Moon dogecoin

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DOGECOIN To The Moon: Should You Buy Dogecoin? Can You Trust Elon Musk? | Dogecoin Price Prediction

189 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Dogecoin is all the rage.

Dogecoin is all the rage. But, should you buy Dogecoin? Should you trust Elon Musk and is shilling of Dogecoin on Twitter?

In this video, I break down the motivations of celebrity promoters like Snoop Dogg, Elon Musk and Gene Simmons of Kiss and look at what the history of Dogecoin really is.

Dogecoin was a comedic warning about how "empty" and vacant of value crypto coins could be. So it's ironic to see Dogecoin being push to the mooooon.

Dogecoin to the Moon anyone?

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I also compare the Dogecoin run-up to the recent Gamestop debacle when Reddit users overpowered the powerful short sellers in the financial markets. And I explain how Dogecoin is different, fundamentally from the Gamestop situation.

I also get into how COVID-19 has inadvertently caused a firestorm around these bottle rockets like Dogecoin and Gamestop.

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0:00 Short History of Dogecoin

1:32 Pump and Dump?

3:40 Elon Musk on Twitter

6:08 Gamestop Vs Dogecoin - Important Distinctions

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Reading Stories Aloud

Some interesting insight there, Andrew.


Here are my thoughts on Dogecoin. Let me know if you agree to disagree. Check out more of my crypto videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIJmH2-SFWGTJGJ3qrbmJBZB3F6tW8w6X


Absolutely correct about Dogecoin Andrew. Way better investments than this "dohj" coin, its not even real. If people don't know what to buy , just get some ethereum or btc.

Inglefield- Homestead

??‍♀️doge coin is nothing like GME, one is crypto one is not. ?‍♀️?‍♀️

Joshua Amaral

its not dodge coin its doge coin Doge and your saying elon like Ellen ..its like E LAWN elon lol very cringe man lol

Joshua Amaral


Inglefield- Homestead

You haven't done your research, your information is wrong. RESEARCH.

Moon dogecoin

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Dogecoin Song - To the Moon

10 968 views | 3 Feb. 2014



Such space is there.

And we are going to climb it.

And such moon and such planets are there.


This aged well


WOW such inspiration

Yunus Şahin

go to the moon

Richard Branson


Greg Thompson

Can I get a source for the background song please?


Such song
Many Wow
Very Coins
Much Moon Choices

amanda maria

Who’s here February 2021? ?????

Алексей Белоусов

Классный ролик,сегодня Илон Маск запустил Догикоин на луну

Леонид Магай

Кран от  7 доджыков , 1 раз в 30 минут  http://dogefree.net/?id=717849 


Doge is currently going to the moon in 2021. Elon has fueled the engines and the governments handing out money to buy doge with.


Doge is scam. It was released as joke, not as quick cripto. It was anonced in russian forum. It was released a year after quick currencies like WDC, FTC...
It don't have future with zerooooos in blockchaine (After comma also 8 zeros :)

Alvarobit bitman

i send 1 doge my first time donation such rain wow


Much Cool Such Wow...


No dislikes :D
Much happy such good

Mcan Duiken

YOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

Duke Togo

Dogecoin is mooning!


Here before this blows up


Who's ready for doge 2k18



Larisha M

If everyone is selling their bitcoin and buying doge...

who knows

To the moon!




Such Awesome!


wow, to the moon

tige one


Moon dogecoin

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Dogecoin Song - To the Moon [Official]

8 438 views | 9 Feb. 2021




Let's bring Dogecoin to the moon! Crypto is fun.


What is the only crypto currency that you should inverst? Dogecoin!!!

It’s the peolpes currency, you know it’s the best. Please mine!!

The most fun and ironic crypto that is for sure. So crypto!

We’re taking dogecoin to the moon! To the moon!

And if a broker says, listen: „you can’t get rich with dogecoin“. Say: „Stonks“!

But even daddy Elon knows it’s the time to join. Much fun!

Cause faith loves ironie, therefore we’re passing bitcoin soon,

Elon! Gene! Snoop! Take this little puppie to the moon!

Hold it hold it hold it hold it, never sell! Much rich!

Buy more buy more buy more buy more, it’s doing well! Such high!

Hold it hold it hold it hold it, never sell! Much value!

Rising rising rising rising, I can tell! Very trading!

Shut up and take my money, this meme coin is looking funny,

Let’s write history together! In doge we trust! Much trust!

Jump on the hypetrain bro’s, cause even Snoop Doge knows,

It’s going up, don’t drop it when it’s hot! Hot Hot!

Doge is the only crypto currency that you should inverst? Dogecoin!!!

It’s the peolpes currency, you know it’s the best. Please mine!!

The most fun and ironic crypto that is for sure. So crypto!

We’re taking dogecoin to the moon! To the moon!

Dogecoin to the moon!

Dogecoin to the moon!

Dogecoin to the moon!

Dogecoin to the… moon!

…and beyond


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100% Original Content


Rajasekhar Gudavadla

Tesla to Accept ? Dogecoin ?soon ?

Mirko Mirko


Martin J

From 9gag here to like it


When we took Dogecoin to the moon, do we have a Dogecoin flag on the moon?

Lemo Rzeniszów

BTT next!

Leyla Schildkröte

Hey wann kommen eigentlich mal wieder lustige Sachen ich finde das nicht so zum totlachen bin in letzter Zeit etwas sehr enttäuscht ☹️


here before 1 mil view

yousif2 gorial2000

So funny

Jeffry Tanuwijaya

I hold till i die surely

chris shaq


M1lch DeRc0Ff33maN


Gina die Katz

Much wowwww


So crypto. ?


I hold it till i die


To the fuckin moon

Valera Tasar


Itz miguel playz

bit coin is over rated
doge coin isnt

Herr Fuchs

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Apok Knight

You’re a Saint!



Ayúdame a denunciar a los spammers de mierda.

Hi bro

Athena Offroad

This is mint. Got it on repeat ?

Klaus Enzensperger

We have to get this vid through the roof. To The Moooooooooooooon

theresa p

elon is a mood