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Unitopia - The Great Reward Live_ iO pages DVD

24 209 views | 31 Jul. 2011

The Great Reward, filmed

The Great Reward, filmed at Nieuwe Nor, Herleen, the Netherlands, october 20th 2010 by John Vis and his crew. This is part of the iO pages DVD. The Dutch magazine gave this DVD as a gift to their subscribers for the 100th Edition Celebration of the Magazine last April 2011. Thanks to John Vis, Bert Treep and Freek Wolff!

Tatcher Spaceshipconstructors

i love that band.hey waldir,u have ask truey 2 jears ago to put that song on utube . good idea ;)

Princessa Stardusty

really love this song,... his vocals also, but could have done without that slide lead at the end.... otherwise, really big loves, good song. <3

Jeff Christie

Love these guys what a voice


What a band!!!! What a band!!! I already love this band!

Scott Johnson

That was Epic


Just watched your video, great work guys!

Luc BMW R1200RT LC

I was there!!!! Great gig!!!!!!!

David Seaman

***Peace Love Harmony***The Great Rewards awesome song~Namaste.

Lucien Sellem

super groupe à écouter en boucle


Outstanding live performance

Benoit Vanhees

Nice composition and live performance. Spectacularly nice vocals, singer hasn't got to learn much extra on this field, but connecting with the (small) crowd and his way of saying thank you surely need some extra attention. But then again, why can't this lame crowd be as enthousiastic as that superp Argentinian public listening and enjoying their AC DC concert that one can witness here on Youtube...

Terrence Connolly

Never seen someone use a slide quite like that before, no need to crush your finger inside the damn thing... Great performance by an great band.


You are amazing.

Giuseppe Manca

Brano sublime, di alto livello progressive , magico.


What an excellent performance . . . and a brilliant and smooth voice. Soooo smooth. ++++++

Tim Suthern

Flat notes aside, great song and great band.


Amazing band. Sean Timms is a legend. Wonderful song. Terrible slide part arrange.


This is the most beautiful song I've ever heard ... thank you!

Waldir Hannemann

Hi Truey, this is really GREAT !!!!... man you guys are the best... Still waiting you down here in Brazil for that tour !!!... Tchau amigo ! Waldir


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Unitopia - The Garden [FULL ALBUM - progressive rock/jazz]

438 009 views | 6 Dec. 2012


Artist: Unitopia

Album: The Garden

Origin: Australia

Genre: Progressive Rock/Jazz (influenced by Genesis)

Year: 2008


Mark Trueack - lead vocals

Sean Timms - acoustic guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

Matt Williams - acoustic & electric guitar, backing vocals

Monty Ruggiero - drums

Shireen Khemlani - bass

Tim Irrgang - percussions

Mike Stewart - saxophone, flute, clarinet (wind instruments)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this music, nor am I making a profit off of it. The music and material in this video belongs to Unitopia and their record company - InsideOut Music.



1. One Day - 00:00

2. The Garden - 2:27

3. Angeliqua - 25:00

4. Here I Am - 34:52

5. I Wish I Could Fly - 38:13

6. Inside The Power - 45:01


7. Journey's Friend - 49:36

8. Give And Take - 1:06:04

9. When I'm Down - 1:11:15

10. This Life - 1:17:00

11. Love Never Ends - 1:21:45

12. So Far Away - 1:25:35

13. Don't Give Up Love - 1:27:47

14. 321 - 1:35:40


Don't give up Love is a great song


1:26:45 Refugee-Canyon ?? :-)


Featured on ProgRock https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProgRockDan/

Rah beat

i'm not usually into prog with vocals. but this is so immersing! brilliant band. lucky day =]

John Blumstein

This album became one of my all-time-favourites.

jjj ppp

I lov it!!!!!

Junier Escartín - Abioye Gavriil Yegor

Este álbum es riquísimo, man!

Desde Panamá sonando esta vaina, compa! Márcalo!


Music to listen endlessly! thnx! Greetings from Ukraine to every progrockers in this world! )

Realm of the Black Shadow

Great music!

Cole Fortier

I'm in love with the section at 6:46. Is there another band or artist that sounds like that section?

Kate Murphy

I also am impressed!.

Stephane Wagner

Des envolées lyriques formidables, une voix qui se calque parfaitement à la musique. Des influences multiples mais au final que du bon. Dommage que ce groupe se soit séparé.


This is fucking golden

Blue Sunset Music

This is really true art! Very very impressive, one of the best album ever heard

Milton Juan Vega Castillo

the garden un genial ,,,albun,,


Oh boy ! I clicked on this album as it showed on my tube home page screen not knowing what to expect, and, am i glad i glad i did....love the sound, cool jazz rock progression. Im a fan for sure

Олег Горбунов

The Lonely Rocker digs this kinda music!

Ivon Smith

This reminds me an awful lot in some areas “A Journeys Friend” particularly of 1980s pop prog band It Bites from UK. So much. But 30 years too late.


1, 5, 8 , 13 , 14 .


Holy crap this is good, The Garden is EPIC Prog at it's best :)

Julian Lopez

best of the best in the best from the best

Glen Stevenson

Best track on album .

Josefina Marín


bukek siansu

02:40 remind me to Change's Yes. But It's great album.

Rob Gosnell

I've been a lifelong devotee of 60s & 70s prog but never really gave any of the re-emergent prog a listen. If this album reflects the quality of the new stuff I've clearly been doing it a disservice - cracking stuff.

John Blumstein

Immer wieder erstaunlich, was für Schätze man hier zufällig finden kann,

Made Alive

Nice stuff - I like it a lot. But the end of "The Garden" (The Way Back Home section) is a total rip-off of the ending of Supper's Ready. SR is one of my all-time faves (maybe that's why I liked "The Garden"). Comparisons with other bands are one thing, copying is another - pretty shameless.


Groovy, trendy Pop Progressive Sound. Cool!!
I like it .... Good ideas and arrangements.
Greetings STAR SINI (prog pop)

Edward Lee

Wow great!!!!!! I love their music tone.

Andrew Harvey

The chorus in Journey's Friend is awesome

Milton Juan Vega Castillo

in spite off unitopia,, genios,,,,,,,

Carmelo Urso

Uno de los diez mejores discos en la historia del rock progresivo. Y soy fan de este género desde los años 70.


8:45ish reminds of the opening from Marillion's "The Torch Song."

Squirrel ASMR

Fkn sweet

Ivanyi Attila

My speakers are celebrated when I starts this music.

Charles Collins


Abdullah Al-Tameemi


Milton Juan Vega Castillo

viva unitopia,,,,,,,,,,


Inside The Power is awesome 45:01

loveistruth 5*7*

Alrighty alrighty alrighty. Thank you Lord God Almighty Almighty Almighty. Good morning creation.

Arkadiusz Gil

I prefer to enjoy a good music instead of considering how much similar it is to other bands, and music is really good.


When I first saw what the genre was, all I could think is "How the fuck does that even go together?"After listening to Garden, all I can think is "How the fuck could anyone not like this?!"P.S. 321 Hours, was this made around the time of one of those major mining incidents? It sounds like an homage to one.

Brylle Cortes

From Dream Theater - Haken - Shadow Gallery and now Unitopia!!!!

I like prog-rock a lot!


Guillermo Pliego Padilla

I don't know what you spect from prog rock. But this is fantastic the rhitm, the lirics a the musicians is a great record thanks.

Academia Urso

En lo personal, los mejores álbumes de rock progresivo del siglo XXI son "The Garden" de Unitopia y "Road of Bones" de IQ. Obras maestras desde la primera nota hasta el segundo final.

Oswaldo Villarreal

unitopia entre la mejores bandas de rock progresivo solo para mentes cuajadas saludos desde quito -ecuador sudamérica..

Marek Frankowski

Great music.

Michelle Lux

*I Wish I Could Fly* is a wonderful song!

Вячеслав Голоколенов

как же я рад , что есть такие группы....я в восторге!!!

Héctor López

Great and Fresh !!!! excelent work !!

Mauro Pizzolato

una band che mi ha davvero catturato... totalmente.... incredibili!!!!

Shahar Osovsky Music

Great album



d dbdbyo

Sounds like Marillion... and ... what now?

Hans-Peter Blum

The singer remembers me on the singer of IQ. The name i have lost at the moment. Beautiful music, indeed.


Listen, Feel, Fly, Smile !

Massimo Fava

Piacevole scoperta! Voglio godermi la musica senza fare paragoni. Quando si ascolta musica progressive siamo troppo condizionati dal passato. ( Pleasant Discovery! I want to enjoy music without comparison. When you listen to progressive music we are too conditioned by the past )

Red Riding Hood

♫♪ Ouh Angeliqua, I don't understand, strange things are happening, I need to connect with you right now!!!! ♫♪

Rodrigo Camilo


Cory Petty



Shit lyrics. gay vocal.

Rosario Meza

suenan del carajo

Lucas Veloso

First song I was like: Okay, this is relaxing. Second song I was like: Dude... this is really relaxing... and in a couple minutes, it got insanely incredible! What is this band, so different... I've never heard of anything like this before.

Cory Petty

Thanks to a friend Peter Rincewood for my introduction to unitopia

Yves Bolduc

Un groupe a redecouvrir du prog jazze rock


Thanks for sharing this. I am a new fan.

West Rig

the track Garden comes dreadfully too close to Suppers Ready . When a composition gets that close is a turn off because its not original in my opinion . The rest of the Lp is very good with many influences including middle eastern ( Angelique) which is a refreshing one.

Matt Banta

If nothing else, this album covers A LOT of musical ground

Ecphantus the Pythagorean

Muito bem!

Charles Collins

This band is assume I love it,


I dont really like this, I don hear it all but I think really Prog Rock/Jazz is Hiromi Uehara. Really recomended, more if you like Dream Theater

Majestic X Music

This is so beautiful!!!

Geri Blunden

This is a truly wonderful album, such a shame the band split and I’m unable to easily find the albums to buy, either CD or vinyl. It is progressive symphonic rock at its finest so you can compare it to any band of that genre. I feel the singers voice is a la Fish and the guitar work is Hackett influenced but the musicianship is superb throughout. All songs are fabulous so difficult to pick out a stand out track, but I just properly listened to “Don’t give up love” which I love.
I think Transatlantic may have plagiarised the long track in their “All of the above” on the SMPT album, so, so, similar. Thanks, guys.

Javier yrazu bajo


Giovane Mendes

great album, beautifull songs <3

Jose Andrade

The world could do well without these guys. But they exist, and the result of this labour of love changes the world, even if only a tiny bit. So, thank you guys for this beautiful piece of art, sincere and unpretentious. My life gets better because of you.

Andy Davis

Not sure if the Unitopia fans know this but there is a band called UNITED PROGRESSIVE FRATERNITY, which has a few guys from Unitopia plus others and its an awesomealbum. Search on Napster and Spotify.


really stupid lyrics. and track 2 alone merits that judgement for the rest I haven't even heard yet

Evandro Oliveira

Que som maravilhoso!!

Sergio Lihue

Le copio unas notas a Il Pompeii

Raul Raul

q si suena a tal y pascual. lo q cuentan son las sensaciones q teneis al escucharlo, esa es la mejor critica. y estamos ante un grandisimo trabajo.

Ignacio Beltrami

I really do like this singer, is a bit similar to Peter Gabriel, but he has his own character though.


Damn, Youtube kicks it out of the park with its recommendations. I had tears in my eyes after five seconds of listening.

Ryan Draa

The second song rocks my socks off.

Milton Juan Vega Castillo

seguro desde australia,, van buenos ,,musicos,,

ShanaLay M

This First song reminds me of Jaques Brel's original "My Death" La Mort. He was such a sensitive composer and extraordinary phrasing, or perhaps it's just the French. I can't say this blows me away, but it's very pretty, refreshing and accessable. I was about to type something about it not being prog I was at about 4:30 and boom, it's prog. LOL
It's almost rockopera, ya? And very crispy, almost too crispy. His voice reminds me not of any other prog rockers but of the guy from Dead Can Dance.
Shit gets real around 7:15 we're in full prog mode here. Very cool stuff to listen to. The guitar solo around 8:20 evokes Satriani.

I'm one of those annoying people who always makes comparisions. It's a fun game for me like that game, Concentration or Set, where you remember a thing and fetch it when you find it's match. Connecting sounds creates a taxonomy that gives the music a family to be in. As a writer and singer, I like to hear others' comparisions, as it helps me understand how I'm perceived.

Charles Collins

Music for the soul

Neil Busse

I am very sad that the band broke up... by far one of my favorites

Milton Juan Vega Castillo

que buenos,,, me deleito cada dia,, escuchando este genial albun,,,

marcello scurria

Il mondo di mani


I'm gonna repeat this on like every garden link... Don't Give Up Love is a fucking bomb track.

Ignacio Celis

No puedo dejar de escuchar este disco. Gracias por subirlo!

Squirrel ASMR

I hope that all those that are dear to me know of all that wasnt clear to me... one day... ? oh fuck that hits too close to home

Magnenat Pierre-André


Teodor Ivanov

exactly what I was looking for


The ending of The Garden sounds a lot like Supper's Ready.


A epic masterpiece made to just set down and listen through start to finish, never get tired of hearing it.

Олег Горбунов

great album!

Johann Rampon

Angeliqua xdxdxd omg xd


hey guys, in this album they used kalimbas, right?


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Unitopia - This Life

49 482 views | 12 Nov. 2008

Unitopia's first film

Unitopia's first film clip, This Life. The song is taken from their current album, 'The Garden' and has been shot entirely on HD by young up and coming film maker Joshua Sutherland.

Catherine Rapicano

Music is music. Can't believe the harshness here of such judgmentalists. Being open to ALL sounds is the beginning of understanding this language.


I can't express firmly enough how much Unitopia's music has affected me since I discovered them. AMAZING!!!!




Very cool song and video!!


i'd totally bang the chick in the white dress

Carla Leone

I loved this band!


Awesome stuff! :O))

Gabriel Ioan

John Goodman on vocals...

adar W

mo howard is the drummer!


Wonderful music and lyrics - love it!


Just superb


NIce touch using the saxophone.


@ajesusgoat agreed, that's how i found them too and this wasn't nearly what i was looking for

Kate Murphy

Great band, they were, are??.....whichever band we’re talking about!!!.........


Amazing stuff...sounds like The Reasoning.

Ryan Minard

Guys this song does them no justice. Try Tesla or The Great Reward. :D

Ed Unitsky

Thanx you dear Mark for you friendship ... ;) Much Love for You, your music and this video... You is very Great and Important person for me always!.. have a much cosmic energy! Ed

Kate Murphy



WOW Great music !!! Keep on progrock !!! Greetings From POLAND !!!!

Thabit Abdul Muniem Alwan

I like the diversity of their music passeges..that what the progressive music style is all about..classical orchestra falvaered by beautiful Jazzy ,heavy rock ,hits of violins her and there, solo piano gaps the heavy tunes ,concept lyrics,powerful vocals and high class solo guitar gives you the goosebumps in your brain ♥♥

PAUL trorey



Really getting tired of the hatred that pervades this modern world of ours. People seem more interested in being insulting than being interesting.


These guys are so freaking talented and ALL records are awsome from Track one to the last.

Mohammad Lafi

@ajesusgoat so i guess i wasn't the only one tricked into this. how is this a similar band to "Kaipa" i have no idea ...

Corey Graham

From a prog fan, this is my first glimpse of Unitopia, I am impressed! Anybody who enjoys this music, I strongly urge checking out "The Tall Ships" by It Bites, It's a fantastic album.


You need to see these guys live to get the full inasanity of it. You get drawn in and lost in magic. I discovered them when seeing another band, now a fan.


This is pretty simple song, compared to some of yours. But great!