Options trading picks

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Swing Trading and Options Trading Picks 09/09/20

907 views | 12 Sep. 2020

Swing trading and options

Swing trading and options trading picks are bullish. The swing trading and options trading picks were found using Option Stalker searches. The market found temporary support and we the swing trading and options trading picks have relative strength and heavy volume. We are selling out of the money bullish put spreads to distance ourselves from the action and to take advantage of accelerated time decay. Take the Option Stalker 2 week free trial. http://www.oneoption.com

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These low gas prices may fuel the market


How is this video just a few hours new but you have comments from 2 days ago..?..

Michelle Romeo

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Matt Murphy

Hey extremely positive news on astra just dropped

Eloise Reid

Yes, that's brilliant. ♥♥♥)


Please post your comments. I will reply.

John Wisdom

I was thinking of using VIX with a bull put spread underneath. Is there a formula for an amount for, say, $100,000 as a unit of measure?

Abhishek Bhowmick

Pete, one question, I saw you dropping the credit for the ZM credit spread from $1.50 to $0.50. Wanted to understand the reasoning behind the controlling the credit received.

Options trading picks

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How to Select the Right Strike Price Trading Options?

99 287 views | 3 May. 2020

Hiii loves :)

Hiii loves :)

I've done a break down of strike prices in this video in depth and also gone through how I decide what strike to select when I'm scalping options. Hopefully you all find this helpful :)

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my personal instagram @MASI_HABIBIN


my trading instagram @MASITRADES





**DISCLAIMER** I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and my personal experience. You should always understand that with investing there is always risk. You should always do your own research before making any investment #daytrading #optionstrading #stocks

The Long Shots

love these videos


Vry intresting n informative vdeo thx ..

Shama Haque

Under spread what u normally use and under exchange and best what u normally use as strike?


I watch so many of these types of videos and I just don't get it. One these videos are impossible to read on a phone and no YouTuber ever zooms into show exactly what they're talking about or pointing at. This stuff is so confusing and frustrating I am so sick of it. I've been trying to learn this for a long time in every YouTuber seems like they just say the same things. None of them fully explain. the time factor is very important and not once that you mentioned anything about it nor did you say when any of these options expire. Or what the relationship between the strike price and the ask price is. Or any of the fees

Chris Molloy

Hey Are you still investing in cannabis stock?

John Mc

My God, You are so Beautiful.

Michael Sampat

Dude, that's not how you choose the right strike price.

Gaith AlBadarin

You have a nice channel , covering important topics .. Thank you , subscribed and shared.

Kenny Reid

Your boyfriend or husband would be considered "in the money".

Pretty lilly

Great video....new subie

Mommies at home

Winner of a video, I have been researching "can i make a living trading options" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Eeyarah Mysterious Eradicator - (should be on google have a look ) ? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for discovering how to unlock an effective options trading method to win fast without the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

Linh Son

Hi ! I like all your video I learning a lot from you. But I still don’t understand if I look for buy a put . What I do ? And also I would like to take course from you.

Joe Buys Houses

Yo. This shit is so fucking confusing. Why don’t we just learn Chinese instead? Lol. I’ll stay patient

Asim Khan

Hi Masi: Hope you are doing well, how do you scalp options? Do you have any video about option scalping procedure?

Jason Weldon


Rick Shipley

Very helpful video. Glad to see a youtuber who is trying to minimize risk.

Moe Sleights

Beauty & brains

Tim Spartakus

So im a beginner i choose 3 stocks and made profit so can u give me tips on picking stocks please to purchase contracts

cool innovation

Loved your explanation! Thank you Masi

mahdi okasha

May I asked you about what do you think about market next week?

Andrew Schmidbauer

not sure why you didn't say why you buy ATM?, even a basic explanation of delta is needed and decay on theta

Bertha Alina

The world needs to know about Bitcoin because it`s the most important development earning approximately $12,000 from an investment of $1000 is really something very important to talk about . Thanks to Mr ben on insta @Ben_uptrade and I'm saying good bye to paycheck for good


Masi should trade in a bikini. Instant 200+K subs

chloe davis

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James Rogers

The population of people trading forex has grown massively and people make good profits from trading,it has helped people be financially free and saved lots of people who gamble with their property,I do think investing in forex has been the best decision I have made all my life

Avinash Singh

very helpful thanks!

Thermowet13 Marquez

Question need advice I shorted a stock webull is now trying to say well let me show you...

Eddy Marino

When I first started options I wasn't doing good, came across your videos, you saved me a lot of money, goodlookin!!

John F

Masi trades??


how do you personally decide whether to buy a CALL or a PUT

Robinson Jacob

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S Sawa

Please explain something to me, please.
This company I’m looking into is at $23. I think by August it will be at least at $30. If I Buy a $30 call option for August, what happens if the price is below $30 on the day the contract expires? What happens if the company goes all the way down to $10?
Basically what I really want to know is do I only lose the $700 I’m spending on the call options today? Or Will my account go negative and possibly be thousands of dollars in debt? I don’t mind missing out on whatever I spend on the call option, at least I can forget it and let it expire below the strike price. But I really want to know if it’s possible to owe a bunch of money because the price is less than what it is today or because the price is less than what I chose the strike price to be. Please let me know, thank you

c b

Moneiness??? Lol .. Good game tho, much appreciation!

Thermowet13 Marquez

Well I thought that I could paste a pic I cant

mahdi okasha

Thanks. And I love you

Uyda Quoling

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How about a video on Theta? That’s also something to consider when buying options.

Pick the wrong one and you’ll still lose money even though your stock is moving in the direction you want it to move.

Kat Purz

The bit at the very end about how to select the right strike price was extremely helpful!!! thanks much

frank cabrera



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James Love

When I am a mega ultra bull. I buy 5 strikes under the current price as a call and I sell a call 2-3 strikes above. That way if the stock goes sideways I break even. If it goes down I get mega fooked. But hey, that is why I only do it when I am ultra mega bull.

Welcomedcompany 101

*Just taking notes lol
4:18 - In the money options.

Jay Bavis

wow i just became confused


Why you guys NEVER mention the expiration time frame of the contract? Your contract does not expire yet if you bought it for a month or two out! so how can it be worthless if you still have time for news and changes to happen? which could turn things around for profitability?

Daood Mohammed


Felix Lo

Thanks! Do you attach a stop loss order on your options? Or, since you're scalping you're doing Market Orders (shortcut keys too?)


You explained this topic very well made easier with the visual aids, intelligent, logical, strip down to simplify and focus attention to success presentation. A question that came to mind if you have a situation with one option that has the higher open interest and the other the higher volume. Do you go with the open interest or the volume and maybe a few words on the reasoning. You got the like and the sub in one swoop. Thanks!

Chris Molloy

I like the education video ?

Will Manuel

Not sure if I missed this but do you buy the same week for scalping options or ones that are further out? I have been doing the same week so far but interested in what you do.


Very insightful and thanks for sharing info on strike price. I have more of an idea on what strike price actually is now!


Not even two minutes in and you are already wrong. Who let women start trading

Maaz Awan

I watched your video and made my first trade today on apple on $500 strike price with limit order of 1.55 and sold it for 3.30 x 3 contracts! My first ever trade on option and all thanks to your detail videos! Thanks so much!

Dujuan Johnson

You must gotta juicy mouth ? ? you smack your mouth after every sentence

Joanne Marshall

Your killing it lady ?


Right on! This got me together ?


Very smart lady.


I could listen to a 12 hour audiobook of you just saying "money"... just have you saying "in the money, out of the money and at the money" on a loop

Eric Bergdahl

Hi I currently trade and want to start buying call options instead of stock. Not knowing how long I will be holding the trade on, it could be a day or two days or more. Would be buying a call options at the same price like you do or do I need a different one? Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.

Harv Ortiz

Thank you for this information! I love the way you explain it and show examples. <3

Rob Mv3Trader

My only question is.. how did you get to 31k subs with only 16 videos? That's amazing! ??


At the money is worthless....


Skip to 12:13 if u know the basics...

Thermowet13 Marquez

My sister thank you very much for your insight fullness watch 1000k videos and you yes you are master for the simple thorough explanation!!!!10 ?

Daniel Bui

Love the tips! Do you always choose weekly exp for quick scalps?


why it has to be high open interest? thanks

Gaith AlBadarin

Thank you!

Amy Wachsmuth

Great video, do you look at the spread between BID and ASK ? I have notice to be 80 cents to 1.50 diff. - SO you trade around the ITM at the closes to the stike price ? Do you have a scanner or just by looking at the option chain by TICKER ?? Do you use any Indicators (MACD, RSI or SMA's) to determine a good entry point ? thanks again

The Matterhorn Yeti

Boys rule girls drool!

Justin Valerio

Great video ?

Tsakaia Berkeley

Hi Masi. This video was very helpful! I just started investing July 2020. Ive only made longer term investment so far. I want to get into option trading but I'm have a hard time targeting the right stock to do this with. How do you pick a company/stock to decide to do an option trade? Is this choice solely just on your gut and news?

Gaith AlBadarin

Best luck

Mouse Potato

Thanks for the Video, Very informative. Do you have any suggestions on the option expiration date as well?

Hector Ramirez

I am not understanding in the money , "call" option strike that is less than the stock price. Can you explain?

Christian Solano Osorio

allright come on, you told us about catching a strike atm and with high volume and open interest 14 minutes into the video..........

Blake Vanderhorst

Clickbait title. This is an basic explanation of strike prices not a guide on why you would choose certain strike prices in certain different scenarios.

Vamsi Tankala

Masi, Thank you for sharing valuable knowledge. ?. Could you please explain when is best time to exercise call options is there any particular time... such as morning or end of the day ? Thank you.

Manyara Nubia

I stumbled upon Mr Lambert Peckison few days after i saw a wonderful comment about him online on how he has helped people invest and make a lot of profits. So I decided to give him a trial and behold he made a lot of profits for me, i'll really like to appreciate him for what he did for me.

Chris Santos

May I ask you if its a viable approach to buy an itm call at say .50 a share on a stock that spikes up every morning and wait till the next morning to sell that option when it spikes an may hit .60? Ive been seeing a few stocks I could scalp like that but little nervous about dropping 300+ on a bigger call

cole ridnicke

I've been unsure about the market due to volatility, at the same time I still feel it's the right time to make profit because of the price decreases, heard someone speaking of making over $400k from a $90k stock since the pandemic and I'm driven to ask what techniques/skillset is needed to achieve this.

jim brown

strike price 101... scratching the surface...


Go to 12:20 that's when she talks about strategy and uses of options. Everything before is describing what an option is. You'll save 12 minutes of a 15 minute video.

Felix Lo

Hi MasiTrades

Thank you

I am looking for insight for day trading - why day trade options vs shares. I heard from a trader that day trading options require that you are able to day trade using the stock alone and in some cases better to use the stock.

I understand that there there is inherent leverage in using options, and accelerating delta from OTM options, and ability to control more shares of a high priced stock but that comes at a cost of the premium paid.

Wouldn't trading shares provide a higher risk/reward assuming you have bank to afford "100 shares" or more using a tighter stop loss say 0.10 cents on a $10 stock. If say for a stock $10, you have the bank to control 100 shares at $10 ($1000), if it moves up $1 dollars ($100 P&L), on a 0.10 ($10 risk) stop loss at a good entry, that's 10:1 Risk/Reward vs

buying a 45-25 Delta Stock Option (or enough contracts of it to match the effect of 100 shares) - which could have inflated premiums due to increased IV, what i've seen so far is that you may not able to obtain such a high risk/reward with that kind of move on the derivative.

If you're able to control the stop loss to achieve the risk-reward ratio you want, and assuming you have capital to control the underlying stock, wouldn't it be more efficient to use stock?

Smith Welson

Actually trading Forex has not been easy, ever since I started trading I have Blown my account thrice, Had several mental breakdown because I was not using accurate strategies, Secondly no professional trader to back me up! I even almost gave up in trading Not until I got in contact with Mr Ben on insta (@Ben_uptrade) now I earn $11,000 weekly with his genius strategies, I really appreciate his good works and can't help but let others know about it..

ziggy C

Are you trading NIO ?

mario salazar

I learned from your video, of course I appreciate it, thank you.

Jeannie D

Awesome and informative video.....as always!

Menace 2 Society

Hey Masi. Just want to confirm. You did mean "if" you were going to buy ATM Call strike price for NVDA at 285 with an open interest of 337 and Volume at 1019, you would choose this option, correct? But "if" you were buying an ATM Put, it would be at 280 since the open interest and volume is higher. So my question is: Is the Put 280 strike price the better choosing according to higher volume and higher open interest based on your strategy? ?

Matt Mr America

can i buy a call option on your phone number? message me asap..

Klassy K

Hi what is the best and a simple search platform you can suggest to use as a beginner in trading options


Very good information how you trade for scalping. Are you saying that you do not consider Probability OTM and Support and Resistance chart pattern at all? What kind of price action do you look for before you decide to take a trade?


Hey Masi, wouldn't the risk of an option be less (if we are scalping and not holding until expiration) if it was further OTM, and more risk when it's closer ITM? The deltas of strike prices further OTM are typically lower, making the premiums move less per dollar each move of the underlying stock.

I usually judge my risk before entering based on deltas and I'm only looking to capture moves that the underlying stock will make (I'm a scalper). We might trade differently but your input would be appreciated.

Iron 12

i did my first option sell put... i don't understand the rest of it...


I be like Seriously WTF


I like doing LEAPS Call options with strikes ITM.

fnu masoud

What broker do you use . And do you pay for that ?

Q uantum

I like that you outlined the cost/ benefits of each of these. Can you explain when to use DITM, OTM, ATM? Besides the scalp.


Brains & Beauty...

Jul He

Very good video? please
Could you make
Some videos with charts lo learn about the right moment to enter?

Andres Jara

Should include Greeks

Options trading picks

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Options Screener Using Trade Ideas Screener to Find Options Trading Picks

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Series Completas

This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about "option strategy calculator" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Winoorfa Option Olegroson - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my brother in law got cool success with it.

Jeff Wilson

So like why would the options experts not create this video?

Santosh Bende

Thanks for the video, Can you please
share the desktop backgroup.

Tim Pettigrew

That desktop background I want it. Where can I get it?