Russian months

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Names of MONTHS, SEASONS in RUSSIAN: transcription, pronunciation

3 997 views | 19 Sep. 2015

Level A1, lexical

Level A1, lexical minimum. Лексический минимум: https://www.patreon.com/posts/level-a1-lexical-28200812

Погода: https://quizlet.com/512325561/Погода-flash-cards/

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Thank you! I really like the way you pronounce syllable by syllable. It's easy to understand how to pronounce for beginners!

Positive Learner

Nice Video.

0:05 Can you tell us, the name of the things, on your first image like:
1. матрёшка
2. самовар
3. медведь
Please tell us the remaining names.

Russian months

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How to say MONTHS and SEASONS in Russian

3 910 views | 28 Jun. 2019

An essential lesson on

An essential lesson on MONTHS and SEASONS and how to use them in time expressions: IN WINTER, AT THE BEGINNING OF..., IN THE MIDDLE OF... and many examples!

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How to make sentences with OVER HERE & OVER THERE in Russian: ЗДЕСЬ, ВОТ ЗДЕСЬ, ВОН ТАМ


Accusative Case in Russian


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Russian verb TO BE: БЫТЬ


Days of the week and time expressions in Russian


7 Most common Russian questions


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Savaş Alkan

Большое спасибо ?

Hitachi Achie

Когда твой день рождения ? Мой день рождения в июле.

Ajay Sherjin

Мой ден разденя в декамър

fan of languages

Interesting and useful topic. Although I already knew the months of the year, I did not know how to say in the beginning, in the middle, at the end of the month. This is important to know because it allows you to communicate more like a native speaker. Thanks.

Emptiness Nagarjuna

I feel like I could star doing tour guide for Russian tourist from next year . Thanks to your creative and practical lessons!!!


You are a wonderful teacher!

Ian Layton

Your birthday is written двадцать первого июня (Genative case i think) - But i understood a date was written like this двадцать первОЕ июня? What have i misunderstood Alfia?

Moй день рождения в середине января, вocemнадцатое (ого) января, мой отпуск буду в августа 2020, и мой любимый месяц октябрь (я люблю туман)

Amanda Koko


Rafael Pereira

Really awesome! I fully appreciate it

akiva haimov

Moy denirazdenya , zimoy . brrrrr..... ya lublyu leta ... :)

Vitor Araujo

Excellent lesson! Many thanks for your work!

Emptiness Nagarjuna

I Went through this lesson again. Haha I was inconsistent with my studies. But it helped a lot. Accessing YT really is a headache but my vpn seems better these days. Я надеюсь это работает каждый день.

pedro hernandez

Спасибо огромное!!Елфия

Fatih ÖNGE

Спасибо вам большое???? Отлично!

Zulkifli Jamil

Добый день. У вас полезные уроки в вашем сайте. Я очень рад, что я могу изучать русский с вами. Спасибо большое.

Emptiness Nagarjuna

Thank u so much for the lessons!!! Мой день рождения шестого ноября. 2. Так как я безработный, каждый месяц для меня как праздник.
3. Август мой любимый месяц года. В августе, в моей стране много традиционных фестивалей. Например урожая и скачки фестиваль.

thomas wende

A very reliable teacher. Alfia your lessons are so nice , you always make my day.Now i understand more and better than before.

Deepak Sharma

I started living in Petersburg last year, i think your videos good for me to watch and learn everyday.?

Russian months

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Do You Know Weekdays and Months? | Russian Language

95 127 views | 9 Oct. 2016

Re-uploading due to some

Re-uploading due to some issues on the last video:)

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Matt Rivera

I like it when they are long...However, what some do is make short ones, but make a video with them.all linked together for people like myself

محمد بولاد

like even before watching ,thank you

yellow ray

Спасибо Виктор? from Greece ?? ✌️

Vinay Naik

I like your small ( picture in picture) face, easy to understand what you speak and easily understood pronounciation.

Franny Francisca

Я родился в Сентябре!

Carl W Elliott

15 minutes is fine

Jone Tokaye

The word Суббота makes me think of "Sábado" in Spanish, which also means Saturday.


Hi "teacher", I am spanish (canary islands) and I am learning russian; I have found several teacher (russian/spanish) but I have to say that your way of teaching is by far the best. The way you teach the pronunciation is very understandable....very glad to have found your chanel. Thanks very much! All the best!

Pietro Lauria

Brother you are very inclined to the Western world, it is clear.
Once Russia was a powerful state that had many small states that referred to it, now Westernization has won over everything.
How sad.
В любом случае, ты хороший учитель русского.




How did you know that u born in the correct religious?
Examine it, if there is any contradiction it should be by human.
Islam is the best way to live with.

Billie Billie eilish

You’re great man

Myrna Lopez

Whatever lenght you want to upload your videos bc you are such a good teacher that it really helps me to acquire some useful information about русский язык

sélène Viallard

15 minutes is quite fine for me. or two separate videos would allows you to give another sentence example for each one.

Mátéusz Ráczköwskì

1:01 in polish "niedziela" means "sunday" ?

Sydney Larsen

I’m told so many different ways to pronounce the same word! Idk what’s correct or not. For вторник, I was told to pronounce the в like an f, but you say to pronounce it another way

Ww22 444

Alter bridge is my favorite band too and Russian is my favorite language:)

Martin Lelarge

Я родился в среду.

Jef Hod

Awesome channel man! Looking forward to my continued journey learning Russian while using this channel. ;)

Vicky Mwendwa

I vote 15....you have really nice explanation

Samath Zakiyyah

The best YouTube tutorial for Russian!! You r doing a Great job by passing on your beautiful language to so many who want to learn it..and it so interactive and makes it easy to absorb new rules and sounds

Zainab Al-Mintfj

I need to learn Russian , so thank you


Дни не дели

Mr Anderson

Alter Bridge крутые ребята! Addicted to pain просто лучшая тема! Сам с 14 лет слушаю (с первого альбома)!

josep garcia

Long videos are the best. It’s so good and your videos are so easy to understand

Grigirasenco Larisa

Similar like yòngurt

Isaac Sales

я родился в апреле

Eugene Sedita

Longer is better, Fedor. Thank you. :)

Kim Jong un 1000 SUBS NOW!

Wait guys, why does every feminine noun end with у

Terry Hoyt

Why are the endings declined differently with days versus months? Are they not both prepositional?

Slot Traduções BR

Eu n sei nem em ingles imagina em russo kkkkkk


One of the best Russian tutors. I always watch and study before my Russian online class. 15 minutes no problem, i can always pause, rewind, slow down the video when I need to memorize and practice certain parts. Thanks and continue what you do your content is helping many people like me.


In Russian, you can't have three consonants which follow each other. " В вторник" is impossible, there is a cluster of consonants, that's why we say " Во вторник". It is the same with " во Франции", " во Владивостоке". Three consonants at the beginning of a word is impossible in Russian.

nida vural

Thank you man ! You explaine very well:))

Ketut Suyeni

Hi Fedor, I just pop up to this video all Can I vote 15 minutes Your way to teach is my best teacher so far. I need longer explanation for everything about русский язык. I love Russian language но... я очень трудна понимаю



Mauldon Fit

I think 7 minute video are better. They are more focused and I kind of have ADD lol. Thank you for your videos they rock

caren uithol

I prefer video's on specific topics. My tutor teaches me but after I use your videos for pronunciation. You do such a good job of making it all make sense. I like being able to look up the specific thing and listening to it over and over again. Thank you so much.

Kandy King

Суббота another language affirming the sabbath is Saturday ??‍♀️??‍♀️

Alie Olie34

Sometimes I like short videos but if you separate material, the video can be longer .

Gomes Еще одна подпись

Woow, amezing was that

Vincent Lefrançois

Thanks we all love you

Eugene Sedita

I like the 15 minutes, Фёдор

Jamil Vugar Aghasi

Have a nice day Fidor, thank you so much these videos. They're amazing, you're amazing. You explain every detail, I think you got teaching methodology education, if even it isn't so, you're great. Because, I cant see other videos more detailed, but yours, one by one. Great Thanks. Btw, I've discovered your channel today, anyway.

Ephemeral Eiswer

That's Right, By Those Days The Last Hero Was The Alter Bridge's Fifth Album.



Max Matey

So glad I found this channel

Sonja Staron

you are going too fast (I speak 3 other languages and you are not allowing any time to breathe)

Tyler Hollis

What is meant by a consonant

Tanique Edwards

Я родилась в марте ?

Микаил Коричневий

I`m learning Русский, but the only problem with me learning Russian is that i have a bad habit clenching my teeth as in open and close really thin like two automatic doors don´t open and close right.

Osama Khaled Al-dalati

I really like to watch short videos not longs
And thank you

Fernando Pepes

I just started to watch your videos and I already love it. Thank you so much!!!

Cianna Lombardo

two videos :)

James Minns

Spent 53 days in a row using Busuu. I find that they give me the basis to a subject, then I watch your videos for more insight and then to practice, then go back to Busuu to complete that activity. These videos ARE SO HELPFUL! I cannot stress this!

Shane Berrett

I like the longer videos but it's ok to separate weeks and months, maybe spend more time saying the words super slowly and then go a little faster. More time on each word maybe. It's hard to follow the first time through while trying to get the pronunciation, but you do a good job explaining.

Сергей Пудовкин

Воскресенье ~ Воскресить = to resurrect

Matt Rivera

Yes, Resurrected...

неч его


Lucia AC

15 minute videos are very helpful to keep track of the topics you brilliantly explain.

Matt Beckwith

15 mins

Ethan Spears

After watching some of your later videos, I have noticed that the Russian words for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday—вторник, четверг and пятница—all have the same first three letters as the ordinal numbers "second," "fourth" and "fifth"—второй, четвёртый, and пятый respectively.

Dubble Yew

Yes. Resurrected.??

Steven Struwe

The “ fifth” day of the week is Friday. In Russian the number “ five “ is пять. Therefore, Friday is пятница.

Deepesh Kataria

Hii Fidor I'm from Rostov on don.. I am learning russian and I was searching how to pronounce week days in russian and I got this video.. I was very happy to see you taught months names also in the same video . Thank you :)


So, context aside, does в воскресенье sound distinguishable from воскресенье at all?

J Hendy

Я родился в июне

Michael Shelton

Lol! Yes I found this a little long. I practice the words and try to write them also as to how they sound. I also take notes, rewrite notes ect... I’m guessing the words change with the Genitive case? Thanks for your help, you are a great учитель!

The Fine Art Of Walking Point

Thank you it is so beautiful to have nice people teaching you I swear that twice in a row I have seen people that should not be teaching anyone anything teaching Russian in American Colleges. May God Bless You

Tza Oriana

Shorter videos with a spesific topics is much preferred for me. But it is only my opinion.
Thank you so much. I learned a lot from you


And I thought English had weird exceptions when pronouncing words XD


I suppose that problem with Sunday is the repetition.
Во вторник
"Во "Воскресенье" would have the repetition of "Во во" wich would sounds weird. :)

Galina Ioffe

Ya rodelas v sentebre

Микаил Коричневий

It does not matter to me how long or short the video is, as long as it help´s me learn русский.

James Norris

In response to your question. I am OK which ever length you make the video, but when they are short it permits me to focus on that specific lesson until I feel confident to continue to the next.

Frank Robbins

Da short videos.

Galina Ioffe

Resurrection. So "day of resurection" for sunday

steve steve

you never gave the work for "month"


Better to have shorter videos


New to russian, thanks to drops and duolingo plus couple other little things. Not much past say a couple months of actual lesson in my russian and just want to say - the more Russian grammar I observe, the more I understand why there is a problem with alcohol in Russia.

Caitlin Stone-Collonge

я родилась в октобре

Hazel Everard

I prefer shorter videos please ?

Merna Malak

Круто учит нас ?

Amer Almasri

15 minutes please.. very informative and thanks for the effort ???


Thanks for your videos! I prefere them short. Because sometimes I don't have that much time to see the full video.
Keep doing this incredible !
From Lisbon - Portugal

Snorri Gylfason

My name is Choppi on Russian, I like your videos

Sasha Mars

You are an excellent teacher...Love you so much...wish i was able to learn from you in real life..you would have made me become an expert in russian..so good you are bless ?


Great video, спасибо!

liya amalia

You're so fluent!

Adriell Araujo

Я родился в ноябре


The reason for the во вторник is likely the double consonant. For Sunday that is not the case, so it's all right to double the в there. Either way, helpful video! It would be nicer if it were a bit shorter, but this is quite good, too.

Xiu-Lei Eklöv

Resurrection is the right word?

Max Chernyaev

long videos are super!


Fun fact saturday in arabic is السبت which is pronounced as (al- sabit) which sounds kinda like Суббота in russian

Yiannis Tsevremes

Hi Fedor! Thank you for your work and your great help you provide to all us who wish to learn your beautiful language! To reply to your question: i would prefer shorter videos of 7-10 minutes for more complex and deep grammatical subjects. But for easier vocabulary or russian culture subjects, i would prefer videos like this one, length 15-20 minutes. Especially, for russian culture and habits you cannot expand enough in short videos. Thank you so much!

caren uithol

Thank you. I was struggling with the pronunciation of these words. This video made it all clear.

MysticSkies Gaming

to be fair, longer videos with all the information are more rewarding than shorter ones.

Kandy King

Th easiest way to cover it would be a whole subject in one video with timestamps in the description for easy study.