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RuneMetrics - Stats & Loot Tracker for RuneScape

14 143 views | 21 Feb. 2016

Watch our past broadcasts:

Watch our past broadcasts: http://bit.ly/1Vpojm1

In this video, we give you an in-depth look at the new RuneMetrics service coming to RuneScape tomorrow!

RuneMetrics is a Stats, drop and loot tracker which pulls tons of data from our servers, and gives them to you raw and uncut!

Play RuneScape Free: http://bit.ly/PlayRuneScape

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unfortunately I believe you've wasted your time with this one jagex. I see not a single need for such specific information in a simple game like rs3. Even if you don't max your "dps" you will still kill.

However if there was enrage timers on any bosses, it would pretty much be mandatory to figure out if you can push the right amount of DPS required per boss with your current setup and gear lvl.

I won't be 100% negative and I'll comment on the possitives as well.

Drop log is fantastic for people who want to know exactly what kind of $$$ you're getting per hour or per task.
xp rates can show if you're efficient enough or if you can improve a lot.


does the second mod speak english too?


+Runescape will the wealth tracker work with things like qbd, where you dont actually pick loot up?


not that i play osrs but isnt this basically what osbuddy does..

Blizzard Snipes

Wtf was that nigga saying

Sam W

I'm a veteran player and this isn't grabbing my attention at all. It's good for statistics if you like that sort of thing.. But having to 'pay' for it monthly? I think I'd rather use a notepad and paper in all honesty. Seems like a lot of clutter and a big waste of a project from my perspective. The impression and delivery so far isn't attractive at all.


Mod Osborne creeping up on us 8:07

Adam Winter

Cheers for my postie pete pet, really fkin good that m8. Gold membership is so sick, we even get this for 2 whole weeks, wow how generous

Roswell Crash

What language was the guy showing us combat speaking?

Screw You

Focus on nxt and drop this osbuddy clone crap. wtf jagex..

Steele Man

I feel like this should be a one time unlock, not an ongoing subscription cost. Doesn't seem worth it for most people.

Richard Gao

almost as bad treasure hunter.

Peg Legs

1:42 Did he call her a sexy graph cone? Someone's getting laid tonight!


yeah paying extra is a terrible idea. I thought this was a game update not a stupid package you can buy. I'm sure this feature was not hard to code and it should be added in for free. this is ridiculous


The only reason i would use this would be for seeing how much money i make, as i dont skill anymore.
I should really buy this to see how much money i can make

Patrick Star

Shouldn't be free, it should be included in the membership fee that we all pay. Stop with all your loop holes around "real life wealth will never affect your in game progress"

That One Guy

Fucking ridiculous that you have to pay for this!

Adam McAllister

Thanks rs team


Rune Metrics, 12 months - 59$ US. I can only imagine what it's like in the other countries. Good god Jagex, how much money do you need to milk? I thought you guys were good financially? This is literally Blizzard level dumb shit. I can get a free accurate Xp tracking if I wanted. I just.. I don't even want to play runescape now. I already paid for Gold and even that shit was a ripoff. You guys have been the biggest part of my life, 10 years wasted, good and bad. Still semi regularly play the game but this.. I just can't'.

You're probably going to lose players over this. It obviously won't effect anyone, its the idea behind it. You clearly want more money for what ever reason and it's sad you aren't being upfront about it. Runescape is officially going downhill now.

Stephan Bijzitter

So how would you explain how you're asking us to pay for this? Will be soon also have to pay to visit Falador?

Dylan Vandamme

So it's like OSBuddy on rs07? looks amazing


This seems really cool

eg soldier tjz productions

this hasn't had enuff hype I use it for the cost per trip for arraxor. aka how much cash I use up whiel fighting the boss and then the loot after and how much I made or lost :) best thing on there is that so you can adjust your self to cheaper trips and more profit!

nightshadow the skolftaur

inb4 the children come crying in the comments that you need to pay for the WHOLE thing when in reality you only pay for the shit you dont need like history storage lol


Cannibal Holocaust

This is some greedy fucking bullshit Jagex... and then you ban anyone who uses a client that already does this.

Tokhaar Gol

A complete waste of resources if you ask me. You could have focused these resources to improve Invention or make a quest anything els would have been better. Players don't need program to make calculations to skill more efficient or increase their DPS. We are fully capable of making those calculations on our own or if we aren't we tend to look up guides. RuneMetrics is completely useless, the players never asked for this and this is not something we want or even need.

Arturas Arm

bond a month for this?:D lol no thx... getting very greedy jagex:)



Sahin Emre

sometimes i am really disgusted of jagex how they try to steal our money. we pay membership. not enough. premium clubs. not enough. TH and Salomons store. not enough. next thing will be online runescape costs extra, if you dont pay you will be training on a offline server.


Why put so much work into something nobody is going to use after 2 weeks?


Why are the Xp/h and Eta features pro only? It doesn't seem to mesh with the explanations of why there even is a pro version.

Feels Good Man

a pet project for an entry level developer what a waste, i wish mod mark gerhard was still around to prevent low quality stuff from coming into the game and low quality workers from working at jagex.

Aaron Sigwing

This should not cost money for VIP gold members, they have already paid enough this year...


so basically its shit

John Hayes

looks really cool but a bit too costly at my level bond wise :(

BenVader RS

Love the update! It looks like a great way to track more skill progression :)!

Nick Lavoie

Charging for a feature? a tool? most of us are member and even gold premium bloody hell... it should be free for members! Shame on you jagex, shame on you.

Code Blue

Should have been fucking free.


Will happily pay for this :)

Peyta RS

Don't understand why this update is so unpopular. They aren't changing anything and you have no obligations to pay for it. On top of that you don't even need to spend real money as they allowed you to pay in bonds. I think that the whole update will be useful and plan on trying it


wtf is up with all these dislikes? the only reason it costs money is because its not cheap to store all that data


Looks awesome! also not sure why people are complaining about having to pay for pro. dispite what everyone thinks data storage is not free. getting storage space costs money plus keeping the storage constantly available also cost money. if you don't want to pay for it then don't. the game has been without it for 15 years, so you'll be fine without it for another 15 years.


Fir- No. Dont. Nobody cares.

David IlVec

Paying extra? Who came up to such a fucking stupid idea?


Lol 1337 views


The free version of OS buddy has better features than this.....


Make it free you plebs

Justin Bechtel

I woulda named the Einstein guy
General Graendstein.


oh noo, jagex making money! how dare they! oh dear!


I love how mostly all the functionality of RuneMetrics is achieved for free through third party websites and additional applications.

Stephen J

I feel like they should have a better prepared presentation. They knew they were live streaming and it seems sloppy. They could have completed this video in a third the time.

cameron alexander

i have finally become a 7 year veteran. im very glad to see this game is still getting updates.


Why not just charge for storing the data. I would love to have exp rates of the last 5 minutes, but I wont pay that much just for one feature...

Al Kan Not

what happened to updates being for everybody....

Aron Kelderman

Looks awesome. I think paying a bond is worth it :)


I wont dislike or like the video just say that i love all the updates in the game :)

psy lancer

that like to dislike ratio

April A

i cant understand that fker


This just sounds like paying money for Runehq skill calculators which are free.....


Why is there an improper integral in the thumbnail. Y'all don't use that stuff in this game.


jagex again with their actions to take your money


can the drop log show the total value of the drop log?

Shark Veng Videos

looks great, gonna be awesome for vid making. Can't wait!

Cecilio Adrin

Is there any way that we can permanently unlock this feature like the wealth evaluator?

Aaron DeWitt

I couldn't understand the second mod at all.


Should be free for MEMBERS because they already PAY to play

Anton Khrystenko

I'm a simple man

Pay for membership=everything should be included.

Sarah Kedan

Hi i play runescape byt i cant get money i need help plz ok so my name in runescape is :mohamd a k20
Thx ?


A one time purchase would have been fine but subscribtion is not fair.


This is an optional extra feature that you don't have to pay for if you don't need it.
What saddens me is that if this had come out way back before Jagex started taking the direction they are taking today, it would have been a free member's feature (Like the Adventurer's Log, for example). What annoys me is not that this is a paid feature, but that I'm afraid that Ruenscape is slowly moving towards a free MMO model with hidden costs everywhere instead of a game where you simply pay a monthly subscription for full access. I dread the day when Runescape turns F2P and your access to features depends entirely on how much you pay for micro content here, there, and fucking everywhere. I can imagine Godwars passes 1$ a week or Vorago "tokens". Maybe even a Hunting license to unlock hunter as a skill, or better yet, Shantay passes for runecoins.

G Mango

Runescape team realizing how boring woodcutting is


omg the closed captions

Brennan Bates

I like this but I mean it's kind of silly to charge something for this... I've noticed this about Runescape pretty quickly once members started to have to pay for newer things...


they said anything about legacy? cba looking at this,,,


wow, what's with the like/dislike ratio
couldn't the oldschool community hold themselves again?

Crossed Fire

Let's slowly up the price of membership then add more thing in game you should pay for.... Makes no sense Jagex. I remember when membership was 5$ a month and the game was flourishing. When worlds all had 1k plus people in them. Eoc doomed this game. But hey it's your game so just keep dragging out its death as long as you can. Membership is to expensive as it is and to add other stuff to pay for LOL!!!


Why are people disliking over the cost...? seems a bit silly.

Sjoerd pyro

Should be free for GOLD premium members.....


these are the reasons why i switched to 07


I'd probably buy this if it didnt cost as much as rs membership itself...


Get your wallets ready to pay for NXT client aswell guys!


2nd!!! :D

Brazil DIYer

Runeapps Alt1 disliked this.


On the plus side, this will come in handy for bonus XP weekend. I've got 21k harralanders to burn with herb burner. ;)

Rune metric

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Rune Metrics Review [Runescape 2016]

49 373 views | 22 Feb. 2016

Rune Metrics feels like an

Rune Metrics feels like an attempt to appeal to efficiency minded and stat loving players. The drop tracker and xp rate calc are nice additions to the game, but is the pro version worth it?

Subscribe to the channel to see more videos like this one!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/munclesonkey

Aaron Statham

can I pay for quests to be completed?

casper goedhart

glad to see you are back ;D GREAT VIDEO make a video compairing god books vs scrimshaw? thanks


It's so good to see that you have returned to RS. I had nothing against your other videos though.

Are you going to be playing as regularly as you did a few months ago? Are you going to make amazing guides about the new content there will be in RS, just like you used to do?

Melanie Lucas

Okay so I am here because I have not paid for Runemetrics. I just want to figure out how to set my xp back to zero like the old xp tracker? I can't figure it out. Do I really have to pay in order to be able to reset it? There's an option to reset the layout, but nothing else. I need haaaaaalp.

John Mascagni

its pretty much osbuddy for rs3. mark is rollin in the dough now


Basically everything you are saying right now is for free @ alt1. so nope not going to buy it


Meh... i calculate everything using pencil and paper

Evil Tree

If I want to check what loot I get, I'll check my loot tab -_-


not worth my gps

Nugie Fricker

At 7:22 you talk about a farming tracker. Well you could use the Lunar spell, Remote Farm, for extensive info on your crops current condition and when it will be ready to harvest.


God if they do farming timers i'm sorry but i'll be really upset if it isn't free. That's such a nice tool everyone's wanted for a long time and fuck if it isn't free

Im Tabe

So not worth a bond a month.. I don't quite understand, what was even added into the normal version? xp/h is the only thing I am interested in, but I'm not paying a bond a month for that.


I'd only get this if I can make my money's worth out of them. If i had combat skills and slayer high enough to make about 75m - 100m a month, then I'd totally get this for 16m a month (the price of a bond). At least this way I'd be able to keep track, and make sure I make about 2-4m a day to meet my standards.


rs went from free to pay to play normally

Rick L

Super excited about this update. As someone who is a huge fan of analytics in sports this appeals to me just on that aspect. Being able to actually track in game though exactly how efficient im being with skilling/killing/playing in general is worth the price of 1 bond a month to me.

Pulse Fel

with the xp/hour tracker it might make it worth it for when youre deciding on a method for long term farming.

Xau Xius

0:20 party hard!!!

The man to scared to get a tattoo


Michael Mercado

With the shark suit animation being fast forwarded I kept thinking "fishing is so metal"


If I were to pay with real money I would be paying more for Runemetrics than I currently am paying for my membership. Even if I pay with in game money, I don't like the fact that they are essentially making double profit off of me playing each month. Not nearly useful enough for the common players, or even the majority of players.


Muncle can you please do a more in-depth guide on the drops log it has? That's my main thing I'd be looking for from RM.


Do you still plan on posting non rs content, I very much enjoyed your dark souls play throughs!


Alt1 + Wiki makes 90% of the "features" of RM obsolete... not worth the current price AT THE MOMENT

Nick Allen

how does he make it say the stack value after each kill?


nicely in-depth evaluation thanks, great vid! :)


Have you a bonus to get more exp with RuneMetrics Pro?


seems interesting, so this is separate from the membership subscription?


40th like!


Thank you for the review! I was curious about what they wanted more of my money for!


For the xp/h, farming timers, clue helper etc you can also use alt1 toolkit. I used it mostly for the clue helper and xp/h. Not really seeing the benefit of metrics pro.


Rune Metrics full verison is something you would expect to be free.. I'll never upgrade it.

Burning Clipz

this should be an update with for the xp tracker wast of money

Charlie Painter

Munclesonkey you tryna help ya boy here out?

Rocky Scape

too many money sinks now... holy shit


How about the damage per minute tracker?

Matu Boom

Welcome back, happy to see you again bruvaaaa!


We already pay a month fee for the game. Now they want us to pay even more to get access to some statistics. Fuck RS3. Seriously.
That's why I enjoy OldSchool. At least this will NEVER happen to oldschool.

S 117

Too expensive, just keep an excel or stata file and refresh your hiscores, super easy to manipulate statistics, and way more useful in real life (mastering excel alone can get you a job)


is this game p2w?

Josef Wimmer

I remember the times when you had membership you had everything unlocked without having to Pay more...


i squealed uncomfortably loud when i saw you were doing rs vids again


Drop logger doesn't work for the only boss I do. Araxxi :(

Gil Hawk

Hey Muncle I know you're back into runescape but when dark souls 3 comes out will you do a walk through on it still? I would really really like to see that


Mmhh... still no. XD


Automatically track drops per slayer task plz (including drop rates and total drops from that task)


Should i get back into this game? not sure whether or not its worth paying for membership


not really worth it , i got a free 2 week trail from vips and the calculators and wealth things are very very very inaccurate


I merch and make 100m a week idc. :)


dont drop money on this shit. we pay for updates every month. dont be okay with them putting updates behind a paywall. this isnt a fun cosmetic over ride or random spins. this is a game update and feature


TL:DW. It is a joke, just money grabbing jagex. Do your own math.

John Joseph

It's so good to have muncle's guides up again :) honestly, I've been missing you than ever. Even if I knew everything in rs, I would still watch you're vids because it's one of the reasons I still play, gets me excited. Glad you're back and great review on runemetrix!


You said in the beginning "there are tools designed by others for free." Can you name some? Because I only know of tools for osrs.


Thanks for doing this video. I was really curious about what the Pro version contained and you've answered my questions about it. Unfortunately for Jagex, this means I won't be buying it because I don't see the value for it as it stands right now. Just a minor correction, the free version does not contain graphs of any kind.

Cut Play

"where there was no reason to visit a Runescape Fansite ever again, if you get the pro version."
Just take the wiki, and put it into Runemetrics


Forgot to mention that unlike fansites, the web version of RM updates automatically and only requires a refresh, not having to re login.


I feel that 1 bond per month is a bit high for what it offers. Should last 2-3 months to make it better unless they add more stuff.

Kevin Huynh

What staff are you using in this video

Rs Apps

about the farming timer part.
I've made a farming timer you can download it at my channel.
(The program does kinda look goofy but it's just my first year of programming c# :))

Hope you like it!


More BULLSHIT brought to YOU by the MINDLESS at LAGEX TO trick YOU into GIVEING them MORE MONEY.  Where in Reality IT DON'T EFFING MATTER!!!


I really missed your RS videos!
Thanks for being back. <3 Much love.

Tom Kelly

Since you made the past few runescape videos, tons of your old guides, top tens, and series have been popping up on my youtube homepage. Watching those, I realized just HOW MUCH great content you have released in your youtube career. Whether you continue making videos or not, I just thought id say thank you for everything you've done for the rs community :D


hi muncle when comes a video for fighting jad with melee?

Phoenix Poi

what about records for even smaller scale stuff such as fastest time chopping 100 yews in one day, and you get rewarded daily if you were the fastest in the given records for that day

caleb 1823

This should be free!

Kevin Donnelly

Best thing they can do is take away the 1 bond per month requirement, so us poor players can reap the benefits as well. However, I quite like many of the aspects and am looking forward to any new ones they come out with.

Thanks for the review, I've quite missed these, Muncle!

Michiel Rijk

you can get the same and more for free with alt1 app

Tyler Ham

Looks like I'll be getting this. Bit pricey, but I'm sold.

Seo Kouji

I'm happy with using RuneTrack so most features are meh at this moment.


Kind sucks you have to pay, maybe they will add a permanent thing like they did with the wealth evaluator.

Gun'z Blazer

jagex just wants to make more money.... from players soo shit.


They already have a GE history. So they could take that, and make it into data chat. Like adding x value to the overall anytime you sell something and subsequently subtracting from the overall for anything bought via the ge. It wouldn't be perfect by any means but you can easily manipulate into a how much made off of flipping. Unfortunately long term investments wouldn't be so simple.

Eli Walcott

Damn Daniel back at it again with the runescape grind +munclsonley


The loot thing is handy, maybe people will make charts of drops per enemy so people can decide what to kill for money. That would take a LOT of work though.

Jupi 1001

Nice 144p
But good Video.
Keep it up.

Chewy Spedoodle

Lol no jagex. Plz. Stop we're begging u.

Marc Smith

Not worth the money :/


Looks like a waste of money. I rather save up my money for SWTOR or Yugioh cards. Has the GE stabilized yet from Invention? Just asking cause I'm taking a break from RS.


It's an okay service, but it's quite expensive for what it is at the moment. Add a little more "stuff" into it, or make it a bit cheaper, and i would say it would be worth it.


Rune metrics is something you get for free in clients outside of RS client. Even if it doesn't work as well to use 3rd parts, I feel like this is not worth paying, being more accurate only helps for quick events. If you are leveling, then you don't care about quick. You are there long enough that the sub 5% difference becomes nill.

I have not played RS in about 2 years, 2523 total level. Just to get some perspective of what I think.

Sherif Gamal

#1 rs youtuber


Can you make a how to get started/returning player help guide please? A lot of people are coming back because of the dxp and nxt, and are super lost, like myself. Thank you again, and great vids

Matt Fletcher

An extra $60 a year!? Are they insane?


Now your analytical style videos can FINALLY have accurate rates and values!!

jared keeping

dis gon make bonds rize

Bald Zeus

I love how Jagex as a company listens so much to its community. This is why Runescape just keeps getting better all the time while other games usually gets worse

xeil dranor

They increase the members price for no new content. Now they're charging for an app that should be included as a benefit of members? So happy i quit this POS. Such a bad company.

MIles Kligerman

Grats on QBD pet?? I think, it was in your log... I wasn't spying...

Eli Walcott

Plz do a road to 200m slayer that would be 2 legit 2 quit +munclesonkey

TheFreindly Bandit

its 2020 now and we have a free toolkit called Alt1 and it has everything rune craptrics has plus clue solver youtube overlay and more its an overlay that goes over your game client its not like rs buddy in that it doesnt use its own client its an overlay cause its ..its own seperate program and works great 25 elite clues an hour is amazing so yeah like it ow not Alt1 is 10000x better then rune metrix ever was plus you dont have to pay for it


At it's current price of £1.79 for gold members, it's worth a go. I've gone an bought a subscription.


not paying 1 bond for nothing l0l stupid update

Rune metric

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Crypto elf

God that windows n ledger bug is so annoying. Cant connect my wallet to any web wallet

Gregory G.

Twitter on daytime mode, what a degen

Crypto Baby222

Can you do an update on rune staking since rune vault is no longer working

Dead Baby Jokes

can you stake ledger wallet ?

world star

outsidere here, when do we sell our rsr?

Pratham Mittal

Awesome video man