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UMVC3 Tron Bonne Quotes (W/ Eng & Jap Voices)

118 895 views | 4 Oct. 2012

Special Quotes from Tron

Special Quotes from Tron Bonne when with certain characters

has both english and Japanese voices of the quotes

Brian Cahill

There's just something amusing about the way she says "sued." Also, Ryu and Akuma disliked this video

Rob On the Cob

What's her beef with poor people?

Zach Gemini

I imagine myself in the game here are a couple examples (i'm making this up so roll with it)VS Tron before battle:what kinda idiot would design a robot like THAT I wouldn't classify it as a mech After battle 1:no hard feelings Right? tell you what i'll hook you up with a blind date and I know just the guy after battle 2:you call yourself a fighter you're barely a warm up victory quote:you know I could've swore you had a "thing" for Megaman idk if you're jealous or have a crush on him vs Ryu before battle:whoa Ryu its an honor to be fighting you after battle:oops I guess I went a little too far victory quote:maybe you can teach me someday

Brandon Lorenzo



:13 she says that quote when she beats Zero. Anyone else find the weird??

Miles Prower

Ryu is so poor his hadouken is powered on welfare.

Surprised Synth

metroid can i make a request? can you try a vid showing nemesis attacking a blocking opponent then calling hsien-ko senpu bu assist then nemesis performs level-3 on the said opponent, just wondering if that would make nemesis' lvl-3 safe to use

Christopher Chasteen

Sorry Tron, but if you're looking for Megaman Volnutt, he's helping Classic Megaman at Smash.


Tell that to the whiny fans who wanted him in.


tron bonne have dat ass xD


"You don't have any mecha, and you don't know how to fight. What are you even doing here?"
Phoenix Wright: Uhhh... Sue some stuff...?

Surprised Synth

oh oh.. haha.. my mistake man

Patoren 3gou

0:30 what do you expect from the one perecent


No way Pheonix wright is awesome, people are just but hurt about Megaman.


The fact that she talks about megaman alot just Saddens me...


Tron Bonne the fourth wall of Marvel vs Capcom

ben leighton

"sorry i don't have time for poor people" tron bonne if only know that akuma can crush mountains

The Smashor

She just kicked doom back to tuesday, and now she's telling him that she's taking his throne. Poor doom.


Wait, more like :11.

Shadow The Assassin

Megaman Volnutt Should Have Been In Marvel Vs Capcom


Mayumi Iizuka is still her voice in Japanese and that's awesome (despite Tron has been reduced to being nothing but a cameo everywhere). On the flip side, Tara Platt impressed me with voicing her in English, since she usually voices sexy older women. 

Stepan Serdyuk

Was D.Va before she was cool.

Cyber Fire

Rest in peperoni zero but that means the quarter guy is coming for tron and no that's not a sex joke you sick perverts


ewe, la voz de tron en japo es voz de loli .w.

Kirby Tails Yoshi Ralsei fan B

Tron IDK how your going to use Zeros robot parts when he literally died when you defeated him


you forgot the quotes from crossover assist where she says “thankyou for playing”


Ohhhh hoh hoh hoh!


Ow Tron, your voice hurts me.

Noob Artist600

Reminds me of an astroboy character by the art style


1:12- I'm with Tron on this one. I never understood the inclusion of Phoenix Wright into MvC3 either.


Epicness in just a few seconds


Why all the japanase voices are lame


Well......they had to decide between megaman and zero since they are so similar yet zero looks much cooler and he actually has a character.... Btw. Zero had his own game-series you know...

Super Hiro

Lol why she gotta call out Akuma and Ryu's poor financial standing?

Aaron Villanueva

0:27 is what your looking for

Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington

Huh. Didn't know she was evil...fancy that.


she said she dont have time for poor people she needs money




Say did tron and roll ever got megaman down to earth in megaman legends?


(1:13) She's right Capcom, what's Phoenix Wright doing here?



So apparently, Cops she will shrug off, but the moment the idea of being sued comes up, she loses her calm?

Tarun Johal

Wait... Zero is a robot?!


:30 kinda of over did it

Absent Coder

2:19 Tiesel's trippin' something fierce.


Lol calling Ryu & Akuma poor when she's in SUPER debt!

Rockman X Irregular Hunter


Crazy Giraffe

She sounds like an absolute bitch

Nothing in Particular

Well he's not in THIS game

Gonçalo Carneiro

She sounds like she has a crush on Nova, or at least his suit...

Makoto Naegi

lol, she called Ryu poor...I never liked Ryu, anyways

Illyeanna Wolfstorm

1:13 Good question, Tron!

Cyber Fire

Tron is poor she has to steal money

Sonic Gamer

Japanese Tron is kawaii

VG Saiyan

Tron(To Zero): I found me some new robot parts!
Me: I don't like the sound of that! RUN ZERO!!!! RUUUUN!!!!!!!

Matthew wurm

what's with all these sevrebots?!?!!?

Hudson Williams

People all over the internet are STILL rooting for a third Megaman Legends game...
It's just my opinion, but:


2) I think Tron might make a better love interest because she's more popular and, seeing as the ORIGINAL Megaman and Roll were siblings, a relationship between THOSE two would come off as...disturbing.

Wade Meister

So Capcom uses two secondary Megaman characters, has them reference him, and makes cameoes. Thanks Capcom, you really know how to please your Megaman fans :/


Tron, Tron, why do you have to be so mean-spirited?


So let me get this straight. Shes fearless against cops, but suddenly quakes in her boots over being sued? I find that unbelievably lawlzy. Than again, just one more reason to love Tron.

Hiramitsu Hinata

Her Japanese voice sounded like Misty to me

Surprised Synth

and u missed one on nova.. she admired his costume i think?


(1:13) Capcom, pointing out your own bad decisions doesn't make you suck less

Austin Backyardigan

I want to get this game! (Not tron bonnes game... UMVC3) Cause i really want to play it! Also you can get the dlc? Or it's taked down? Cause i would love to buy Rocket raccoon classic costume DLC

Xavier Paris

(On Nova) Oh Miss Tron. Such a tsundere.



Kara with gun

"Now tell me where Megaman is!"

Bitch, he's still on Esylium where you and Roll left him for the past 17 years.

Tron quote

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Dillinger talking to the MCP.

47 777 views | 2 Sep. 2011

Dillinger is talking to

Dillinger is talking to the MCP.

Lukas Smith

Password should be **** , not master :)

Frankie Glossman


Heed My Warning

Plays a bad guy here, and in Time Bandits

Citizen of Corona

The crazy thing is such a desk actually exists nowadays, but back in 1982 it was considered to be far-fetched and out there.

Rlonzo Raddison

Tone and articulation rival Vader



Kelly KitKat

What seems to have been deleted is the conversation between Dillinger and the MCP where they discuss raising the price of electricity for some on the grid. I think Tesla Corp. is slowly morphing into the MCP from Tron movie.

Michael Kulow

I still find this very interesting that this guy, thru out the movie is talking to a distorted, delayed version of himself.

Zainizam Zakaria

he should use password = [email protected], better security.


Coolest but most intimidating office ever!

Eugenia Wong

Touch screen in the 80s. Now that's badass

Brynn Evans

So wait, I just realized...if Dillinger and the MCP had just deleted the file that said Flynn programmed/owned the games, rather than just appropriating the file, the MCP would never have been deleted and Dillinger never fired?

Learn to empty out the recycling bin guys!!

Update: Neb6 in the comments pointed out that the MCP uses the file to blackmail Dillinger later on, so it WAS useful. That was an oversight on my part!


He still playing the bad guy even back then

Andy Wood

PASSWORD: MASTER. Wow. Will take hackers a long time to break that one.

Blabla Blabla

Waaaay ahead of its time!! Touch screen computer kicks ass to this day..

Daniel Solis Rodriguez

Dillinger i think is the creator of the villain program of Tron 1982, did you what is... SARK, his program is SARK!!!


MCP so powerful but can't afford a proportional font

Manuel Aranda - Formerly TechieStudios

0:45 Why is this more true than ever? ????


That's right, Peter. Fuck off!


I want a desk like that so bad



Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict

That's a nice computer... table... thing...

Can it play DOOM?

David Feltheim

That office though...

Ben Tice

Siri is such a jerk.

N2ny Domil

0:43 I just realized he's referring to CES lol

Lenny TheStandUser

What if Tron is real and our accounts are programs once we comment our programs talk to each other oh yeah and the MCP is YouTube


Perhaps, but holy shit, I always wanted a desk like that.
Also, that is an extremely weak password for a corporate top-dog to use. lol

Golden Retriever

It might be interesting or important for you to know that mr Dillinger is Cals henchman from Titanic

Aaron Handy III



Such an easy password


Absolutely outstanding movie that doesn't get the credit it deserves.


I like that they didnt add "beep-boop" sounds when he entered the password via the touchscreen.

Narbacular Blu

The MCP's voice is one of the best things in the movie for me.


Hope we see this guy back in Tron 3 or 4.

C.S. Lewis

Wheres gary sevens darned cat ?

Jan Michael Catap



Dillinger is one of the top 5 Disney characters who are complete douchebags along with Gaston and Frollo.

Kevin Lee

I want MCP's voice on my GPS.

Winter Now

Why didn't the MCP just destroy the file that proved that Dillinger stole Flynn's work?

I Have Anxiety


Rinzler TheHunter

MCP is harbinger

Henrik Pineapple

General Nox when he's older

Lee Saunders

David Warner admitted he had no idea what any of the dialogue meant.Kind of reminds me of Alec Guiness and Peter Cushing in Star Wars.
Doesn't detract from his performance and that he's a fantastic actor?

Tron quote

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Tron Legacy - What is the perfect system? - Flynn and Clu's final conversation clip

125 421 views | 12 Nov. 2018

This scene is kind of

This scene is kind of special I feel. It's funny for me, looking at this from when I first saw the movie to now. You travel and change over time and what ideas you thought you knew in cocky youth, turn out to be wrong with time. But a part of you could go on terrible paths if we don't learn that ideas can change and grow. But most important you need to let others do that as well. You can't limit them otherwise it turns you bitter and angry.

Mugen Kagemaru



This was always the problem. He gave an intangible and absolute concept to a program who was deeply inflexible and rigid in his thinking . Flynn meant constant improvement, a system that was always improving and evolving. Clu meant moulding it into one predesigned form within his control.


You poor beast. If only Flynn could of been a better teacher...


Me: awww they're gonna hug
Clue kicks balls
Me: ಠ_ಠ


since I watched this scene for the first time 10 years ago, this scene always screamed out to me “I did my best but I was never good enough for you”. Yet CLU let that sadness in him turn into pride, and that pride led him to ultimately rebel.

Texas Sherman

0:52 Amazing scene!!

Tay Tay Ippo

Free Penny protest! She is being held in Fort Collins Co https://youtu.be/bvBu2Cd0bj0 i swore my oath as a father! Help me keep my word as a Knight Of Malta!,

matteo ghiroldi

Perfect scene ❤️


"the thing about Perfection is that it's unknowable. It's impossible, but it's also right in front of us all the time. You wouldn't know that because I didn't when I created you."

I've always loved that.

Billy Jones -Altitude-

There's more meaning behind this conversation than anyone has ever even seen. The message sadly isn't for things like me


Such a powerful and yet gut-wrenching moment when you realize that Clu only wanted Flynn's approval, I don't care what anyone says this movie hits when it hits


Facing CLU is like facing his past and arrogant self.

Duvoe Moua

When you realize you’ve failed yourself


This movie is perfect in its own way

Viscous Goo

He needs to get a Clu .

Viraj Jayasinghe

moral of the story: imperialism is horrible and doesnt work, no matter how complex the planning is.
aaaaand thats why there wont be a remake/sequel for this, cos china wont like the message delivered here XD

Hadder Yuri

This is very sad, in a lot of ways. Kevin Flynn was brilliant, bold and capable, but naive and and egotistical. You can see all of this in the 1982 Tron film, when he was a young man. Getting access to a digital world that could be shaped and developed entirely by his will, with near-unlimited potential? No wonder he let everything get away from him, he didn't see what the ISO's were and what the development of the Grid was really doing to Clu until it was far too late-until Clu tried to kill him. Then only Tron's intervention saved his life and got him trapped on the Grid for 20 years...

But a key thing to remember is that Clu is a computer program, not a human being. He cannot evolve, he cannot learn, he cannot change. He would always be what Kevin Created, nothing else. He destroyed the Iso's because they threatened what he had been programmed to make perfect, he tried to kill Kevin to accomplish what Kevin himself had Ordered him to do-all because, ultimately, he had no choice at all. He turned what could have been a Heaven into a Hell-all because Kevin Flynn didn't see the world for what it really was. Kevin Flynn is responsible for what happened to the Grid, nobody else.

By the time of "Legacy" Kevin Flynn has had a great deal of time to sit down, think it through, grow and learn-and he has. He knows what he did right, what he did wrong, what he could have done differently-but it's simply far too late. All he can do is apologise-which leads to this confrontation...

Ellias Razali

'He' kamilanjalila.



Nicholas Morrison

Flynn's wisdom vs CLU's hubris.


“I took the system, to it’s maximum potencial. I CREATED THE PERFECT SYSTEM!” , such a good scene...

Larry Talbot

Poor CLU, he hasn't got, ...a ...

The Tito Truth Totem

To think how many dictators and stagnant leaders there are because they are unable to let go of an outdated way of thinking that no longer really works. In presence meditation you simply learn that perfection is as it is and that you are a part of it. In about a 20 minute meditation, young Clu could have easily opened the door to be as wise as older Flynn without any or at least minimal collerateral damage.

Adrian Koch

"The thing about perfection is... New shit has come to light!"


I wish they would do a prequel on this with these visuals or even a serie. Such an awesome movie


thats like totally your opinion CLU

Magma Fang

I thought they were 2diffrent people


This movie was really truely a good movie, it had so many emotions in it that its a shame Disney is the monger thatbit is where they wont give us a follow up

Daniel Solis Rodriguez

Clu talks diferent to Flynn, just look at the voice tone and the acent


When you see just how arrogant & cocky Flynn was in the 1st movie- even up to the ending scene, you KNOW this is going to be the outcome. We saw what Dillinger's greed & corruption caused the system to do, it doesn't take much to foresee what Flynn's outake on life is going to do to it...naivety & ego are just as dangerous. This scene sheds a whole new light on the 1982 original.


Say what you will about this movie. The sound track is amazing.

Jonathan Mendoza

0:19 Tony Stark/Iron Man: Obadiah Stane Iron Monger It's Been a Long Time To Show Up.


any system can be perfect as long as humans aren't involved, fuckin vermin

Random gooy

Bruh did clue kick him in the you know what?

Michael Weaselboy

Luke and kylo

Tommaso curatolo

Jeff Bridges fights Jeff Bridges on the bridge that bridges the worlds of the Jeff Bridges's

Alexandre Lot

The thing in this scene making it so amazing is that Clu realizes he is not perfection. Because he is not a Reflection of Flynn but rather his Photograph... a younger self from the past that has not meet "perfection" (Sam in this case, his son and the main purpose of his life, in making the Grid perfect for him). We can see anger consuming Clu after that moment...

Ronnie Alvarez

I think that the perfect system is based on government corruption

Stream Gawd

Scene is so powerful. Clu was really hurt. He was only doing what he was programmed to do. I love this scene. The music the lighting. "YOU BROKE UR PROMISE" the way he delivers that line is mint

heart fatigue

What's a man to a king? What's a king to a God? Whats a God to a non-believer?

Glonnie Canoy

I had a feeling that the young Jeff meets the future him.

William Dale

If only this movie got the sequel it deserved

Retro Gaming

It’s almost like god and the devil isn’t it ?

Flynn's Video Arcade

Such an underrated masterpiece. Hopefully we won't have to wait another 28 years for a third installment... Already 10 years since this was released.

Ultra Delete

This scene is just a King talking to God for the ultimate wisdom.

Constant Rage

Great scene

Ernest Sacco

The greatest realization of god and Lucifer ever put to film or any fiction....this films biblical illusions were its greatest thematic strength and achievement