Stocks set to double

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5 Stocks to Buy Now to Double Your Money

69 427 views | 7 Oct. 2020

I never say this but

I never say this but these stocks will double your money fast and I’ve got the proof in this video. I get the question, “Which stocks to buy that can double my money?” all the time and I hate that investors think it’s as easy as picking a few stocks but these short-term investments actually can produce two- and three-times your investment.

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It’s unrealistic to expect every investment you make to double in value within a year or two but there is a short-term investing strategy you can use to find stocks that will do just that. This is exactly what I did as a venture capital analyst, finding these small startup companies with the potential to make my investors rich fast.

And I’m sharing that three-step process for picking stocks to double your money in today’s video. Not only will I show you how to double your money in stocks, I’ll reveal five stocks to buy for that triple-digit return.

This is the same process I used when I recommended shares of Fastly in March, now up 197%, and ZScaler earlier in the year before they jumped 151% in just a few months.

I’ll start by showing you how to think like a venture capital analyst. That’s the mindset you need to finding stocks that can double. You’re not looking for the largest, most popular stocks here but the small companies ready to command their industry.

We’ll look at why a large addressable market is so important for these stock picks and how to find the information on the company’s investor relations page. Not only must the company have that huge market opportunity, management needs to know how to tap it.

I’ll also show you how to find stocks with a competitive advantage in their industry. This is what turns that large market into a gold mine and helps double your money in the stock. These startups are coming into established markets with heavy-weight competition and they need a way to win.

You can double your money in the stock market but you need a process to find these stocks and you need to invest in only the best!

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.

The Digital Investor

TEZOS, next target $6.50


ZYXI down 23% today 10/12. What's up with that?




Krmd irmd are good for my investment? Thanks

Jose Elizalde

The person who disliked this video wears a regular tie


Always enjoy your content but aren't we expecting a crash soon.

Eulalio Magana

Anyone else think he has an evil twin that says, “Hi, Neck Tie Country!”

Steven School Alchemy


veronica powell

What about Canadian stocks, any ideas

kdrama_ addict

Hi there can you show us your portfolio


When you mentioned the portable MRI imaging product , you had me thinking of NNOX they allege to have a portable X-RAY product that they will give out for free and charge per scan. What are your thoughts on them?

Payton House

When will the next daily dividend video come out? Love your videos! Thank you!!


How about a video on REITs. Like to know some of best with international holdings. And ones with less office space in their portfolio.

September 19

Veritone looks great.. theres no way im buying when its up 13% lol


How's things going Joe?

onwuatuegwu nelson


Simon Patience

All my time trading with him help, i have not noticed any suspicious activity .i invested with $1000 now $11,000 in return for just 7days interval..He gave me my login details after creating my account , i made my first withdrawal my self . Contact @Dennis_forex09 @ IG

Kadir Khan

AdiL @@?✅You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know it.
Just think about it:
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1- Covid-19 antibody 10 minutes test kit

2- Alcohol Addiction ( Is an increasingly worldwide problem ) Statistics are alarming.

Adil Pharmaceuticals solutions to the above issues:

1- Covid-19 ( Adil was just granted FDA approval for its Antibody Covid Rapid test) The company is already receiving orders for the test. Any big order or fundings will send this stock to the moon.

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What else can you ask to a small company that is about to become a GIANT


My boy tryna become the next Jim Cramer. I like it


What do you think about ZYXI now? Are you still bullish or changed mind? Very worried about insiders specifically the CEO has been selling the shares.

Arya Akhlaghi

Anybody w/thoughts regarding Kinder Morgan atm? KMI

William D

Aren't you worried about a big crash, like a lot of experts? I mean, if that happens after you buy these stocks, you may have to wait a long time to get your money back, let alone double it. What's your take, Mr. Bowtie?

Coach Mike Craft

Latest thoughts on Zynex. Is it a good value at $13? Thanks for the great information.


Thanks for addressing my questions Joseph! :)

Tom Lee

Thanks for fastly and Pinterest

Jc Stang

Is a trailing 3% stop loss a good strat on these?

Dave Purtell

thanks I got a bunch of the stock you talked about a year ago almost and they have done great

Canadian Investor

Definitely an interesting approach to investing! I like investing for dividends but I love to learn about what other people are doing to succeed in the markets, keep up the content!!

Aktien Charkk

My pick would be UI. They offer network equipment like CSCO at half the cost while having a better margin.
The product is easy to install, upgrade and manage. There is enough room to grow 50x times. In Australia one school tested their equipment because they were not sure about the downsides of this cheep equipment but after a small scale test they saw non. Even after equpping the whole school there were only upsides. Now they can hire a new tescher with the money they saved and other schools were whatching closely and could follow soon. In Germany the biggest B2B retailer for network equipment just added them to their portfolio and this could be a good sign for future growth. While on the topic: The growth is always 10% more than what CSCO has. so both had disappointing nubers this quarter but 10% growth at an 27 PE is very cheap imo.

Justin Carpenter

What do u think about yalla? I got laid off from work due to covid. I have $150 in my name thinking about putting it in stocks, but I'm new to the stock market

Lukasz Prusinowski

Zyxi is down 25%

Joseph Rhodes hodgson v

i was a normal salary earner until a friend of mine recommended me to @tradefx_with_tulio on iG now i’m really earning while learning how to trade “

Gee purrs

You can double your money in one day. Go to the casino. LOL

Peaceful Scrimp

I'd love to see you do a monthly "bottom of the RSI" report where you could tell your subscribers about solid companies that just happen to have good entry points ?


Since the release of this video. Almost all these stocks have increased by 2 dollars

Timothy Cook

Any opinion about Limelight Networks (LLNW)? Many are baffled why Fastly took off so high, yet Limelight has lingered

Laughing With Lucky

There are certain stock you’ve helped me grow to almost $10,000??thank you❤️

Thai Nguyen

Let me try to buy 5 stocks , 1 share for each stock see how I can making double money , then I will believe in this guy hahaha

joel Cazares

Please, we would love to hear your input on NNOX?

Walter O'Brien-Gilbert

Thank you


hi could you check out shotspotter stock i guess its nice opportunity too
what do you think

Thomas Webb

Why you showing old charts, ZYXI Chart was from around Sept 24, Still impressive but this video make it looks like it went up $3. in one day, Not the case

Francisco Heredia

I see all these double ups and here I am with my VTSAX raking in pennies ??????

Dilly da Goat

CloudMD I’m all in

Wante Nono

there is a company that mines for bitcoin that trades on the Nasdaq MARATHON PATENT GROUP stock ticker MARA

Manuel Ojeda

You are great my friend.

Samson Lee

Zynex is down 25%. Whats the news?

Peter I. O.

Please, can i buy stock with paypal?

Sam S

Nvidia Arm acquisition is a pretty big deal

Peace OfMind

First person to convince me to buy a bowtie lol

Don Tonyjane

Can you do a video on BETZ?

James K

Thanks my man! VERI is up 290%!!!

Kreyolarts on Facebook


Goody Gospel

I was referred to Hitfxsandra on ig and I invested £1000 in Forex trading with her just after 5 day's of trading I got £15,000 she's the best couch for Forex I recommend

Lit Lunk

Does anyone trust Panasonic’s growth after the deal with Tesla and Toyota?

Karin Morris

Very informative video. Thank you!


Hi nice video! What do you think about AQB??

Zanther Stone

Anyone know why KRMD has been down trending last few months?

Kris Kruz

ZYXI stock has just fallen off a cliff ?

Mr WiggleB

Since last week, I've seen 200% to 300% returns from WWR. However, that's because I bought before it blew up. There's still a lot of action for the stock right now but always be careful and don't take my word for it. Research it yourself and see if that's a good stock to invest in.


There are some great opportunities in the markets at the minute during this crazy time we are all going through at the minute, if the uk goes back onto a second lockdown then the economy will just completely crash 〽️⚠️


Hi. Interesting content, but it would be even better if you post a video from time to time where you give advice to people who are new to ctock markets and come there via Revolut (12 million users/35 countries). Unfortunatelly there are lots of stocks you can't buy there (Hyliion or Workhorse for instance), so those videos are useless for us. If you expand your advice to us, you will be the first on youtube and I'm surepeople will appretiate it.

Jc Stang

Hi I have a question. When you purchase a stock, say on Robihood, do you try to set your own price multiple times and if that doesn't work, do you buy it at the next available? Meaning, you buy the nex stock at whatever price is next available on the market.


Hey everyone, this is totally new to me and I would like to know if anyone knows a day trade app?

Lucian Limbutu

Hi guys, what do you think about DSX (Diana Shipping)?


Jumia your welcome

dipika shah

I bought Veri after watching this video. Since then it's 75% up in just a month. Thanks for this video

scott williams

Bitcoin is the new gold

Muhammad khan

Hi dear
Give review about Fuel cell energy Inc stock

David Pan

Hi I’m new to your page , would you recommend aleafia health ? My friends told me to buy and I did but it’s down from 1.20$ from when I bought ...would you buy sell or hold ?

Christian Molina

Love the channel, I am still a new investor. Anybody got any opinion on rackspace technology??? Good or bad buy in your opinion??

Daily Options

took a position at KRMD, their management is amazing.. good financials.. 2x upside for sure...

forty inches

How do you know? Ughh. I need more time to learn how to find these “double your money stocks” ... thanks for your time teaching newbies like myself. ?

Zookie's Turkey

Semper Fi Devil Dog!!


Sounds similar to CANSLIM investing method by IBD

Lucid Finance & Investing

Not heard of many of these, but seem like good picks right now. Good analysis

Dale Keener

Thanks for the information. I just bought VERI, and I did invest in one of your recommended penny stocks, Gatekeeper. You have one of the best prepared and you articulate the stock analysis better than anyone on the You Tube channels. Do manage private money at all?

Dandy Finance

For a moment I thought that you have $800k sitting in cash haha! Some interesting opportunities, thanks for sharing!

Alex Doe

Have not invested in OTC (there is a trade fee as well) in YEARS, but bit the bullet based on the fact the the military has had contract with them before but put a very small position in KBLB


ZYXI - One of my biggest positions, wish it would have stayed down longer. Average was $8.24 and after the last earnings report I actually averaged up and bought more. ($12.75 now) Definitely in it for the long hold.

Alex Doe

DAMN IT! Busy day today and missed your picks. One of them, KRMD went up 14% today (11% AH). Gotta give you credit for doing it DURING trading hours, the real litmus test.

AOS Advanced Ophthalmology Surgery

what do you think of oil companies $XOM $MPC $OXY? heavily discounted right now

union channel

Wtf zynex -20% today....

Aditya Bhamu

Can you do an analysis for CPaaS stock Kaleyra? Ticker KLR. Mcap is ~200m
Thank you!

Sterling Pless

Love your insight

Amy G

Thanks for another awesome video!!

Ironman Ironman

LTHM would be the next stock which going to blow up


Average return for even top investors is maxed at 10% a year. We all have goo and bad days. Don't expect to be any different . Love the video tho. I'll take a look at these stocks for sure tho! Thanks Joseph !

Scott Colddiver31

Just bought 100 shares of VERI..... lets see if I can double my money eventually

Justin Mann

Take a look at MBIO and SDGR. I like both to double in 2021.

Thomas Havlock

So i know you want to have diversity in your portfolio. Just wondering how many stocks seasoned people have here

Dominic R

Any thoughts on the new IPO PLTR??????

mick korba

Great video . You are always great to watch/listen to. Very informative video as always , just subscribed ?

TheCanMan Can Since 1990

LONE not bankrupt ppp cares act some acronym refinance above market price prob arbitrage value like a buck same as a qe for bond traders or rumors about special purpose vehicles buying equities

Eulalio Magana



You have a great channel man and I appreciate the information that you put out for free!

mike Andersson

U need to shorten the time and get to the point quick . Please . Thanx

Cars With Subscribers

Will you buy these stocks youself? Great video!

Carl Hopper

I own 500 shares of BGG and am at $500 loss now. Will this stock ever rebound?

Matthew Slowinski

Like how your present the info appreciate it

Cameron Todd

how long did it take you to become a CFA? I'm 18 and wondering what track to take to become one

Stocks set to double

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Top Stocks Under $20 to Double in 2021

732 views | 30 Jan. 2021

Now in today now in

Now in today now in today’s video, we are looking at the top stocks under $20. I hope you enjoy the video, if you have any questions let me know.

Some of the stocks carry little more risk than traditional ETFs or blue-chip stocks. So it’s always smart to have a combo between the two. The reason why you want to have diversification is that some of the stocks have more risk and will have more swings in your portfolio.


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Nima Hatami

5 stocks he talks about:

Vardges Mkrtchian

Whats ur opinion on UWMC?

Chris Keo


Nima Hatami

? RKT ? Rocket Companies ?


What about ZYNGA?

William Penn jr.

It's really annoying that LPL Research video's is all that come up whenever I search for video's on LPL stock.
Searching LG display stock doesn't work either because I just get product review video's instead.

Carter Farr

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BEST MERCH https://carter-farr-merch.myteespring...​
M1 FINANCE Get Your FREE $10: https://m1.finance/CW4wpiZWadY1​


Dow Jones futures fell Friday morning, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures, back near morning lows. The stock market rally rebounded Thursday after Wednesday's sell-off, but gave up much of its strong intraday gains as Apple faded into the close. Novavax, Moderna, GameStop and AMC stock were big movers in premarket, along with Apple chipmakers. Microsoft , Google parent Alphabet and ServiceNow moved into buy areas, but Apple stock retreated below its buy point following strong earnings. Famous Stock analyst Dr Rodrick Jonathan said the new strain of Covid 19 virus being discovered is going to put a scare into the economy and the Stock Market in the next 3 months so He warns new stock buyers to be careful. For now you can only make profit by trading your stock with a strategy instead of panic selling, i was able to make $50,000 with $10,000 in 3 weeks with his stock trading strategy, reach him on telegram Rodrickjonathan orWhatsApp+1(66O)474-OO3O,

Stocks set to double

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61 views | 31 Jan. 2021

These 2 stocks are set to

These 2 stocks are set to double. Both short and long term picks.

top stocks to buy now 2021