept the solar room. Stopped watching midway. No wonder this company went broke.

Medium Approach Medium Productions

The Fisker was made at the Valmet plant in Finland.

The same place the TH!NK City was made...another failed car.

Make of that what you will.

Tommy H.

What is the type of guy to keep his passengers in the trunk

felix acosta morales

some automobiles will keep looking great after many years..
some for possibly decades..


So i finally buy some fisker stocks and now this video is recommended to me lol y'all spying is real.


Always liked the solar Roof and how it was incorporated into the car.

Financial Education Today



i can just see future humans laughing at us for thinking this is futuristic in anyway lol

Donald Salkovick

So this was made for woke self absorbed Hollywood types who sniff their own farts.....no wonder it failed. Someone really over estimated that demographic

Johannes Martin

The city which it was built in, Uusikaupunki can be directly translated to Newcity.

Tammy Hess

Its beautiful, love the name and love that its different.

Donald Garver

Same name on pruning shears

The Softest N-Word

Imagine you press the gear to park and it flashes red


8:00 Steering wheel looks like storm trooper helmet.


So cool but too expensive. It looks like a fish infront.

Joanna Yuen

and the back seat is what you would get in a 2 door coupe

felix acosta morales

Doug, * much "more" prettier* than Tesla

Demetrious Hayes

Bro just explain the vehicle, i don’t need your condescending tone, nor you saying everything is “weird” or “unusual” every 5 seconds. The design is actually pretty sick.


fiskers dont make noise when they start

. RetroWizdom.

a power button to open your door thats a one way ticket to having to smash your window open if your battery fails while in the car

Bobby Brooks

Wooowww, environmentally friendly and $100,000+ = immediate failure.


That gear selector is this car's clitoris

Raja Chellappa

Had to turn it off, this guy talks way too much and doesn't show different views of the car. Over-explainer of the simplest of functions..such as the way the buttons/lights on the gear shift work...wow. Spectacular exterior design of the car though!

Bob Britches

I remember Fisker / Obama / Biden. Biden told us they were going to make cars in the USA a create manufacturing jobs. That helped Obama get elected, got a lot of our taxpayer dollars to do so then didn't follow through. I think they opened up a little office building here instead. Corrupt. FFFFFisker

andre swanson

It's a collectors item


Except for the front grill, this car looks great

andre swanson

No parts.


This car looks like a chinese overstyled fake tesla. Guess it received some bad karma.

peter barlow

its a Maserati on meth


I saw this car in the mall few years ago. Used to think it was a solar car XD


The breakable butane gully dress because music preferentially mourn atop a public vermicelli. sloppy, hungry pheasant


Isn't this car a pure serial hybrid, completely electric in terms of propulsion? Why isn't it as fast as other electric cars then?

Bo Ghan

I think you talk too much
Chill a bit

Excel YT

7:28 subtitles have informed me that this city in Finland is called "who seek out punky", but it can also be spelled as "you see how punky".


I used to live about an hour from Uusikaupunki right before the Karma came out. I saw a few of these around town with “Factory Test Car” stickers on the sides. Haven’t seen one on the road since. My guess is none of them actually stayed in Finland. The factory that built these now builds Mercedes A-Classes and CLAs, and built Porsche Boxsters before they started building Karmas.

Bobby Brooks

This guy gives me a headache... He literally hammers his sentences... Douche... Hammering your sentences or speaking louder or repeating yourself don't make what you have to say any better or more interesting.


They should be ashamed of those body gaps. Only the dick-hole body gap on a fit woman is something to be proud of when it comes to gaps

Sean Kurth

That infotainment LOOKS amazing, honestly one of the prettiest and trendiest I've ever seen. Cooler-looking than most systems in economy and premium (but not luxury) cars 8 years later IMO. If this UI were in a flagship Audi today, of course complemented by a modern gauge cluster screen, it would still look great. Too bad the hardware lets it down so hard. It would be so awesome if only there weren't so much lag. The first Tesla Model Ss were as smooth as iPhones, though they've slowed down a lot with software updates since as Tesla's been through 3 hardware iterations the old cars don't get. This LOOKS way better than the 1st gen Tesla systems. If only it had the speed and intuitive UX to back it up...

Austin Ubele

it is a beautiful car... tbh


The alfa romeo giulia key is huge too

Guy Jonson

I wanted to be a family sports car. Poor rear passengers. But a nice car

Aug's Garage Tx

This car looks like it's recent in 2020

all things interesting

I know where thier is one a 2012 15k miles for 29000


I'm starting to see a lot of these around South Florida. They look so good.

Lai Pinel

This car is just terrible design that’s why it didn’t sell ??????

Cee Taylor

Lol closed captioning on the Finland city said seek out punky ???‍♂️


crap car

Icelander 101

This should be the most beautiful car hood is nice and I want one when I’m an adult and the grille is phenomenal


I don't care what anyone says this car is gold.

Scott K

It's one of the most beautiful cars I've never wanted.

Renier Christiaan

Look like a BMW wanabe

My rc world

Whiskers Fiskers is the name of my cat. Seriously!

Charles Housman

How much money did the US govt lose in those loans?

Raul Araujo

That green is the most extraterrestrial color that I have ever seen. 5:48


Looks much better then a Tesla

FGV Gravity

I thought that was a Jaguar from the side

Marc ramondo

He’s saying strange I’m saying flames

eric Gallant

moustache car

David 7654

This is now Doug's worst car of the year lol


I like it

dave handsoap

IMO the first gen Nissan Leaf is the one and only car that looks worse than the Karma. It looks absolutely horrible.

0123456789abc decghijklmn

Quirks and fearures please?

Mick JustMick

“Looks like nothing else on the road”. Ummm it looks like everything on the road, Jaguar rear, Aston Martin front with 350z l-ish headlights. lol

Moritz Dürholt

I mean for 2012 it's pretty advanced

Emmanuel Kidero

Such a disappointing interior for such an existing exterior look

Quattordici Montenapoleone

That screen was not the pinnacle of tech if you think about it. Automakers have always been completely oblivious to the tech world around them. Think about it - the first gen iPad was released two years prior to the release of this car. By the time this car was released, the "retina" iPad had been released. Isn't it basically since Tesla got on the market when traditional automakers realised they had to do something about their appalling infotainment experience.

vv oll

this things is selling for $200000 in my country

Alejandro Alvarez

Beautiful car that makes Tesla look like a Toyota Corolla.


How do u get out if the batteries die ?

Joanna Yuen

i would get a taycan a model S or a model 3

Yusuf Jorgenz

Hijack chameleon

Kevin Tisdale

Hey Doug - will you please do a video on the Karma Revero? Curious as to how it compares to the older Fisker Karmas. Thanks!

Rowan Cucanic

This car looks like the result if a catfish had sex with Baymax

Ynohtna 21

I’d get this as a toy if i was rich

Peter White

I still do not understand why the plug in hybrid is dead. It just makes so much more sense. Cheaper to build, better for the environment as we all know making those batteries isn't the best thing, and it just makes so much more sense.



spacex Tesla Roadster gaming

Fisker Karma

Kyle 7K

These keep popping up on my facebook lately. They kinda look like a 4 door C6 Corvette, which I wouldn't think I'd like, but I do. LS swap it!

michael perry

100k 4cylinder gm engine.... Ok

Dritan Dani

What a ass car! Never buy that one!

Esteban Alarcon

Not just range also temperature due to cold temp affecting electronics

Ynohtna 21

I’m convinced this car is a meme


7:31 as a Finn, living fairly close to Uusikaupunki, the way the pronounces it is absolutely hilarious.


I wish he'd show more of the car and less of him.

Alex V

What a piece of crap car.


Only came here because Doug called this the worst car he has reviewed last year. To be honest i expected much worse, it's bad but not ridiculously bad

Medium Approach Medium Productions

No joke, a few days after I saw this video for the first time, I saw a fully chrome one in my hometown.

Jeffrey Brown


Леха Дорофеев

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Antonio Schall

why is he speaking like a newscaster