The flash season 6 suit

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The Flash 6x01 The New Flash Suit & Barry closes the black hole [HD]

81 210 views | 9 Oct. 2019

#TheFlash #6x01 #DCTV

#TheFlash #6x01 #DCTV

The Flash 6x01 The New Flash Suit & Barry closes the black hole

The Flash 6x01 The New Flash Suit & Barry closes the black hole [HD]

The Flash New suit

Suit of season 6

Barry’s new suit

The flash season 6 episode 1

#TheFlashseason6 #6x01

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Andrei Bautista

My dudes this show has gone wack, the black hole should have been feeding itself everything, esoecially the buildings

Munro McLaren

The Season 6 suit is the best suit.

Felipe Antonio

Finally the song fits the situation

Crazy CousinKA

seriously iris why would he die on episode 1
chhhh have you not seen the 5 other seasons


Can’t believe tonight is season 6 finale

Joris Flash

J'adore ! J’ai regarder les scènes sur multiverse fandom ... mais je regarderais en entier c’est mieux et tout sera sur ma chaîne

Rithy Official

If star lab is put javis or ai technology in barry suit it will be perfect

Jessy Araiza

2:19 damn iris u gotta take the fun out of everything


How barry get his new suit?

daniel channel

Barry suit look ugly use the season 3 suit just make it bigger and it will fit it

relax edits

Nice i didn't know blackholes blows instead of sucking.

Vidit Jain

hot damn I'm so liking this suit. So much better than season 5's

Aiman Abu Samra

1:06 for a sec I thought joe would grab his gun and start shooting the black hole cause tbh he would do it

William Seal


sami olivares

I hate this suit


Season 5 suit was the worst

Meg Park

See in normal shows the suits get better. In this show they get worse.


Superman xd

AshMCM - Gaming & More

Season 6 suit is the best and they shouldn’t change it from here. Also they are adding gold boots

abdulrazzaq natto

they never explained where he got the suit tho

James A. Durkin

The music makes this scene, without the flash song by Queen it would be a pretty meh scene but the music makes this everything

Felipe Fernandes

This is the better suit

Andy :D

2:19 what is that song?


Je suis aller à addic7ed et c'est pas écris quand la vostfr va sortir tu peux m'envoyer le lien si c'est possible car j'arrive pas a trouver


Ngl Season 4 suit was the Best Y’ll can’t lie And they should’ve made the suit better

yeager 95

I seriously hated season 5 and 6 suits. season 6 suit looks like a cosplay costume and 5 ones don't even mention it.


I hate iris.

dead force

C'est sur quelle site


The superhero pose with the arm sticking out no offence looks kinda dumb


When barry is being a dick to the members of the team flash like every single seasons

Samin Ahsan


Caitlin:**Freezes a mail box that joe already saved himself from

Also caitlin: You’re welcome

Black Lotus 95

4:17 best scene in my opinion

Iphazha Masala

FLASH!!! AWWWW!!! Savior of the universe!!!

Ken Troy Salera

Season 5 suit is tge worst because its like helmet

•Milky Fantasy•

Honestly I wish they kept the season 4 suit. The suit looks more durable and is able to stop Barry from catching fire due to his super speed. Idk the season 5 and 6 suits just looks like more of a cosplay than suit, the fabric looks like normal cloth rather than the ones from season 1-4. I wish the creators of DC woukd bring back the season 4 suit. I missed the season 4 suit.

Edwin Gomez

So cringe

Matthew Delgado

Season 4 & 6 suit was ????

Bob Tran

Wow the suit looks great

Airdan Nguyen

5. Season 5 Suit. Why no chinstrap? And the color’s too bright.
4. Season 1 Suit. Good start but is a little dark. Especially the emblem.
3. Season 2/3 Suit. White emblem makes it look a bit better and is very solid.
2. Season 6 Suit. Drastic improvement over the Season 5 Suit and is close to perfection.
1. Season 4 Suit. Great because it doesn’t change too much from the og suit but adds a lot to make it better than all of the others.

Danny Rubino

Iris was good in season 1 & 2 but now she wants me to stop watching the flash. Like I stopped watching Arrow around season 5 cuz every scene was full of Felicity

Movie Hermit

How did he make a 90 degree turn in mid air?


Wait how did he get the suit?


Cisco is allowed to do it but when Ralph did it -_-

Shadxw -

My favorite suit is the season 4 suit. Season 5 was ugly and I still don’t like season 6’s but at least it has a chin strap


Can someone tell me wear he got the suit


I liked season 6, it was fun and it also had its serious moments as well.

Gabriel carmona

I hate how they try to make iris sound smart and make the decisions when she has no idea what they even mean

Joker knight 124

If you don’t like the season 6 suit then you need Jesus. Oh and also go back and watch the other seasons and you’ll know what I mean


The music choices have been great this season


It took 5 yeas to add the ear piece. Now gotta wait for the boots

Afro Turtle

Season 6 suit is amazing and the coal looks better after episode 10


Whats the name of music?

Thomas Shelby

I weap for the science in this scene.

Zach Rogers

Eww 720p ?

Just Kaijxnz

Hes had so many suits

100k Breezy

When Oliver restarted the universe he should have let savitar kill iris

Noobmaster 69

The new suit look so bad in my opinion, it looks like an cosplay costume


This is my favorite suit by far, not even comparable in my opinion

Cry Clown

It’s to red and wtf is that mask

Darth Vader

This was one of the coolest moments


Eyy big fan big fan, also wherama

G-man lives

Cue the music!

Scarlet Lightning86

Love the Queen song scene.. Epic lol


I hate this suit


Imagine if Barry had died and they watched him die listening to the song

I don’t Actually Care

“ Also, where am I?” ?

Arrowverse Clips

Subscribe !


Is this season good?


Jai faim


Season 5’s suit was the worst coz Barry’s head looked like a bobble head ?

Rohith Yangalasetty

Wtf is this, it’s not even a suit anymore it’s spandex.

Alan Pena

Definitely the best cowl thus far, but I personally prefer the s5 suit overall, minus the wired helmet cowl. I actually like the idea of a cowl without a chin strap. I also think the new suit looks strange at times idk what it is.

Not cobra2031 fortnite Yt

No 6


If you guys take time to rewatch season 1 I bet the season 1 suit will be your favorite. As much as I love the white emblem and bright red the season one suit is my personal favorite.

100k Breezy

No offense but I like the season 1 black hole was way better then this one

Nichonite ‘

Damn that CGI has improved a lot.

Chief 117

Anyone else think new suit is kinda plain?

Jackson Bivens

So, where did he get the new suit from?


So much better bro

The flash season 6 suit

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The Flash | Season 4 | Cisco Explains About Barry's New Suit | The CW

87 707 views | 19 Oct. 2017

The Flash | Season 4 |

The Flash | Season 4 | Cisco Explains About Barry's New Suit | The CW.

Tuesdays 8|7 c on The CW

Christian Sarmiento

Still think this suit is lit compared to all other suits

Maria Stephens



Ahf Safwan

I love flash season 4 suit .

Musical Prithwi

0:57 Yaay!! That was really sweet...

William Soto

Season 4 suit is better

Adam Warren

Best buds

Joshua Leigh

BARRY: “I’ll look at this later” he literally can speed read that thing in probably 10 minutes. Super speed seems to breed super laziness

Bryan McLendon Jr

Where was that self healing armor after the Satellite?


Gucci: Season 4 Suit
Walmart: Season 5 suit

Patrick Turvey

Cisco has such a bad attitude these days. What happened to references, funny T-Shirts and naming villains?

B1ack Spid3r

1:04 me with all my homework

Christien Atkins

I'm eating Thai Food right now

Jules Hammond

Season 4 is my favorite season also that’s my favorite suit

Manie Isaacs

We need back the season 4 flash suit

ThunderBolt Gaming

This the best flash suit ever

William Soto


Dead Gamer

same suit as 2024


Best real life Flash Suit ever made. Only miss the yellow boots here

The cw's #1Fan

Barry gets a new suit/Emblion in almost every season, how about this time kid flash gets a new suit. ?????????..., JUST saying.


I like season 4 suit better than season 5

Daniel Rodrigues

Why are you putting ads on content that isn't yours, that's Copyright.


Are we not gonna question how they afforded that?


allow me to explain something about barry's season 4 suit: IT'S THE ONLY GOOD ONE HE'S WORN.


Loving kid flash mannerisms when satbdown ...actor added that

David Jackson Jr.

Cisco Is Too Much I Can't Stand Him He's Too Funny

John Lemuel Santiago

He can read tge manual in seconds but he is so not into it


0:56 Yey lol I love it

William Soto

Season 6 suit is ugly

Red Ash

I just realised that barry can fly

Evan L

2020 and still the best Flash suit to date!!!?

Intergalactic space witch

This suit still remains as the best suit in the series

JJ The Frenchie

What’s the episode

Dante Redwing

And he never uses the gadgets again because the plot demanded that there's a meta who can use it against him. Smh. Would've been cool to actually see Barry have a HUD with scanners and whatnot. Yeah, the Repulsor Blaster was way too much, take that out, but the self-repairing armor and all the other stuff could have stayed in. (especially since he can fix his suit in the comics using the Speed Force, so this would've been a neat little "Close enough" thing with the suit fixing itself with tech) Would've fixed the suit up at the end of the season so Barry can wear it in Season 5 too.


this is the only comic logical suit out of all the other suits including s5 and 6

Shadz Gamez

I actually like all the tech in the suit, and I'm really disappointed that it was only there for a single episode

Kking Shadow

Why did this suit have to be destroyed

Cody Ball

That’s the same suit for 2024 whenever Barry travels to the future whenever he meets his self when they there fighting against Mirror Master and top

Colten 123

Who else thinks the season 4 suit is there favrot suit or am I juts dumb and alone

Brandon Caballero

Self healing armor

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

What's the name of this sound track of the Tech Suit i can't find it anywhere

Jay Jay

I am the only one that liked the Season 1 suit the best? ?


Barry can read an entire library within 4 hours why is he intimidated by that manual?

Andrew P. Stewart

Yo, his season 6 suit should have been as good as this one


Honestly the best flash suit sad it got destroyed :(

Eason Song

Come come class


0:39 Babel Protocol

Ruzzel Nava

justice for the season 4 suit


Self repairing armor. That would’ve been useful in the S4 finale ?

Isaiah Sanders

Cisco is like the Donatello of team flash

Ryahan Akhtar Khan

He said I will look at this later but he knows he can read the manual 5 times in a flash

David Chávez

New suit is trash

Ryahan Akhtar Khan

Barry should read that wholeanuel five times in 20 seconds and he can do that

A random youTuber

Dude's got super speed, he could read the manual in seconds and yet he saves it for later!!!!!

- Boondoggle -

Looks like something outta Sharkboy and Lavagirl...except way less cheesy

Commander Riker

1:05 "I'll look at this later"
Fucking speed-read it.

jlpan 320

By far the best suit in Flash.


how would be the code of the heads up display? I mean waht language?

The flash season 6 suit

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The Flash Season 6 New Suit And Leaked News

812 038 views | 15 Jun. 2019

The Flash Has A New Suit

The Flash Has A New Suit And Season 6 Will Change Everything

Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-TheBinger

The Binger wants you to know that we don’t condone the season five outfit from The Flash. That’s why we're here with the latest news about season six.

Our goal is to give you hope in this upcoming storyline. Barry Allen is going to face his destiny. Hopefully, he does so in a new outfit, and we think we might know what it looks like. To do that, everything will need to be summed back up to this point. You can’t talk about a potential new suit without talking about the mistakes that were made. From there, we’ll examine some theories and leaks surrounding the plot for season six. With the biggest question of all: is this the end of Barry Allen’s run as Flash? Well, find out the answer to that and more.

All you need to do is click play and enjoy. Leave the rest to The Binger and the latest content from our channel!

Vsevolod Bilevych

Kyle Kiene

A suit with pulse guns

Minhaj Rahman

Season 5 doesn’t exist on Netflix yet

Russ Filmz

Oh muy God we already have a new suit. This does not look like season 6.

Leeroy Jones

I liked Nora but I want my damn Tornado Twins

Franca Elimimian

"Cwisis" on Infinite Earth's: 5:15

ashwin raj

What if oliver dies to save the flash ?


That is so schway

Thompson Homeroom

ok so it is march 27, 2020 and he is wrong flash does not vanish Oliver saves flash in episode 5 of the 5 episode crossover crisis on infinint earths. Pretty good should watch.

Charlie Giovanni

you said NEW SUIT but in the video no pic of new suit!!!!




The chin strap needs to come back, the suit without it looks weird


Wait since Barry doesn’t vanish due to crisis anymore then that means Nora is still alive... and that she won’t ever die and that means that Barry will get to have Noras firsts yay

Atim Joy

S4 suit was awesome

Anime Mcu Weeb

It’s dope

Crazy CousinKA

The new season 6 suit is so ugly and bland

juice world fan forever

The suit would be nice if the helmet wasn't their

Blaze Lycan

Sure it did look a little weird without the chin strap and it’s ‘bland’ colors but I actually appreciated it. Not only did it make the actor more comfortable but it looked MORE like the comic version of the suit than any other season suit. Sure, not all suits from comics look great on tv, but it was still awesome to see the brighter reds and more visible golds. I for one thought it was pretty cool just for that alone, and more.

Chri s Davis

Barry better be even faster the reverse flash

Sam Sam sam

Try to change his girlfriend to someone beautiful make berry come up with suite theat have alot different wepens


I’m happy Iris is alive ?‍♀️
Sorry for the daughter BUT she’s not dead, just has a new future ✊

Daniel Martinez

Everyone over here complaining about the chin strap in the season 5 suit, and I’m over here realizing right now there wasn’t a chin strap like 4 months later lmao

Mark James Deximo

Everyone loves the Flash like if you agree


its earth 90 flash who will die sadly not barry

Notorious Soul69

So his new suit is reverse flash emblem?

Rouge Speedster

Hold on think about in season one they defeated the reverse flash by Eddie thawne irisis boy friend that was engaged with her killed himself then reverse flash died but somehow needed up in season five can someone tell me something

Naomi Butler

First off the flash season 6 has the same suit as season 5 maybe watch season 6 before you go around telling fake news

Megan Stephenson

what episode is 1.13 from? I don't remember seeing that scene

Alex Martinez

The reverse flash is going to save Barry and the day for his final repentance to change his legacy

Rachael David

Well this video didn't age well.

Anime Mcu Weeb

I think the season 4 suit is better than all them


Guys srry for the spoilers but Barry his dead he’s not coming back for real ?


They forgot that the reverse flash use the ring in the mashing to put it in his body and how to Mack it easy

Jonathan Jizhong

Get an if


Is season 6 the last season

KitKat 79 Brown

Shut up you hobo you sound like your eating fecies


Noras running is so god damn ugly, she looks like she is faking it so clearly

Slia Tapeluelu

fake news


Chin strap finally back


i saw a vid where someone hated the season 5 suit and lked season 1,2 and 3 better

Siddh Bhanushali

bruh they got all of this wrong.


S5 Suit w/ S4 Suit Elements + S5 Suit Color + Chin Strap.

The Green Idea

I haven't even seen season 5 yet because it aint on netflix in denmark yet D:

Anna Marc

That’s not what the suit looks like

Kevin Park

Anyone here after s6


After season 3 the flash suck

kewl Boi

Ssn 1 and 2 is the best come at me.

Alexander Dominguez

Am sorry but there’ is a season 6 in Netflix

nova light

When they lost the leather and chin strap I laughed, it didn’t look to good

YoTech VINEing

So you practically recapped all the seasons instead of showing us the actual new suit............Thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my time.

Dillon Savage

The season's are only getting shitter hope it gets better

Timi Béres

The season 5 suit looks awful,but it's comfident.

Leon Sad Long

Don't you think that the suit's like a bold haircut? no offense but That's my opinion


That season 5 suit do lol

Angel Rios

The black flash is dead killer frost kill him so there’s no black flash

Anime Mcu Weeb

That suit is nutty

Mashroor F

I would’ve liked that edited version for the suit

5 digits Are A digits

5:08 that grey or black thing is hawt damn

Victor Kiama

seoson 7

Mario Super

My favorite season are 3,5, and 6 because why Time travel experience Barry has been time travel so far hopefully they better change the suit for him, and we need Barry save her daughter if that happened and fix everything.

Pickle Boi

Nora is just adorable.. she was the best part of season 5

Turkey Bread

4:59 Cisco is still in the group, he is just no longer vibe

Dujigato Otsutsuki The 12th Hokage

ive tried to watch this video but can't push through, i'll honestly just wait like two more months to see it

TheFireBall 321


Nohemi Trevino

Dude, the suit doesnt even look like that! Clickbaiter...

The Flash Biggest fan


Teddy Cohen saban

The flash season six mask has The chinstrap


Actually, Cisco IS still here.

Infamously Tall

Too bad that suit in the background wasn’t the actual one

Braydon MacLeod

2020 anyone

Vvs DavidKastillo

Who is nora


I miss the season 4 suit so much



Joey Foegelle

They should put the lighting bolt on the new suit

Joey Foegelle

On his head

Holden McSweeney

who watched this after watching season 6?!?

OMG Its Juice

nice photoshop ??

KitKat 79 Brown

Shut your ass up show me the new suit nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


I chin strap is badly needed and the black is a nice touch


barry looked more fat in season 5 suit than other suits


Season 2 and 3 are the best suits

Jayden Zamora

I’m from the future and there’s two new villains blood work and mirror master but it’s a women called Eva

Lior Aaron Gaming

Am I the only one that thinks barry is better with a beard, (like in the first episode of season 4?)

like bruh

Ryan Lennox

Please end this show

Li'l Uchiha

Nope he has a different suit confirmed on the CW

Anime Mcu Weeb

It’s dipe

Yo MatteriX


don’t call me lev

Please don’t use Pagey as a source again


Crisis on Infinite Earths did sorta fail but Barry is alive.

Eug San

I kinda like without chin strap

FaZe hyper

2020 is not good bye


The only suit that I like is the season 4 suit

Eli Tiede

Ok everything u said was great but we want the looks of season 6 flash suit dummy??‍♂️

Christian Deblasio

Szn 1 and 2 were the only good szns?

cubergirlz 123

You know I feel like one season Flash is gonna need a suit like Savitar's since Savitars suit is the only thing preventing him from building up too much static electrical charge and when Barry becomes fast enough he's gonna need it.

Dorian Arcia

I hope to God that suit is real. He needs an actual chin strap again. That season 5 suit was HORRENDOUS

Rhys Skywalker

That’s not the new suit


Barry Dies during crisis. Original Timeline Pre series Flash comes back with blonde hair. show reboots completely with a "New" flash with less team flash.

Tijm Kootkar


Niklaus Mikaelson

did anybody realize there that lois lane is holding a hammer!!