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Dr. Ben Goertzel and Vitalik Buterin Discussion at the Crypto Chicks Blockchain & AI conference

7 534 views | 2 Jun. 2019

Dr. Ben Goertzel and

Dr. Ben Goertzel and Vitalik Buterin discuss the future of AI and Blockchain during a panel discussion moderated by Adrienne Batra at the CryptoChicks Blockchain & AI conference!


SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence. We aim to create the world's global brain with a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol.

We gathered the leading minds in machine learning and blockchain to democratize access to AI technology. Now anyone can take advantage of a global network of AI algorithms, services, and agents.

Website: https://singularitynet.io

Forum: https://community.singularitynet.io

Telegram: https://t.me/singularitynet

Twitter: https://twitter.com/singularity_net

Facebook: https://facebook.com/singularitynet.io

Instagram: https://instagram.com/singularitynet.io

Github: https://github.com/singnet

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/singularitynet

Rusty Bike



That slack alert at 14:39 made me scramble to see what was broken

Sly Syl

The passion of these two! I think Dr. Ben has already incorporated ASI into his hat that feeds AI waves for his mind to feed off.

Alex Williamson

cool guys

Natalie Sam

ROYAL Bank of Canada corporate sponsor!? No no no corporations should be behind crypto


Let me start with:
I loved the panel and love those axonal connections. ?
"Some may pass the AGI-touring test" lol

On other sens:
it's sad to know so much yet being forced to engineer all this around "economy" & "security" / "competion" - pfff, gets frustrating & boring, really...

That much waste of minds, which might indicate:

1. Or we fast get our sh*t together & understand how to impliment 'technology for the benefit of all' / Liberating everyone & everything (which, I understand this guys stand here for)?
2. just admit humanity isn't ready yet, keep all time enslavement and rolling with the 'old same old'?

'Which is which'
'which one is it'?

Jay Welsh

As much as Ben Goertzel is a nice person, he is playing with fire, and I fear we will be burnt.

Jon Gibbons

Wander if Ben is satoshi!!!


Well, Ethereum will never solve anything. It’s centralized, you can’t store data on it, and you can’t perform more complex computation other than sending ETH somewhere. So yeah, I don’t know where they are going with this...

N1mBUS Music

bury the sky 2020 terraforming Benjamin bratton watch now


vitalik looks like a robot when ben is speaking lmao


I'm glad Ben is wearing his hippy hat again...........lol. A very interesting video.


Watching this on 1.5X speed makes Vitalik seem autistic or on drugs


wow both masterminds in one interview :)

John Ny

You can see that Ben actually respects Vitalik for what he has done. Not that often, that you see bona fide geniuses together.

N1mBUS Music



I assume Adrian can be a woman's name too.

Lee Fazzani

Awesome. Thanks for sharing

ant bull

How can people invest in Ethereum with deluded weirdos like this?

Peter Petterssen

Very lovable guys both of em

N1mBUS Music

distributed hash table architecture

Mark Stumbris

Smart people should resolve audio:)

Michael Armstrong

?????. ?❤️??


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In full & uncut! IOHK's Charles Hoskinson speaks to Ben Goertzel of SingularityNET

17 879 views | 2 Oct. 2020

The full uncut

The full uncut conversation!

SingularityNET Foundation and leading blockchain research and development company IOHK, have today announced that they are planning to port a significant portion of the SingularityNET decentralized protocol and platform from Ethereum to Cardano.

This would involve providing mechanisms for swapping some of the current (Ethereum-based) ERC-20 AGI tokens to Cardano-based AGI tokens, and also creating analogues of the Solidity smart contracts underlying aspects of the SingularityNET platform using Cardano’s new Plutus smart contract language.

IOHK and SingularityNET, CEOs Charles Hoskinson and Ben Goertzel sit down here for a wide-ranging discussion of the future of technology. The conversation at the University of Wyoming Blockchain Stampede touches on the intersection of decentralization and artificial intelligence. SingularityNET is working with Cardano on the shared goal of pushing power to the edges of the world through the application of next-generation technology.


Make this talks regular.

Baby Boomer Crypto

Fantastic Interview, great insight into the AI space. Thanks for sharing

Nathan Evers

Excellent discussion, looking forward to the future with this collaboration

Angelina Cruz

The way Ben explains Open Cognition, it's not so bad.

Clarence Thomas

When I listen to two brilliant people like this talk, I realize that I'm just a [email protected] hahhahhaah! Seriously, I've been a heavy investor in Cardano for the last 2 1/2 years, and this vision is really starting to come together.

Hutin Pui

when skynet?

Angelina Cruz

PhD in Mathematics at the age of 21 is an exceptionally unique attribute.

Adrian Costa

Most underviewed interviews ever!


Haha... "to oversimplify greatly, there's a weighted labelled metagraph knowledge store called the atomspace..." - yeah - got a bit of background to catch up on here I expect.

Nikolas X

Even though Ben Goertzel stated he’s worried about Donald Trump blowing us up first, I’m still extremely interested and excited about this possible partnership. I’m more worried about Biden getting in and starting endless wars again. The Obama/Biden Administration dropped more bombs than Trump ever has. If Ben missed the memo, Trump basically got us out of this BS war. He’s been nominated for multiple Nobel Peace awards. That’s the difference between the political hate we are seeing today and the “I just disagree with you, but thats ok.”

Dave Ross

Humbling to hear these great minds...ada for the win!

Krzysztof Butynski

Great interview. its interesting that Cardano was chosen from many blockchains like DOT, AVA, ICON etc Interested why? any place to get more info on that?

Angelo Badellino

Amazing content! Thanks IOG!

Simon Canil

two titons ?

Adriana Rosales

Great insight!! well done gentlemen!

Lucky Abada

Cardano is simply the best


Fascinating discussion. Didn't realise I ended up watching the entire thing at one sitting

mark bura

save the date guys 27/10/2020 12.999 views and come after 10 years.

David Hernandez

Thank you for this amazing partnership. Great things are comin'.

Juan Sierra

Mind blowing! Seems like the future is closer than many of us think. Looking forward to the next interview!

LuLu Felix

Simply amazing. AGI working towards decentralized financial AI.

Mark Ippolito

Ben is a superstar...


Really enjoyed this one?



Willy P

Charles reminds me a bit if Woody Allen

Graham Butler

Crazy to think Charles is only 33... these guys are super intelligent. Given the very early stages of these projects, I have invested on my judgement of these two peoples abilities and intellect. I have a gut feeling and I'm going with it.

Anakin May

SingularityNET is a great project?


Has much as I love hearing Charles blow my mind. Seeing the focus on his face while listening to ben's genius is next level ?


Charles, good to get Ben's singularitynet agreement. Take a look at Bastian's UTU ai trust blockchain too @databu, seems interesting. Maybe PoT HitK = ADA+AGI+UTU @pepeoh333 @hitk_unforget


Inspiring to hear two great minds collaborating. Thanks for the interview Charles!

Richard May

These 2 are in it for the sick gains ???
Great interview, as good as Joe rogan, if not better!

Pierre M S Silva

I was waiting for this duo on a talk for years! Thanks IOHK
Two great minds at work.


Charles does not go to Joe Rogan. He becomes him! Great interview

Svett Menneske

Would be awesome if there was a collaboration whiteboard type video with Ben and Charles, where they both explore possibilities between AGI and Cardano. Just having fun with wild ideas.


If you watch Bens gesticulation you may well be astute enough to notice that his limbs spiral exponentially toward a vortex equating to something simmilarly aligned to: Xn = Xn-1 + Xn-2

Mitchell Tesla

You guys are awesome, i can't wait to see what unfolds from here! All BS aside...YOU NEED TO GET "V" IN ON THIS !!!!!!.......j/s

Cléber Werlang

Decentralized IA is comming!

David Lovatt

Hopefully the A. I. will remind you that most laws are fundamentally unnecessary and unconstitutional.

Dave Adams

He's the Slash of AI.

Brad van Dijk

me: I remember...
Ben: my first memory which I can dredge up from my cranium...


Wonderful interview! Ben move his hands like he s dropping some bars


This was an amazing discussion.

Don’t get your head stuck in the news Ben! Maybe one day AGI will find a solution for TDS! Ha!


Young Gandalf in the Leopard spot hat is nothing but a hand-waving hoaxster - he thinks you can just put a bunch of stuff into a pot and stir it up and voila, AGI will “emerge” - he’s clueless

Earth Offline

more long form interviews like this please


Wow great minds in action!

Jon W

Terrific discussion....


AGI Coin, ADA 가즈아......

Nathan Ryweck

So if AGI lives on a blockchain, you won't be able to shut it down if you need to.




Imagine watching again this in 10 years...

Coin Confidant

Space 1999! We were already mooning.

Online Racer

Makes me feel like a speculative monkey watching this ?

brian morton

Very enjoyable


Hey, Ben! When you've got a spare moment ?...can you (or an AGI) figure out how to regenerate cartilage?
I work in rheumatology, and have been part of a few - not overly successful - studies in to cartilage regeneration, for sufferers of OA, RA etc.
Cartilage damage effects millions, will touch nearly all of us, and is the leading cause of disability for adults. It is particularly awful to see the suffering it causes in young children.

David Joncheff

This got me excited

Beautiful Mind

Fan of Both of you

Not a financial advisor

These two are the future

Jules Haydn

Practising for Rogan...

Diana Miklavcic

I wish I was smart enough to work on this stuff, so interesting and also scary.

Sebastian Knight

Interviews like this are a gem for humanity. We are the 1% of the initial 1% to watch this, and realise where things are headed. Welcome to the future.

Jerry Wang

ADA, together with AGI will melt faces.

Silver Surfer

Vortex based mathematics is the most important math, i wonder if Ben has ever even looked at vortex based mathematics. The finger print of god, there are only 9 numbers that truly exist. Research Rodin coil.

Edward Prybylko

Ever since discovering AllenNLP, I've wondered about an AI that can interpret case laws as well as codified laws as an arbiter.



Miguel A. Rivera S.



(Little girl) "Mom, that sir smells funny"

Angelina Cruz

Brain ? Computer ? Interface Is Fascinating!!!!!!


Jesus what is up with Ben's sinuses hope he's not sick...

Mas Sif

29:50 Ocean Protocol

Chris J

How does singularity net differ from what fetch.ai is doing?

Mitchell Tesla

Ben is "THEE" WORLD FAMOUS AI RESEARCHER!!! A true Living LEGEND among us, and now Charles is also a living legend....you both should be written in the books some day imo...

Jonathan Robinson

I really enjoyed this conversion between the two of you -- thank you so much for sharing it :)

marios pantopoulos

They re building skynet

Mike Flow

ben sound so nasally he musta hotboxed before the interview with a backwoods

Gustaf Holmström

I approve of this marriage!

Dirk Diggler

So I should definitely go all in on BITCONNECT right!!!????

Sminem bless

Ron Allen

Ben --truly a "Beautiful Mind'

Alexey Saharovski

??? thanks for posting this.


What an amazing collaboration! Great minds ?

BlueCollarCrypto [BLUEC] ADA Stake Pool

AGI on Cardano . AI meets the Cardano Blockchain .

David Taylor

I hope Vitalik and his fans see this, drop and drag fuckers ☺️

dutch silver

God im dumb


AIs collaborating to solve the problem of the moment in an unsupervised way? Who makes sure that it's benevolent?

Shqueebles McKloofin

Whoever reads this. "Ye are gods"

Grant Austin

I was here 3 months after the premiere and with 15k views.


It was pleasure to listen people with such brilliant minds ?


This is going to be fun to watch again in years to come.


It’s all perspective. There is no such thing as death. Everything is experience. Ur heart works by itself....u are not the heart....u breath by ur self....u are not the lungs.....ur brain thinks by itself u are not the brain........u are the awareness....u are pure consciousness watching these things happen. Look under every stone and u will only find ur self...the only enlightenment u find at the top of the mountain is the enlightenment u brought there. It’s all perspective....when ur done the dance and find out u are the one the whole then u will stop searching....cuz u are what u are searching for.


Powerhouse brains here

Joachim Knight

Steve Jobs: I did acid once and I'm uber intelligent.
Ben: hold my beer bruh.

Vinh Vo Duy

For guys who don't know, "Dr. Ben Goertzel is the creator of Sophia robot".


Hello 2030 readers, we believed Cardano from start. It was not what it was today, but we believed Charles Hoskinson! Rest is history.

Simon Mijatovich


1:05:20+ 3 min


Excellent interview with Cyber Gandalf

ICO Research Group


Jessica Parker

they may be rich and genius but they both look fried lol

Roger Elder

Great to see. Disappointing to have politics injected into this. As if the alternate candidate back in 2016 would not have been magnitudes worse for humanity. Her risking WW3 by framing Russia will prove this out. Trump is no JFK. He has proven himself more street smart than JFK which unfortunately is a requirement for sustainability in the position for an outsider.


no kidding. he is like one of the very very few reasons that give me hope for humanity

21 ADA

Great partnership ??


i feel like the only person watching these videos for optimism about our future while everyone else is here to speculate the amount of crypto they will have in a world of infinite abundance


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Decentralized AI Marketplace | Singularity.NET

687 views | 30 Dec. 2020


#AllThingsBlockChain #LetsGoChangeTheWorld

Please watch


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & #Blockchain: Dr. Ben Goertzel & Sophia The Robot


Other Suggested Videos


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DISCLAIMER- These videos are for Information, Education and Entertainment Purpose and my own personal Opinion.

None of them should be considered as Investment Advice or suggestions to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Please do so based on your own research before contributing or Participating in token sales as this sector is extremely risky.


You bring so much value to the game man!!

Six Sigma

What a terribly distracting presentation with background music and ringing bells. You must be joking!

Singularitynet Volunteers Channel

Nice content. Please keep it up :)


SingularityNET is very promising. It's awesome to watch their progress. ?


This is an absolute game changer...

Adam Mangana

Excellent content! Would love to have you on our podcast “Ready Teacher 1” about the future of education and tech! Do you have contact info?