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Windows 10 Technial Preview LITE - install on a $1, OLD DELL INSPIRON 6000 /512mb ram

30 143 views | 10 Dec. 2014

Windows 10 Technical

Windows 10 Technical Preview..the latest of the Microsoft factory

and we would not imagine that it would even run on a almost 10 year old Laptop ..No WE WOULD NOT ..and that's freaking Awesome Microsoft BIG THUMB UP for that !!!!!

This my friends is a full install Video of this fantastic install..

LITE ..very LITE and you will see why in this video.

Now you must know that Windows 10 is in a Testing Phrase so NO NEED to GO and HATE on it ..I will not let that happen ,

We like what we see and we wanna encourage our developers and friends to make it even better , and that can be done if we test and also send out our thoughts to the developers , and yes they read and also watch youtube video's just like me and you.

The goal was to work together on the end product , users and creators , so only install this on a machine you will do so on , and not your personal machine , cause this Test machine is created for now , to report your actions on the machine so the developers can learn from it..it's just that simple.

NO need to complain about privacy issues , cause this system is to TEST not to have fun on the net with your girlfriend or use it as a office machine for your work..you could of course , but your info will be shared , because that is what we do , to TEST , so this is a TEST machine not PLAY or WORK Machine YET !!!

I say yet , cause of course the test will stop one day when the end product is done , so it's just temporary ..and not permanent .

Enough spoken about that .

Lets look at the system Windows 10 has to deal with in this video

SPECS - + MAX Possible y Upgrade

My system - 1.3ghz Celeron M processor /512 MB Ram

(If i knew i had only 512 ..i would prob never make this video but it booted so nice that i thought ..this thing has 1GB or more.. )


Processors: Intel Celeron M 350, 360, or 370 or Intel Pentium M 715A, 725A, 730, 740, 750, 760, or 770.

Memory: 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, or 2 GB of DDR2 SDRAM @ 533 MHz.

Chipset: Intel 915GM or 915PM Express Chipset.

Graphics Processor: integrated Intel GMA 900 graphics, or ATI Mobility Radeon X300.

LCD Display: 15.4" widescreen with 1280 × 800 resolution, 15.4" widescreen with 1680 × 1050 resolution, or 15.4" widescreen with 1920 × 1200 resolution.

Hard Drive: 40 GB or 60 GB Ultra ATA @ 5400 RPM.

Optical Drive: 24x DVD/CDRW drive, 8X tray-load DVD+/-RW drive or 8X tray-load dual-layer DVD+/-RW .

Battery: 6-cell (56 Whr), or 9-cell (85 Whr) lithium-ion battery.

Wi-Fi Card: Dell Wireless 1390 802.11b/g mini-card or Intel Pro/Wireless 2100 802.11b/g mini-card.

I/O Ports: 1 Fast Ethernet port, 1 56K modem, 4 USB ports, 1 Firewire 400 port, 1 SD memory card reader, 1 Express Card slot, 1 VGA output, 1 S-Video port, 1 headphone jack, 1 microphone jack, and 1 power adapter port.

End conclusion ..should you do it ?

I say , Hell yeah go for it a try test and play with it ..

but remember what i said before..report your thoughts once in a while to the developers so your input is also being looked at ..we all can work on a fantastic system , if we just do what we should do.

Enjoy this video ...recorded very LATE AT NIGHT so forgive me calling the Dell a ACER somewhere in the video and even call it a Dell 7000 lol -it was late but i even started the editing

in bed before falling a sleep - and finished it this morning

when my eyes saw monitor light again..

this video is a Huge HD file of 1GB upload flly produced on my iPhone 6- amazing work Apple :heart:

Hope you like this info..

If you do of course , LIKE and SUBSCRIBE

and tell me about your thoughts on WINDOWS 10 TECHNICAL Preview.

(c) chanel48

Mirsad Hasic

You could just drag out the Start Menu.. !

André Ferreira

1 dollar O.O really?? (collapse..)

Yassine EL AZMI

@channel48 I'm running windows 10 with an i3 4gb ram loptop. Is it normal I have an average 2.5gb ram usage for regular stuff like chrome ?

John Andrew Coquilla

Can i run windows 10 in intel celeron m 440 1.86 ghz to 1.87 ghz 2gb of ram in asus a9rp

Chris King

Can you give me the download link for this Windows 10 lite version Please

Mohd Hilmi

Lol this is your laptop that you installed iAtkos S3

David C.

Wow. That's unbelievable. I have read that the Intel 915GM doesn't work in Win 10. Video playback is choppy. Have you had that prob with your PC? I wanna try this on my old Dell D510

Bhupesh Jha

i have dell inspiron n5010 2011 model, should i upgrade it?

King Ka'mon the Slowking

will this work for a inspriron 1721

Toți Sunteti Slabi La PVP

Link please

peter christian

i like win 8 on an old acer

شيت عبدالله علي ابراهيم

link windows 10 LITE plz

Martin Kossman

On Inspiron 6000 / 1.6GHZ w/ 2GB & 100 GB, upgraded BIOS, has a bit of an odd keyboard / caps issue (tbd later) upgraded from XP to Win 7 then after all updates, finally (@33GB of o/s), Win 10. Got all drivers functioning. EXCEPT the GRAPHICS PROCESSOR. Tried a few from the Dell site, including compatibility changes in Properties for XP SP 2 or 3, where possible but nothing would take on intake for the X'd out UNKOWN (despite ChipSet and Quickset installs) for Graphics Video Processor using 'have disk' from Device Manager. Ideas, tricks, possible? Help?! ;-). thx...


well actually you would get it for $20 in the United States of America

Randall Brown

If you want all your drivers to work just get drivertoolkit. i think its the best driver updater and crap..

Philip Anthony

Can I do this on Dell d600?


actually put windows 10 on my very old dell Insp 6000(2gb ram)  as well to test it out still not going to put it on my good pc's just yet. I'm shocked that it runs very good on it.

crozet isles

I have this computer. It is the laptop I used regularly before I bought a new laptop a few years ago. The motherboard on it is limited to only using a max of 2GB. I currently run crunchbang linux on it because of its resource limits and still find it reliable, though not fast.


I wonder if an SSD will give a even more boost in that machine...


sell it to me :)

Jeroen berkenbosch

tried the preview upgrade ( which was only available ) not a full install ......... be shure you make a recovery disk  ........ played a game elder scrolls , it hung up on me after a while playing...... ctrl-tab didnt work and taskmanager also failed .... hard shutdown completely made me re-install due to a fail to boot up 10 again  ........ but i just wait for the free upgrade !

Дакослав Цепеш

Hello, next year i want to start building computers for orphanages and kindergartens without too many possibilities, i wanted to know, is it able to play videos with only 512 mb of ram?

Aidan Fingleton

I sold a Dell Inspiron 6400 with Windows 10.

zebulon new

hey Channel48 i put windows 10 on the dell inspiron 6400 and man i tell you it runs great. it was running windows xp and this laptop i got off ebay for $37 LOL and it runs perfect xD but it does need a little minor fixes with the Case thats about it.

Fernando Mattera

cute robe ...

Greg H

install puppy linux on this badboy

Robi Eman

how can i found out which drivers are the right one,, i installed win 7 on my old laptop.

saber tooth riddet stories

i hate windows 10, i just don't like it.

Antonio Medved

I have win 10 on my desktop and im not testing it, im using it regulary, and i also have dell inspiron 6000 with 2gb of ram and i installed win 7 ultimate, it wont run bluetooth, and also it wont run one module of 2gb, because i was trying to put 4gb in it




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a technial overview of the AV1

3 317 views | 6 Apr. 2019

Video @Scale 2018 - Yue

Video @Scale 2018 - Yue Chen, Google

Yue Chen, Senior AV1 Engineer at Google, gives a technical overview of the AV1 video codec.

Hajnal Endot

9:55 i see someone wanted an excuse for touhou to be in a technical presentation

Mike Trieu

Good to see that AV1 handles textual content very efficiently in the intra prediction. Should be excellent for educational videos.


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