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The Secret Spider on the $1 Bill

1 079 046 views | 8 Jun. 2019

These 5 banknotes are

These 5 banknotes are hiding unbelievable secrets. From UV ink to mysterious donuts; from grinning devils to shy spiders - this video will let you in on those secrets.

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Half-Asleep Chris

PO Box 530


GU14 4HH

United Kingdom

amal ibrahim

im indian and i did not know that there were free donuts on my bill


Does dirhams have the UV light feature?


NWO : no notes accepted !

Werckle to basic

I've seen this owl pointed out before. "The Secret Owl Society" has been on buildings, in Disney Movies, almost everywhere. They meet each year at Bohemian Grove, north of San Francisco. It's a group of rich and powerful men that get together, and some say even substitute the Owl for the statue that is treated as Mollock. I don't want to say any more about this.

i love bunnies

Me watching the video


Gabriel McDonald

robbers be like: I know a secret! This and only this dollar bill has the currency of Infinite dollars!

Isosceles Kramer

USA money is so boredom

DJ Universal

1:51 US dollar the donuts secretly reveal the number "100"


3:20 Illuminati

Forest City

0:52 your on the reverse behind the crowd lol


All money smell the same

Mardade Mardadee

3:33 blink bank note

Max Furious

Ima just start collecting banknotes now



DJ Universal

1:51 pause it it says "100" XD

Kathy Horst

I always I thought the spider on the dollar bill was actually an owl

im not using this channel

When i saw the real spider my brain was like OMG AAAH RUN and SMASH IT at the same time

Blue Jewel Queen

I'ma try with the US bill

I’m very new lol

I saw the spider run on screen then I threw my phone away from my face lol シ


If you fold the US dollar bill horizontally just right, Washington turns into a mushroom.

DJ Universal

2:01 oh its a 100 dollar bill


I only knew about the spider secret

Shakcham animations!

Nononono this is not real!


As an American named Chris, yes every (American) kid has found the spider and we’re all amazed by it in 4-5th grade. ?


4:35 i cant see it

jinn park

Had an arachnophobia attack at 2:43... why. (I actually don't have a phobia to spiders just that most of my friends have a phobia to spiders)

Halimahon Akmedova

The spider isn't a spider it's a owl

Goldin Lucas 58


Luke Doyle

RIP tom

DJ Universal

2:15 pause it the us dollar bill donuts secretly reveal the number "20" cuz its a $20 bill while in 1:51 if u pause it the donuts reveal the number either "10" or "100" cuz it is a $10 or $100 bill


found it 3:21

1hundred Flip

If u hold up a a 5 10 20 50 or 100 usd to a light u can see the president face show up

aidan azzahidi

I already know Where is the Spider before you explain it


How many countries has this dude been to collect those money??


There’s another secret on a US Dollar I just forgot!

Noor adil



what do you know about Bangladeshi taka?


:0 InTEReStinG

Krypto. TV

That's not a Spider, it's an Illuminati or Freemanson Owl. :)

Uahzvahaok Ciapksel

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I didn’t know that


I been told it was an owl not a spider


It Is owl on the dollar

Joshua and Hannah

the spider on the one dollar bill is the owl

that one kid

I think ive found Grians long lost brother

bluefeather 64

How'd he get the spider that walked across the 1 dollar bill?


0:03 which is why I'm sooooooo good at money laundering lol.

Salina Akther

He looks like grain the minecraft yt

Kattieks Club

i think Canadas banknotes have clear maple leaves so it make printing them harder

Half-Asleep Chris

Can anyone spot the blinking banknote? ? ?


Oh god the eye in the one dollar banknote blinked
Illuminati Confirmed

Maria Hernandez

The spoder post to be a owl? Well I was wrong

Ngọc Lan Đỗ Thị

ThanhkyouMon Ney/Verygood/Hello/Facebook0898468519

Noel T

is this grians long lost brother?

Gamer Unknown


Alexander Nguyen

If you get a quarter and put it through A ring and bang the quarter it will become a spy quarter or a normal quarter

Alireza Shoshtari

0:05 W0W Your Rich

Luke O'Connor

cá mhéad duine atá in ann é seo a léamh?

Amy Sabin

i think i saw a puffin on a dollar

sapere aude

Isnt your spider a owl?

Maria Hernandez

Spider not spoder

Elmer Garcia

Ur great

Andre Zduniak

on the back of a one doller bill on the botom left corner there is a tiny skull

Storm raider

Definitely earned a sub I dint have anything to see and I saw this in my recommendation absolutely amazing ?

Lou DeLuca

When the spider crawled across the screen i legit dropped my phone

haniyah hall

no thats a owooo

Skykidd 0

It's an owl

The Rebex Show

lol theres the heccin illuminati on an official us dollar my bro has at home.


Edit 1: uh, i commented this and then the dollar bill I was talking about actually appeared.

Esmeralda Grönvall

omg i cant believe dat he said kr :O

tomguy5687 # random things, clocks

I’ve got a one dollar and it has the spider

Aries McDaniel

What is your favorite banknote (from which country)


lmao I'm British. Fun Fact nobody asked for: the england money notes has a queen on side and winston churchill on the other. Tbh I find the churchill one a bit creepy because quoted below it says: "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat." If anyone knows about the world war then you've heard this probably :v

Esther Kennedy

i remenber i would shine lazarbeams through the maple dollar bill at school

Oldschool gamer and Lover


DJ Universal

2:14 pause it the donuts secretly reveal the number "20"

Goldy Anims

y u make me hongry

Meli The Awesome Furry

i spot the blinking banknote

florentina n

Ooooo 5 ron nice


f off!


In the Indonesian currency of the 1000 rupiah denomination issued in 2000, the button on the hero 's shirt has a smiley emoji character.

The plushy News channel

If you grab any is dollar accept one dolerbills point it up at a light you will see a line if you see it it’s real this doesn’t work on one dollar bills

Leon Braatz

Chris: Secret dounuts
Me: mmm... dounuts

Regan Egbers

When I see South African note! Omggg I live there omgfgg

Blue Jewel Queen



its not a spider...its an owl (Moloch)

Grayson Family

I HAVE FOUND IT! The pyramid on the U.S. $1 bill blinks!

Matthew groomes

Its an owl


you also missed the US $50


2:43 u scared me ;-;

Mark Samuel Beck

Spider Man

Jas Sagoo

The blinking banknote was the aluminati one

Sarah Lougheed

Canada is great = )

Your daily dose of anime Edits

We not gon ignore the fact he spelt doughnuts as donuts 1:20

Aiden Newcomb

I already knew about the spider


A secret I know about is that if you turn a U.S dollar right the D is the bat mobile


How many money do you want?!?

Tanga Z

I barely use banknotes but the £10 & £20 notes in Northern Ireland don't have the queen at all. I will have to look into who is on them but both are male. Have yet to see a £50 because nobody really ever uses those and you look hella suspicious with one lol (That includes England too).

IOS Walkthroughs

I’m never touching money again

Joe Just Joe

1:59 pause at 2:00 and you see the Romanian currency. CINCI LEI.

Ștefan ionut Staicu


finally some recognition for us Romanians