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Young Greatness - Moolah (Explicit) (Official Video)

5 158 756 views | 4 Feb. 2016

The official explicit

The official explicit video for Young Greatness’ single “Moolah” out now via Quality Control/Capitol/Motown. Get the single on iTunes now http://smarturl.it/YGMoolahiTunes

Download “Moolah”:




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All my life I hustled just to get that moolah,

And stack my chains up, I'm gon' see the jeweler

Standin' in the kitchen I whip out that work

All I ever had was the cocaine

My cousin leaned out with the do' man

And GT switchin' four lanes

From the store with the coca like propane

On the block where the shots go "bang!"

Only real niggas really gon' hang

All your life, you was saved by the bell

I was saved by the cocaine, ay!

Young boys with choppers, young boys with lawyers

We stand in the kitchen and whip out that work

All my life I hustled just to get that moolah

And stack my chains up, I'm gon' see the jeweler

Standin' in the kitchen I whip out that work

Got the trap house bumpin'

First in the month where the kids run

Got the hold block jumping on fire

They better ring when I come through

Addicted to moolah, no favors

This feel like a hell of a day bro

I'm falling in love with that coco


Got the hold block in a choke-o

Middle finger to the popo

Cool is so coola, addicted to moolah

All my life I hustled just to get that moolah

And stack my chains up, I'm gon' see the jeweler

Standin' in the kitchen I whip out that work

All my life I hustled just to get that moolah

And stack my chains up, I'm gon' see the jeweler

Standin' in the kitchen I whip out that work

Music video by Young Greatness performing Moolah. (C) 2016 Quality Control Music and Capitol Records


#YoungGreatness #Moolah #Vevo

Vegas Tony

2021 still bumping you my boy greatness, Much Love From South Vegas ??

Chris James

2021 greatness

Ghetto Don

2021 you live on. Still stacking

Damere Davis


Gh0st fac3187

2021 and I'm still hanging this heat. RIP Young . Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!

Ajay Amazin

Didn't even know you had passed til just now! R.I.P. bruh!!

TheCity 504

Still gettin that moolah in 2021 ?

Brandon Anderson

My favorite song from Cleveland and all my life I hustle just to get that moolah



Mr L.B

Roddy Rich Daddy lol

Shlappa Clappa

Man damn this right here was my cousins song 4 years ago he recently got brain cancer but luckily beat it RIP young greatness thanks for the nostalgia a d memories

Daveyon Darnell Sr.

R.I.P. young king ?

Lamar Love

I lost my Mind when this came out... Lost Everything homeless in my Mind..... LOVE, RIH KING!!


This song was lit back in 2016

Michelle Bueno

Who Still Hea 2021??

Aloha. Joe

Anyone 2021??

Code Red

Naw who still here in 2021.This is a forever classic

Kresha Sivils

2021 ??

Quenno C

2021 ......??

Kyle Misquadis

R.I.P 2021 ???? young greatness ???


Every body and they mama had to listen to this

rhaiza tarrats



This listening to this in 2021

Dejon Dorsey

Smfh the hate is real y'all

Yazmin B

Yuhhhh Im still here

wanted Worldwide

How he die


Rest in peace. Used to love this song

khalil strong

Takes me back to high school

Undercover Account

Who is still jamming this in 2021? Legends never die ???

Kerris Clark


desmond crawford

Still bumping in 2020

Hayden Stewart

Who’s here in 2045

Cleopatra da3rd

That he Rest In Peace. Honestly I feel that cementary is a huge curse. That’s the SAME cementary bg shot the video at and look at him.

Yazmin B

I’m back

Emmanuel Williams

R.I.P YG ??


Still listening in 2021.2022 ~eternity. R.I.P Great young talent . will never forget your greatness

Phoenix Morsette

I literally just found out this man died right now

Ayo Flee

Still playing this in 2021 . Damn I didn’t even know his life was cut short. Smh

Khalil Johnson

2020 Was terrible hopefully 2021 Better. Rip To U Bruh real g

Elizabeth Carrington

He didn't know he died omg smh I love this song RIP man

prosy SZH


The Black Mac Miller



I remember this song randomly popped on my pandora and it was instantly addictive. RIP

I C Tyson Tnt


Rex Terranovaa


Ninaa Binaa

2021❤️❤️ rip to a real one

Wayne Green

i always thought this was rich homie quan


I come back to all the fallen soldiers songs . It’s my way of letting them know they will never be forgotten ? RIP King ??

Tobio Milk man



R.I.P. to dah goat

Kierian Spaights

Rest in peace ???

Alpha in Africa

Blastin today

Unknown. Qay3

Miss ya big dawg?

Mello The Trainer

Still my joint in 2021.... Damn Sleep In Peace ?

Kevin Collie

Wow aint know he passed rest up?

Lamar Love


Constance Leslie

2021$$!! Let's stay safe and money making!! Peacefully living please ???????


R.i.p. g

raymar gibson

Damn I always listened this in 8th grade time flies. It’s always gonna be R.I.P Young Greatness ❤️

Brian Arriaga

Still listening to dis banger in 2021 rest up high?


I was on SoundCloud bumping this and read the comments. Damn man this still my shit.??? LLYG

Cierra Mayfield

Rest in Peace??
Who is still jamming this is 2021!?

Dahcari John


Ismail Money


Nourrir Son Esprit


cfgg ehehehg

who here and 2021

Tony Tony

how this video is make it
Let me know his was going death
Casket said everything

justice life


Affordable Pro Heating & Air LLC

2021 this shit still fire man rip

Josh Esparza

You was saved by da bell I was saved by the cocaine ??

Lexe Presley

RIP Young Greatness?

Marques Nicholson

Damn!!!! I Just found out he passed away while I was looking for this video.

Tonya Dunn

Black excellence right here


still listening to it in 2021?rip


Song reminds me of the 2016 cookouts we used to have? I miss those days when everything was perfect R.I.P

Aubrey Breaux

B.I.P. homie blood in peace and paradise miss you dawg

Jalen Johnson

R.I.P Gang??????

Jaylen Dusean

Rest up, Y.G.

Anna Matthews

after u HUSTLE to get the Moolah....MOVE AWAY from black people so they dont kill you

Mo Almond

Who here in 2021 I really miss 2014 vibes

Blue Cloudsz

Dawg I didn’t knew he died ? I usto bump he’s shit ??‍♂️?

culinary Trav

R.i.p homies love this song...

M Crosby

He played in a movie too if y’all didn’t know

BottomBoy Shaun

2021 anyone????

Edwin Velazquez abundez

i used to bop to this long ass time ago bro who here in 2021???

Ari Poo

He died omg rip ??


Miss you dawg still bumping your entire catalog you left behind in 2021 Rip Brodie ???

Ester Ihezue

2021 anybody ??????????????

jhaseem sheffield

Stack my change up and then go see the jeweler ? ?☑️

B Rock

2021!!!!!! & beyond it’s just on of those songs

mr turd

This song shouldve been in the super bowl halftime, it’s that good


This song really brings back old memories of mhi younger self . Damnnn time past fast


Who’s listening to this in 2021??

Heather Sumter

r.i.p. ??❤️


2021 here!! Song won't get old to me☺️ RIP

LBG Bust Ya

Still listening to this 2021??

Skyler Cox


Desiree Seabrook

RIP Young Greatness!!
We still vibing to ya!! ????????

Mlssr Sevenseven

Rip didn’t know you were gone

Baki Hanma

Let’s see who is still listening to this January 2021!!!

Moolah money

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space x Vs isro 2021 !! Is Isro Able To Break Spacex New 143 Satellites Launch World Record ??

16 views | 9 Feb. 2021

SpaceX or ISRO, Who’s

SpaceX or ISRO, Who’s Winning the Race to Space?

ISRO versus SpaceX. Where does India’s premier space agency stand against Elon Musk’s organisation?

India’s premier space agency Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has built a reputation for launching rockets into space at very convenient prices. The consequent effect?

A lot of customers from around the world have come flocking to avail India’s economical rocket-launching services and this has helped the country make some extra bucks from its space exploration program.

However, it’s a pretty competitive space.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has had a decent run in the past couple of days and the recent successful launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket has paved the way for launching heavy satellites into space.

SpaceX and ISRO are competitors of sorts in the business of commercial satellite launches. The question is, how big of a threat is SpaceX to India’s space agency?

Okay, first some facts. ISRO is an experienced campaigner in the field of space exploration as it’s been launching rockets into space since as early as 1975. From sending India’s first satellite into space (Aryabhata), to successfully launching some of the most historic missions like Chandrayaan-1 (2008) and Mangalyaan (2013), ISRO has done it all.

Meanwhile, SpaceX is the new kid on the block and really isn’t a big space exploration agency (at least not as big as ISRO).

SpaceX was founded in 2002 by maverick entrepreneur Elon Musk with an aim to provide economically efficient ways to launch satellites and also colonise Mars!

The Money Game!

SpaceX is a privately-owned enterprise and is funded by big companies like Google and Fidelity. According to a Forbes, SpaceX is valued at more than $20 billion (Rs 13.035 crore) as of December 2017.

ISRO on the other hand is a state-owned entity and is run and controlled by the Government of India. Each year, the agency is allocated a certain part of the nation’s budget. For the year 2018-19, the Centre has allocated Rs 8,936 crore to the space organisation.

There is also a big difference in terms of cost per mission. For example, the Falcon 9 launch vehicle’s cost per launch comes up to $62 million, while ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) costs roughly $15 million per launch.

The size of the payloads are different as the Falcon 9 carries much heavier bulk than India’s rockets.

Currently, India makes very less on commercial missions as most of them carry small or nano-satellites. Between 2013 and 2015, ISRO charged an average of $3 million per satellite. That’s peanuts compared to a SpaceX launch, which costs $60 million.

According to a 2016 report, India’s premier space agency earned a revenue of around Rs 230 crore through commercial launch services, which is about 0.6 percent of the global launch services market.

India is still to make big ‘moolah’ from their launches as small satellites don’t pull in a lot of money as compared to bigger ones.

If that’s not impressive enough, India also launched it’s Mars probe (Mangalyaan) in 2014 which cost less than what it cost to make the Hollywood movie “The Martian”. Ironical?

And the Winner is...

I am not going to pick a winner because of a lot of reasons. One of them is that I like both of them.

SpaceX is a 15-year-old company, which has made heavy-lift reusable launch vehicle, while ISRO is a 40-year-old organisation making inroads into the medium-lift category; Not to mention it also has a billion other things to take care of (including working on reusable rockets).

Since the objective of both these organisations is to make frugal space missions possible, it’s no doubt that ISRO has the lead in this race.

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Moolah money

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KB The Champion - Money Moolah (Ft. Torch)(Official Video) Shot By. @A_KAM_VISUAL

16 299 views | 14 Aug. 2015

KB - Money Moolah (Ft.

KB - Money Moolah (Ft. Torch)(Official Video) Shot & Edited By. @A_KAM_VISUAL

tykia moore

She killed this I fucks with K.B ???

Young Fee 193

this go shit hard

It’s Brittany

ok I see you I respect a female artist when I see one good shit keep it up

Sammie Barrow

You got something , pray u make it.


one of a kind???

Cocoa Bean


Nyerie Collins

my mom in the backround

K Money

Hot Track hand's down

Averion Robinson

this song is hard and dope

Alan Core


FrankieBnote TV


Brigethia Arai


Deorianna D

Yassssssss ?

itz jus nari

I now torch to

itz jus nari

that's my sister friend no lie


I love this song

latasha benson

still bang this shit

ronald graham

gud shit k.B n tourch ???

Alan Core


Nyerie Collins

yasss my aunt the one that told me about this song yazz

Dominique Dubose

killed it!

Nyerie Collins

this was made im buffalo

Kenneth Dawkins

I really like that and you can sing and rap


fukn betta then half of the songs i no

Amanda Ramos

ifwi Song Dope Asf K.b Killed DAT???