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Backtesting and Automating a TradingView Strategy Turn TV into a trade bot

82 605 views | 26 Sep. 2016

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Visit our website to learn more about Autoview: http://autoview.with.pink

In 15 minutes I googled a 1 minute forex scalping strategy.

I then imported the strategy into Tradingview and back tested it.

I then created a custom script so I could create alerts for the Chrome Extension for automation.

I create the alerts, and by the end of the 15 minute video, I have AutoView placing trade opens and closes for me.

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Andy B

Thank you sir!!! But I get the message chart operation failed reason line 11 could not find function or reference study.entry

You can't use strategy functions (strategy.entry) in study script. Please replace 'study' with 'strategy'.

Please help thank you kind sir!!

CL Zhang

is this service still alive ?? im interested in it


Should be "and a>b" for long and vice versa for short, this only uses one cross

Paul Adeleke

This may be my last question:.

Supposing on one symbol at a time; you create both a long alert for green and a short alert for red. How would the symthax look for each alert message such that I wanted to order 1 contract at market price? That the position never closed.

I want two messages synthaxs. Thank you.


Do you understand how to write Fisher Transform script? I need particularly for 1H. With defined time interval when enter/exit. So it won't be just by cross of Fisher over trigger/signal line. But a bit more complex.

Ariel Wollinger

I am having a hard time setting this up for bittrex, can you help me? I just bought the 1 month license to try. thanks!

DongWan Kang

Hi. Thank you for great video, this is really helpful for me, but I have a same problem with boss x. I tried to do with same as your video but It didn't work. root_data expression of plot_0 has invailed type; series_bool expected ) is there anyway you could help me with this ?

Akshay Dalvi

Does trading view has a capability to use repeated passes of strategy tester with different input parameters? This is performed to determine such expert parameters at which its profitability is the highest.
This will help trader to determine, which parameters make the most amount of profit based on historical data instead of manually changing the parameters and test all the combinations one by one

Crypto Midget

What language is this??

Gabriel Rodriguez

What percent profitable would you consider minimum for a safe strategy. Or in other words, how can we interpret percent profitability to know if it's a good, bad, excellent, or horrible strategy?

Dan Crain

Will this work with my Oanda account I have connected Tradingview so I can trade forex pairs?

Paul Adeleke

Last Question: What is nessecary synthax for an order to be automated? Can the order of the synthax be change? This I must know.

Lastly; what are the official rules for the syntax for the smoothiest and eternal tradingview.com to 1Broker trade bot...

Nevermind. I will figure it out. I am the greatest quant alive. And the greatest quant who ever existed. Thank you. No further questions. Hahahaha

I am the greatest quant who ever lived. I am.

Diego Goujon

Hi, excellent video. I'm having troubles to find info on tutorials about creating scripts, do you know where can I find an getting start o something like that ? the tradingview help isn't a great help on script topics. Thanks

Bradley Jo

Hi, i've set up the alert with the specific message (i've tested and an alert does pop up on tradingview) and granted 1broker access on the chrome plugin and added the API key, so now how do I actually send the alerts to 1broker to make the trades? It doesn't seem to be making any trades even when I got the Tradingview alert while my browser was running.

Also, what must I add to this message in order to close the previously opened position?:

c=order b=long
c=position b=long l=200 t=market
b=short q=0.01 l=200 t=market tp=13 sl=25


Mateus Zuliani

can I use this to creat a bot inside tradeview, only to train myself and not use real money? And another thing, in order to do that do I need to pay anything?

RotMG Toasty

its honestly hilarious how fucking stupid people are in all of these comments. No easy money for you, idiots! Gotta learn

Weconomy Trucking

Can't hear shits he's saying

joshua-daniel :Thomas

Hi guys you probably get sick of hearing this, but what percentage returns would you get out of using autoview than just buying and holding


Jesus loves you.


Hello sir, I want to create an indicator on trading view, can you help me. Please reply...

Louai Major

i need to transfer the following from tradestaion to trading view please help me.
Inputs: length(20);
If CurrentBar = 60 then Value1 = xaverage(C, 60);
If CurrentBar > 60 then begin
If Fracportion(time/15) = 0 then begin
value1 = value1[1] + (2 / ( Length + 1 )) * ( C – value1[1] );
Value2 = value1;
Plot1(value1, “15 min 20EMA”);
else begin
Value2 = value1 + (2 / ( Length + 1 )) * ( C – value1[1] );
Plot1(value2, “15 min 20EMA”);

jihad farraj

Is there a way to create an alert/strategy for when to take bullish renkos for buys when it meets my conditions on my moving averages (trend) and vice versa for sells?

True Blue You

In your opinion--is this more profitable than ..say Gunbot..do we really need Gunbot? Can we trade directly into our exchange this way? Thx


how to edit locked script ? like i want to set alert on Blueskyday indicator

RU Affiliates Business

binance is currency on beta on your extension. does it work smoothly these days?

Paul Adeleke

This is my last question: supposing for any symbol, you wanted to create all indications for a group of symbols. How could you write the synthax for that confidently and efficiently?

Can you list the symbols in the syntax, or can you only do it one at a time?

Iman Soltani

Hello, Thank you for the extension. It makes the alert, but it does not put trades. When I check the credentials test at API page of Autoview, I receive the "access is denied". Is it because of 2FA authorization?

Crypto Mania

So does it detect the TEMA/EMA lines crossing?

Paul Adeleke

Thank you. I will read dilligently all your best answers, when I have time. I may ask some questions in the future and use the email mentioned in the description of the product to ask them. Thank you so much.

Luke Hancock

I have tried to test the 1 min forex strategy as per youtube video I get this error: "My 1minForex (1, 0, fixed, 1, 100000, Default, 0, percent, 0): Orders limit (2000) was reached"

Crypto traveller

it sounds like you are inside a tin can. please get a better mic

Dan Crain

Anyone have an example setup for Oanda Autoview trade? Or at least a forex Alert setup...let me know..thanks

John Pedro

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Not Available

Great video thanks. Please upgrade mic! https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Yeti-USB-Microphone-Silver/dp/B00N1YPXW2?th=1

Nobiano Rangel

What language is that ? that you are coding ?

Mr. McIntosh

Can we do this with binance?

Ray Chambers

how does that work? does it always calculate right when you put it in, and when you run the replace it tells you what happened?

Commentary Turned Off Gameplay

hey man this was just what i was looking for but i get a problem when i try to put the alerts in the pine script it comes up with this ( add to chart faild reason line 109; root_data expression of plot 4 has invailed type; series_bool expected ) is there anyway you could help me with this ?

your mom

Are you high on crack when you make these fucked videos


Hi.. Great video. Umm. Is this purely for a cryptocurrency algo-trading operation?


Nice thank you my friend!

Selim Saruhan

fuck your mic

Federico Marostica

Series_bool expected series on line 11 and 12 in study mode,so i can't add to the chart,is identical to what you did, sucks


Hi, have you considered running the bot on the server side rather than client side? This would allow it to run without needing one's machine turned on.

M Robb

hello I am trying to create the alert but on add to chart I get this error.

line 11: root data expression of plot_0 has invalid type: series_bool expected series
line 12: root data expression of plot_1 has invalid type: series_bool expected series

any ideas ?

Dmitry Marcelo

would have how to make a grid with leverage

Carli Weise

So did you make money automatically with your strategy?

All in 1



where can i contact you directly?

Best Vine Compilation 2016

i'm so stuck on something...DOES ANYONE KNOW what do you have to do after setting up the alerts? Can you turn your computer off??? Do you have to keep tradingview open 24/7 or just chrome?? I am trying to work on other strats and it messed with my signals I think, so I want to run tradingview/autoview on a server, but tradingview is telling me I can't log in to it on multiple devices....someone told me I just have to open it once on the server or something...that makes no sense though because then what's the point of the server lmao



nice work. I wrote now a candlestickindicator in pine script. Now i would like to set a strategy, but i have some problems. I don´t now how to write, that for example a short order is activated, when the price goes under the previous low. Do you know the code for that? Thank you for your help, and

best regards.

Harshal Jadhav

Hello, Is it possible to automate tradings on TV charts strategy based on renko charts and moving average for CME market? If you can do it plz mail me at [email protected]gmail.com

World Badminton

Hey Guys,

Great video. Would you be able to explain how to add stop loss and take profit into the coding? I am a big time beginner here.

henning althoff

Hey, thank you for the great video. Is it possible to add a simple stop loss into the strategy syntax?
For the moment the strategy is giving two signals for buy and sell. What i would like to add is a third signal for a stop loss (doesnt have to be a trailing stop loss), when the price drops 2% under my buying price. Is this possible?


When I make an order via autoview on tradingview, what order types are available? In the video, it puts limit order but I prefer to make market order to make an instant purchase, does Autoview let me do make market orders?


Wow this content is incredible. it has shown me that automated back testing is possible on trading view with automated trading too. thank you

Jonathan Storm

Hello is it possible to pay someone to do this for me but for whaleclub .co ?

Carlos Enrique Amaro

mindblown. How did you learn all this? I want to learn everything there is to it.

Tony Cortese

This is VERY cool. I have zero experience with any kind of programming and always had a desire to learn, but frankly it just looked too damned complicated. This video makes pine look pretty intuitive. I'll definitely be purchasing an autoview subscription once I familiarize myself with pine a bit. 4.99/month is peanuts compared to what I currently pay for a Haas "simple" license. Thanks!


Autoview seems to have removed the ability to create alerts based on triggers in Pine. at 9:43, the interface is different. I may need a refund!


from where i get those all scripts for copy paste ? so i can set that to my tV account for bitmex

Geoffrey Phillips

Thanks for the info, I set up my strategy and tested (Currency Pairs) with TradingView. In the overview GBPCAD it is showing 77.31% Profitable. Is this good? All other trades are between 70 -80%

Ray L

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the video.

Ltc trading view

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How to setup TradingView signal for DCA bot on 3Commas.io

5 367 views | 3 Dec. 2020

So you may be wondering

So you may be wondering how to create a bot to trade one of your favorite altcoins using TradingView custom signals? Well, you’ve come to the right guide!

00:00 - Welcome!

01:15 - Identify a chart and indicator for your bot

02:22 - Create a TradingView alert

04:02 - Create a DCA bot to receive the TradingView alert

06:21 - Copy your 3Commas bot command into the TV alert

07:25 - Use other bot commands with TV alerts

09:41 - Convert a bot deal to Smart Sell

DCA bot template https://3commas.io/bots/1999065/shared_show?secret=74d123d7b3

Webhook URL https://3commas.io/trade_signal/trading_view

Want to get more? Here is our article about DCA bot signals https://3commas.io/blog/dca-bots-creating-a-dca-bot-using-a-built-in-technical-analysis-indicator

Sign up and get 3-day access to the PRO plan and 50% discount! https://bit.ly/31C0Fyw


What about position sizing? And how to take partial profits?


I have set it up on gordon i have to concentrate on a massage course i want to make! The bot is quiet complicated for me! I am puzzled because i am still losing money here!


Do you guys have an exchange to trade on that doesn’t require KYC?


Im doing the 15 minutes to financial freedom... Just wondering, can you link trading view to 3 commas for more options on the chart, or do you actually need to make a trading view account, and look at it in another browser window?
For instance you cannot see these options in the Smart Trade section, so do you need an a trading view account.
LOL, sorry im new to this,, just looking for pointer.
Im just doing the part in the course where I am learning the charts, but the options are not there, to make a favorites list etc... is that actually on the trading view site?

Moe Qyu

Thank you for the video! I got 2 questions
1. How do I create an alert using indicators that are layered on the price chart itself like VDUB Binary Pro or Bollinger Bands?
2. What's the way to create an alert based on 2 indicators to start the a deal only when both conditions are met?

Ltc trading view

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TradingView Brokers List and Paper Trading on TradingView - Complete Guide

1 188 views | 2 Oct. 2020

TradingView Brokers List

TradingView Brokers List and Paper Trading on TradingView - Complete Guide

In this video I show you how to place a trade on TradingView and how to use TradingView with your authorized TradingView broker. This complete TradingView guide is a complete TradingView tutorial for all of the ways to place trades and manage your trading with the tradingview platform. I use paper trading on TradingView in this TradingView guide to show you how to setup TradingView for trading stocks, forex, futures, or any other financial instruments. This TradingView tutorial for 2020 is a full in-depth TradingView review of how to place a trade and more on TradingView from the tradingview brokers list.

Leave your questions below in the comment section and enjoy!

FREE Access to TradingView: https://bit.ly/2SovbXf

Check out my AMP Review here: https://youtu.be/kurpyq8ABe0

TWEET THIS VIDEO: https://ctt.ac/j8ba5




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In Power Records

You explained this very simple and smooth. I just subscribed

KeyKey Invests

Love this video! When I started, I was told to use a Broker called Hugo's Way with Meta Trader 4 App in conjunction with Tradingview. Setting up my chart in Trading view and then go into Meta Trader 4 to place the trade. I quickly learned, that MT4 charts DID NOT match what I was seeing in Trading View. I was in turn losing money. I realized that MT4 only works with Hugo's Way Broker (they have a direct chart you can Trade inside of). I say all of that to say Hugo's Way Broker is not offered through Trading View. Any suggestion on what I can do?

Austin Carriere

Awesome Video

Jamel Williams

Very detailed and understandable ?


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Oswen Dougal

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Rob Mv3Trader

Thanks for watching! Which broker are you using to trade with Tradingview?

Zenny Barbosa

Amazing tutorial, thank you!

Daily Stock Picks

Love this video. I liked the video and subscribed to the channel. Great content. Going forward I am going to follow you. Keep it coming.

Can I ask something logical?

Can you point me to a financial trading guru (not scams like Ricky Gutierrez, Timothy Sykes) on the internet who...
1) Share publicly in advance what stocks they will trade?
2) Are 100% transparent about their trading details and share it publicly on daily basis?
3) Have the confidence to declare a profit goal beginning of the year and achieve it?
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5) Share their entry and exit criteria for each trade?
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I do all of the above on my youtube channel (feel free to check it out). Any one can verify it through the historical daily videos published on my channel since Jan 2 2019. But I am curious if there are other people who do all of the above publically?