Real crash

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Crash Reel: Real BMX 2019 | World of X Games

32 958 views | 27 May. 2019

Watch the slams that came

Watch the slams that came before the makes in the filming of the contest video parts for Real BMX 2019, brought to you by ESPN, the World of X Games and Nexcare.

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hardcore fuckers

Pichet Paul

Bmxer have f*cking big balls


Music pls, thanks

Aydo Mac

4:11 can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost my hat riding. When his hat landed on his handlebars it brought me such joy and inner peace ???


I´m missing the " And this is my first Road Fools" :)))) If you miss this too, like :)

FiNal X Channel



As a skater, I have been riding for north of 40 years!!!
I can say unequivocally, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that BMX’ers are never given enough credit. For example.
Those boys and girls, GO FU€K£N Gargantuan A.k.a. BIG!
With that their injuries are even bigger. Fruitbooter’s can roll out just about anything.
Skaters can normally just kick their boards away when they crash. But a BMX bike can get all tangled up with the rider like la machine. We use to call it, metal and meat at the skate park!! So I tip my hat to you, BMX riders for taking the No Fear as your modus operandi to live life to its fullest.

“Carpe Diem”

Andrei James

5:57 " if i die i die"--go for your dreams boiz

Diego D


Wade Harry

u lot need to wear helmets lol

Tracy x

4:12 The hat catching skill is legendary.

Славик Писарчук

защиту нада одевать додики лохматые!!!!

William Nixon

Toughest athletes on the planet

Fortnite contant 5


William Oliveira

Salve salve. Adoreio video é exatamente o tipo de STREET que eu gosto ..... Um abraço do Brasil ?✌?????


Now that was painful too watch.

Jonathan Overton

I wore a full face helmet the 1st time I tried to drop in on a skateboard lol

William Oliveira

5:47 Muito muito muito louco ????????

Jerlyn Opeña

It really happen to this painful

Alberto Gutierrez

0:58 Just where knee pads

Muhammad Tauhiq Tuyt

where's tyler F ?

Chad Kerley vídeos



Not a single helmet or gloves on any of these guys....

mich sles

there need to be metals for this!

Austin Ingersoll




Starboy Bmx

Damn the crashes are so motivating and inspiring ??

Lion L.

Bro the clip at 4:10 had me dead... his Beanie flew off his head and landed on his bar so damn smooth :D


Ngl 5:35 was smooth

Real crash

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Real Life VS BeamNG drive #2 - Crash Tests & Damage Comparison

1 822 362 views | 3 Jun. 2019

hello everybody, today i

hello everybody, today i have the release for beamng vs real life episode 2. i really hope you enjoy this episode i spent a lot of time on it and it really goes to show how realistic beamng drive is! :)

please remember to like and subscribe!!!

Hey, make sure to subscribe for more content from GalaxieHD!

I get all my mods on BeamNG Drive from https://beamng.com/resources/

Here are some vehicle mods I use often






Here are some map mods I use often








Hey everybody I'm GalaxieHD. On my channel you'll find a lot of BeamNG content. In most of these videos I'll just completely destroy cars. Hope you enjoy!

Tyler Yeomans

An that is why you have seat belt

James Trostel

What's the difference between 32 but and 64 of beamng cause I got the 32 bit by accident, would crash damage be more realistic with 64?

Brandi Moore


RiskyMirror 9

The physics in this game are too real

Memes YT


Adham Ghaly

shouldve used both kashiras for the first one

Galaxy Plays

3:30 was so sasifing

Moto Gyros

1.03 biedny peugeot :(


Jeez this game really is realistic

gato meow moch De marco

Let go im is me happy

Drivable Designs



So the game is 100% accurate

biking kidz inc.

car vs tree both beamng and reallife was smashed

little b in Roblox

? wow


Rip the trees that were used in this video

The Bird

I like how you even copied the camera movement in the train vs truck one


iRacing should use BeamNG body physics. That'd be fun to watch


3:19 100% die

Monster M

Cool man, more of this stuf


I have a question

why do people do this stuff

Yuw Ta

Clickbait reported..

My Dog

the cars were paid actors


You messed up on the first one. For Beam.NG. Drive you did a minivan vs a frigging TRUCK!

Andrés Arias

looks like the cars in beamng are quite stronger but they end very similar like in real life

Надежда Зарецкая

Велком то раша

رامي المسلم

Bet this took him a lot of tries to get it exactly like the real life.

Chetan B.

Fact: They are the not the same
They are recreated to look like real videos he found


I from Russian Federation ☹️


Real life is so realistic.

Sweaty takes walls

1:15 that’s why you kids need to wear a seatbelt

Thommy_Gamer TV

Real good crash engine

Alex Savard

Similar but definitely could use work tree moving car lifts up wheel spins real one it didn’t demolish all the way to the back on 120 mph and semi wasn’t the same at all

LightninGard FR

French Cars !

Sharthak Pathak

Well I think I can't buy a graphic car in beaming drive first I need to buy a * pc which cost * then I need to play this game with a * graphic card which also cost ******** ????

Nickrulz4u yt

Honestly i think real life looked more deadly then beamng XD

nino tsiklauri

Its miniven vs jeep in deamnd drive

DP Parminder


Abzal PUBG

Где русские мне одному страшно

Justin Dougherty

That was not mini van vs mini van

AGW Gsss


Omery Om



Can we just appreciate how much try’s he had to do

warriers firestar

beamMG is so perfect at doing the crashes like they would actually be tho and that's why me and my brother love that game lol


Weirdly reality is very realistic

bobbyas99 GB guy



This car must have an issue that it crashed


Or clickbait

Yassin Khadraoui

All these cars are french


Song is over used. ??

علي الغامدي

وتس يور نيم ذا قيم

Дима Полянцев


Ralulu Nasoki

This kinds of car have kinds of crash ?????????

Ellen Karen Emnil



Oh my God can people stop freaking out so what you didn't get to see this thumbnail clip it was just a demonstration of what the video is going to be about so stop saying it's clickbait because it's not

Maja Poropat


gato meow moch De marco

Im is video crah driven

Diptanshu Mishra

Beamng is soo real...amazing

Ejercito Rojo [UCRANIANO]



Soy el único que habla español en los comentarios?

vansh playz

Where the amblu from thumbnail

iam salngo

First remove that irritating music from background second dont mess up both videos either shoe real one first then the beamng or do the opposite

Lusa The Great

I feel like beam ng cars are too bouncy and light.

Supreme Gaming TTV

I’m sorry but a Ford Focus that old wouldn’t get to 120mph ???

andres villajin

ay like itttt!!¡!!!!!!

panda_roux game

It’s more realistic in the real life I don’t think it’s normal ?

Joseph Rivera

Why is this so accurate to the real one

Fellow Traveler

Wow those are similar results?

lolon Qq


Pewdidie Pie

Thats looks good crashing over it

Amanda Richardson


HydraPlayz139_Yt a.k.a ra ramos

1:14 thers an man in the car

Ken Bober

I'm a collision tech and beam ng is very close to most accidents, not 100% but better than any game in existence.

Яков Ерзамаев

Игра проработана слабо я бы даже сказал паршиво,, ни брызг стекол от фар и лобового стекла, ни вытекающих технических жидкостей из разорваных емкостей, ни отколовшихся слоев краски и лака с корпуса авто в зонах деформации кузова, ни пыли и мельчайшей крошки разнообразного материла в момент удара и опрокидывания машин,,, вобщем реализм в игре сильно прихрамывает.

BMW Lover

3:56 that's not crash test that train accident

super minecraftian

I think that in the first clip there was a comparison between a Ibushu Kashira and a gavril roamer (the roamer is not a van.... it is a freaking SUV!!!

PeetahBread's Son

Disclaimer- no human were harmed in the making of this video.
But... R.I.P. Dummies Rest In Pieces

ossie hazel hernandez


-bunny kit lovely Aesthetic-

I wish mods weren’t mods in BMG drive

Hengjiu Kang

Could you please, at least show a full length side to side comparison without flashing forth and back and cutting out the most important moments?

Fluffygiant095 playz

So everyone thinks beamngs non interactable trees and forests suck? Well heres why: due to many small nodes and physics would mean more lag due to more work for the pc but there is one solution: budget gamers example: i5 gtx1650 could use a setting that there is nothing happening with trees and Environnement the frame would be 15-30 fps
Normal gamers: example my pc got i7 and rtx 2070 could have the interactable Environnement with around 60 fps
Hig end gamers example
I9 rtx3090 could have rtx and interactable trees with 60 fps
The only problem is the amount of work needed who knows if they are developing it

101 doges Games


KSHITIJ Gaming Zone

This game can beat reallife??


Am I the only one that noticed nearly all of theese are from fifth gear

Ronak Buddhiwant

That game is too accurate

kingcraft Kc




owen barron

a game that is about 7-8 years old has better crash physics then modren day games

helen Steer

I find that in gta 5 cars don’t crumple when you crash

Alex Greb

If things just slid a little less, it would be spot on

Alexander OC

nfsu2 intro


Real Life-like BeamNG-comment

Aditya Adhikari

Where is the ambulance crash posting rong photo


This game is meant to resemble real life crashes for education

Naz Nazri


Costa Rica channel

BeamNG drive don't have airbags

Am I On Mute?

they were all FithGear crashes except the last one


If their added smoke in beamng beamng should the best game ever

Forza Master68

I like how the music just reminds u of roblox tycoons (at least at me)


Exactly, false advertising


Press F to Pay respect for dummies :(

Real crash

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REAL BMX 2020: Crash Reel | World of X Games

108 130 views | 26 Aug. 2020

You've seen the makes.

You've seen the makes. Now enjoy a walk back down memory lane as we relive the tries and tribulations of Simone Barraco, Erik Elstran, Lewis Mills, Julian Molina, Garrett Reynolds and Nathan Williams! If you ever wanted to know what really goes into making a video part, this is what it's all about.


Progression at its finest! X Games is your premier destination for all things action sports, music, lifestyle and everything in between.

X Games has been the worldwide leader in action sports since 1995.

Visit our official homepage at http://xgames.com for more coverage and highlights.


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Thanks for watching X Games!

#XGames #RealBMX #CrashReel

Tim Van Hengel

Song please ?

Jon Murdock

I couldn't get through the wack music had to shut it down.We don't need to hear about a Maybach at all.

Bas Mesa

Song at 9:40


Im not fond of the insane homeless fashion in bmx but the riding is so high level ya gota forgive buying their clothes at the army & navy. ??

Andrew Hutchinson

Yo I’m first

Andrew Hutchinson



9:53 Those medals are nice.

Alexander Bertallo

The BMX's are though as nails...

Justin rogers

Being disabled don't even matter that kid has the heart of a lion ! ?


And we thought we were riding "street" in the 80's.... this is siiiick!!!!



Henry Querin

Honestly why do I see dislikes?

José Alfaro

Garrett lands the hardest tricks in like 2 or 3 tries that's insane


That is crazy

Antoine Maradona

Honestly i’m not a bmx fan but these street footage are dope, bmx park is more a sport than an art, like bike gymnastic or something like that ^^

Tears of Soy

These vids are so good until the weirdo with the cringey shirt shows up


I just watched the full thing this morning with no idea that they just came out with the crash reel. Coincidence, I think not

H. Dregoes831

Unreal the song was gatbage..fire the sound guy


Unreal, These Boyz Are True Modern Day Gladiators!

Kevin Hupfer

The last song in this video ?

Ronald Gonzáles

This is 11:36 minutes of motivation, love it!

General Striker

Best crashes ever

Matthew Gremlin

Julian molina??

Chump Cheddar

The guy with the BLM shirt is a complete moron

ralptyra B.

this guy 7:28 i like him.

Jamesthebond 007

Bro I see you deffently learn from.your mistakes.bur you got to be care full still

Egor Ognev

I need all the songs from this video

White Frost

is this real a first crash footages of garret on internet?

Julius Belolo


Scott Bloxsom

Not being rude or anything but does julian wear a cup? Cause id hate to see those massive nuts of his hit a handrail:/

Joel Dunsdon

Nathan's crashes are always so brutal.

Jimmy-James Olivier-McCutcheon

didnt even include the worst crash LAME !!

Izabel Silva

Brasil alguém ???

Carlos mario Serna urrego

Mis respeto parse y padelante que dios lo bendiga

1 tracer

Luan Oliveira da bmx kkkk

Marlon Faria2019


hector pinol

Brian Kachinsky said it best! You should be inspired from what Julian did! Mind you Sean Burns funny commentary made my day always!

Juan Esteban Supelano

Julian Molina is a true inspiration for the disabled riders out there??


Great vid. Trash music


почему так мало лайков, реал бмх жи

мне нравятся такого стиля видосы

Rene Gado

So rad! I’d hate to be a judge for this... I don’t think I’ve ever gasped so much watching a viddy. Holy £*#%!!!!!

Kevin A. Gómez M.

Julián Molina, todo un rider Colombiano. ??

Capt Elmo

Sia teh sia teh momok heula atuh

Gael Alejandro


Ayri M.C.

Eu existo kkkkkkk só o tempo kkkkk é mental. Rodrigo Sete Hataioga.

Reza Bokeng

6 best riders ❤️

Marcos. Gusmões

Top.. Top...????

Crispy K

3:20 not too smart


Im only watchin cus earlier today I tried to land a jump in a nose manual... except I landed upsidedown with my bike on top of me and my face on the road

Emmanuel Lemma B3M4X

9:40 song please????

Daniel Arteaga

All Song?

Master Spliff

What the name of the song that starts at 5:21 Nathan Williams part?

Javier Paramo

Frecuently other reality bmx

santi crew

this is Colombia ??❤️❤️??????

S cardona

Julián Molina ??? ... Colombia ???


how badass can someone get ?!? bmxing with one leg and looking fearless while doing it... wow.

Master Spliff

What the song name used in Nathan part?

Shaun Torpey

the commitment of these guys, because pain is just around the corner.

Gollin Bmx


Hugo Bejarano

Saludos desde Ecuador ?? riders

David Vera

9:32 Julián Molina Colombiano y monstruo del BMX, ???????????????????????

R_ abd

@JulianMolina respect?




These guys are better than I am in video games!

10卄 卂 尺 ㄩ 几

11.09 extrim ?

Global HH

Song @4:00 ?

Grape Soda

What is Erik's song?