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-30°C Let's make some shopping in Norilsk for the Hollidays. December 11,Норильск, showing the price

1 361 views | 16 Dec. 2020

???????? GROUP

???????? GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/3469619139795263

Hello walkers, I'm Andrew, a North Pole Walker.

Let's take a walk together in Norilsk.

Temperature: -30°C

Walking Time: 28 minutes


Norilsk-Russian: Нори́льск, is an industrial city in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, located above the Arctic Circle, east of the Yenisei River and south of the western Taymyr Peninsula. It has a permanent population of 175,000.

It is the world's northernmost city with more than 100,000 inhabitants and the second-largest city (after Murmansk) inside the Arctic Circle. Norilsk and Yakutsk are the only large cities in the continuous permafrost zone.

Norilsk was founded at the end of the 1920s, but the official date of founding is traditionally 1935, when Norilsk was expanded as a settlement for the Norilsk mining-metallurgic complex and became the center of the Norillag system of Gulag labor camps. It was granted urban-type settlement status in 1939 and town status in 1953.[10]

???????? :


????????? :


Salvatore Trombetta

Semisweet russian champagne. Agnesi pasta o spaghetti is ok. In italy Agnesi, De Cecco, divella, rummo are very good as Barilla maybe more. The Matter is that MUST be pasta di semola di grano duro ( hard) that means cooking proof ......it means that otherwise : with the grano tenero ( cheaper) spaghetti tastes bad if you cook by mystake 1 minute more..... so if it is grano duro they write on package otherwise they write nothing. Martini 12 € looks expensive Martini is simple white wine and that’s it! Maybe with 12 € you can buy a better wine. In italy you can buy a good wine better than Martini for 6-7 € max . Friulano, est est est, traminer.Sauvignon, etc.etc.


je préfère votre Norilsk à vous une ville comme les autres ou presque, le Norilsk que nous montrent certains est une ville irréelle, lunaire, hostile, invivable Grace à vous, j'apprécie de plus en plus cette ville ( sauf la fumée des usines )

Juan Lasierra

Good video. The shopping center is very nice and clean. There is spanish food in the market?

Иван Танев

Before your videos, years ago i see only videos for Norilsk is bad place - grey, chemical, no sun, etc. Read same at Nat Geo Magazine. In your videos i see one good city, yes cold, but see normally living.

Jimmy Landi

Yes, agnesi is Italy product

Piero Elias


George Jetson

Is there a country in the world that DOESNT have Heineken? Lol


Hello from london uk?

Debbie Gardner

Hi! I found your channel a few days ago, and I am enjoying your content. I subscribed and am making sure to like all of your videos. I’m in the U.S. but have always been drawn to Russia for some unknown reason. I feel like your videos transport me away from my usual daily life, and give me a look into your part of the world. Your wife is so pretty! and your son is cute! Is that you and your wife that I see dancing in the beginning of some of your videos?

Yadwinder Singh

You buy expensive food here and your life exceptence is 10 year less so why you guys don't go to Moscow Pittsburgh or other Russian cities rather than you spoil your kids here explain me please ok enjoy

Katarzyna Chroma

19:09, ooooh no, I thought you will go to the vodka section so I can see whether there is any Polish vodka imported to Norilsk ;p next time when you will be shopping could you show us the vodka section? thank you in advance and keep doing the good job, it's a very interesting content!

Dennis Dammit

Our milk (US) is in the refrigerated section. It's cow's milk.



Yadwinder Singh

I thought this is the hell of earth please bro you tube is not a good option i know you are not russian you are Albanian please go to that place where your kids grow up in good environment we had a whole life to work I live in Canada I struggle here now I had own transportation big house what you think about this


Dear Andrew, yes Agnesi pasta is from Italy!
While I'm not sure about Premium Gran Mulino pasta. I've never seen this brand of pasta here in Italy.
Pretto Mascarpone is a russian made cheese but I think that could be a good mascarpone, in any case isn't imported from Italy.
Where did you learn italian? You speak quite well :)


keep going man, this is amazing to follow! never change <3

M Rubio

Andrew hi! It's a shopping cart ??

Vanessa-Claire Schmidt

A shopping cart or trolley in some countries


Hit the like button before watching the video, great content as always ?
Ps: «Ikra» in russian is caviar in english

Daniel G.

Everyone is looking at you ??????

Piero Elias

Cae nieve en la comisaría

Villi Brandt


Mr United

Boring video

marty sender

intro GREAT Andrew. 2 Andrews...LOL... it's called a "shopping cart". nice store!!! Oh in English its spelled "holidays". what i find amazing is your supermarket looks exactly like ours. even the way items are displayed and arranged. I just read Putin has meeting with his cabinet the other day and complaining food is going up in price, like pasta. Man your market tour? I'm getting hungry. parla Italiano. va bene. One Euro is about the same as one Dollar. oooh. i would like to try Baltica 7. but many same brands beer and other "spirits" the same cost as USA same brands too. Sugar taste? you mean "sweet" or "spicy sweet"? I think Elena wants you to get "pork" meat...from pig. I think, looks like pork. oooh. that fish, I think Salmon? looks great. LOL. buy some of that make fish soup. yes pork we also call Ham. funny. I just went to market and bought "smoked Ham". it's delicious. tell me questions about meat in Italian, so I can understand. We call the "chest of the Chicken" the "Chicken Breast" (pronounced Brest) ah Vodka. Stolinaya, and Finlandia (my favorite for reason you know) AND OF COURSE COCA COLA USA USA USA...lol Those things on your phone are fake fish taste sticks. we got them too. Like they taste like crab, but fish, not real crab. I like to put Mayonnaise on them. not real crab but tasty. Thanks for tour. I am so hungry now I must go to the kitchen and eat something. thnx Andrew from the North Pole.


on the milk it's written: Green village. You're welcome, Greetings from a Russian Learner :) The Martini is 14 EUR, not 12 Eur. I just saw it in a German supermarket for 6 EUR

Alberto Uslenghi

Ты вообще прекрасно говоришь по итальянскый!! Agnesi не плохо :)

Paolo Grossopipol

Agnesi Is from Italy, yes

Nitin Sood

How you survive in -30 here it's only 7°c and I'm Shivering

Polina Arhipova

Hi, l live in Norilsk❤️?

Dennis Dammit

The one you said was ham, looks like what we call salt pork. Very salty, used to make corn chowder. Small bits , though, due to the salt in it.

Dennis Dammit

What you put your goods to buy is called a shopping cart, or trolley in English.

Lee T

Such a pretty video, I always draw to your walks.

ines xx

yes Agnesi is a premium brand in Italy, acctually better than Barilla. Complimenti per il tuo italiano lo parli molto bene

Yadwinder Singh

Hi how are you buddy keep it up we are waiting for more videos don't worry you got more subscribers until new year and next year come to Canada anytime welcome you ok


Ciekawe filmy, z przyjemnością i zainteresowaniem oglądam jak żyje się w Norylsku. Pozdrawiam realizatora tych reportaży!

Lee T

2:23 we call it a shopping cart!


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⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Walking in Norilsk City | Going to work | Sept 25, 2020

49 460 views | 27 Sep. 2020


???????? :


????????? :



I knew Russia is a shithole, but this :|

Reverb Man

POV: Doomer going to school

Sta Ts

Тут есть русские???


You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to one of our finest remaining urban centers. I thought so much of City 17 that I elected to establish my Administration here, in the Citadel so thoughtfully provided by Our Benefactors. I have been proud to call City 17 my home. And so, whether you are here to stay, or passing through on your way to parts unknown, welcome to City 17. It's safer here.


This looks like something out of the PS2 era ngl


That's what happens when you design a city not for people but for cars... Where are the sidewalks? But it does have a strangely interesting vibe to it


Apparently this settlement was founded as a gulag in 1935 and then somehow became a residential city

Максим Бонн

Что это делает в моих рекомендациях? А здесь говорят на русском или норильск is a part of the US now?


The buildings look quite impressive. Best wishes from Poland

Emmanuel Alvarez

The lack of people reminds me of how cyber punk runs on a last Gen console

Maxim Dimitrov

Soo poor city ! Welcome to Russia ?

Eric Mabley

This is one place Bald & Bankrupt should go to. If anyone can find a good time in Noril'sk Mr Bald could.


Fallout with paint jobs

Ilhan Mansiz

Looks both Utopian and Dystopian at the same time. Weird but unique, well some building architecture in there really hurt my eyes. Great video and dedication indeed.


Looks better than most Citys of the USA


Surprisingly it doesnt actually look that bad as you would think, but id imagine that changes during the winter.


I would so much miss the trees if I've lived there. Otherwise not worse than some parts of my city.

Deep Atlantic

Good thing they painted those buildings. It would be so depressing if they were all grey

Peter M.

Love the colourful buildings. A nice contrast to the grey commie blocks. ^^

Marco F

I love big russian space in urban areas and in natural areas. Great Russia. Impressive architecture and atmosphere. Immense spaces like the russian soul and eurasian strength.

Some Guy

People calling this a depressing city have not stepped a foot in third world slums. You can still see a blue sky when there are no clouds.

delirious bunny

this video gave me an asthma attack ?


looks pretty nice, only thing i don’t like is the red and yellow buildings gives me mcdonald’s vibes


It looks way better than I thought. С приветом из Польши


No Trafficlights , so less cars, no ads, no graffiti. What a peaceful city.

Tronald Dump

It’s strangely free of congestion and traffic.


Why there's no trees around?

delirious bunny

holy shit you can see the sun?? must be a good day

Pichi 22

Its better than i thought its actually nice

Knock Hello

Fucking cool


Was it 4am? Why so few people?

Carlos Ceballos

amazing. those yellow and pink huge residential buildings remind me of the huge rococo st petersburg pallace

Bogdan 888

Zi ma ene cand faceai ingerasu

Aditya M.

It looks better than 99% of cities here in India. Clean roads with no traffic are good enough for me


remember this was taking during one of the few days this city isnt dark and covered in snow, and remember the air quality here is one of the worst in the world due to the nickel factories so close to the city

Mark Vinewood

I thought it is winter so all the trees must be leafless and thus not visible but... it is September. There are no trees, no vegetation, no decoration. It just feels so empty.

Axel Sundin

Some nice classic architechture atleast


where all the people are???

Štěpán Pazderka

Looks like a typical soviet city, there are thousands of cities across Russia like this. Why is this one in particular so interesting for people I have no idea...

Arijit Palit

A little bit more greenery might do wonders to this place.


Wow, that's so depressing.. holy shit.


Them colored buildings look like cakes

Walks and Such

great content. i love russia and russian people, from mexico and usa.

Nathaniel Sabet

after watching the video from themcbobgorge, Norilsk doesnt seem so bad

Haider Saghir

At least there’s no traffic

calogero esposito

Like added! I've liked all the yellow buildings. It's a marvelous color.....Greetings from Italy!


It doesn't look very bad either.


They should plant more trees, it would look really pretty then :)

Vlad Razym

Nice walk, never expected to see something like this


Neon yellow and pink buildings? :s who thought that was a good idea?

Lupe Bogi

It looks like some driving game that puts a lot of effort in making the vehicles nice with good textures and reflections but didn't put much effort in the buildings and the environment.

FlugerG3haimer Фарту

2:47 эта бэха вроде до сих пор там стоит в снегу ))

Michal Lipert

Author of the video: walking
25 000 people including me: hmmm, interesting

Seth Bastes

It looks like Half Life 2 - City 17.


Standard Soviet cities, square buildings, wide roads, and sparse population

Being Doctor

This isn't look bad at all.

Veritas Valebit

I can only imagine the misery of the gulag prisoners (slave labor) sent there hack that town out of the tundra.

Daniel's UK Transport videography

nice video seems like a rather empty but industrial city thanks for uploading video

Charles Chukwunonso

This place is beautiful

Diego Salazar

Rusia es horrible


if i can grow weed for myself and smoke it in peace without getting into trouble id move there . Its nothing different then my current city . Just i has lower building :D


this is the first time i see a russia city closely......good job!!im a chinese never been russia


This looks perfect for a Survival/Horror game, like literally the car in the beginning started up as soon as he walked in that area. Really interesting

Márcio K.

The most strangest thing about this city, for me, is that there is no houses, only buildings. Anyway, it's better to live there than in shanty towns, like there is in many poor countries.

Dave Andrew

How's the internet speed up there?


lovely building colors


Был в Норильске на Новогодних праздниках 2021. Остался под таким впечатлением, что даже сделал такое видео https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSnVjwfdZG0
и, если интересно, в том же плейлисте - 6 частей моей поездки


Oddly pretty

Viktor Csányi

Maybe it's the 3D engine of this game called Norilsk... If you like to render more people and cars on the streets it always freezes out the videocard!


There are these terrible roads, some terrible housing, an unbreathable air, no nature, no exploration and yet these buildings have some incredibly charming colours. What an incredible contrast

Real Unreal

it is like sci - fi for me.


The city has a North Korea vibe :)


Those ugly colors on Socrealism buildings.. It makes this city more ugly that it would be having white colors instead

Ryderxd Jonson

Ten zielony kolor na tych blokach, kamienicach wygląda ohydnie, jak by były normalne szare, ładniej by to wyglądało

Fırat Özgür

Wao beautiful country

Warda lock

Büyüdüğüm zaman buraya yerleşeceğim...

Bogdan 888

Fara nerr


Nightmare, so depressing


No trees in Norilsk?

Yes No

I am completely high right now watching this. Just felt i needed to tell. beautiful

Jane Smith

It looks nice! I would rather live there than many many other places lol like big overpopulated cities in India where people are literally taking shits on the sidewalk


Why does this city feel fake?


02:50 - your surveillance team isn't exactly being subtle.

Azim A.

Wow more peaceful and quiet compared to Moscow !

Bogdan 888

Fara numarr

Marek Małecki

I'm quite surprised that there are so many stock vehicles from common brands. I was expecting something more reliable, but I assume that if minus degrees hit the city, those cars just dont work and thats it.

Isfi Hanni

They Said "The most polluted city in the world" but wow unbelievable that this city look better than my town

Bogdan 888

Na comentarii

Jenn Righter

The building colors are like what you see in coastal American areas, beachfront colors.

Сергей Сергеев

Магазин мебели "Ленский", магазин компьютерный " Стибор", кинотеатр "Родина", все как и восемь лет назад))))

Gravel pit

A very monumental and seed.. No public infastructure only buildings


Thanks for the upload!

I honestly don’t see how modernist planning ever went out of style, because let’s be honest, it kinda did. I love every aspect of it. The wide avenues lined with towering apartments, the different layers for cars, pedestrians (or public transport), sidewalks that can fit a truck, and the long vista’s down streets(like at 6:38 or a little thereafter). Much better than the small, cramped and shady medieval layout of much of Europe if you ask me.

Simas Doorsas

Getting some half life 2 vibes here

خوخة ٠

norilsk city only one time that i saw a video about it and this is the second time/ thank you ❤❤

S-Ragnar Nemanjić

Looks kinda like I imagined London in George Orwell's 1984, minus the colorful buildings. And I'm from a former socialist state, so I'm not completely unfamiliar with this kind of a look of a city, but this is the most socialist/soviet thing I've ever seen lol

Yoann est ici

Last beautiful day of September. Seizing the day. Before getting - 40 C in Winter.

Simas Doorsas

Just missing the combine and striders n shit

aces 1982

TBH I've seen worse, that said im not visiting anytime soon!!!!


It's so quiet

Ricardo Delhom

Pussy Riot lead singer was born here...


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2 081 views | 30 Nov. 2020

???????? GROUP

???????? GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/3469619139795263

Hello my friends, I'm Andrew, this is my family Arteom and Elena!

Temperature: -13°C

Walking Time: 32 minutes


Norilsk-Russian: Нори́льск, is an industrial city in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, located above the Arctic Circle, east of the Yenisei River and south of the western Taymyr Peninsula. It has a permanent population of 175,000.

It is the world's northernmost city with more than 100,000 inhabitants and the second-largest city (after Murmansk) inside the Arctic Circle. Norilsk and Yakutsk are the only large cities in the continuous permafrost zone.

Norilsk was founded at the end of the 1920s, but the official date of founding is traditionally 1935, when Norilsk was expanded as a settlement for the Norilsk mining-metallurgic complex and became the center of the Norillag system of Gulag labor camps. It was granted urban-type settlement status in 1939 and town status in 1953.[10]

???????? :


????????? :


marty sender

No Hamburger??? With French Fries? In English, Deer meat cooked is called "Venison" VEN AH SON. North of Arctic Circle, LOTS of reindeer. the Pocket 2, when panning, has bad motion blur. You must pan the camera slowly. Wierd. I was in the Bari region of Italia, long time ago, on my way to a boat to go to Yugoslavia. LOvely area, rural villages by the sea. ...not visited by tourists very much. GREAT STILL SHOTS OF WEDDING. very nice. I think we call that Cilantro soup. Yummy. LOL. You have Pocket 2 on little tripod at table? video very good. Its 30 not 60? Finally a high chair for little "A:. Why no tourists allowed in Norilsk region? I cannot come visit? Dont do these anymore. I am getting SO hungry. Does Elena work a job? Nice story your family. great Pocket 2!!! the last part in your flat.......is there button you can film in Black and White?

Vanessa-Claire Schmidt

What a great story about your meeting your lovely wife.


if you can, try to reduce motion blurring. It's a bit uncomfortable for the viewer. Besides, great video as always!

George Jetson

How long do you plan on staying in Norilsk ?

Dennis Dammit

The term you were looking for ("sour") due to the lemon, is pronounced SOW-ER, sounds like cow followed by er. Sewer is waste water from the toilet. I mean no disrespect, just trying to help you out on saying English terms. I think I would like the soup, from your description.

Marek A

The name of the restaurant written in Latin alphabet corresponds exactly to how this fruit is called in Polish, Czech and Slovak. In all these languages plural form is maliny (I think in Russian is the same). I miss very much Norilsk's snow - here where I live night temperatures now fall slightly below freezing but there is no snow at all ...


Great restaurant ! Big choice, good meals, space to enjoy the meal with your family ! Are all restaurants like this in Norilsk ? A real SOUP ! In France, for 25€, you have one steak /fries with a coffe, and never a soup or pancakes in an ordinary restaurant, and you'll be sitting with 10 other people on the tables beside. I'm from Bulgaria, and most restaurants are like in Norilsk, think it's the same in Romania. Are there "poor"restaurants if I can say this ? perhaps, the lack of tourists and the wealth of the town helps to have this quality ?

Liudmila Belova

Семейный ужин! Как мило! Вы классные! ????

Aris Tzam

It is the Russian tradition for a girl to get married at young age about 23-25years old! This is not true in other countries where young boys or girls are not interested in marriage at this age! But why you did not live together in Bucharest? You have EU passport and can live in any EU country!

La France

at 19:36 he translates Acru to sour. So Romanian is his prefer language

M Rennie

Arteom ❤ He is THE CUTENESS ?


I think you mentionned that you did not speak any Russian in 2014. So how did you communicate with Elena? English? Was it easy? Must have been interesting :-D

Tineke de Haan

This one was very lovely and tasty......mmmmm....thank you and your nice familie.


Nice place and the food looks Very tasty.

Gargle Diggs

lovely family stay safe all the best luck to you :)

Olive Grove


Brandon Carter

I love learning about your city and seeing your family! Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing your experiences...

Kelly Diote

You have a strange life. It baffles me that you chose to have a child in Norilsk. Economical reasons do not outweigh health issues. Please, keep up the good work, I am so curious to know more. Your case seems very singular.

Beez Neez

Thank you for sharing your meal and story with us. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! ?. The restaurant looks very clean and nice. The food looked good - I would love to try it. It’s wonderful that we can all learn from each other and see how people live in other parts of the world. Blessings to you.


découvrir Norilsk c'est déjà extraordinaire ! et en plus un restaurant à Norilsk , c'était inespéré ! Merci et bonjour à la petite famille !

Ovidiu Belea

O familie minunata multă sănătate și fericire va doresc. Doar ce m-am abonat și admir filmările de la polul frigului cu speranța sa ajung și eu odate pe acolo în sakha


4 days bruh? Yikesss

Aris Tzam

Expensive restaurant for Norilsk! What is an average salary in this city? Do gold mine workers get lot of money? A typical meal in Athens would cost about 20-30€ but the minimum salary here is 500€!

Adrian Cotrau

Smântână -sour cream în engleză

Shura Fransesca

Very cool and atypical story of how you met each other! You guys look so cute together and of course your son is the cuttest!

WBeast's Relaxation Channel

This one is the beeeest ? awesome


What a beautiful story!!!

In Polish -śmietana
In English -sour cream

Debbie Gardner

I was so happy to hear your story of marriage proposal. How wonderful, and I loved seeing the pictures of you both!

Dave Binnie

Thank you for the privilege of enjoying a meal with your family. Congratulations on another fine video.


You need a good red italian wine for your dinner,my friend ;)

Piero Elias

How cold get during winter