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10 New Upcoming PC Base-building Games in 2019 & 2020 ► Strategy Builder Simulation & Management!

369 687 views | 17 Aug. 2019

A mix of simulation,

A mix of simulation, colony management, and strategy, this isn't just city-building games or RTS. Welcome to 10 upcoming PC base-building games in 2019 and 2020. Now, this is a genre that lands in that middle ground that appeals to a more specific group of strategy/sim gamers, though as with any genre today, there are grey areas and crossovers. This video is also in collaboration with ClemmyGames! Check out the next 10 games on his channel: https://youtu.be/9XnjBL7PmKA




What do you love most about base-building video games?

00:00 Intro

►UPCOMING #PC Base-building #GAMES for 2019 & 2020◄

1. Trollskog - Andreas Carlson (1:18)


2. Make Your Kingdom - yo_serjio (2:01)


3. Stronghold: Warlords - FireFly Studios (2:22)


4. Hammerting - Warpzone Studios (3:09)


5. The Settlers - Blue Byte (4:02)


6. Autonauts - Denki (4:51)


7. Airborne Kingdom - The Wandering Band (5:29)


8. Starport Delta - Cloudfire Studios (6:06)


9. Evil Genius 2: World Domination - Rebellion (6:41)


10. The Riftbreaker - EXOR Studios (7:25)



Knights Province (8:12)


8:45 Conclusion


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Kilyén Balázs

Why did all Base building RTS games became G category trash? They used to be the best...

Alpha Vex Studios

make your kingdom just seems like a copy and paste of Castles and kingdoms except with a different art style

Curtis Johnston

I'm a DIYer. I've built and created and renovated my who life. So, I'm a builder.

All games are about playing God. FPS games is you wanting to be the God of combat like Hercules or Thor. RTS war campaigns like Rome: Total War is you wanting to be a global dominating war God like Ares or Odin. I like base building games b/c I'm a builder God like the Greek/Roman God Tyche or the Egyptian God Ptah. Its also why I like crafting games. Games are designed to suit each of our personalities. I don't like MMOGs b/c like social media most people are A-holes. I don't like FPS shooters b/c I panic & start randomly hitting all kinds in wrong keys on my keyboard. If I can't pause or slow a game down, I won't play it. I play games to relax, not to get stressed.

Jan de Pauw

Airborn Kingdom looks like stratosphere from 19something.


Any body hear a bee buzzing

Fustard ButtBurger

Ignore this entire list, Play FACTORIO instead.


Sadly, most (all?) of these games went on to appear in the "coming in 2020/2021" list as well. :(


Astounding content, keep up with the good work.


The other guy should stop talking

William MacKenzie

Clemmy was not needed for this video

Shin 00

Two very good youtubers done this great video, for those tiny brains that cant understand anything about the world, guys the 2nd guy has different voice thats all and it makes him different I could recognize him by hearing his voice and I already like his videos and this made me like this video too. be kind everyone every human being got gifts and bad things like having tiny brain isnt a gift guys. good luck GamerZakh and ClemmyGames


Is Frostpunk technically a base-building game, or a city-builder? I liked the concept of surviving a desperate situation, with few resources and people - kind of "hanging on by your fingertips" the whole way through - A lot of base-building games (in my opinion) tends to get somewhat stale once you've managed to break through those first initial hardships, and have a steady flow of supplies and units; not that I think it is impossible to make such games compelling in the late game, but they tend to hold my interest more in the early stages.

GonTar TC

I need a Multiplayer City/Base Building Game that can be played Co-oP or PVP or Both, Any suggestions?
I already Played Anno and Sim City 2013

Kevin Schiesser



i know its been said a lot but gees that blokes voice wtf lol is up with that? gees well annoying lol


I'm Asian and even I find his voice hard to decipher. It's like he's trying too hard to make his voice sound presentable

Calcifur Gaming

Looks good, cant wait for more content




I love both of your voices! Great video! Very informative!

Nedim Mršić

Ffs zakh.. u know your voice is epic..u dont go n find kid that hardly can speak and colab.


Is that jimmy from south park?


why are there two people speaking. its weird

miT Zleb

i want base build games which i can play with my friends..... multiplayer build together..

Ionica Alexandru

I can not find that game of The Settlers, would anyone be kind to tell me if it is released? Or why I do not find that exact game anywhere online?

Luke Lockhart

I think my favorite game out of all of them was trying to figure out what the second guy was saying. Gave me a challenging and and unique experience to a game Iv never played.


What about sandbox survival MMORPG SamuTale?

William Bishop

why are you both talking like that?


split video to force views BAD FORM ...


Tip: don't collab with that guy again. The both of your speech patterns don't blend. Its very uncomfortable hearing the switch between the two of you.


please never let the other guy commentate again

Faxy Facts

2:03 S sss sss sss ss s


dude get a new voice


The voice of this 2nd commentator is realy terrible. I don´t understand him at all.


I dont know why no body likes his voice its not a problem he just speeks fast

The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast

No offense but it's painful trying to understand what this other guy is saying. Elocution lessons go a long way.

Drygord Spellweaver

riftbreaker ...RIFTBREAKER

Aaron O'Donnell

wish i could say i enjoyed the vid but i really didn't, the other guy was awful and i dont even mean his accent there wasnt anything right with his audio and not once did he pass it back to you.. came across rude and put me off the whole thing.
thats my feedback take it or leave it.


These are city builders, not base builders


Can't tell if asia n or german

Mallory SF

Just a short copy of strategy games video. I thought there were thousands of games that can be reviewed and announced. Why stick to 20?


OH....MY...GOD...Asian accent overload.

Mr. Spock

Nice list as always GamerZakh ... but thank God for subtitles !!!
Nice experiment with that Clemmy dude but I just didn't have the patience to watch the second part as his accent just grates on my ears too much.

Doggo Woofenbark

Sounds like clemmy has a mouth full of clams he is slurping and they taste delicious.


Ok idk why but if there a game on yt from steam they make it cost more money

Zarhog MC

Not a fan of the second person the microphone isnt good enough quality and much prefer number 1's voice

Petur Dimitrov


X Æ A-12

lol none of these games were released in 2019-2020

monsieur délire

This dude sounds like he learned English in a book and this is the first time he tries to speak

Starlight L.

I hate the second guy's voice so much. Ugh.

Jorji Costava

nice video making concept

Mads Kofod

Jesus a voice...

Rene Kowalski


Heriberto Cruz de Leon

had to skip every part where clemmy talk


As a Singaporean, the responses to this video are exactly why I do not like to speak to my caucasian colleagues. I know they're silently judging me.

Mohammed Shifan Siddeque Kariyapper

Love both the voices equally ❤️

A Wanderer

This video could be better without the other guy that speak strange accent.. it's hard to understand his accent!


No offence, but please don't let ClemmyGames talk in your videos. He doesn't really have a "youtube voice", you do. Just found myself skipping the parts where he spoke.

Saara MacArthur

Some people are so rude, use subtitles if your struggling.

Arctic Blue

I like base building for it's satisfying when making it self-sustainable. Furthermore it's very self-awarding when you have archive it, all the way from stretch and it also allows me to be creative yet also effective with how and where building my base/city/kingdom/colony should be.

Great Video

Steven Tongue

My favorite part of Building a Base is the ability to change and design the buildings we (as a team) use. RTS Base Layouts are only part of a Base Builder, and it's not really fair to lump them in with Base Builders since they lack the ability to actually build the Base or Buildings beyond Managerial skills. I would like to see more games that allow you to build walls, floors and windows etc.


I can't believe people in the comments are being so rude to the Chinese guy. I thought he was really good and is clearly an avid fan of the genre.


Why does it feel like the C&C style type of RTS games are dead.

Bramblejam ad

So i went to the comments to see what people said about the games, but also the second dudes voice. And honestly, read this, because it worked for me, the dude is some variety of asian, not german. For some reason that makes it awesome and a lot more pleasurable to listen to. I have no idea why

Thomas Gonzalez leyro

ok warlords looks awfull, a lot worse than stronghold 3


That second person tho lol.


Defense --> Superior Economy --> Spam army --> crunch the enemy


de main empatis... what?

Simon Schnedler

I stopped watching when the other guy commentated. Sorry

Anomander Rake

Evil plan into motion in 2020. Bill Vaccine Gates.

Paladin of Candlekeep

interlocking zzyzztemzz

Antonis P


El Mero Mero

How did you get C3PO on your vid?


I have to say even as a singaporean myself i struggle to understand what clemmygames is saying. Sounds like he is trying too hard because normal singaporean certainly do not speak like that.

Games and Play

1.17 for trahstalk no thanks.dislike


Hello I am a big fan of dungeons 3 the comedy the look and strategy are really fun but my favorite is the ability to set up traps and make it so i can beat the pesky heros easier i really liked the riftbreaker review and hope that it comes put soon cause it looks like a game where you will set up traps gather resources and it does the one thing i want most is to control the minions, main character. thank you for the reviews


Bonus game! Spacebase Startopia was just announced! The counterpart to this video is on ClemmyGames' channel, check it here: https://youtu.be/9XnjBL7PmKA
He approached me on twitter with the idea and I thought it'd be a nice change of pace as well as a good warm-up for the main 6 list videos that I'm working on right now for later this year. These list videos are a MASSIVE part of keeping this channel afloat, so if you could support this one or the others in any way by watching, liking, and/or sharing them I would be super duper grateful. Here's the full playlist for all the list videos going back to 2014: https://www.gamerzakh.com/lists
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Major Silly

Yes it appeals to me RTS base building games are my childhood, that’s my number one then FPS but there aren’t that many of them sadly, nonetheless I’m pleased to know more are coming out to be released soon.

Marko A

At 8:20 you did an entire feature in blurry without showing anything except the title.

Issac Braxton-Johnson

Dude I cannot stand his voice (you know who I’m talking about”


Video actually starts in at 1:18 You're welcom

Petur Dimitrov

whats wrong whit you people this china guy cant speak even english WTF

collin mccall

Pixel art sucks

Paolo Roncali

Why is every sentence a question with the one guy?

Erom Stalin

the second guy sounds like: "hi, i am rajift from technical support, wat do you need?"


are u reading the script?

The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast

Evil Genius, yes the spy is a blaack wamen of kolor, how predictable.

Heriberto Cruz de Leon

I really did not enjoy the other person... thumbs down

the dna master

6:03 am i the only one who is slightly annoyed at how the propellers are spinning in a direction that should be pulling the kingdom down?


holy fuck i had no idea evil genius was getting a sequel i can't wait for that!!!

brandon longfellow

Dang and I thought my lisp was bad I feel for that guy

Calvin Chen

is it Singaporean/Malaysia English accent?


im in 2021 but still cant play most of this game cuz they are not released yet but video says 2019-2020 ....


Setteler is gooddddd

Rob Wainfur

City building is not base building

Blue Flamin’

Well I don’t find his accent confusing...

Bubba HoTep

sad to see the settlers loose everything that made them uniqe. if i play settlers i want to have that uniqe path building of the earlier ones. whenever its free roam its just one game upon millions that are the same. #sadface

edit: had to abort the vid because the annoying other dude i cannot listen to

A Ber

Sigh... What ever happened to the oldschool rts base building... All looks so boring. Nice video anyway. Thank you

Anton Kulish

I recognized the voice! It's Jimmy!!


I miss games like supreme commander, Z, C&C


Your video is the first I have seen with the Chapter implemented, have to say it is a very useful element and nice vid. thank you!

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Title: Adventures by A Himitsu

Genre and Mood: Dance & Electronic + Happy

MD Shaddam MD Shaddam

আপনার দোকান কোন জেলায়

UNI electronic

Thanks .....???????

Aadil Amin

Sir , can you make a video on RPM LED gauge.

Trt Twohid

Need your contact number bro

Joydeep Das

Nice ???

Matthias H.

Hi, but I also think that's great :-) keep it up

Sachi Ya