Top 20 lol players

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Thorin's Thoughts - Top 20 Worlds Players Lists (LoL)

40 776 views | 10 Oct. 2019

Some thoughts on the

Some thoughts on the concept of "Top 20 Worlds Players" lists, criteria used for them and some issues I see with how they were created.

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Special thanks go out to JerCkysMiNi0n

gia khang Truong

Make a Top 20 Thorin's Backgrounds pls

Kenny Ong

Definitely agree with the logic of top 20 lists. I really enjoy when they're published to listen to the content that follows in which they elaborate rather than simply staring at the list and going "Faker #1 wow".

Deep Banana

Ever consider doing a regional stats format? Take the stats from for each individual region and ranking players in their roles based on the two splits then combined them with all other regions without giving any bias then let worlds show how they compare internationally based on performance?

Good Reason

I dont mind opinions and top 20 lists. But every year I am getting more and more sick how overrated Faker is based on his name. For 3 years now he is not best performer without even a question yet most of the common opinions are that he is number one. He was. He definitely isnt.

Kenny Ong

Hey Thorin, do you ever have to do retakes for the end of your videos? I can't imagine doing those with a straight face on the first take but maybe you're desensitized to those names at this point.

Joskim Engström

No Buttpounder420?


So glad BluntSmokingAnusDestroyer is always a staple for supporting thoorin's ramblings.

Thank you. You're a legend.


At 5:36 I started to get hard

Albert Quebrar

double-take'd on 17:45

Oskar Jakobsson

Where is ur boy Froggen? Hes been to worlds shouldnt that be reason to put him top 3

Jack Rings

Man I should get used to thoorins hot takes lmao, he always manages to surprise me though.

bafana Mhlamvu

I was actually expecting a top 20 list, but then got this incredible insight...

the smallest dalton brother

thorin i have a thought for you.

on jatt and vediuss list i say they massively failed their own criteria. but if we say we apply that criteria and put people on the list who we expect will perform well
i say there needs to be these western players no matter what competition they have in from the east
rekkles, hylissang, perkz, jankos, wunder, jensen.

theyre so good and have shown historically that they perform well.

what do you think of that, or who would you say are the western players you expect to perform

and another thing to add. please watch hotline league last episode, just one specific scene were markz put up a spreadsheet of which seeds of which league performed how well.

it shows that c9 was one of the best teams of the whole world historically, since they always made a deep run. i think this is a super interesting topic nobody really discusses. that our perception of how well na/eu actually performed, which teams did perform is so fundamentally distorted because all we see is "this team won worlds" "this team was hyped up" but we dont see the actual performance of teams.


Agree with all your points about the lists Thorin. But you'll be sorry about doubting the great Uma Jan, you think he can't be the best player at worlds??? Hah, laughable.

Deep Banana

good video and nice kitchen


Love Thoorin. Love sharing my NA opinion on Reddit. Though Thoorin probably appreciate my Reddit rantings. (;

Chris This

Thorin gonna upload a video with the same title tomorrow, but it will be an actual list

Sofiene Slimeni

Rookie played in 2015 worlds with IG. 2018 wasnt his only worlds ...

Benjamin Jones

Can't you do this for a good game like CS?

Misted Mage

My fav ginger right after melody jordan ?

Venti Lator

Blood smoking anus destroyer



I have been waiting for this Grabs popcorn

Schwinge der Wucht

13:45 rookie played for IG in 2015 tho, they got smashed but 2018 wasnt his first worlds appearance


@13:50 Rookie has been to more than one worlds


LS had an interesting take on the list but it was not that consistent on the criteria. Good for discussion though

Jacob Simonsen

people still care about league?

Roshan Khatri

Is his body itching or something? Who the fuck moves there body like that when they are talking.

adam john

Thorin, if you don't speak about the Blizzard + HK protest situation. You have no balls and don't call yourself e-sport historian.

Harrison Kleinpeter

So Jatt, Vedius, Yamato rated Faker no.1 but nobody would call him the best right now? (And yes I’m aware Jatt and Vedius rated it off of some legacy)

I think the real #1 is bluntsmokinganusdestroyer. Very underrated

Anonymous User

We can all credit Simple for his understanding of the game, but CS isn't as fast pace as league. Faker is a one of a kind. The legendary Zed play and many others support my opinion.


Thorin, as much as I usually agree with you on things, I have to disagree about your comment on predicting player performance. Trying to get a feel of a player that has never come to worlds is I agree a fool's errand, but expecting Faker to show up this year is not such crazy talk. It doesn't matter that he had a different team in 2013 with different opponents in a different meta. What matters is that he's gone to the Finals at every single Worlds he's attended. That veteran playoff experience matters a lot. He knows the feeling of being down 2-0 and the prospect of being sent home at the greatest stage (worlds). Yet he's shown time and again that when all the pressure is on him, he finds a way to find that extra gear and will his team to the top.

Contrast this to other players who've attended worlds with ridiculous domestic success backing them, only to mentally crack like an egg when the heat is on them. The way Rox Tigers crumbled, the way Griffin always chokes at the biggest stage.. so predicting a player success using various metrics of X champion is currently in meta and Y player is very good on it, on top of their history of not choking would point out to not the "best player" but rather "potentially the best players to pop off" at worlds and carry their team where they have no business being at. I still find that to be a more compelling list because this way, various experts of other regions can weigh in their bias and make a case why their player should belong in the "key players to watch list". Of course those that drastically fail their predictions would become the top 10 DADE award candidates.


I agree with everything you said brother! There were so many amazing players overlooked just because they're not on over-hyped teams..


You know shit's weak when the best segment of a video is LS' introduction of it.


No cs video coming up?

Iulian Jercan

I really like the video and the discussion about the criterias used for top 20 lists. LS's list though, is "interesting" because its unique as LS branding is. He also contradicts himself in many positions, uses double standards. So i don't think this is a list to be highlighted for its coherence, but surely the criteria is different from many others and this leads to a different list. Is the criteria set in advance? Is the criteria made up to favour some players or is it totally unbiased? If it's unbiased, are the positions accurately sorted following said criterias rigidly? LS is a biased character, as everyone for their own region, even if they try not to, and there is nothing wrong with it, every caster also follows more its own region and can see or value things higher than another who doesn't. The fact that LS preaches objectivity so highly, talks in absolute terms and shits on everyone elses opinions (because top 20 lists are opinions and not facts since there is no definite and scientific criteria set as a standard) and then also his list has its logic flaws, it's pretty funny. He shits on everyone and labels people who shit back as "you know shit about the game". At least other casters/characters accept different lists, discussions and don't reject flame claiming their list is perfect. I appreciate LS' content in many occasions, often times i disagree with him, and that's normal, but the constant absolutes he uses are the only thing that don't bring out constructive discussions but only sensationalist reddit threads and back and forth flaming.


Nice microwave.

Chris Thomsen

Great video, keep up the good Work!! :D And i agree, if people would just be transperent and coherent in how they made the list they would be great for sparking good conversations. Problem is, from the content i have seen so far, the conversations almost always turns into a shit show.. it seems to me, it happens, exactly because of inconsistencies in how they have constructed their lists and especially the emphasis on "potential" is tilting me so much. at this point, it is just buzzword, that people use, to justify their feeling about a team or a player, but at the same time, it is imposible to judge what their acutal definition of "potential" really is.

Tim Bradshaw

Saying that logic should be consistent is flawed. For example you could rate jungle pathing VERY highly and heavily weight junglers with great pathing. But then weight jungle mechanics lower down. But when you have an insane player with average jungle pathing you'll have to weight the player worse according to your logic. But sometimes a player who is exceptional in one aspect of the game, because of the meta, this one aspect will have a tremendous advantage over others because the gap is so large. So your logic can be consistent, but in extreme examples the logic falls down.

For example Doinb's lane phase could be argued as being fairly bad compared to other laners. But his roams and pairing up with his jungle are extraordinarily effective in the current meta. In a normal list, a bad laning phase would hurt a players ranking considerably. But this one flaw creates a positive which is remarkable roaming that helps to win FPX the LPL title in arguably the top 2 most competitive regions. So my point is, for most players bad laning would require them to be ranked quite low, but with an extreme example like Doinb the same logic cannot apply because his style makes his team the strongest team in the LPL.

Comparing Caps and Doinb for bad lane phases with the same logic is unfair because caps just gets beaten while in lane. Doinb often loses lane but will roam and get his team ahead. Both have relatively bad laning but using the same logic for both is unfair.


Never forget when Perkz wasnt on a list in 2017 for Jatt after that 2017 MSI, where Bjergsen was 10th, when he even said in 2016 that Bjergsen needs to shine, because he doesnt have an old excuse of '4 wards and Bjergsen'.

2017 MSI final where Perkz was godlike against Faker btw

hehe haha

LS list was so bias it was disgusting. His list was so packed full of Koreans it showed how much he watches the western regions. There were names of players that had shit splits, no international experience with only a hyped name tag keeping them up. Chovy…. he choked in basically all the important games he has been in, how the hell can he be a top 20!?

Peyton Hughes

Oooo wee here we go


LS' List is pretty dogshit since anybody who watches Griffin would realize they get a minus 50 debuff applied when games have any sort of importance applied to them. Kappa

Anonymous User

I haven't seen league in a long time, but if Caps is better than Faker what is this game anymore? Faker's mechanics must not matter anymore or have diminished. Faker's prime is the most insane reaction times and awarenness I've ever seen.

Nathan Hewitt

Audio in Monte's kitchen is phenomenal

Arturo Lagos

You look healthy Thorin ?


yes rookie only been to worlds once. some people confuse iG rook1e for rookie but they are cleary different players.

Yargo Teixeira Gomes de Melo

I think one of the best criteria would be assigning points to each team based on what one think the chances of that team doing well relative to others, and within each team assigning each player a multiplier based on if said team does well, what are the odds is because of each player.

Sado Moreno

There is definitely a stinch of EU bias at this years worlds. Perkz#2 lmao. They win MSI now thrusted to the top of the list?? Did we forget that they lost to pvb twice? Like god damn if we are going by that logic, doublelift and core jj should be on that list as they came in 2nd place at msi.

Finley Gibbons

Can someone give me a tldr;? basically just the 1-20 list.


Since thorin does not really play league that much it is difficult to understand what Ls really meant by best player. It is the fundamentals with out looking at the role and mid and top lane require so much skill to master that's why you see solo laners succeeding when role swapping, while junglers or supports do not successfully role swap.

Alaskan Malamute

Top 20 lists are pointless there just hype lists they never end up remotely right.


a thousand times yes

Andrea Giovannetti

Is pajama Thorin best Thorin?

peter goetz

Ls might have criteria to make t
He quality of his list very good.
Actual problem is that he lacks knowledge because he admittedly doesn't even watch LEC. Not sure if he watches LPL very much, but that makes the list very KR biased.
So good criteria, but bad knowledge makes it rather a top 20 ranking of mainly KR and partly LPL for reasonable reasons, but he has no idea of LEC although he included 4 players

Pan Patryk

Just stop with that love for LS, the guy is literally wrong 9 out of 10 times. Actually, im dropping following your shows only for the reason mentioned above. And ye, I know you dont give a flying f ?

Tommy Basic

Where do we put Rekkles KEKW


what happened to thorins background?


just a comment about faker not being called the beas midlaner in the vendis top 20 they and in dobas picks they explained how faker is so supiror to other midlaners after 20 min mark yes obv its biased couse its faker but they have arguments which dont simplfy to "its faker" and its quite hard to have a hard methodology when in the end its ur opinion, there isnt a way to mesure skill yes stats are one way but u dissmiss then so much context so in the end, no matter how hard you try this list will always be in some way biased becouse there is no maths that you can apply and get a clear ranking that would just depend on weights, yes have weights but how will you messure the skill in that area, whats the point of having a weight for for example calling if there is no stats that would ever say how good someones calling is(yes its a terrible comparison, didnt have any other on the fly), sorry for my terrible english and being all around the palce with the message

Patch Work

That title saying "list" implies this video itself is gonna be a top 20 list. I'm curious whether that's intentional - prolly not, but woulda been smart clickbait.


THANK YOU Thorin for calling out this Faker BS!!!
"Haven´t played good in 2 years, still #1 on their lists" <-- how does it even add up?!


Perkz being underrated in other news water is wet

Top 20 lol players

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10 GREATEST League Players of ALL TIME - League of Legends

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Concepts: Best ADC 10.21, Best support 10.21 best mid laners 10.21, best junglers 10.21, best top laners 10.21 patch 10.21 rundown, 10.21 lol, 10.21 changes, Samira nerfs 10.21, Hecarim nerfs 10.21, Graves nerfs 10.21, Nidalee nerfs 10.21, Camille nerfs 10.21, Pantheon nerfs 10.21, Corki buffs 10.21, Aphelios buffs 10.21, Trundle buffs 10.21, Lee sin buffs 10.21, Karma buffs 10.21, Udyr buffs 10.21, Nimbus cloak nerfs 10.21,

00:00 Intro

01:52 Criteria

04:50 10

05:51 9

07:14 8

08:25 7

10:01 6

11:33 5

14:39 4

16:35 3

19:12 2

21:15 1

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Nostalgia Corner

No Rookie? wtf

Ramiro Maynaza Luna

10: Bengi 3 times World champion

Garrett Estes

where the hell is theshy?????

Kein-Wai Cheung

Mata did not win Worlds 2016...

Perks Malamsky

Just imagine Prime Smeb and Prime FAKER , teaming up

Gabriel Park

ProGuides, where tf is Rookie?? He's literally at the very least top 5

Adam Wojtkowiak

wtf where is jankos and rekkles?!

m a r t i n e z

godzu is no.1 :O

Unknown Person

no one will ever dethrone faker... as he said before, in order to become the best , you need to keep your position as the best . you cant become the best if you only defeat the best once, you need to do it consistently...

Toto Modus

did i miss the criteria of "beeing a pro player" ? where the fck is dopa?

Djordje Stanojevic

rekles missing ???

UXP Uzzi



Where is Dopa lmao

Yagami YS

Since Bengi retired...faker haven't even come close to winning world's...let that sink in for a moment


Nuguri joining the list in few years for sure


Carry strength, my first thought :
Faker carrying, really fucking godlike/otherworldly carry, the whole team in the 2017 Worlds.

That Galio Faker was all-over the map doing everything and saving everyone's ass.


Kkkk rekkles and caps out? Dude, this is the greatest player our best? Because uzi is the second easy, never loses a lane

Fatih Savran

TheShy ?


Why is Ryu not on the list?
But hey, at least we see his face.

עמנואל זלצמן

Replace bengi with Rookie and the list is great ?

John David Maquiling

That title The right hand of god

Almighty Weeb

Peps having a seizure cause Rookie & Rekkes ain't in the list, just place them 11th & 12th in whatever order you want and BEGONE xd

cameron Leask

The best player of all time should likely make into to groups stage at least...

Andres Schmid

Faker makes me feel the same as Messi , the 2 goat!

wen Eric

no one will remember the guy who finishes second
Ryu: excuse me?

Senpai CC1

where is marin? where is madlife?


What a trash list. Putting clearlove and pray above bengi and bang? LMAO plus Deft sucks he had all the help he needed but always disappear in key moments.


Faker never left skt or t1 for another team

That is the reason he is the goat

We can all agree in that because sll of the top 10 they always switch teams just for a chance of winning worlds

jonah Carpenter

Rookies easily top 5, EASILY!


I think Rekkles should have been in the list

fridtjof bøe

No Rookie? Well...

John Gzone

What about rekkles? I'd say he is on the same level as perkz

DueForT Gaming

Nicee love from india ?

Hoàng Vỹ TA

Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật
Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật
Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật
Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật
Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật
Nam Mô A Di Đà PhậtNam Mô A Di Đà Phật
Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật
Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật
Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật
Nam Mô A Di Đà Phậtm

Tech Guy

skt t1 WOLF
In top 7

Arcade LA

I'm actually expecting Ruler or Jackeylove here ;-;

Jarno Berger

caps where u at?

David Dewey

Where are the TSM stans complaining that Bjerg didn't make the list? I'm a little surprised


22:10 that statement says it all

Lamine Séga Male

i don't understand I see fucking perkz only the list but rookie is nowhere to be found?

Loli pop

Hey, Apto is also a league player

manana hahah

Imagine puting perkz in a Top 10 all time lmao this dude doesnt belong in this list at all

Donald Glover

WHERE IS Mitch "BORIS" Voorspoels?! Trash List...


I see no Rookie in here, what a disrespect. Respect the opinion but cmon Rookie should be considered as the second best player of all time.


AQUI É BRASIL ????????????????

Eric Miles Tabamo


Joseph Porta

Proud of Croatia Luka <3<3<3<3<3<3


I was hating this top 10 because they don't mention any support (like Mata, Wolf or Gorilla), but as soon as Mata appeared, I ended up liking the Top 10 :)

Casi0408 2





I was afraid faker was gonna be no.10 it would’ve been an insta dislike for me?


Numai orezari


This list: North America? Who’s that?


Theshy caps xpeke ?


Caps, rekkless and rookie are definetely missing

Jon Eleazar

Of course Ryu will be with faker in top 1 clips hahahaha


What about Dopa?

lux statam

Perkz.I will become human again.

Llama Cebu

The old school 40+ year olds that are now leading the industry in big tech who created this environment for these players today were actually the best players.

CS 1.6 was true skill

_ _ SeCrEaT _ _

Faker is only good because of Bengi as jungler of SKT T1.

Holy Sheep


Zoom Soom

I wonder who will be the beast league player when faker retires

Information Broker

Rekkles :(


honestly caps not even cosidered is so troll, bad list

nobelo savageo

No tyler1?

Awokaxo Awods

The beast losers of life


eu & na on list...

reyner gavrila

when i saw prey i misread his name into kim jong un

Nyanko Bub

Faker will claim his throne again

A. Ka

to me rekkles is for sure top 3 adcs worldwide , he just gets unlucky but mechanic wise kda , cs ,dps he is one of the best , also i would argue that caps should make it in the list for how talented and how hard he can carry a team my opinion tho

Nostalgia Corner

No Rookie and Caps = wrong

Ashman TV

Its gonna take a few decades for Faker to fall of the top 10 list... truly a legend

Minh Vũ



데프트 고평가 너무 좋다 ㅅㅅ

Golden Sasquatch

Just Curious why is Bjergsen not on?

Gabriel Park

1. Faker
2. Rookie
3. Uzi
4. Deft
5. Mata
6. Smeb
7. Score
8. ClearLove
9. Caps
10. Perkz
11. PraY
12. Bang
13. Jankos
14. Rekkles
15. sOAZ


Good list.. Caps should be on it also tho


Where is hayate?


Obviously it should be Tyler1

Built different babyy.......

Mr. Croctic

Faker + bengi best mid jg duo change my mind


how is ambition not on this list

Elvis Ali

my top 3 is
uzy .... not deft


im sorry wheres caps though

Mark pat Joe bill dinosaur

Poor ryu??

Matthew Corcoran

Deft is my all time favorite player. And the WUB WUB WUB music kills the vibe of this video!


me: if faker is top 1 and marin should be top 2!!


Mata didnt win worlds 2016 lmao

Zapxjr ???

Caps gonna take it

Michaela Ty

Faker didn’t have so much time and explanation here. There’s no explanation to why he is number 1


I think Rekkles is on the same level as perkz
Maybe even a bit better



Its my life

My personal rating of the world's best LoL player is very similar to the one I saw here: https://egb.com/blog/9-best-pro-lol-players-of-all-time. Faker, without a doubt, is the best LoL player for sure. I believe his next step in his career is to become a coach for a new pro team.
However, I think that this video is missing Mata and Rookie in the list. They are very talented and skilled players and I'm sure they'll show great results in the future.


no one in eu or na should be in top 10


The thing about Faker is that he’s done it at every level. Domestic, international, supporting the team or carrying the team he was always the face of SKT. There are players mechanically better than Faker today, guys like Chovy and Knight are mechanically better than Faker. There were players smarter or more innovative than Faker. But Faker’s name is the only one that’s on both lists and has been so good for so long.


But what about APDO?

Yahia Kenfaoui

Where is theshy tho

Ultimate Loser

When all of them are Asian...
Me, a southeast asian: So close and yet so far.


Please make a list of the best solo queue players of all time ( not pro ) ?

ky le

Perks is domestically more dominate than faker? The dude has 8 and faker has 9. I really want to know what smoke you are on

Mati Simonet

insec? rekkles? xpeke?

Top 20 lol players

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Top 20 LoL Players of All-Time | Part 4 - #5 - 1

14 460 views | 4 Dec. 2020

We have reached the

We have reached the summit! It's hard to argue against #5-1 on the top 20 LoL players of all-time. They're all icons of the sport.

Perhaps a surprise finish at the top spot...?

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Kiwkikid not top 1? Wtf unsubscribed, disliked, reported


Bold, not putting Tyler1 as the #1.
Achievements :
Back to back challenger
Can play multiple games
Twitch Rivals champion

Eric Lee

Deft is too much for 5th cuz he hasnt won any worlds yet. Everyone knows worlds title is the most important career.

Devano Pakpahan

see faker will always number 1 the unkillable demon King even thought T1 will never win again.......


Where is Dopa????


why is wolf not top 20

alone sailor

I think pawn should be 5 instead deft. He is just a choker

Adroit Toby

Legends say that Ryu is still angry


24 minutes surely is a long time to say it's Faker

Melvin Tan

15:50 no one else will ever match that

Caps : ?!?

Alaskan Malamute

if list based on individual lol player skill..not just who won most worlds with best team..
1. Uzi
2. Rookie
3. Caps
4. Chovy
5. Faker

Celedonio Estrada IV

68 percent winrate how faker senpai


Uzi #3 mata #2.

Arjay Escarieses

The legend himself Imaqtpie


But for me i think Marin,wolf and ambition should be in the list


No Marín?

Emmanuel Smith

How is pawn not a top 10 player of all time


Anyone who breaths should agree that faker is at the 1 spot


rip bengi


Caps went to worlds finals with 4 different players around him.

Omar-Nassef Ampaso

imagine if Faker Uzi Mata in the same team at peak level, then throw in Bengi as a support type jungler, and as you all know he’s the 3rd summoner spell of Faker, then Marin at peak in the toplane... ?

Kamal Lewis-Gopie

Top league of legends players list released
Ryu: "here we go again.."

Sajiv Doley

This list from 10-20 is so stupid

Hades 1-trick

Lmao imagine having jankos here and no ambition.


no ambition, Jankos/rekkles need to be off this list, You HIGHLY disrespected Bengi.

Francis Ignatius Borrero

Where the hell is Pawn??

Olle Reberg

Can you make a top 20 or top 10 players who's never won worlds?

In search of libration Just a life

championship, carry potential, longevity are important but you guys also need to add 1 more factor that is revolutionizing, How much a player revolutionized the game, his impact towards the gameplay and how much new players are inspired from. For e.g Madlife, Faker, UZI, xpeke, weixiao.


Caps had 4 different players around him and made back to back finals and won MSI, his resume internationally isn’t that different


Sadge no Ambition in top 20 :(

Your Dad Is Here

How is Tyler1 not #1??????????

Romanian In Germany

Faker was number 1 in old league patch, because there wasn't a single bad character. Right now what was meta in season 4 is weak sauce in season 11.
Deal with it T1 skt are long gone. they won't get even in groups anymore.

Clarence Fernandez

I still rmmber the lck all star day where mata was jst a rising star and killed faker he was so happy back that day and was so humble at it.

ben dov bloch

u forgot deft was 2015 msi champion defeating 2015 skt, that was massive (edit: u mentioned it but didn't write it tho)

Sajiv Doley

My top 20:
1. Faker
2. Uzi
3. Rookie
4. Mata
5. Ruler
6. Smeb
7. Bengi
8. Deft
9. Ambition
10. Pray
11. Marin
12. Perkz
13. Theshy
14. Karsa
15. Bang
16. Caps
17. Corejj
18. Pray
19. Rekkles
20. Clearlove

11-20 can be debatable

Marlou Sunga


The Teamx

Uzi giga overrated.

Aleq Yaw

To me the best thing about Faker and why I followed his career so much is simply because he always got back up.
After the heartbreaking losses on MSI's 2015 and 2019.
That soul-wrenching defeat on Worlds 2017 finals.
He dominated but he also lost and failed a shit ton.
Still he continued to be better and tried to come back stronger.
Which he did.
A champion is someone who gets up, even when he can't.

Tran Yann

i would put pawn in the list

dan theman

fAKER WAS CARRIED by the best player in his team the first few years so that doesnt count. put chovy, showmaker, knight, rookie in that skt team back then and they would have done better than faker. The last 3 years has shown what im talking about, where faker couldnt even make worlds. he definitely cant be called the best or even top 5 best mid laners last 3 years !!!! because he didnt have the team to carry him !!!!

Stop Chasing Me

Imaqtpie deserves number 1.

Santiago Floyd

OMG that Deft plays outplaying Ruler, Pray, Imp..


What do you mean rookie struggling in elo hell? I play league since season 4 and im still not plat


Inters, Trolls, Feeders
were playing league in harmony
untill Faker attacked the scene

and it was never the same

todays pros grow up watching faker play, and still get schooled by him, and he is just 25*
he is just like they said a transcendental figure of the game
the imiage of a mid laner, the imagie of outplays
with the SKT logo on his chest
the imigae of Victory

Radek Hrubý

I have no idea why Perkz is not there, he is more acomplished then Deft by far

Sergio De Pablo Calatrava

What a disrespect to Wolf who has been the best support ever...




1위는 놓고 2,3위 뽑는 랭킹이지 이건


Overall a good list but I think most of us in the comments agree:

- Bengi should not be #19 while Bang is #8. A lot of their accomplishments overlap but Bengi's entire body of work is just more impressive
- Jankos & Rekkles are overranked. They have solid resumes but there should be a significant gap between Caps/Perkz & Jankos/Rekkles. There's no way Rekkles is literally 1 ranking spot behind Perkz
- Pawn & Gorilla should be in the top 20

Personally, I'd go with something like this list:

20 Clearlove
19 Gorilla
18 Rekkles
17 Dandy
16 Pawn
15 CoreJJ
14 Bang
13 TheShy
12 Ruler
11 Score
10 Perkz
9 Caps
8 Bengi
7 Pray
6 Deft
5 Smeb
4 Mata
3 Rookie
2 Uzi
1 Faker

Antonijo Stojanovic

No perkz?What the fuck

KD kwan

#1 Faker
#2 Uzi
Should be no debate rn.
They both stay at the top of their position over all these years since S3.
Also playing as the core of the team over all the roster change.
If we only consider the peak, Marin & dade should be also at the top.
#3 Mata is all good considering his peak between S4-S8 but decent after.

Kevin Kohoutek

Yo I’m sorry but I don’t have this top 5 list .

Obviously faker and uzi 1 and 2, but yo why is corejj and ruler being disrespected so often on these lists .

Ruler back to back worlds finals and a champion and the same for corejj.

And here’s there thing they are still the top players for there teams .

I will never understand how they never make top 5

Wweking S

So no Marin


You know what's funny? all 3/4 EU players on this list play in G2 and 4/4 of them played in G2

Don Juan

18:56 I couldn't agree more this man is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.


Jonathan Edillo

Top 10 Coach of all time?

Seung Yoon

My own List :
1. Faker
2. Uzi
3. Rookie
4. Mata
5. Deft
6. Smeb
7. Pray
8. Score
9. Bengi
10. Caps
11. Perkz
12. Ruler
13. Bang
14. Rekkless
15. Theshy
16. Jankos
17. Dandy
18. Corejj
19. Madlife
20. Clearlove

Games Spil

i love Faker, GOD FAKER GOAT!

Harrison Kleinpeter

No Gorilla but Corejj in the top 20

“But Ringz erneh!”

Not Headhunterx1 Shiba

20:42 look at teddy this whole clip, dear god

Jan Carlo Oriña

Now ill agree. League on lock is garbage


Every top player of all time list for League ends after #3

Erick Jay Adorno

Please make a top 20 or 10 in each Lane to be Fair.

Top 20 or 10 Top Laners of All Time
Top 20 or 10 Junglers of All Time
Top 20 or 10 Mid Laners of All Time
Top 20 or 10 Bot Laners of All Time
Top 20 or 10 Supports of All Time

This is just to be fair to others

Mike Kim

No ambition when he was the top of his role in both mid and jungle at certain points of his career. That’s a tough call. Hard carried worlds with ruler and earned his video but not a top 20 player.

King Abalos Films

I see people here disagreeing with Uzi ranking second, but I get it. No one, not even Faker, has hard carried a team in such a dominant fashion as Uzi did in 2018. If you watch that Spring-MSI run, it was almost unreal how dominant Uzi was.

Lazar Jovancic

No ambition and peanut in top 20??

ikmal daniel

Dude I laugh so hard when I see top 1 is the legendary "YASUE" HAHAHAHHA


Faker is decent at league of legends. I think if he put in some effort he would be in the league of legends but for right now he should stick to the mini games


Pawn is No.1


Disgusting for No5


So no Peanut in the list at all?


If u realised theres only asian player in top 5 ?
And theres even no trash player from lcs such as doublelift and bjergsen KEKW ??

Ethan Tenorio

i love how LoL Esports is literally the only sport where we can agree who the GOAT is lmao

Don Juan

Ryu: ah shit here we go again.

Godamn guy's yes we know Faker is the greatest but give my man Ryu a break ??.


yea maybe rookie don't have 3 worlds, but in terms of mechanics he was and still the best.


so will rookie be over deft or mata?
lets find out

The Big Bronkowski

Number 1 will always be the GOAT Faker and LCK will always be better then EU

Aizam Alias

"If only they ban galio once in the 5 games" now I don't remember Uzi being at the other end of that game but I remember clearly which series was it from


2018 KT .. what a team ! 4 players of that team are here ! (3 in top 6!!)



R. Ortiz

Top 5 I would say are undisputed. As for the other 15, I can make some minor changes. Ambition, Pawn and karsa can be swapped for some of them. But that's just my opinion.

Acidrain Senku

Well done, Eric and Mark! We applaud you for your great "wishlist" of top players. You guys continue the good research and analysis. Soon, you will beat Reddit.


I think no one can disagree with top 3

Michal Wawrzeniuk

My personal list (only based on individual player skill, not team accomplishments) would probably look something like this:
1. Faker
2. Uzi
3. Rookie
4. Deft
5. Mata
6. TheShy
7. Score
8. Smeb
9. Pray
10. knight
11. DanDy
12. Dade
13. Chovy
14. Gorilla
15. Weixiao
16. Scout
17. Ming
18. Caps
19. Ruler
20. Karsa
I can see ppl disagreeing on Dade/Dandy/Weixiao, but because they played in a different era its really hard to estimate their placement. The biggest issue I see with your list is the fact that you really overrated western players. Apart from that, I don’t really see players like Bang, CoreJJ and especially Bengi near the actual top20. TheShy should be much, much higher than 20 as well.

Alexander Chavez

So many people discrediting Mata in the comments bro this guy changed league, changed how you play support. Showed the world you should fear all five positions

Rayn Anwar

I'd like to see khan on this list somewhere, I thought he was a beast although he had a rough year.

audi ClaudClau

Lovely ?? ??❤️

Anh Tuan

TheShy #20 ???