Stocks technical analysis

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Technical Analysis Basics: 1 of 8 | Cameron May | 7-15-19 | Getting Started with Technical Analysis

12 537 views | 18 Jul. 2019

Technical traders and

Technical traders and investors commonly use chart indicators and price analysis to understand historical investor behaviors and potentially refine their entries and exits. In this episode, Cameron May will introduce you to the basic principles of technical analysis, including trend, support and resistance, candle construction, timeframes, and common technical indicators. We’ll apply these principles in real time using charting tools on the thinkorswim platform and TDAmeritrade.com.

Stocks technical analysis

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Ep 95: Does Technical Analysis Work When Trading Stocks & Why?

30 051 views | 28 Jul. 2016

In this week’s episode, I

In this week’s episode, I ask the question of does technical analysis actually works? And why does it work?

For some of you who are a little more skeptical about technical analysis or are just getting into technical analysis, I want to share with you the concept of technical analysis.

Also, I want to share with you why it really works out in the favor or the trade or in the favor of the stock movements and the way that they move.

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aman singh

well explained!! :)

Omar Nasr

Excellent explanation, thanks!


This is an extremely valuable video for us noobies! I really enjoyed the theoretical examples which make the concepts more palatable. Great Job!

Felix Li

I don't know how to thank you! The video is simply too great!

Mohammad Hasan

?? Love your simply put explanation. Keep it up.

Alex Fasahov

On the topic of macroeconomic, fundamental, technical analysis I recommend an article "Anton Kreil. Hedge strategies based on fundamental analysis" on tradinglab .tech


Another way of looking at technical analysis is historical pattern.

shalvin prakash

Another great video Sasha, I really enjoy your analogies and really breaking it down so everyone can understand. I'm sure that's why your videos are longer.


Dude are you writing in mirror.. or some tech trick

sandy C

Thank you!! i feel enlightened!!☺

Jatana Bull Trader

You Are Amazing Bro Very Help Full.....

Xyla Raii

Every Video is clear and concise thank you ! You are the BEST on youtube Keep going !

Meher El Mir

Thank you Sasha for your videos!! they are amazing and very easy for beginners to understand :) wish you the best ?


Your face looks bigger since your videos 2 years ago. I see you eating good man $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


so the truthest indicator is obv ( on balance valume ) right ? because it tells you the real buy sell valume


Well explained! Brilliant!

iRO 2016

You explain it better than my teachers LOL

Vikas Singh

just awesome


Sasha, you have no idea how simple you make all of the "complex" stock market speech seem. You are richly blessed because of the amount of people's lives you impact! A HUGE thank you!

Mohit Sharma

that was an excellent example for crowd behavior. I really like how you explain the complicated things with adequate simplicity. Thank you for that, you have really helped a lot in my studies.

PS: If possible, can you please explain the option greeks as you do it simply?

Gabriel Hernandez

when you look at a stock how do you know how many share are available to the public?


Amazing video!!

Speaking Recovery

true knowledge is the ability to teach so people can understand.   takes practice and a gift.  True visionaries have this gift.  I would love a vid about trading against the trend when one can see a trend changing.

Mauro Ymgch

Good explanation. Even to me, non native English speaker.


you say and show the minute they start selling and the volume of sellers is higher and the support breaks below the support line, are you mainly just lokking at the red volume growing, its growing and showing bigger blocks than the green right, so you just watch the volume more? Sorry just trying to see the details and be able to strike faster. Would love your thought on that, plus, not that I can do it right now, but what class or dvd do you have that hits mostly on this?


Love your videos sasha, very simple and informative. Do you have something like this for options?


Sasha you are doing a great job. Your videos length are fine for me.I'm doubling the speed of the video.i can understand all the words.i have a request.can you make a video about the oportunities and possiblities of overseas people who wants to trade in us stocks?sorry for my bad english:)

Connor M

Are you writing backwards?

Vaibhav Shah

Nice video. But can you show technical analysis with few examples. Showing few charts?

Abdo Be

Why not just use both ? If TA is the response to every question, why pro traders in investment banks and big hedge funds dont use it exclusively ? 90 % of day traders lose because they try to buy and sell an asset that doesnt move everyday and to beat market markers and investment banks using basic TA and technics of level 2 ... if was that easy we should all be millionaires .... if there is 2 or 3 big banks wanting to sell a currency, it doesnt matter if you have all the bullish patterns and tech indicators pointing to buy, they can drop the price ... we should take TA for what it is , a good timing mechanism not a source of ideas, making dumb reactionary traders offering every time the liquidity for pro get out !

Tanay Sarkar

you are an amazing teacher... thanks for explaining technical analysis..

Robert Faulkner

Well explained ?

Frederic Moresmau

Where do you get information for fundamental analysis?


Just curious.

How did you lose your Russian accent?


People sell stocks because they get bored of them?

Sami Wilf

This guys is a losing trader for sure.

30 Below

so what about fundamentals, do they play any roll when dealing with swing trading?

Michael Haggerty

Amazing... everything just clicked into place!


I love the videos as always Sasha, (love the way you can write backwards too)

Emmanuel Tiburcio

Thank you✌?️


what a great explanation holy poop


would the dance floor be the float of the stock? Do you look at outstanding shares to see who is still dancing from the days before?

Max81 chipman

Thanks again ?

Ben Wilson

..great piece of work, thanks for another master class... l just like the way you look at he world...

Mike Marrazzo

Hi Sasha, great channel. Subscribed. Can you or anyone tell me how you created the mirror trick with writing that appears on the screen? I would like to introduce this into my work environment as another training option. Thanks !

Hamza Dhaoui

Sasha what I like about you is how you make the stock world seem cool !

Chris D

There is absolutely no way technical analysis could ever work consistently. Think about it: If successful trades could be made based on pattern recognition, computer algorithms would absolutely destroy any human being in recognizing these patterns and beating you to market. The computers (and professional traders) will always win this game. Any good mathematical analysis will show you that equity price movement is inherently random\unpredictable. Most large investment banks and hedge funds would be making absolutely insane returns simply by trading these patterns on the open market. They just don’t. A few of them can barely beat the market over some given period of time. These guys are mostly making conservative bets, finding a few price discrepancies here or there, maybe doing some shady pumping/dumping, and getting a bit lucky in the process. The second you think you can consistently beat the market making short term bets, the faster you will lose your shirt. Always remember that “the markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.”


For some reason im not getting the news letter and stock picks in my email. I signed up a while ago.

Ryan Riddick

Thank you for turning all the noise and confusion of the stock market into an understandable language. You have made it alot easier for myself and others I'm sure, to enter into it and actually know what we're doing. Hats off to you sir.

Adam Rieckel

Very informative, thank you for the upload!

manjot nizzer

can you please tell me what your stance is on nintendo stock. because that game has changed the world and that stock could be big.Almost every kid even adults are playing it and there addicted.

Samuel Parra

Sasha, I like your videos and I do like the job that your doing. But I'm gonna give you a recommendation. Please, some of your videos are too long, you always spread your thoughts making the videos longer than they should it be, stick with the main idea don't waste time saying things that you already said in your last videos.

Plat Crab

this is easily the best explanation ive seen for any of this. as someone new to stocks this is actually easy to follow and not full of lingo. god bless

Ricardo Alvarez

Awesome video!

Pat Serafin

I never comment on Youtube vids, but I just wanted to let you know this an amazing video. It pieced together all the knowledge I've picked up on other the last few weeks. And great analogy,. I always thought of it in terms of physics as an analogue for the analysis. I think of it as a slightly chaotic mass-spring oscillator.

Psycho_ KillerHk

Tq bro.....nice video ....really usefull

Sz27 Clz75m

if, as they say, 90-99% of traders lose money, then aren't the 1-10% that are making money, wanting the majority of traders to look for and trade on the taught patterns (triangle, pennant, fib retracements etc etc) and obvious support lines, and pull the carpet from under their feet?! (i.e. do the opposite one would expect). Perhaps they only do it 1 in 3 times (not enough for people to stop believing in the patterns), but is that how it works?!?!


Thank you super good video! Keep up. Just a little questions every stock that starts to rise up and up and day traders are starting to trade it in and out there will always be the last few people that bought at the highest price when people stopped joining the crowd because it's late (as you say) that will lose money is that right? So to be clear even stock that started to rise and go up there will always be people end up loosing money became they have no idea what they are doing. Is that right?


Sasha, you have no idea how simple you make all of the "complex" stock market speech seem. You are richly blessed because of the amount of people's lives you impact! A HUGE thank you!

Vien Ton

Going to spend my entire summer learning your videos! :D

john barnett

I prefer finding videos with length to find more detail short videos are usually barely touching topics trading isn't easy I'll gladly sit and watch for an hour if there is that much info all in one place.


Hello Sasha, I've never invested before, but it's something I want to start doing. Thanks to your videos I'm learning a lot. For me since I'm new to stocks, the longer the video the better. I enjoy how you break everything down in order for the new people like myself to have a better understanding. Once again, thank you for helping out even to the new guy.

rajendra rao

Shasha. This is very well explained video. Thanks for ur time and effort.

Ilham H

I like the way he explains stuff, becomes clear once the day to day associations are applied. Good job dude. Like!

shawn mcaraphy

A quick question. If we say that technical analysis kind of works how does that compare to the buy and hold strategy?

Crasian Tactics

Technical Analysis is almost like playing trends at a Baccarat table. Usually it's "supposed" to work. Usually, unless it gets irrational due to some random news that would be detrimental or extremely bullish on the stock forcing the hype.

Johnathan Dough

Many thamx!!

Amine Fasih

thank you for the good explanation

Jose R. Chaves

I must say... I knew about market psychology, but you put the cherry on the cake with ur explanation


You give very good analogies on trading. It makes it easier to understand. Thanks for your videos and you are doing great work.

Ahmed Ramy

its Just an amazing video sasha ! thanks alot



hahhaaha.. I was just watching the dancing video prior to watching this video. Talk about coincidence !!


Omg. I love this.